Yasir Qadhi – Anger – The Pathway To Destruction

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The Bible describes individuals and actions when they experience anger, including a statement about avoiding anger and a quote about not getting angry. The goal is to avoid anger and avoid frustration, and the message is to forgive and forget. The root cause of human conflict is their inflated ego and that shava matliss loves to break the ties of kinship. Control and control are crucial in shaping one's anger, and learning to control one's anger and avoid actions that cause it to be repeated is key in eliminating fear and shaping one's behavior.
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shadow one Muhammad Rasul Allah

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hamdulillah All praise is due to a loss of Hannah who went to Allah who raised the heavens and created the creation. He spread for the earth and he beautified it with vegetation. And he gave us the cycle of the night and day in perfect alternation. He sent down to us the Koran as his speech and Revelation. And he sent to us a prophet in whose belief lies our salvation. So it is to Allah and Allah alone that we worship and we bow our heads to in prostration

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Allah subhana wa tada commands us in the Quran to be conscious of him when he says yeah, you know, double la porta potty wallet mo tune in to Muslim moon. Do you Muslims, Abdullah Ahmed and Alice narrates that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was approached by a man who said to him, O Messenger of Allah, what will protect me from the anger of Allah or messenger of Allah what will protect me from the anger of Allah? Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Do not get angry, and you will be protected from the anger of Allah. If you do not get angry, if you do not act in a state of anger, if you can control your anger, you will save yourself from a loss of anger. What a

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profound and simple Hadith and what a beautiful concept for us to think about and to ponder. Realize, dear Muslims, that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam warned us that anger is from shavon alcohol Babu mina shavon This is a hadith anger is from shavon. Our scholars say that shavon whispers to us things to get us angry that shavon incites us to act impulsively, that when we feel something that's going to make us angry shavon jumps on that opportunity and he incites the flames of anger. He makes it easy for us to make something small, much larger than it is to make our reaction disproportional to what we should have done or said shape on forever.

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lives in an area where we're getting angry, and he exacerbates the situation. And that is why covering up our anger and concealing our anger and controlling our anger is from the signs of a man. When we act in a state of anger dear Muslims, we opened up the doors of all evil. Anger is the stepping stone to transgression. Anger opens up our tongue to become foul mouth to us vulgarities and our Prophet. sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that the believer does not utter vulgarities our Profit System never uttered of vulgarity in his life. Anger causes us to act disproportionately. It causes us to do things that will ruin love and friendship and relationship of friendship. And a

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love that took years to develop can be destroyed in a moment's anger. And that's why shavon loves it because shavon loves to break the ties of kinship. shaytaan loves to break the bonds of love chiffon loves to break marriage apart. And so shaytaan utilizes anger to break years of trust and years of friendship. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us that the believers are those who fight against this impulsive rage of anger. Allah says in the Quran describing the people of Jenna while calvia me and ally Eva when I feel and in us, the people of Jenna are those who are able to cover up their anger. Notice the beautiful phrase Allah didn't say they eliminate the anger because anger is inside

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of us. As long as it remains inside. We are not sinful. No matter how much your blood boils, Allah is not going to call you to task. The minute you allow that boiling blood to spill out into your life. The minute your tongue becomes unleashed, the minute your limbs start acting on that anger, that is when the accountability begins. So Allah azza wa jal does not say that people have gender or those who never get angry. No, Allah says they can control their anger, they cover their anger, they keep their anger in check. While cow the mean alive. What a powerful and beautiful message that is sent through this verse. It is not how long to feel anger, it is not sinful to have your blood boil.

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But the believer is managing to control that and does not act impulsively or rationally. Also, Allah subhana wa tada praises the believers and talks about the people of Jenna in another series of verses. And he says what he then called the Boo homeo field on the highest levels of Jen, Allah describes them in a state of anger, they're still able to forgive others. In a state of anger ye them, I'll hold the Boo when they're angry. It doesn't cause them to become irrational. They don't become vengeful, they don't do a tit for tat. If somebody insults them, they don't insult back. They don't stoop to their level. Even in a state of anger, they managed to control that anger and forgive

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the one who caused them that anger what is ml called the Boo homeotic. You don't notice this is a Quranic description, and this series of verses, we don't have time to talk about it. But Allah is describing the highest levels of gender, the highest levels of man. And Allah says when they're angry, even when they're angry, they can forgive Subhana Allah. So it's not just about controlling the anger, it's about recognizing that this provocation does not need to be responded to rather the better thing to do, the higher thing to do is to forgive and to keep that friendship, to keep the ties of blood to keep that family together is just to forgive and to forget, otherwise, if we are

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going to respond, we're going to exacerbate the situation, we're going to make the situation much worse. And the root cause of the majority of human conflict goes back to anger. I repeat, the root cause of the majority of human conflict of problems between brothers and sisters of problems between friends of problems between husband and wife is when one of the two parties or maybe both of them does not keep their anger in check. And of course, dear brothers and sisters, when we are angry, and we act upon that anger, what this demonstrates to be very honest, is that our egos are inflated. And again, think about this, why do you respond? Why do you say something back? Because you think or I

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think that my ego is so big, somebody said something I need to do something back? What is your ego and my ego? We need to eliminate that pride because pride is the root of all arrogance. And arrogance does not allow us to go into the humble person eliminates pride. If we eliminate our ego and somebody says something we will say so what maybe even the right May Allah forgive me if they were right. And if the

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Wrong, I'll get the reward. When we eliminate ego we eliminate anger. So the root cause of anger is actually our inflated sense of ourselves our inflated sense of our ego. And if we understand that ego and pride are what made shavon shavon, or what made shavon shavon What made shavon shavon about what stuck about our he was too proud. He was too proud what kind of menial caffeine, we can't go down that path, we have to eliminate pride, we have to understand that our pride is incomplete. This dissonance it is an antithetical to our submission to Allah subhanho wa Taala. If we eliminate pride, we will go a long way in eliminating our anger. Dear Muslims, the word to control anger in

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Arabic is Hill Hill means even when you're angry, you control and don't act upon that anger. And our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam demonstrated that in his own life, he never got angry for a worldly reason. He only got angry and demonstrated it for a religious reason. And that's a different reason. When Allah azza wa jal, and His signs are insulted, that is something else. We're talking about personal anger, we're talking about the anger of this world. Our Prophet system never got angry for something of this world for money for relationships. He didn't get angry for that. And even when he got irritated or angry, the Sahaba said we could recognize it from his face. We could

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see it but he didn't act upon it. That is what it means to be headin. And of course him is perfected in a law and that is why of the Divine Names of the 99 Names of Allah one of them is an haleem and unhealthy means Allah azza wa jal has every right to get angry when the creation is so arrogant, but Allah does not act upon that anger. Because if Allah acted upon that anger, as the Quran says, not a single person would be left to live on this earth. So Allah is the ultimate and haleem our Prophet system said no one is able to control better than Allah subhana wa Tada. They insults him and Allah still gives their risk to him, they deny his existence and Allah allows them to live. That is what

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Allah haleem means. So dear Muslims of the etiquettes of our religion of the etiquettes of Islam is to control our anger and to make sure we do not act upon such impulses or else we will destroy many, many years of relationships and we will go down the hole of destruction of our own deeds. May Allah subhana wa tada bless me and you within through the Koran and may make us of those who is versus they understand and apply its Head Island how long throughout our lifespan escalus forgiveness, users will ask him for he is the fool and the Rockman.

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All praise is due to Allah, the One and the unique. He alone do we worship, and it is His blessings that we seek. Dear Muslims of the solutions when it comes to controlling your anger. A number of things are mentioned in the prophetic traditions of them, of them is that we recognize those of us that are quick tempered, we recognize that we have an issue and we try our best to control it from the get go. A man came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said O Messenger of Allah, I'm asking you for comprehensive advice. What is the advice you give me? Our Prophet sallallahu Sallam said law tell about Don't get angry. So the man said and what next, the profitsystem said Don't get

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angry, the man said and what next, the process of continued repeating. Don't get angry, don't get angry. Don't get angry until the man understood there is no better advice than this advice. I don't need point number two, if I can conquer point number one, if I can stick with this one point, that is all that I need. And I live a comfortable life Don't get angry. Also, our Prophet sallallahu wasallam advised us that when we're in a state of anger, we should not say anything, we should zip it. We shouldn't respond, we should control and much less act. And by the way statements includes writing emails and putting up Facebook posts or Twitter or whatnot. When we are angry, do not say

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anything, do not compose an email. Because if we're angry, and we don't say anything, the anger will dissipate. But if we write or speak in a state of anger than the anger is permanently etched in the records of human history, once we let the anger out, we cannot let it back in. But if we control the anger and how do we control it by not saying by not acting upon it, let the anger die out and then think of a logical OR rational response. Do not act in a state of anger. This is a prophetic advice. Also, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that when we are angry he literally said the Hadith I quoted you angry

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From shavon so when one of you is angry seek refuge in Allah from shavon say, ooh Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim. When you are angry, literally anger is from shavon. When a person is angry, you can literally see there is going to be a shirt on in fact once there is a body that a man was so angry that his forehead was about to you can see the the veins you can see the red eyes and our processes and looked at him and said anger is a coal like charcoal that shaitan puts into the person you see the anger over there. So when one of you is angry do will do because water extinguishes fire, this is a heavy as well. So when you're angry, another tactic is to do will do because

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literally there is a shape on that is happy at your state of anger and is exactly venting your anger. So just like shavonne is made out of fire, and water extinguishes fire, when we are angry we should do will do and they will extinguish you will eliminate the shavon that is fueling that fire. And anybody who has been angry and done will go will see and testify to the reality of how quickly one will do extinguishes a boiling anger. Also, our profitsystem said that when one of you is angry, and he is standing up, then sit down. And if you're sitting down, then lie down. Once again, this goes back to the fact that shavon is literally in a metaphorical sense, I should say causing our

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blood to boil. And if it's boiling, when we stand up, we feel like doing something punching hitting using our tongue. When we sit down, we are literally calming ourselves. It is a tactic a mechanism to control the anger. And that's what our Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that when one of you is angry and standing up, then sit down. And if they're sitting and they're still angry, then lie down. The point being you're making an effort to get rid of shavonne and to get rid of the influence of shavonne. And when we obey Allah subhana wa tada in these ways of sitting down of zipping our lips of doing will do we are showing shaytaan that we love a lot more than his tactics. And in doing that

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we eliminate shavon. And of course do your brothers and sisters if it so happens, if it so happens that we act in a state of anger, we do something in a state of anger. Then as soon as that anger dissipates, it is of the methods of our religion, that we seek Allah's refuge for anything we've done and apologize and seek forgiveness. The Prophet Musa alayhis, salam, he got angry at the, when the Israelite came to him and the Egyptian was there in the story, famous story. And in that state of anger, he punched so hard that it caused the death of that Egyptian. And so when the anger subsided, he said I made a mistake, Oh Allah, Oh Allah, I made a mistake, forgive me. And so this

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demonstrates, when a person does something foolish in the state of anger, then it is prophetic to acknowledge that apologizing for a mistake is prophetic. apologizing for something you've done. That is wrong. That is of the ways we meant but it's even better than that. To not be in a situation where you have to apologize, try not even to do something that you have to apologize for. And that will only be done when we make sure that we don't act in a state of anger. Brothers and sisters, I conclude this quote, by a beautiful statement of the famous companion urban Mr. rhodiola, who died and even miss wrote the famous companion and the one who was of the earliest converts to Islam. Even

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Mr. Rhodes said, if you want to judge the character of a person, if you want to judge the character of a person, then see two things. Number one, how well he controls himself when he's angry. And number two, how trustworthy and honest is he regarding something he himself wants and desires. If you want to check the character, check the anger and how well he can control it and check his honesty when it comes to something that he wants. You can judge the wrath of a person, the manners of a person, you can judge them by many things. But if there was to be only one thing that you can judge a person, it is how well he controls his anger and how well and disciplined he acts when he is

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in a state of anger. And that's where Allah says that the righteous are those who control their anger. And even when they're angry, they're able to forgive others. May Allah subhana wa tada make us amongst them. Alemany Aminu Allahu Allah Tada. How did you meet him and he loves oferta what a hangman Illa for Raja wala deignan illa kobita what amor de Oban, Elijah feta, whether I see you're on Eli yourself allama fildena What is one interlinear sivakumar been a man what at hrpo khudobin as a Latina Amano robina in Nicaragua Rahim. Allah Hama is an Islam and Muslim in Allahumma is an Islam I will muslimeen Allah whom is in Islam and Muslim in a law home moment Adana arada Islam all Muslim

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interviews superficially it will be enough to watch out that Miro feeted Vidya Aziz Riba the law in Allah tada Mr. Avila in bed, Airbnb

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Epson within the Monica decoder with Alexa become a modem and Genie he will insert football semicolon idema in the law home and equity also known as a nebby. Yeah you will Edina mn also Lu la he was suddenly motors Lima Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik one of the kurosu Taka Mohammed while he was ibH marine about the law in the law to Allah yeah when I deal with a sunny with a

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woman caliber belly Allah Quran Kuru la la de mer Kuru Kuru

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Kuru la taco Optimus Allah

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