Filipina Gives Away Everything for Islam.

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The speaker discusses various examples of people passing away at cemeteries, including a woman who passed away at a Islam cemetery in Central Philippines and was part of a community of two arters. She also lost her legacy at a cemetery and was given a legacy from her death. Other examples include a woman buried at her grave and was given a legacy from her death, and a woman who was buried at her grave and was considered a special to Allah. Support is encouraged for those affected by the passing of these individuals.

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Assalamu Aleikum everyone. I'm in Philippines and I want to show a very, very inspirational story with you all. Okay? I can't deprive you of this because I am myself completely inspired and fascinated. This is a cover. This is a grave of one of our sisters. Halima sister Halima, she was an IRA volunteer, she was taking part in our activities. Our brothers, our local brothers are telling us that when they would call her for activities, she would rush even if she didn't have food at home, she would come to help the projects and facilitate Dawa in this village, look where we are right now. I want you to spin the camera and show everyone where we are. Okay. And there is

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something very special about the sister apart from the fact that she was part of Dawa, she was

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fulfilling her obligations towards a lioness messenger. Okay, and she was a new Muslim. He was an indigenous, Filipino, and she's from central Philippines. She is from this village. So you can see behind me a distance there you can see the shiny rubes, right. So very simple village very basically, she was from this village. She accepted Islam. She became part of Dawa, she became a volunteer for IRA. She has been working with our two art who are working in the local area. And then there was a problem. The problem was, they didn't know where to bury Muslims. There are many people who accept who have accepted Islam. Right. And there is no Muslim cemetery. There is a Christian

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cemetery, but Muslims couldn't be buried there. So there was a problem. cannula. This sister of ours. She died at 38. And she had a heart attack. She had some heart complications. And she passed away. And guess what she did? Guess what she did before she died. She gave all of her land, which is one hectare, one hectare of this land where we're standing right now for a Muslim cemetery. She said, Anyone who dies in this area, who's a Muslim from now on, will be buried in my land. What? What a donation she made for the sake of Allah, what a legacy she has left behind. And may Allah subhanaw taala accept her in Jannah. Allah give her the highest award in Jana. She lived very little

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in Islam. She was a new Muslim. And she did a lot. I mean, in that little time, he was a Muslim, Allahu Akbar, she has achieved so much for herself, her children and her community and not only that, even after death, she will be rewarded. She will be every time a Muslim is buried here. Okay, every time a Muslim is buried and that Muslim goes to Jana, she will be rewarded for that. She will have her reward. She will have our soda kajaria May Allah subhanaw taala accept brothers and sisters, everyone watching right now I want all of you to pray for her. You remember that woman? The one who is to clean the masjid the one who is to clean the machines in Medina, and she passed away.

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And the prophets Allah Salam was asleep, the Sahaba they buried her. They prayed the janazah and they didn't bother the Prophet didn't tell him, right. But Allah wanted to honor that woman. Allah subhanaw taala wanted to honor that woman with something that none no other Muslims have been honored with. The Prophet woke up and he asked where is that woman? They said, Yasser Allah, she passed away and we buried her. The Prophet said, Why didn't you tell me? Why didn't you tell me? So important? What this this woman this Sahaba she was also a new Muslim. The Prophet went to her grave, and he prayed for her standing on the grave. He prayed for her that Allah gave her Jana.

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Okay, today, we have come from, like, where did we come? We came from Britain, myself and my team with me and the brothers who have come from other cities of Philippines. There's a huge I mean, turn the camera around and let everyone see like there's a team of brothers, and even the locals who are here, okay, we all we've all come here to pay respects to our sister and make dua for her. May Allah Subhana Allah give a janitor for those who may Allah subhanaw taala give her a palace. May Allah take her children to Jana? May Allah give her the ability to do Shiva for our children. May Allah make her children's on the kajaria What are the things we want to do is we want to take one of our

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young sons who is 15 years old, this is her son. These two both both are sons.

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They are both her sons, okay. They are now also new Muslims and we want to put them through a through an imam program to make a sadaqa jariya for the sister inshallah to Allah and they will become they will become imams in this area to take care of the rest of the people to teach them Islam inshallah. Tada. I mean, it's like a locker and so brothers sisters, I just wanted to share this inspirational story of our sister Halima. May Allah have mercy on her. She's buried here. He has left children behind her house is a very humble house. She was not a rich woman. She was not a rich woman. She all she had was this land.

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to one hectare, he has given it feasable Allah Allahu Akbar. So I just wanted to share this story with you brothers, sisters, you know what? I don't know. Allah knows best. Allah subhanaw taala knows how he's going to reward her. And we pray that Allah gives this Eman to every Muslim in the world. May Allah give us this type of Eman and this strength that even though she possessed so little, okay, she gave it a piece of it Allah whatever she possessed, whatever she you know Abu Bakr came with all his belongings, and Omar thought that he's going to compete with Abu Bakr, but he couldn't because he brought half his block this sister pretty much gave everything she possessed,

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even what belonged to her children, the children could have benefited but she decided that she wants to do this for Allah subhanaw taala and for the community so this is now a Muslim cemetery space.

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On that note, Brothers Sisters just remember and support the work because there are people like this supporting there are people like this who are supporting the data in Philippines and beyond. So don't forget to support go to IRS website and support as much as you can. You can support us physically by being here with us to support us you can you can support financially you can also make dua for us and people like her. Please everyone, everyone watching please make dua for Sister Halima. Okay, you may not have known her she was living in a remote village. She may be insignificant in many other ways, but she is very, very, very special to Allah. How do we know this?

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Because of what she has done. This topic comes from Allah subhanaw taala May Allah accept from her. I mean Yoruba Alameen Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.