Anyone can be influenced by falsehood!

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No one is immune to being influenced by bad ideas and wrong beliefs. We're all susceptible we can be susceptible. And this is why as Muslims as believers, we continually ask Allah for guidance in a set out to step in and guide us to the straight path. And there is a the audit or the logline would make, in which he would say Allahumma haka was aka Teva. He would say, Oh Allah, allow us to view the truth as truth and give us the ability to follow it. What original bow Pilla bow Pilla was organized in Abba, and allow us to see false hood as false and give us the ability to stay away from it. That is because sometimes we may not be able to recognize the truth as true and even if we

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recognize it, we may not follow it and likewise false, we may not be able to see false as false. And even if we see it, we may not have the ability or we may not stay away from it.