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Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The crisis of Islam is a real crisis, with leaders emphasizing the need for people to act with their intentions and avoid giving up on their beliefs. The importance of deeds and the use of ridiculous language in court are also discussed, along with the potential consequences of actions taken against Islam. The success of Islam in bringing people to Christ, the use of ridiculous language, and the lack of knowledge among the public is also highlighted.
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Want to come from left to come? And I promised you otherwise. And you knew what Allah said was an absolute reality. And what I said was a lie. You have to do what you need him to do more shavon gururaj the devil falsely satisfies you and gives you a wrong aspirations. Furthermore, the devil will say, Walmart can Ania Alico Minnesotan in, in la

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festa debitum Lee, before you tell a lie that I am the cause of your Zina and I am the cause of your interest, and I'm the cause of you not perform in Salah. Remember, there was those that invited you to God and I invited you to evil for stage a bit only the tragedy is that you responded to minds and you denied the message of goods.

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Now explicitly the Quran codes and this is what I want to highlight today. Fernando Mooney, falando, Mooney, widow and forsaken, it's time you stop blaming others and blame yourself.

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The Muslim Ummah is currently going through a crisis we undoubtedly we face in hostility, victimization.

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But we've made this the pretext to justify our weakness, anybody.

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I asked you my brother, perhaps you traveling in the world, you victimize your marginalized? Which infidel which superpower which country? Are you going to accuse for not allowing you to perform further other than your weakness?

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To whom are you going to point fingers?

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Which nation which power which plan in which strategy strategy? To Who will you implicate who compels you to bring that devil box in your house? Who compels you to bring interest in your business? Who compels you to unveil your sister?

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Finance, Lou Mooney want to move on to second? Don't blame me blame yourself. And Lisa could say we a lot of police that says that your body armor officer

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or my servant These are your actions as you do it, I record it from an era of mighty law. If you happen to appear before me and you find the de book of deeds which reflect noble and virtuous deeds. Then praise Allah and consider yourself fortunate and lucky woman

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and the one who comes before me and finds in his book of deeds evil sin, vise, deceit deceive Xena Fela yellow, name, learn and then tell him he must take responsibility for what is there, and he must blame none but himself.

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He must blame none but himself.

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So the devil will say Don't blame me blame yourself. Ma Anna be Muslim, a con mama and don't be Masri say, I cannot respond to your cone of desperation and neither can you respond to mine. You will sit and I will say

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the Quran says in it Karima that I recited before you a lot of people is it speaking about this weakness in this nature of men. Allah says, If I had to send men in this world, and expect of him to understand good by virtue of his logic, and understand vice by virtue of his sanity, and then punish him for the wrong he does and reward him for the good he does. Just by virtue of his logic. Then men out of his arguing nature would have turned around and said Robin Alona or Santa Elena Sula.

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Allah you could have been kind enough to at least send a profit to give us one reminder.

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what the Quran says.

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Allah says if I had to send men in this world and expect of him by virtue of his logic, which undoubtedly logic and intellect is a vehicle as far as understanding truth is concerned. The Quran refers to it is only Noah that people have intelligence. And no one actually is the plural of the word No, he was so mean absolute no YALI and no Yana Sabu and erotica will cover

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the object of the internet is to prevent you from wrong. So if your intellect is not prevent you from from wrong, I'm afraid you let it.

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Allah says if I had to send men in this world without an OB, and then expect of him by virtue of his logic and his understanding that he can arrive at the right things and abstain from the wrong, men would have turned around and said the following to me robina Luna or Santa Elena Rasul Allah, Allah if you send a prophet to us

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we pray

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We would have followed your commandments. When akun Amina mini we would have diligently complied to your dictates. So Allah says out of my sheer mercy I sent an AVI to them and not in the vs in the best of

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luck at the Manila Mini. Some villages came and they started impressing upon the Vla Salaam that we became Muslims we became Muslims. So Allah revealed the verse yamano, na alayka and llamo, Yama, noona

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llamo, Pula,

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Islam. Muhammad says these people are impressing upon you that the Muslims as if they have done me a favor, tell them it's my favor upon them and not a favor upon me.

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know Allah, Islam upon Bonilla Alaykum and hadn't come, Lily man, Allah has guided you that is the kindness of Allah.

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Allah says when I sent the Prophet, and then the became now look at man's nature. For the MA da, da, da da, da da, da da da, da, da da, da, da. They said no, no, we are not convinced on his Prophet would Why doesn't he carry the miracles that were given to Moses?

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So Allah goes on to say, if the stick of Muslim was sufficient to convince the truth, was in the message of the Prophet, then why did some even deny moose? Also?

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Our number yet for Obama? Odia mucem. And

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then they said no, he is not a prophet y la la la Vina cafaro la la, la la,

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la, la, la. Why is the Quran coming down gradually? This gives us a doubt that he's fabricating it.

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Then they said Lola on Zilla in a manner. una una de Why does he have some bodyguards with him? Then they said, Lola knows

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Allah Raja liminal. Or the adult Muhammad is the suitable man to possess the Quran the Quran should have been revealed on someone like Nimbus woods. Well, you have to be law.

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So man's nature is to argue constantly.

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Allah says I took pity on men and I send this Nabhi lucky men Allah Allah Allah, meaning, you know the video beautiful description, perhaps there isn't a more comprehensive description of Islam

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given in the court of a non Muslim,

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other than that, which the noble companion of Nabi sallallahu wasallam Jaffa violante did one of the most comprehensive, yet voluminous description of Islam when you were summoned in the court of negus. Today, often in this environment of hostility, we are given a platform to speak about Islam. It is sad and tragic that we lack adequate Islamic knowledge that those of us that assume those positions, we enhance the cause of the more than helping the cause of the why because we don't make the needed contribution. Jaffer will be alone who stood up

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and he described Islam and he described Nabi sallallahu sallam, he said listen, King before you make hasty decisions in our meta, and before you are convinced that we are evil people, why don't you hear me out what I have to say? Are you harmony, cool? nakoma

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nabooda snom naptha Lucy will devour every virus that you perhaps could think of was common amongst us. We used to severe ties. We used to bury our daughters. We used to consume wine. We lived in sin wising deviation, until Allah took pity on the Arab nation.

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until Allah took pity on the Arab nation, and Allah sent nav amongst us, not only for NASA, who was a monitor who we looked at the integrity of the men, the chastity of this man, the morality of this man, we accepted his faith and upon this our nation has has opposed us.

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You and I ever heard the incident of marriage repeatedly. And I don't want to digress and go into the details of the incident itself.

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We've already I have said it, I've said it in this mystery previously, and we've read about it. I want to share one Hadith with you today, relevant to the occasion of course.

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The Hadith appears in Aqaba.

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imaams rb refer to Laurie makes mention of the rewired alcova in referring to the major sense

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