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Reminders Reality Of The World

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Mirza Yawar Baig

Channel: Mirza Yawar Baig

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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah.

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Allah, Allah said, in nama hair to dunya, in the matter of

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Allah said, verily the life of this world is a deception.

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Somebody sent me

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an email saying

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that there's a sign on the wall of a cemetery,

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which reads,

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this place is full of those people.

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We'll talk the world couldn't run without them.

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Sign on the wall of the cemetery says,

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This place is full of those people

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who thought the world couldn't live without them.

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us the

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to understand what we look at

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how many of us believe the world cannot run without us,

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not seeing the world as on the globe. I mean, the world doesn't our world.

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And yet,

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it feels to look

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at a time

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before them, it was our grandfather's.

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before them it was their fathers and forefathers.

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And yet,

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all of them

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the world.

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We are on an airplane.

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And we think the same thing. But the world cannot run without us.

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And we forget

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that one day,

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we too, will become dust.

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And the world will still be there. As long as the creator of the world wishes to keep it there.

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And we forget,

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though we become dust,

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we will be resurrected.

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And we will stand before Him

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who created us?

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We forget

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what he said about those who doubt this? Where he said

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fill out the Falcon today.

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They say

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how is it

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that we

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we will die and become Dutch.

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And then we will get

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to be possible.

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And that's what he said

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this speech of this, what you're saying is really denying the meeting with the rub it discovered

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about myself and you

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that reality is that which will happen irrespective

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reality is that which will happen whether we choose to believe it or not.

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And the meeting with our rub

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is reality.

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Because Allah

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Malika overheard

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the meeting with him. And

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that is why I remind myself

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that if I know that something is surely going to happen, definitely going to happen.

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And if I do not prepare for that, then what does that say about my intelligence? What does it say about my intelligence, that I know that something is going to happen? I know that something is absolutely bound to happen, there's no doubt about that. Absolutely. factual and absolutely certain.

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And obviously, it is in my own interests to prepare for it and to ensure that when this meeting happens, at this meeting is a meeting or

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a meeting of the grace of Allah,

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the meeting of the forgiveness

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meeting where Allah Subhana Allah will reward us inshallah.

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What sense does it make that we know about this meeting, and we do nothing to ensure that this meeting will be good. What sense

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didn't make that we know about his meeting, that we continue to live this life as if there will be no.

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Because remember, and whether or not we believe in the meeting, the meeting will happen. And therefore I remind myself,

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to live my belief and to live my life. In order that when this meeting happens, this meeting will be a beautiful meeting. Salalah Hi, Lana veal curry is your sandwich, man.