Abu Bakr Zoud – This might be a reason for why we dont enjoy our worship

Abu Bakr Zoud
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And if you do happen to fall into the sin, because your desire overpowered you, then don't you dare allow yourself to enjoy the sin while you committed. Let's just see and inshallah we never reached that stage. But let's just say that your desire overpowered you

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and you fell into the sin and you committed the sin will ever will ask Allah to forgive us and protect us. But if you do, then I tell you something, don't you dare allow yourself to enjoy the sin. One law he my brothers and sisters in Islam, one of the main reasons for why we do not enjoy our worship, why we do not enjoy our re citation of the Quran? Why aren't we enjoying our prayers and our fasting one of the main reasons is because we're enjoying our sins.

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And you cannot have these two joys at the same time, Allah who will not give you the joy of worship, and at the same time you have the joy of sins in the heart, you choose one or one or you're deprived of the other. This is why it's very important to repent straight away after the sin. Because if you repent after a sin immediately, then your repentance is a sign that you hate the sin, that he did not enjoy the sin. Wouldn't it be sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says in the hadith of Ramadhan probably Allah one min Salah to Hassan who was a to the year two fedeli commandment, that the one who enjoys his hassle, the one who's happy when committing or engaging in a hassle in a good deed.

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That's the believer.

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And the one who doesn't enjoy the sin and he is displeased about the sin, then that is the believer law. Therefore you must hate the sin.

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You must hate you cannot enjoy the same even let's say you fell into the sin do not allow yourself to enjoy it.

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You must hate the sin at all times in order to not be deprived of the joy of worshipping Allah subhanho wa taala.

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And look when Allah azza wa jal described Ibrahim alayhis salam is attitude towards sins. You know, whenever a rally has said.

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Whenever when when Ibrahim alayhis salam, he wanted to destroy the idols, the idols of course they represent a major sin that should be learned. That's a shirk, associating partners with Allah, it's the biggest sin on earth. How was his attitude towards it? When he went and broke those idols? Allah azza wa jal, he described exactly how Ibrahim destroyed the idols. Allah azza wa jal, he said for sha Allah Who there than you would ever means he broke them into small pieces, almost Kauder of ideas Ibrahim Ali Sam could have just smashed them once with the axe twice, broken them in three four pieces. Now, he didn't suffice with that. He broke them into a million pieces why? That implies

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his anger against the sin.

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This implies his hatred towards the sin, that he didn't only break the idol into three pieces. Rather he smashed them until they almost became powder. That's his hatred against the sin. And look at the case of Musa alayhis salam. Also, when Benny is Surah eel collected the gold and the melted the gold and they made a golden calf and they began to worship the calf. You know that happened in the time of Bani Israel when Musa alayhis salam was talking to Allah azza wa jal on the mountain. Later on, he came back and he saw that his people are worshiping a golden calf all the biller, they're worshiping other than Allah, so that that golden calf is a major sin. Look what he did. He

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said Leno had record No. for malignancy for no failure minister, his hatred towards the sin was that he said, I am going to burn it. So he melted, he melted this golden calf he burnt it. And then not only that, from melanin, Sefa no philia minister, and then we're going to throw it as far as we can. ilium in a river, la c'mon. Yeah, the Musa you Sarah could have just threw the coffee in the river, or could have just burnt it, or could have just smashed it and disfigured it.

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Why did he burn it? Melted, throw it in the river. Why? This is an implication of his hatred against the same. We're not allowed to enjoy sins, my brothers and sisters in Islam.

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You're supposed to hate the sin. When you hate the sin. Even if you commit the sin you're supposed to hate it.

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If that's your attitude towards sins, be if Nila Allah's social whoo

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give you the enjoyment of good deeds, that's when you'll enjoy the good deeds. And if you're going to enjoy sins, the know you'll be deprived of enjoying worship. And when I tell you my brothers and sisters in Islam today, a lot of people complain, I don't enjoy my worship. I don't enjoy my recitation of the Quran. I don't enjoy fasting, I don't enjoy praying, I just do it and I feel like it's a burden and a load coming off me. And it's because you're enjoying the sin.

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When you begin to hate the sin from your heart. That's when Allah azza wa jal will bless you with the enjoyment of good deeds lower quality

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