Is It Allowed To Share The Table With Friends Family Where Prohibited Food Is Served

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the policy of sharing tables with non-M-thinkers and non-M-thinkers, which is prohibited in Islam. They stress the importance of explaining this policy to people who accept Islam to their cultural counterparts. The policy is seen as a token way to live and is advised against anyone who refuses to comply.
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Welcome to the program, Islam insight, a very special series essentially dedicated for a new Muslim brothers and sisters, how do we commit ourselves to gain knowledge regarding Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him like to know is he just compulsory for him somebody told me that a Muslim is not allowed to have relationship with a non Muslim knowledge revives the spirit of Islam.

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Yes, brother, is it allowed to share tables with friends and family where the prohibited food is served

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as far as sharing the table on which the prohibited foot or for that matter drink are served, whether it be non Muslims, family members, or even Muslim family members, or any person who is not a Muslim, or a Muslim, whoever it is, any person or any people who have anything which is prohibited any people who drink which is haram in Islam, which is prohibited in Islam, you should not share the table. Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, he prohibited to share the table where for example, wine is served, he does allows us not to share a table where wine is served. And for that matter, any kind of haram food like for example, pork or any kind of food or drink is served, it is prohibited

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for us to join that table. However, in the same way, we should not show a sign that we are disrespecting or killing or attacking their emotions. We need to explain to them that when you have accepted Islam, you have actually submitted your will to Allah Subhana Allah and the will of Allah subhanaw taala is that you should not have anything which is haram, which is prohibited, which is harmful for you. If you analyze it from logical perspective, or a scientific perspective, for that matter. This is haram and harmful for the people in general. So you can give them are rational and scriptural reasoning that I can't join this because I am a Muslim. In the most sublime and humble

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manner, you need to decline and deny this invitation. And you also need to tell them that Islam is a token way of life. It's a view of life which helps us understand what is permitted to have what is not permitted to have so that we may live a better and pure and perfect life in the house of Islam. Hope that answers your question.