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This video is mainly delving on the topic of the demographics of Madina and how did this city get populated and who were the tribes that occupied this blessed city.

The two major tribes to occupy Madina were - Arabs and Jews. there were three Jewish tribes - Banu Qaynuqa, Banu Qurayza and Banu Nadir. The lineage of the Arab tribes is clearly mapped ot and hence, there seems to be no trouble deciphering information about them.

Where did the Jews come from? There are many theories for this and more light is shed on this topic by Shaykh Yasir Qadhi. We also get ample information on the number of people in Yathrib at the time and the figure roughly counts upto 20,000.

There are three tribes in Madina - the Ansar, the Muhajirun and the Jews.

The video culminates with details of the anticipation of the Ansar for the arrival of the beloved Prophet ﷺ into the city of Madina and how they were yearning to catch a glimpse of the Messenger of Allah SAW.

Al Bara ibn Azim narrates ,"I saw the Ansar all dressed up and coming out. Over 500 men came outside; all of them armed and dressed to accompany the Prophet ﷺ. The women climbed up on the houses. For the first time we get a glimmer of hope that change is in the air. And that we can sense the blessings of Allah will flourish a new era.”

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