The Beginning and the End – EP 65 The First Lie

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Episode Notes

A beautiful explanation by Omar Suleiman about a powerful conversation between Adam AS and Sheeth AS mentioning about falling prey to shaytaan and disobeying Allah SWT. The episode ends with a take-home advice that if a sin is committed out of desire it is easier to come back to Allah SWT and if it is committed out of pride then is it taking the satanic path. May Allah protect the ummah at large.


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The speaker discusses the insecurity created by the way Adam and Eve fell for, which creates insecurity and leads to problems. The speaker suggests that people should be aware of their insecurity and be honest about their actions. The speaker also mentions the importance of avoiding the way Adam and Eve fell for and being a real person.

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So we said that the equation of JSON is to create an insecurity and then give you a hot arm solution to it. So then what about our demonic hustler? What happened to Adam is not what would drive Adam and Eve to eat from the tree that Allah subhanaw taala told them not to eat from. And this is really, really significant because it beliefs creates an insecurity and other monies. And what does that insecurity that you know, manna hacker might have bookmarked and how the shuttle or your Lord did not prohibit either one of you from this tree, except that Allah subhanaw taala you know, knows that if you eat from that tree, you will either become angels, or you will become from a Holiday

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Inn, you'll live forever in paradise. Okay? So he creates this insecurity that you know, you're going to leave Gemini, you know that you're going to be expelled, you know, that if you don't eat from this tree, if you don't do something about this, then you know, you're going to eventually end up out of genda and so on so forth, which somehow ends up happening exactly as a result of what they would do. So it beliefs creates an insecurity. Adam alayhis salam and how I start to worry about themselves you know, why did the last panel to either stop us from that tree? And so what is it please do so this is one thing this is the first part of the equation create the insecurity. What's

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the second thing the how I'm solution? The solution is not make dua to Allah subhanaw taala ask Allah subhana wa tada to grant you eternity in paradise or ask Allah subhanaw taala to make you like the angels or so on so forth or give you you know, or give you hold give you eternity give you more can I give you you know, Dominion or possessions that would never spoil. He doesn't say go worship a lot more, go make that more. But he suggests disobedience. Right? And he makes that the only option for undermining his setup and how now what does he do he will cause some of whom Allah subhanaw taala says he swore to them. Obviously shavon has nothing to lose. He doesn't care if he breaks an

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oath. He took an oath awesome oma in Nila coma. Let me know more. So him Look, I'm just trying to give you good advice here. I'm just giving you sincere advice. Right hon Allah that is Those are the words of every shape on in your life. Look, I'm just looking out for you here. I'm just trying to make things easy for you. I'm just trying to make things better for you. I have nothing to gain from this. I'm just telling you, you know, you know, you know that. You know my situation, my position. But you know for you. I'm just letting you know I'm just giving you advice and so on so forth, and Adam alayhis salam and how they fell for it. Now there's a very powerful conversation that takes

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place between sheath, the prophet sheath, his Salah, who is the son of Adam and Eve, Allah. He asks his father, he says, Yeah, but he tests my eldest shavon. What

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would you really listen to? Why did you listen to shape on and disobeyed the Most Merciful? It doesn't make sense. Why would you listen to the shape on when he when he said in the LACMA? I mean, I'm also hearing that I'm a sincere advisor to you, you know, who Allah is, you know, you know what, why not? Would you listen to shape on and disobeyed the Most Merciful? Listen to what other myslef says, He says, Well, lahia been a I swear by a lot of my son, now onto an ad and yuxi mobila he cagiva I didn't think that anyone would swear by Allah and be a liar. The first one that Adam has, remember we said, Stefan has su avant, he assumes evil of people, right? The money has Salam assumed

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good of shape on that one. He said, I swear by Allah, he said, I didn't think that anyone could possibly swear by Allah and be telling a lie at the same time. So there is a there are numerous factors that play into other mighty Islam and how eating from that tree the insecurity was created, the solution was presented and the one presenting the solution presented himself as a sincere advisor. Right? Because when someone's marketing to you what what else do they have to do they have to they have to look legit, right? They have to, they have to present themselves in a manner you know, that you know, in which they portray themselves as earnest and sincere and look, this is for

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your good, this is not me trying to make money off of you, right? This isn't me trying to get rich off of you. This is because you need the product, not that I need you to buy the product. So shavon presents himself as a as an earnest advisor as a sincere advisor, and Adam alayhis salam and how are they fell for that However, one thing that distinguishes the two which is very important for late of night yat Rahim Allah He says that Adam and his Salaam sent out of desire out of simple desire, it was shuttling it was desired. shape on on the other hand, sinned out of pride. So Adam found it easier to come back to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Because if a person sins out of desire, it's a lot

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easier to turn back to Allah but if a person sends out of pride, they're more likely to be like

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to shape on and to abstain from Toba abstain from repentance and maintain the reckless course. So a lot understands Allah has created us in that way that we will at times fall to our desires. But the point is that we draw back to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Immediately when that happens, and we don't let that continue and we don't persist in that state of disobedience, and we don't allow that insecurity to remain. Instead we find security and knowing that Allah is Forgiving and we ask Allah for his forgiveness. A salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. I hope you enjoyed and benefited from this video. If you did, then please do share it and if you'd like to follow the rest of the

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