Gifts of Islam for Women – Ep.03

Fatima Barkatulla


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Global Sisterhood and Brotherhood

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The speaker discusses five gifts that Islam gives women, including a global family, a sisterhood, and a feeling of responsibility and responsibility towards each other. They encourage women to look into this way of life and connect with real people, as it is a way to live a life that is meaningful and has significant significance beyond their own life.

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We'll breeze you around the mod to the sunset in the evening

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when I'm drowning in onto horde in the deepest, darkest ocean.

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And the fifth

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gift that I would like to mention is a global family. Islam has given me a global family, a sisterhood, and brotherhood, like

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I've never experienced.

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And that is, and that's not an exaggeration. I mean, when I was 16 years old, I took a backpack, and I went to Jerusalem. Okay, I went to Egypt first, then I went to Jerusalem. And in both of those places, and in many, many countries that I've visited, since I can turn up with a backpack. And

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if I meet a Muslim family there, I've got accommodation, I've got a family who will embrace me. And I've got people who will instantly connect with me, and consider me their sister. That sounds amazing. But it's actually true. And I've experienced it firsthand.

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I know confidently, I can turn up to any country in the world. And if I meet my fellow Muslims there, because of the fact that Islam has put into place, a brotherhood, and a sisterhood and a sense of rights and responsibilities towards each other. I have that kind of

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global family there.

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Even though we might be strangers, we instantly Connect.

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And it's healthy to have healthy relationships with women. And I'll just give you one example, one of my friends who I name is Lauren, we were sitting in a wedding together one day. And

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you know, we were not dressed like this, you know, we address it was a women's only section. So we were all dressed up we had made out we had our hair done, you know, everyone very, very glamorous. And

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we looked around the room. And she said to me, and she was a new Muslim. She said, you know, I've never experienced sisterhood, the way I experienced it, when I became a Muslim, I never had that relationship with women that I have now. Because she said, The gatherings that she used to be in,

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were usually mixed. And there was a lot of alcohol, you know, flowing. And she said I would I consider it to have been a toxic environment. Because she said my husband would be over there talking to a lady and I would be over here. And even though people don't say it, they were secretly attention in the room. You know, I was constantly keeping an eye on my husband, you know, who's he flirting with. And he was constantly keeping an eye on me. And that environment of competition. She said it prevented me from having a really honest, close love

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towards other women.

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And it was her perspective that now that she was a Muslim, for the first time because that sort of sense of competition was removed.

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She for the first time felt she could connect with other women in a unique way. So those are just some of the gifts I could mention so many more, I just highlighted five gifts that Islam gives to women. And so I would like to encourage you today and I'm sure you're going to hear lots of other talks that elaborate on maybe some of the things I said,

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I would encourage you to look into this way of life that so many women are choosing so many of us who some of us are many of us who grew up in families that were not religious, but we discovered Islam later we looked into it, we chose it, of our freewill, our choosing, you know, I would encourage you to

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look into Islam properly, not through websites and not through, you know, people who are spreading misinformation about Islam but by connecting with real Muslims around you, and look into the life of the Prophet Muhammad

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and his message and how his message actually explains to us who Jesus really was, who Moses really was, and who these great people of our past really were and what their true message walls

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because if you do so I think you will find that through Islam you could live a life that satisfies

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That yearning that's in your heart, that yearning to connect with God, that desire to live a life that matters, that desire to live a life beyond your own life that has significance beyond yourself.

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And with that, I will leave you like a loving man behind the couch.

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Thank you very much.