Martyrs of Cordoba and Christian Missionaries

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The speaker discusses a new strategy used by Christian missionaries to gain sympathy by insulting Muslims in public places. The strategy involved going to expense, going to expense, and even attacking people with hate and bullies. The speaker emphasizes the importance of not engaging with these people and not listening to their claims.

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Okay, everyone, I want to educate everyone about the martyrs of Cordova. I will explain why

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the martyrs of Cordova were a group of Christians in the ninth century in Cordoba, Spain, when it was governed by the Muslims. And this group of Christians came up with a genius idea. And what was that idea? They could see that Christians are converting to Islam in droves.

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1000s upon 1000s are entering Islam, they were influenced by the culture, by the philosophy by the intellectual tradition by the civilization of Islam in general in Spain.

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So, these Christian missionaries, and Christian preachers and Christian clergy, were very, very concerned about this situation, how do we stop it? How do we stop this rapid conversion of Christians to Islam?

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What is the method, so some of them came up with this genius idea. And that idea was to basically effectively commit suicide by insulting the prophet of Islam, because in Spain in the time, the law did not allow because it was no Islamic law at the time in Spain, the law did not allow the insulting of any profits, not only the prophet of Islam, but any profits. So what these people started to do, they, they started to go to public places, like markets, and courthouses. And where Muslims will be sitting,

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or Muslims will be in large crowds, they started to insult the prophet of Islam in front of them, so that they can be as a result punished by the state. So this took place between 850 to 859 850, the year 850 to 859, about nine years, when this movement was launched by a bunch of Christians in Spain, and they were called the martyrdom quarterback. These people were a bunch of extremist fanatics who wanted to do things their way. And most Christians condemned them. At the time in Spain, because most Christians are living in peace, they were enjoying the fruits of the Muslim civilization, there was harmony, there was convivencia, between the Jews and the Christians and the

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Muslims, there was coexistence. It was a good place to be in and that time. So these people, this group of people wanted to disturb the peace, for they came up with this idea. So they started to insult the prophet of Islam deliberately, knowing Well, the law doesn't allow it so that they can be punished by the state and then get sympathy from Christians as a result, and this sympathy will cause the Christians to become hostile towards Muslims.

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The plan

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was launched and didn't work, fortunately.

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And most Christians disowned them. Most Christians condemned that indecent, unpleasant, uncivilized behavior. Unfortunately, this group of people didn't go beyond 859. The year 859 quarter, why am I telling you all this, and you must read a book in this regard. The book is authored by

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Jessica a coop. Jessica, a coop has authored a book titled the martyrs of cordilla. And this was published by the University of Nebraska.

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And it is an excellent work, you must read about a martyr quarterback as to who they were and why they were doing what they were doing. There was a huge concern on the part because of the conversion today. The reason why I'm telling you this is today, a lot of people are converting to Islam, large numbers, watching videos online, watching our videos, watching dolphin, the park, they are converted to Islam. And some Christian missionaries are very, very concerned about that.

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They feel a lot of pain when they see young Christians interested in Islam, watching our videos, taking inspiration, even converting to Islam, when they see white, English, German, Dutch, French converts to Islam, it really pains them because Christianity has completely lost ground in Europe. Okay, Europe is no longer Christian. And this really pains these Christian missionaries, and they see them coming to Islam, a lot of people are coming to Islam. As a result, there is a modern martyrs of court of a Christian movement, some fanatics, some extremists are deliberately provoking people in the West, so that they can be attacked by some stupid,

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some naive,

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extremist people like them, so that they can be attacked by them. And they can use this to gain sympathy from those Christians who may be thinking of Islam. So this is a new strategy. Some Christian missionaries have adopted agile is not a new

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strategy is an old strategy, which was used by the modular quarterback in the ninth century. So they are doing the same thing today. Some Christian missionaries are doing the same thing today to gain sympathy by saying provocative things by insulting Muslims by insulting the prophet of Islam, in Muslim crowds in front of Muslims, so that they can provoke some non minded simpleton, or some naive person or some stupid person to attack them. And they use they use that attack to gain sympathy. So we were, I'm asking everyone to be aware of these people, don't engage with them. Don't listen to the insults. Don't

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talk to these people because they have nothing positive to share. They have only hate and division. They don't want people to unite. They don't want to have harmony with Muslims. They want to insult Muslims. They claim to preach the gospel of war. Where is the love of the gospel is the question, Where is that love? There is no love to be found with these people. All you see is hate lies and repulsive behavior. So I just wanted to highlight this very quickly today. Thank you so much for listening to me. More coming martyrs of quarterback wants you to space and read the book or Jessica coupe, to understand what I was talking about slowly