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Adnan Rajeh
AI: Summary © The importance of understanding the concept of Hadith and the use of the "meditation" concept is emphasized in various YouTube videos. A personal experience of a former teacher and a former colleague, as well as an emailing norm, is also discussed. The speaker emphasizes the need for deeper understanding of " faith" and finding one's own truth, as it is fundamental to Islam. The weekend transition is also mentioned, with some events after graduation being after graduation.emailing is a fundamental part of Islam, and women are the best at communicating with people around them.
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You know by Yahweh,

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the man was telling me there you will see Jimena you we started in Hassan and have you heard about a lot of the Allah who I know quite well Hadith or and who would end up you end up being Robben Island did the night collection you bumped into me as an unreasonable chain of narration and it is also in the collection of widowhood and even hipbone as well. And this is within the theme of understanding Iman and we're going to do probably another 1015 Hadith within this theme, and I'll try to summarize it all at the end and show the ones at once I can include breaking the Hadith.

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And he says Alia salatu salam ala Atmel.

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Mini Eman accent Oh boom Hello car. We're here. Welcome Chiara. Come Lisa, econ. Hello car. Said Alia. So those are the ones the movements who have the most complete degree of iman are the ones who have the best ethics or the best character. And the best of you are the best of you towards their women in terms of their character. Now in bizarre ads and his muslin narrated by NSF and medical the Allahu Anhu where the prophet either your saw to Islam says that commando Nursey Iman is a little bit of different wording Achmed Oh nurse Iman and Son whom coloca were in local hacer una we're in we're in numbers, no hold up. They Abbulu who who does soul me Masala or he says Ali Asad was around

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the best people in terms of the highest degree of demand in terms of people are the ones who have the best character. And in great character, or high character or good ethics will allow you to reach the levels of prayer and fasting. Meaning if you're someone who does not do a lot of rituals, you can make up for lost ground in terms of rituals of prayer and fasting with good character.

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I think this is very important that the Prophet Allah usados, I'm bringing you these two Hadith, because he is just evidence for you that you talked about the same concept more than once. There's actually a couple more Hadith where you use the same wording out of his solid wisdom. And the importance of it is because it's pointing out a certain aspect, it is connecting directly it is directly associating Iman, which is a concept again for us we look at it. It's just a belief. It's just faith, and Islam is not. The problem was Ema is a translation for English, where it is turned to belief or faith. That's really not what it is. I wish it was it's not that's not what Eman means

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in Arabic for it to mean that in English. So when we just turned into believer of faith, we're taking it into just it's becoming an intellectual comprehension. Meaning it's an article of under a perspective of how you see the words a worldview, that's all it is. And it's not it's not what it is, you might is way more than that. Imagine is only it's a belief that has become so profound and so meaningful to you. And has has, it has picked up a specific space within your subconsciousness that is causing you to behave in a certain manner. If it didn't enter your subconsciousness to the point where is is directing and driving behavior that is not really Iman. And the reason that I

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think that hadith and I talked about it Subhan Allah yesterday is Shere Khan. Bonus mood Joma obeyed Rahmatullah Lee passed away is the teacher of my teacher. He is the person that may share gave me my ijazah through him. So once I got my ijazah from my chef, I asked him Is your teacher still alive? Because he is the student of a chef. It is going to suit Rahima Hola. Mufti himselves are known scholar of Syria. He told me he was still alive and he's emailed me. Jimin was the Imam of Jamia Rhoda must have a small mosque in the midst of Damascus needs me I'm there for over 45 years. So I went in, I visited him maybe early 2010. And this gentleman he was and this is, all my teachers are

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the same. He was a he passed away in his mid 80s. And he was a pharmacist. This gentleman was email he was he was a pharmacist by trade as well by profession. He was a pharmacist for over 35 years and he worked in these zones pharmacy. And all of my teachers, by the way, had professions all of them I don't have any I was not educated by anybody who did not study something else and how to trade or profession some way to make their own living where they were not dependent on the government. They did not need someone to get paid them their salary in order for them to do what they did. It was the amount of this message for over 45 years. And he is a giant I thought he thought last year he was

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one of the person who had all temporary citation it was unknown 50 of the of Damascus and one of the most humble people that you'll ever run to most people who lived in his neighborhood did not know had no idea that he was in Ireland at all. He was just under Boris, who if you needed a question about how George Orwell's your Talaq, you can ask him, they did not know the degree of knowledge this person actually had because he just kept it hidden. He was someone who was extremely humble. He would spend time with children as much time as they needed in terms of Quran or citation. Meaning the way he conducted himself was just so simple. We just was to the point where people around him

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did not even know the value of the person that

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I actually lived amongst them, always smiling, always easy going on with a lot and not one study I was not a very good student, always smile always gave me the time always made sure he let me make my mistakes and come back again and again. I hope Allah Allah and he continued with until the day he died yesterday, he was the Imam of his Masjid until the day that he passed away. And most people just knew him as on mobile. And as the children would run around, he always had candy in his pocket to get people that's how we function and and the reason that I bring kind of made me think about this hadith and him is his prophet Allah is also saying meaning the email, those who have the

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perfect the highest degree of email are the ones are asking him Palooka the ones who have the best character depends the best ethics, those who just you want to be around you want to talk to you want to be a part of because they just keep they always treat you well. They always there, they just have that that unique aspect of their behavior because emotion to them is not just i This is what I believe in Eman is something that is now a part of who they are and is driving, how they are behaving. This is what Islam is what Eman is anything short of that is not really Iman. It's a claim. It's a claim, I claim that you can claim whatever you want. It's like Allah and Allah is the

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only truth that exists out there. You can claim it but in order for it to be Iman it has to go deeper than just the superficial part of your of your frontal cortex. It has to go much deeper into who you are, so that it actually can drive how you're going to treat people around you and how you going to carry yourself in the world. Which is why the prophet Ali is so add those pieces of Hadith, PL and the best of you are the best teacher with their towards their women. That's where you show your true colors. With the person you're married to. You can you can put on whatever front you want in front of everyone, but you can't you can't fool your spouse, you guys will you can't fool your

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wife, you know as you you know as you well, because you can you can only put on the show for so long before you have to drop in and just be who you are. So she knows who you are. The best of you are the best to the order women those who are truly good. I mean you're truly truly good because it is going to come off to your spouse 100% is what he said and good good ethics will allow you to reach the status of prayer and fasting because we will not be doing a lot of prayers or fasting a lot. But you know what, don't worry you can make up for that lost ground if you just have great character. If you just had then how do you have great character committed meaning to email and then you have to

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have that first piece commando Iman, the perfection of your email you have to you have to perfect the craft of what it means to have email. Which is why I think Danny is something worth contemplating your way even with dealing with the eufy January he presented in hustling and Ebihara ratar o the Allahu Anhu call Paula Nabil Salah Allahu Allahu alayhi salatu salam

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alaikum Mina Eman and central home coloca work era comb hero communities equal mahalo Sadaqa Rasulullah sallallahu Alia it's like sounds to me like honey Shalala and stuff with like, what sort of lowest level Magnum harmonyos Like he's making sure this weekend we restart the weekend Halaqaat So Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be after maghrib obviously nothing is after Isha aside from these cold water and even these even these hot water are a little bit of a stretch because it's 1020 already, but all the Halaqaat will restart and show. Friday will be the Tafseer in Arabic and Saturday will be Sierra and Sunday will be the 15th in English. We'll make some changes to these

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things inshallah as we move along, but for

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