Destitute, Naked, Barefooted Arabs – Prophecy Fulfilled

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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a video of a hipster named Mohammed who said that the coming of the hour or the Day of Judgment would be a sign for the end of Islam. The video also mentions that the Arabs were unable to contemplate the when Muslimiter's comments on the report of the Prophet about the naked and naked barefoot arabs would have been a different thing. The video also mentions that Saudi Arabia plans to build a taller skyscraper in the Middle East.
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Prophet Mohammed made a specific prophecy about the coming of the hour or the Day of Judgment. He said, when these desert Arabs destitute, naked, bay footed Arabs, the words are very specific in the Arabic language. And this Hades is ancient By the way, it is in the classical literature of Islam in the books of Hadith, you can go and find it is in the book of

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that these naked destitute barefooted Arabs, when they start to compete in building skyscrapers, when they start to compete with each other buildings, skyscrapers, tall buildings, then the hour is close, then the hour is close. Now. You see, the problem is, if the professor generally the Arabs, it would have been a different thing. He said these naked, destitute barefooted Arabs, it was impossible for anyone to contemplate the when Muslim scholars are commenting on this particular report of the Prophet later on centuries later, they said, although this is absolutely incredible, just just because the Prophet said it, we believe it because Muslim scholars people like Mr. manavi,

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Mr. tobring and Mr. Gabriel hydrolysed, Kalani, when they were commenting on this report, they expressed the astonishment they were like, How can this be possible that these destitute naked, and the Prophet was specifically talking about the bedroom? There are two types of Arabs, the city dwellers and the bedroom, the bedroom remained destitute, naked and barefoot until when? Until the 50s, what happened in the 50s? Oil,

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black gold, who knew that this will actually happen? And this will enable these destitute naked barefooted Arabs. And now, the tallest buildings in the world are being made in the Middle East. The tallest building in the world is Burj Khalifa in Dubai. And now a Saudi family has announced that they will build even a taller building, which will go up to 1000 meters tall. So this was a promising very specifically made by the property was very specific, it was precise. They described the characteristics and qualities of Israel. Why these destitute naked atoms, why not the Mongols? Why not the Chinese in the Gobi desert or why not the Californian does all these Arab Bedouin, they

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will build skyscrapers and not only that they will compete with each other there will be a competition between them.