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This video is mainly delving on the topic of the demographics of Madina and how did this city get populated and who were the tribes that occupied this blessed city.

The two major tribes to occupy Madina were – Arabs and Jews. there were three Jewish tribes – Banu Qaynuqa, Banu Qurayza and Banu Nadir. The lineage of the Arab tribes is clearly mapped ot and hence, there seems to be no trouble deciphering information about them.

Where did the Jews come from? There are many theories for this and more light is shed on this topic by Shaykh Yasir Qadhi. We also get ample information on the number of people in Yathrib at the time and the figure roughly counts upto 20,000.

There are three tribes in Madina – the Ansar, the Muhajirun and the Jews.

The video culminates with details of the anticipation of the Ansar for the arrival of the beloved Prophet ﷺ into the city of Madina and how they were yearning to catch a glimpse of the Messenger of Allah SAW.

Al Bara ibn Azim narrates ,”I saw the Ansar all dressed up and coming out. Over 500 men came outside; all of them armed and dressed to accompany the Prophet ﷺ. The women climbed up on the houses. For the first time we get a glimmer of hope that change is in the air. And that we can sense the blessings of Allah will flourish a new era.”


AI: Summary © The Jewish community and its culture was controlled by different cultures and was eventually destroyed by the time of time. The American president's return to the region is expected to be positive for the region, and the New Zealand president's return to the region is expected to be positive for the region. The Jewish community and its culture were controlled by different cultures and were eventually destroyed by the time of time. The Prophet system is expected to be a positive for the region, and the New Zealand president's return to the region is expected to be positive for the region.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. While early he was a happy woman, what a hamburger. So last Wednesday we are talking about the blessings of Medina or the city of yesterday and the fall in the ahaadeeth. The speciality is that Allah azza wa jal and the prophets of Allah Friday, who was send them have mentioned about the city of Medina. Today we're going to continue on

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and talk about the demographics of Medina who lived there? And can we have any population estimate the demographics of Medina, we all know that there were two major ethnic groups living in Medina, the Jewish tribes and the Arab tribes. So the first question we need to ask ourselves, where did these Jews come from? Where What are they doing in the middle of the Arabian Peninsula? And then the second question, which Arabs are these were How are they related to the other Arabs? And what is the relationship between the hood and the Arabs in? Yes, rip in Medina, realize before we even begin, that this issue is a very politicized, very polemical one, it's causes a lot of debate. And that is

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the accusation that non Muslims gives a give of our religion amongst many other accusations, one of them is that it is anti symmetric, and anti symmetric means that the accusation is the religion is racist against the Jewish people. And that the prophets are sort of had certain inclinations to dis disregard the Jewish people or to treat them in a negative manner. This is the accusation, right. And the way that the treat the three Jewish tribes were treated, the bundle correo de Bono hydrocarbyl, no, no, the the way that these three Jewish tribes were treated one after the other, this is their basis for this accusation. Okay. So this is a very sensitive topic. And it is one that

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whenever if you ever give Dawa to non Muslims, eventually this comes up number of things, the process of marrying multiple women, the age of Asia, and then one of the most important things, how he dealt with the yahudi tribes. Right? So when we talk about it in this context, especially in North America, we need to understand clearly what happened without being apologetic by now all of you know me that insha Allah, you have no doubt inshallah, I'm not an apologetic. I'm not an apologist, what is an apologist, somebody who wishes to watered down Islam, and make it compatible or palatable to all the enemies of Islam. I don't care what people criticize Islam, if it is true,

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we will have to defend it, and we have to believe it. And if it's not true, then we tell them it's not true. Right? So if they say that you guys do XYZ, XYZ is what we do, we say, yes, we do this, whether you like it or not, this is our religion. Right? And if they lie about us, then we say no, this is not true. And if it is true, then we also have to explain. So did the Prophet says, a multiple wives? Yes, he did. Then we need to explain the rationale. There's wisdom behind it. And in explaining this, we are not watering Islam down, we're simply defending and we're simply explaining that people should not be critical. So this is one of those topics. I'm just talking about it for

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the first time. But do realize that throughout the next few weeks, and the next few years, because the Madani Sierra is three times the monkey Sierra, Sha, Allah, Allah gives us life will continue this, I will have to go into a lot of detail into these Jewish relationships because it is important for American Muslims to be aware of the details of what happened, some of which sound politically very incorrect, and some of which have no problems with our basis is not political correctness, our basis did the process of do it. If he did, what is the wisdom, that's what our methodology is going to be. So before we even go on this tangent, today, we need to discuss a very important question

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that will contextualize the rest of this dimension and that is, where did these Jews come from? And what are our sources for the story's about the process of them and the Jews? now realize one of the biggest problems that we face is that non Islamic sources have no mention of these Jewish people at all.

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So the only reference we have to these tribes is from within the Islamic tradition.

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As of yet we have not discovered any history any Chronicle that mentions the tribes in Medina. Now, there are references to Jews in Arabia,

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and other Islamic sources, but from the Islamic sources, we get all of the details now, this is considered problematic by non Muslims. For us it doesn't really matter that much by non Muslims is considered problematic. Why? Because

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They say these sources are biased. They all have an agenda. And what is the agenda to defend the Profit System, no matter at what cost? Because they're all Muslims. So they're not going to be fair and balanced. The only one network is fair and balanced, right? Otherwise, the Muslims can never be fair and balanced, right? Because according to them, they will have this bias to defend the profits or sell them. So we'll never know the full story. Anybody who opposes the process of according to them will be painted in a negative light. Can you believe there are articles that I have read myself that defend Abdullah innovativeness, allude as being a noble man, as being a leader? Why, because

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again, the point is anybody who opposes the process of Mrs. Painted negatively, he must have been a good person. So they flip the entire narrative around, and they make the leader of them when I 15, the real truth, gentlemen and nobleman of Medina, and the same applies to the other stories as well. So we need to be very cautious and careful about how we're going to interpret the sources. So

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we began by saying, there are a number of theories about where these Jewish tribes came from. Some of these theories were simply said by the early scholars, and some are propounded by later scholars. The first theory is that these tribes were sent by the prophet Musa alayhis salaam, himself,

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that the Prophet Musa alayhis salaam sent a small group,

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to the land of ages. Why? Because he knew that the Prophet Mohammed sysm would come from that land. And so he wanted a group of his followers to believe in him and welcome him. This is a theory that one finds in early Islamic sources, and allies the religion knows best, it does seem a bit strange, to be honest, and it doesn't seem very,

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very sound, the only way I would use it is that I've sent some of his followers when he is the prophet of that time, and that people should remain with him. And he knows that there's gonna be another Prophet Isa between him and the Prophet says Adam, and Allahu Adam, but if he probably did, that, the other Prophet would come after a long time, and that's over two to 3000 years, Allahu Allah. But this is one theory that some Muslims have

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another theory, which seems more reasonable, and this actually might have some references and non Islamic sources as we'll mention. Another theory is that the Jews of Medina, settled in Medina, after they were expelled from Jerusalem. Now let's pause here

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when everyone should know that once upon a time should a man at his salon once a man was the king. And so the man was the Prophet all the hood of course, were in Jerusalem, obviously, that is very true. We don't deny this is obvious. They were they were there. And so the man and Islam had built the big temple, the Hakan, he had built the big Temple of Solomon. Now, over the course of the next hundreds and 1000s of years, the power of that state collapsed, the Romans became in charge, and then the Christians at times even the Persian emperor was in charge of Jerusalem. So over the course of the next 1500 years until the bomb conquered Jerusalem, Jerusalem was in between many different

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people. It was controlled by pagan Romans, pagan Romans, they hated the Christians as well. It was controlled by the the Persians at times, and at times, it was controlled by Christian Romans, so different groups have controlled it. Now, there were two major expulsions of the Jews. And according to the majority of scholars of Islam, it is these two expulsions that are mentioned in the Koran ensuited is wrong. If you read the first page of Sudan Islam, Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions two expulsions and two punishments sent upon them, right. The majority of Quranic scholars consider these two to have been the ancient two of the past. And I should just add, as a footnote, some

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modern scholars of the Quran and I don't I haven't really studied and I don't have an opinion myself, some modern scholars say that

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this reference in certain Islam is to a future event and not a past one. And if you understand what the Israel This changes the whole dynamics of what the sudo is talking about, right? And that is attention that is not relevant to this class, but there's a new group of scholars that is saying, suit it and it still is not history, it is prophecy. Today, this was not the past it is the future. And that changes the entire dynamics if you understand the surah and what is being mentioned. But that is one theory. The majority of scholars in our history have always understood sort of that Israel as being history, ie the two cultures. What are these two expulsions, the first expulsion

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took place in 587 BC, before the Christian era 587 BC. And this was when Nebuchadnezzar who was an evil tyrant rule.

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Book donousa in Arabic, Nebuchadnezzar surrounded Jerusalem. And for the first time in the history of the Jewish Empire, destroyed the Heikal of Suleiman the original Hakan, the actual temple. That's what a man had built. And this was considered to be one of the wonders of the world. Why? Because the Djinn built it, obviously, it was a structure the likes of which man had never seen. It was massive and beautiful. That was a feat of architecture. It was considered to be one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, you might have heard of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World seven.

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If you like creations of man that were just unparalleled. One of them was reputed to be reputed to be the Hakan of Solomon. And of course, we as Muslims, we believe the reason why was because he had the jinn building him, Allah, Allah says in the Quran, right? That the jinn are but not in wellhow was right that they were but not architects and Hall was diving deep into the water to get what they needed. So they're doing things in the water, what did they get from the water what pearls what what beautiful, exquisite treasures, and but not their building structures. So Allah subhana wa tada tells us that so the man was given this. So the the hagl of Sulaiman was a amazing structure that

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stood solid for four or 500 years untouched.

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And then Allah azza wa jal will, that the first of the destructions occur. And this is, as I said, in 587 BC, and this was when the original Temple was destroyed. This temple was when it was destroyed. It was the first time the Jews had to fleet It is called the diaspora. And the Jews are known throughout history for having many diasporas. There are they are, could they call themselves the wandering people, the wandering peoples? Why? Because since that time, they've never had a unified land up until, as we know, 1947. So they have always been in different lands of that was the beginning of the first diaspora. And it was at that diaspora that large groups left for many lands,

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we know for a fact they weren't the majority, the majority of them went to Iran.

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And they stayed there for many decades or hundreds of years, until finally King was at Cyrus allowed them to come back. And so many of them came, and many of them remained. And Iranian Jews, therefore are considered to be of the most ancient of the Jews. And there are plenty still in the world. If you go to Los Angeles, there's a whole area of Iranian Jews over there an entire area over there, where you can see their restaurants and their

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stores and whatnot. And they're well known. This is perhaps one of the largest groups of Iran of Jews in the Middle East, before the creation of Israel that was in Iran. So that would that's one area they went also they went to areas of Iraq, and we know that Iraq had a lot of Jews in the time of the Romanians, early oma years has has was full of Jews about that, as well. Kufa and well that where did they come from this first diaspora. It is also said that some went to Yemen, but it appears that the majority of the Yemenite Jews are from the second expulsion, and Allah knows best, where they will do they go back to that ancient or not, we know that Yemen had a lot of Jews in it.

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We know this up until now. You know, they were using until 1947. And the Yemeni Jews and the philosophy of Ethiopia are of course related. They're in fact, the same branch. So from Yemen, they then went to habitat or Ethiopia, so those two are also the branch of the yahood. So there is one theory that a small group of Jews in 587 BC, emigrated to ages. This is a theory there is no architectural evidence, there's no you know, record. This is one theory. Personally, I doubt this, because that is taking the presence of the hood back 1000 years before the Prophet system. And that seems too early allaahu item it seems too early for the entrance of the hood. But this is one

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theory. Now this was the first expulsion, the first diaspora, the second destruction of the temple. So eventually, the Emperor, the future Emperor becomes kind and he builds the temple again, but of course he builds it. So it's his structure, not Sulayman structure, right. So it's a fake imitation of cheap imitation of the real structure. Nonetheless, it is a magnificent structure from his perspective. In other words, he does a good job right so he, one of the Emperor's was basically took some kindness on them and built a massive temple for them. This as well was about to be destroyed in a few decades. And this is

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the second destruction quiz. The majority of scholars that

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Allah azza wa jal sent upon them. And this happened after the coming of a sub Memorial after the coming of Jesus Christ, under the Emperor Titus in 70 seat under the Emperor Titus in 70. Ce II, there was a second destruction of the temple. And this led to a second diaspora a second time that the hood fled in many different areas. And there was a third not destruction of the temple, but a third major diaspora. When, in 130, to see, a group of Jews decided to rebel against the ruler, because the ruler forced them to, I believe, don't quote me here, I think that they were forced to commit ship. I think the ruler wanted them to sacrifice and pig to an idol or something. So they

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revolted against this right? So a sack religious and obviously, our sympathies are with them in this revolt, they revolted against the the Emperor with an armed revolt, and the Emperor brutally slaughtered hundreds and 1000s of them, he surrounded the city, he just basically massacred them. And this is the Emperor Hadrian, the Emperor Hadrian in 134. He didn't destroy the temple, but he slaughtered hundreds and 1000s of Jews, and so they fled. Once again. It is said and this seems to be a law Who is the one that makes the most sense that this wave of immigrants, some of them running and fleeing Helter Skelter. Some of them wander down south into the Arabian Peninsula, because

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Jerusalem is due north, and they're just wandering down, and they come across this fertile ground that has lots of date palms, there are no inhabitants there at the time. And they settle down over there. And this is the original Yes, Repton, right. So the who are the ones who actually found yesterday according to this narrative, and one group settles in yesterday, another settles in paper, and yet ribbon high bar are relatively close to each other. Okay? One group settles and yet another label, and it is also set, another group continues down, and the largest of them continues down until they reach Yemen. Right. And the Yemeni Jews were the largest quantity of Jews in the Arabian

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Peninsula, right. In fact, when the process that I'm sent in general to Yemen, what did he tell why? He said, you're going to go to a land that is Jews and Christians, he alakija. Right. And that is because in Yemen, there were there was a Christian hemihydrate kingdom. And they were Christians, because Abra had conquered parts of Yemen. And he had installed the governor there, a lot of people converted to Eastern Orthodox Christianity. And they and the Jews were there from this expulsion. So Yemen was a land where there were a lot of Christians and Jews, only Yemen, the only land in Arabia that had Christians and Jews yesterday, as we said, One theory, these people who work their way down

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to Yemen, one group of them settled in yesterday, and then the rest continued down. Right? This is one theory.

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Yet another theory is the exact opposite. And that is Well, not exactly the modified. And that is that the people of yesterday are actually the you, the Jews of yesterday are actually from the Jews of Medina. So the first theory has it, that the people from Jerusalem are wandering down, and small pockets remain in yathrib. And the bulk goes to Yemen. Right. The other theory has it the other way. And that is that from Yemen, small pockets emigrated. And they work their way up. And so they, some of them ended up in yesterday. Now in either case, and this is an interesting point. It establishes some type of relationship between Yemen and the hood.

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Correct? either case, because the first batch the first theory, they would have eventually found out that their relatives migrated to Yemen. Correct. And the second theory, they are the descendants of the Yemeni Jews. Correct. So both of these theories link them to Yemen. And in my humble opinion, this makes complete sense as we're going to come to now, this makes complete sense. And it fits in perfectly as we're going to come to now.

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A tangent here, some modern researchers,

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looking at the reports of the Jews in Medina, and seeing what they had of institutions and trying to find phrases that are found in Arabic that the Jews used, right. This is a very meticulous research, you're trying to reconstruct who these Jews were. So some researchers have a theory that the Jews of Medina were not from the sects of mainstream Judaism.

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They were from a very ancient sect called the Cara eitz k ra it te Keralites? pause here, you should be aware that Judaism has many sects, as we all know, we in America are only used to three of them, the conservative the reformed

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and Orthodox, Hasidic Jews are a branch of the Orthodox, the conservative their form and the Orthodox. These three sects are completely modern. They go back 100 years in America has nothing to do with classical Judaism. So we can ignore all of this for classical Judaism, classical Judaism, we don't we don't want to talk about the sexual use them. That's a different class altogether. But realize there were two main streams once upon a time, two main streams. The first of them was called Rabbinic Judaism. And all of the Jewish groups in our times go back to Rabbinic Judaism. Rabbinic Judaism, look at it as the Jews who are required to follow the rabbis rabbinic so the rabbi's

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interpret the law and they follow the rabbi's.

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The second group of Judaism of Jews, and this is the theory that this group is from that second group are the Keralites. By the way in our times the Keralites are only 40,000 the whole world, they are very miniscule, and it's I have never met one in my life. They're very small group, they're still around the Cara eitz ratio reject the authority of the rabbis. And they say we need to follow the Torah directly.

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We're not going to have the intermediary of the rabbis. We're going to follow the Torah directly. Now, this is a bit simplistic, but the point is that

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there is something called Rabbinic Judaism which has call it look at it look at it this way. Books of

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the rabbinic Jews are going to follow books

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they're not going to go back to the Quran and Sunnah being equivalent here, right? They Cara I Jews reject these books. Like this is not the original shediac the actual city as the keytab and so the Quran is under right so you're gonna go back directly to the Quran and Sunnah. This is Kara Judaism Now, the point being, some scholars have tried to research this and it appears that the Jews in Medina were Keralites. If this is the case, then we can say that the theory that they emigrated when, when they were expelled from Jerusalem makes sense, because that was the time when Cara Judaism was predominant. Rabbinic Judaism began around four or 500 ce II and the expulsion took

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place. 70 120 See, this is you see why we're interested in what type of Jews are because Rabbinic Judaism after 400 ce II The bulk of Jews are rabbinic Judah Jews. So these Jews have nothing to do with Rabbinic Judaism. So therefore, they arrived yesterday before 400 ce. Therefore, this adds weight to the fact that they are from the expulsion of Hadrian and Titus. You guys following me I'm, I'm going to totally different tangent, but this is the introduction to a very important series of topics afterwards. Now.

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allaahu item, I also have an opinion and May Allah azza wa jal Forgive me for daring to have an opinion. But at the same time, with all humbleness and modesty, very few people tried to study the Sierra also looking at other sources, like Western sources, Roman sources, Greek sources, other sources that we can find things about. And this is unfortunately, one of the problems that very few people are doing it in this manner. You either have people who are not Muslim who reject the Quran and Sunnah, and rely completely on these sources. And then you have Muslims who are not even aware of the other sources and they completely rely on this. We have a lot of information from other

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sources and we try to piece together a picture. Allahu Adam, I have a little bit of a theory in this regard, take it or leave it. And that is that the question is very interesting.

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There were three famous Jewish tribes of Medina. You should memorize these names. We're going to keep coming up over and over again. The bundle

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the bundle novia and the bundle paraiba. Okay, but no pay no cargo, no vehicle no Kaurava. Okay, question.

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Jews do not divide themselves into these types of tribes.

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Jews don't have tribes This is an Arab phenomenon. Jews do not have tribes, they will consider now if somebody says the 12 tribes of Israel that was ancient This is now long gone. Even in the time of the expulsions, they weren't these tribes anymore. That was ancient in the time of in the time of the time of Messiah and and how long? Yes, they had the 12 tribes of Israel, right. But this they just merged together. They just they did not continue that tradition. And they became one nation, one ethnic group, right. So the question arises, how did these Jews of yesterday get divided up into three tribes? When if the story is correct, they're all coming from one area and settling in

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yesterday. It doesn't make sense for them to be three separate tribes. And these three tribes we're having battles with each other in the words of life. In other words, there's a civil war taking place between the US

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Arabs and between the Jews in this Civil War, the houses on one side, the husband or the other, and the Jewish tribes themselves are divided and fighting each other. You see the problem here, right? If they were one unit, one group of people, how come they're divided into tribes? And how come there's a civil war? You understand the question here, right? So the theory that I have in Allah subhana wa tada knows best is that

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there's an element of truth in more than one of these stories.

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And these three tribes represent three different emigrations of the hood to yesterday,

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three different time zones. And therefore, when each time when each new group arrives, they're not considered part of the old one, because this is now completely broke broken away. Right. And so this is one theory. And again, I don't know anybody who has suggested this, but there is very little discussion in the Islamic sources of the origin of these tribes. Anyway, if you look at him in his hop, no mention at all, where these Jews come from, look at him. And so this is not something that people are thinking about where all of these people come from. Nonetheless, this is one theory. And Allah knows best. And we're never going to know unless you find external information. But it does

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make sense that there must be some reason why these three tribes were separate from one another. That's the theory I have. Now. This is the first group of people that yahood the second group of people are the Arabs. The Arabs were themselves two tribes now Hamdulillah, we know the Arab tribes, the Arab tribes, their lineage is mapped out. And by the way, some modern groups of scholars, they actually even denied that they were real Jews in Medina.

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Some modern, non Muslim scholars, they denied this, why? Many reasons, but perhaps some of them felt embarrassed that this happened to the Jews. So they said these weren't real Jews, who were they, they were Arab converts to Judaism. They weren't, you know, in the Jewish religion, you have to be ethnically.

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Your mother has to be a Jew, right for you to be considered a Jew. So if you're a convert, then most orthodox groups of Judaism don't consider you as like all of them don't consider you really to be a Jew. So there is a theory that these Jewish tribes will not actually Jewish, that there were our converts to Judaism. This is a ridiculous theory for one simple reason. If they were Arab converts, we would know their lineage, we would know where they're coming from the Arabs, whatever they did, they preserve their lineage. And these three tribes appear out of nowhere. There is no connection with Adnan Khan at all. So when there's no connection, we have connections with every single Arab

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tribe to work on. Remember, we talked way back about the two main founders of the Arabs right I dunno kata we have every single tribe, you can think of the kindle the keanna. That's it have the courage, we can trace it all the way back. As for the even the names, by the way, a new car and formula. These are not names that are familiar to the Arabs or not. They're Judas Jewish is Arabic names. So the theory that they are converts holds no wait because there is no lineage and all Arabs have Linnaeus to these two. Now, the original settlers therefore in this land were yahood. Where did the Arabs come from? And who are the Arabs, the house and the house and the husband's we know much

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more about them because they're Arabs. So when we're talking about Arabs, we can map out the lineage, the sender has Raj, they are descendants of Don.

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Don Adnan is the process of his ancestor, right? Remember, go all the way back, there were two major founders of what we now call Arabs Adnan and upon, right, and generally speaking, Bond was more Southern and agnon was more central, generally speaking, and it's my descendants mixed with Adnan and his descendants. And so the Prophet system and the correlation are called nannies, and kavon is the other major tribe. Now, the bulk of middle Arabia Hijaz is adnani. courageous, I've noticed a thief is I've done all of these tribes are adnani. In fact, the only group of afonya Arabs in the whole region is India.

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And as I said, last Wednesday, and he clearly again, we cannot be 100% Sure, we don't speak out on behalf of Allah. But it does appear that this was what Allah widget intended, that the katana and the and the nanny tribes would merge together in early Islam, to show that the real unity that there would be no more animosity between between attorney and attorney that anybody who opposed the Muslims could not do so on ethnic grounds. And this was the precursor to unite all of the Arabs, right? Yeah. And out of all of the tribes, the prophet system is at 90 and he settles in Bhavani. And the two come together under the banner of Islam, it seems more than just a coincidence is the

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point it seems Allah subhana wa tada intended this. So we

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Where did these patani come from? What are they doing here if they live in Yemen? Here we go back to the story of patani Arabs, don't worry, I'm not going to bore you too much. If this is boring Personally, I find this very interesting, but people are different. Some people don't like this ancient history.

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Cotton is the the people of Yemen, if you like.

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The house and the house Raj, go back to the city of Arab. And Matt. Rob is the people of Sabah,

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the people of Sabah

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you know, Subbu is mentioned in the Quran, there's a surah in the Quran. So that's about right. The people of Subbu allies origin mentioned them in the Quran. And Allah mentions one thing about them, that is an amazing feat that the whole world knows about them. And that is, they were the first human beings ever to build a dam.

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Never before had a dam bid built, been built. And by the way, that dam still stands to this day. It is what 2000 3000 years old system, not all of it but you see, still to this day outside the city of Malmo, you will still see

00:31:11--> 00:31:47

the dam and this dam was a feat of engineering. It blocked up the waters so that there could be rivers flowing and Allah subhanaw taala mentioned in the Quran dakara candidate 70 must carry him I genda Tanya and Yemeni were Shimon Kuru minister Arabic wash Garuda belga to untie Eva, Tora Bora for Allah bless them, like he hardly blessed anybody else at that time. And Allah mentions is the Quran, and they had rivers flowing from this dam. And the rivers gave them beautiful gardens. genda, Tanya, and you mean what she meant? You know, there were gardens that on the right and the left of the city, and it was a beautiful place. And then Allah punished them. How did you punish them? The

00:31:47--> 00:32:37

dam collapsed for selling it him? sale allowed me to say that I didn't say that item is the diadem dam collapsing. sale is the water flowing, right? Say that it me. So because of their insolence. And their arrogance, they were punished and the dam collapsed. And this led to again, hundreds and 1000s of people dying, many villages destroyed, and many other Yemenis had to migrate away. And this occurred most likely around 300 ce, most likely around 300 ce. So round three centuries before the coming of the prophet SAW Selim 250 years before the coming of the process of them, the matter of dam dam collapses. And a lot of references in the Quran stated I didn't. And so groups of Yemen

00:32:37--> 00:33:11

Knights have to emigrate. Now here is where I go back to what I initially said. Some of them also 100 workers and tribes, they literally go back to the same person I was sitting with cousin drives. So there is some blood relationship so we can understand why the tour together. So Olson has Raj, they ended up in the trip. Why? Again, nobody knows. But this is all theory again, take it or leave it. But there's no nothing wrong with giving theories and Allah knows the truth. If we say that the hood of Medina had relationships with Yemen,

00:33:12--> 00:33:56

it makes complete sense for the Yemeni Akaka needs to be aware of an established settlement that has nothing to do with the Atlantis because remember, there's animosity between Adnan and Katana. Right? There always was Tension up until the time of the process, and there was tension. In fact, even the handful that took place, it was a war between agnosticism pifan ease up until that time, they were still fighting. Right. So if there was some relationship between Yemen and those yahood, and I gave the theory that there is, then it makes complete sense that the house and the hustle Raj would have known again, these are some travelers, what not, they would have known of a group of Jews that would

00:33:56--> 00:34:36

have felt comfortable being with them, because they're already comfortable with Jews in Yemen, perhaps even there was some trading Allah knows. Again, this is who's going to have records in 300 ce II, who's going to have this is all theories that we're gonna have. But the question still, and the it's an unanswered question, why? How did the ocean hazards end up in yesterday? And there's already you yahood over there, unless there was some type of relationship beforehand. You see my my theory, right, some type of knowledge beforehand. So the OS and the hazard settled down in yesterday, and the two of them benefited each other. The two of them benefited each other. How so?

00:34:36--> 00:35:00

They were skilled in agriculture, in weaving, of course, they were businessmen. The Arabs had knowledge of war, the Arabs had knowledge of the language. And so the Arabs aerobicized, the Jews, ie the language became theirs. Right. The culture became their their living in Arabia. So all of the Jews began speaking from

00:35:00--> 00:35:39

Arabic. Now they still spoke Hebrew, by the way, we know this from the Sierra, we know this from the Sierra. And obviously, it's understood. I mean, any minority retains this language for many generations, you know, especially when you're in middle of the desert. So they retain their, their, their Hebrew, but they spoke fluent Arabic as well. And they took on the culture of the Arabs, and the language of the Arabs and the dress of the Arabs with some, any, you know, yahoodi as well influenced, but they kept much of their their culture and they adopted our culture. So when the baton is the Yemenis, they also the husband arrived in yathrib. It appears that they didn't arrive

00:35:39--> 00:36:08

together. And again, this is a theory, nobody was an eyewitness writing chronicles of 300 ce ii 200, before the hedgerow, right 250 before they Joe, who's going to be recording this, the theory goes as follows. Now, we know for a fact that the house had asked permission from the bundle coryza and the blue no deal the two God tribes and formed an alliance with them. And the husband Raj, had taken permission from the Bernal ponoka.

00:36:09--> 00:36:50

So the question once again arises, How come these two Jewish tribes, sorry, these two Arab tribes have different Jewish alliances, the theory, the two of them didn't arrive at the same time, maybe 1015 years apart, or a few years apart, that the first tribe arrived. And that is the house and the house, got the alliances and took some protection from the largest of the yahoodi tribes. And that is the bundle coordinator and the bundle novia. And this also explains why the hosts were richer. Because the hosts were richer than the rich and the outsider higher income, they were socially economically better off. And they occupied the better land of Medina. Because in those days, land

00:36:50--> 00:37:19

was also tribal, your house was where your tribe was, it's not like in our time anybody buys any No, you live where your tribe was for protection for safety. So the host had the best plots in Medina, the most luscious gardens of Medina, and the husband had the lower territories, the ones that were not as luscious. So therefore, it appears that the O's arrived before. And one theory goes that you who needed manual labor, they needed people to

00:37:20--> 00:37:27

basically farm the land, it's too large for them. And so they allow the hosts the opportunity to basically

00:37:28--> 00:38:03

what's going to be a good word here and not rent to own, not least own but basically fraction it out, you take charge of the land, you give us a fraction, and you take the rest, right. It's basically you do the manual labor, and you give us a percentage of the of the of the produce, and you can basically mine Amanda land and take charge of it. So the oath and the husband's there for settle down in this manner. And over the course of the next 150 200 years. This solidified the relationship, the oath and the has Raj had their alliances with the hood. And

00:38:04--> 00:38:50

each of them had wars with each other. And therefore when the civil wars took place, and I said the civil wars lasted for more than 100 years. The civil wars lasted for more than 100 years. The worst of them was the blast war, which took place five years before the hero of the Prophet salallahu idea he was setting them. And it is also known that the Jewish tribes financed the oath on the one side, the Bernal did and the Battle of dinopark finance the hazard on the other side. So they actually were involved in the Civil War, right? Did they actually fight or not? We don't have references, but there was clear clearly a divide between the Jewish tribes and the two Jewish tribes were helping

00:38:51--> 00:38:54

different sides of the house and the facades now

00:38:56--> 00:38:57

question arises

00:38:59--> 00:39:10

the number of people living in Medina How many? Very difficult there was no census nobody's going to go house to house and see how many people right, but we can kinda sorta get a glimmer kind of sorta

00:39:11--> 00:39:35

How so? Well, by looking at the battles of butter and a herd and Hunter, seeing how slowly but surely the city is growing. The total population of the three Jewish tribes seems to have been around 2000 men, we get this by doing a tally of bonavia vital signs. And by no forever, each time something happens we have a number roughly,

00:39:36--> 00:40:00

of men, adding all of these men together 2000 men, multiply that by three for women and children. You get 6000 Jews roughly in yesterday, when the Prophet system emigrates, roughly 6000. We also know that in the conquest of Makkah, the unsought had around four to 5000 men participating in the conquest, right

00:40:00--> 00:40:12

So, four to 5000 multiplied again by an average of three, you have 12 to 15,000 Arabs. So quantity wise the Arabs seem to be doubled the Jews.

00:40:14--> 00:40:56

But the Jews had the power, because they had the money. And because they had the land, the best land because they had fortresses. The house and the husband did not build fortresses. The Jews did not live in Medina proper, they lived outside, and they had fortresses each of these three. And so a rough quantity we get of the people of Medina, roughly around 20,000 people, and this is a relatively large town, it's not a small town for the time to have 20,000 people seems to be a very good number. And we've already said that the hood were more sorry, the arrows were more than the your hood. We just have one narration we have time for and then it is

00:40:57--> 00:41:36

time for Dr. Bashar to make a presentation. And Dr. Russia, we can go late because he was just starting in 10 minutes. So you can go for 20 minutes to Sheldon our problem, inshallah. And the final thing that we're just going to mention here is we talked about the demographics. And I need to now basically go back to where we left off from the story of the Sierra, connect the demographics in Medina, to the story of the Sierra. And then next lesson, we start talking about the Prophet systems first few days in Medina. And so we conclude today by talking about the Prophet systems arrival in the city of yesterday, that when we had already talked about sorafenib, and magic, we had talked

00:41:36--> 00:42:16

about the story of Omar, but we are talking about the number of people who converted along the way. And now the news has spread that the Prophet system is about to arrive. And so every single day, the answer would go outside of the city towards what is now Koba waiting for the profitsystem to come. Because he they know it's only a matter of time now. And everyday, they would go there in the morning and wait until around 1011 o'clock when the sun got too hot. And then they would have to go back and go to sleep because it was too hot. And so one day, they went in the morning waiting and nothing happened. And they came back by 1011 o'clock. And in the distance, the Prophet says that a

00:42:16--> 00:42:53

worker appeared, but there were no unslotted there because they were already back home in their houses. And it so happened that one of the Hoot because they were the ones on the outskirts, and because they were the ones who had that part of life, one of the the Jewish men was on the top of the tree, plucking the dates. So he was the first to see in the distance, the prophecies and the worker coming. And the excitement of waiting for the Prophet system was so immense that had even affected the Jews are it's an exciting thing it's about to happen. And this is the case in any community that anything is happening, everybody feels happy about it. So the Jews, the Jew became so

00:42:53--> 00:43:36

happy, he cried out at the top of his lungs, that Oh, Arabs, your king has arrived. Notice, he knows that they have adopted quote, unquote, the process was their king, or out of your king has arrived. And he is excited. And notice he says your kings, because from the beginning, they did not expect the profit zone to be there. Forget profit even ruler, and there was going to be tensions to come. Because he didn't say my king. He said your king has a right. He's excited because everybody's waiting, but he doesn't ascribe it to himself. Because that's not he, they they felt that till up until this point, they always felt that that's their business. We have our business, they will not

00:43:36--> 00:44:18

interfere in our business. But slowly but surely that did happen. And so, the Profit System when the news spread, the unsolved rushed out in hordes, hundreds and hundreds of them and the Profit System entered. According to one report on the second of February one, according to another on the 12th Federal Bureau was on a Monday in the 14th year of the data, which was to become the first year of the digital and Alberta urbanized areas. And so a Muslim that I saw the unsought, all dressed up coming out. In other words, as soon as they heard the process of them, they actually dressed up in good clothes to come and to greet him. And over 500 men came outside all of them armed meaning to as

00:44:18--> 00:44:59

a welcoming committee, armed and dressed and they accompany the Prophet system. The woman climbed up onto the houses, the children are thrown around to see and the Prophet system is surrounded by literally hundreds, if not 1000s of people, all of whom believe in Him, all of whom are happy that he is coming. And for the first time, we get a glimmer of hope changes in the air. It's not like Mecca, where he's persecuted or he's tortured. For the first time there's excitement, there's buzz, there's there's a freshness happening that for the first time people in the hundreds and 1000s are thronging to welcome him to greet him. We can we can sense the the joy, the vibrancy, the change in

00:44:59--> 00:44:59

the area.

00:45:00--> 00:45:44

We can sense that a new tide is coming, that the change has begun, that the blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala will signal a new era. And this is the seed of the first Islamic nation and the story of its nurturing and its expansion and its flourishing will a shallow data be the story of the mother nice Syrah the madonie Sierra and that in shallow data, we will resume in our next car class. I will now hand over to Dr. Bashar one final point, I will not be here next Wednesday, I will be abroad. So the Sierra class will be resumed two Wednesdays from now. So we'll get an email and then shall the two Wednesdays from I will resume the Sierra class. Dr. Bashara, the floor is all yours.

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We already announced the timing from the first of April will be 9pm. Russia from the first of April 9pm. Michelle.

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Any questions while they set up the PowerPoint? have any announcements as well?

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Yeah, sure, whatever you want to

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any questions?

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All of this will come. I don't want to be hasty.

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But I don't know lead by nine o'clock. But we'll cover each one of them has a long story. And we need to be very careful and cautious. We need to explain the details and rationale. So when it comes to time comes if there's no clear indication that

00:46:41--> 00:46:42

we're looking for

00:46:46--> 00:46:51

the Quran itself references there waiting for the next prophet.

00:46:52--> 00:47:00

Yes, the Quran references this, but they expected that prophet to be one of their own. They didn't expect him to be

00:47:01--> 00:47:35

someone else. The Koran References This is sort of the Baccarat book, I don't know if they own Adelina cafaro, I think is verse 131 40. Something it's in that area that Allah says they were expecting a victory over the house and the husband. And the house and the husband's say that whenever we had a war, right, they would would tell us that it's only a matter of time before our profit columns and will master crew. So they're waiting for a profit according to our legends and sources. They're all waiting for profit. Does that answer your question?

00:47:36--> 00:47:41

Yes, in Medina, they're waiting for a profit in Medina. Yes. This

00:47:48--> 00:47:51

this is the theory that is given. And that is that.

00:47:52--> 00:48:06

Just like Sandman in Farsi knew that one of the signs of the Prophet is what? That he's going to come in the land of dates, right? So this this knowledge was known, we know this for a fact it was known. Why shouldn't these yahood have it as well?

00:48:07--> 00:48:25

They probably also had it and so there, again, it doesn't negate the theory that when they're fleeing from Hadrian, or from Titus, they settle in a land of dates because they know that the profit will come in the land of dates, right? Charla Yes. What was the relationship between

00:48:30--> 00:48:30

one of the,

00:48:32--> 00:48:40

the speciality of the people of Medina that they had never been conquered by any tribe, even though two three times this was attempted,

00:48:41--> 00:48:58

but they had never been conquered by any tribe. So there was a relationship of Islam. People would come trade and leave. There was never a conquering so they also hostage were independent in spirit. Okay, is that cool? Okay, we will continue with shuttle law next. Not next Wednesday, two Wednesdays from Michelle lhota.