What is the correct time for the morning and evening Athkaar

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We're coming to the conclusion. This is our final matters. When does a skeletal software begin? And when does it end? It's very important, huge discussion. There's about five opinions for Luna. They all differ from one to another and we're going to summarize it and give you the one and most authentic opinion beats dilla hit Isla Asada, when it is said or sada

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it refers to the time between Fisher

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and sunrise. This is the time

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if and only Maktoum which was one of the more things of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he will not make a then for the future until because he was blind until those around him would see team or spa smarter a smarter meaning now you have entered the morning Allahu Akbar he makes them then envision even a girl Salah begin from the time of them and visual takes place. So that means a person can begin to recite a girl Salah immediately after the event, not after solat he can start after the other but what is better is to delete them until after select efficient because this time of between event and Karma is a time reserved as an abuse Allah Allah userland teaches us that the

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DUA between the event will Ikoma is not rejected. And the best way to meet during this time is to ask Allah for protection some Allah hello I fear as an abyssal Allah Allah userland teachers for that too soon for appeal uphold this and you make that kind of worship which is a door and you leave a girl Salah to after selecting Fisher that's a surah right? Okay, well Messiah el Messiah is the time between answer will not rip this is Al mircette. And this is the opinion of shekel Islam Ibn Taymiyyah Rahim Allah woodmill Abraham Allah and did not call you mentioned this in his book and we'll see you well Allah subhanho wa Taala he says Johan Levina a man of God Allah the Quran Kathira

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was a bit who hear your attention is supposed to be here. Nope, it was a bit hoo hoo book rotten. Wa see that was a bit who book rotten wa see that and walk around. And Booker is a way to help the beginning of the day, which is after Salah television. When are seen as Joe had Rama hula said is the time between acid and mercury, if you understand the time now

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after selecting Fisher to sunrise, Al Messiah after Al Asad Talmud. Now, the one who says them, at the beginning of its time, earns greater reward and more protection than the one who delays them until the end of their time.

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Yeah, if you delayed them until just before sunrise, if they left you reward and eventual reward and so on, but not as best as the one who said them at the beginning of the time. That's called the preferred time.

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The preferred time for a gala server

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after selecting measure

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until sunrise, then there is something known as an extended time. If you miss them in this time, you have an extended time until a zone or before that by 15 minutes you only before then a bar by 15 minutes. That's called an extended time. If you missed them here, do them here and do them. And don't miss them. And this is a matter who will speak about any COBOL as girl if you missed it, I've got you save them. Because if you are one I did not see them in the Profoto house wait till tomorrow. This is how you become lazy. That's how you're gonna miss it tomorrow and the day after until the tour gone. And there's nothing left. Now, Heather very important. Among all the opinions,

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right? It's totally there's many opinions. But why is this the most correct opinion that I've gotten so that starts from Al Fraser then Ian Fraser until sunrise and also until Muhammad why is this the most correct opinion, Allahu Allah, but there's a beautiful wisdom for us. And that is

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that this time after the fissure till sunrise and after Arsal until mothered

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Do you know of something that is prohibited prohibited during these times? A solid is prohibited. So when a solid is prohibited

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of God came in its place.

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Danny Murphy disconnection from Allah social whatsoever. Well, Bellagio, Bahama Allah, He says the best of the best of the gap is the care of the morning. And in the afternoon, Wallah who Alan This is the more correct opinion because it

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it beautifully fits into this wisdom. You have stopped praying, there is no solid after fajr until sunrise Allah work will have killed a female female you know even when there's no is breaking or this disconnection from Allah Allah Murphy as God comes in place and that's the main pillar of a solid anyone while solid all of it is filled with guilt, but this one is a different type of liquor shut down and engage in liquor

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after also an McRib, who select sit down, but now it's replaced with a lot of guilt, a beautiful wisdom. And that's how it fits into Allahu Taala