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Adnan Rashid
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the confusing term "ro obbs" in Arabic and the use of "roobs" in Arabic, as well as the meaning of "rotten" in English and the use of "roobs" in Arabic. There is confusion over the meaning of "roobs" in Arabic and the use of "roobs" in Arabic. The speakers also mention false prophet's use of "rotten" in a mistaken way and discuss homestyle Islam's booster for children.
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translating it as

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a country

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we are translating the word Luria Cuba as the children of women of El Mundo. What do you understand what that? Yes, that's what Guess what? I want to know what it means on the page. On the page. Yes. Okay. Okay, we're gonna we're gonna now explain what Zavala I'm at Qadiani himself meant by Surya TL Baba Okay. In his own words in Arabic. Okay

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Hello? Yeah go on Continue please okay you're not responding for some reason. No, no I can hear you. Can you see the second paragraph? Can you read Arabic? Yes, I can read Arabic.

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Read the second paragraph

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while under coolamon who Amin Willdan halali relation Maria Triloba one

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Okay, now wollam An Akula man who are men will they'll halaal what does this mean Mandsaur you can explain to us what alum

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golden men will they'll halaal

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No, actually I'm gonna read I'm gonna read their own translation the translation from their own book. I'm gonna read it or Jana JK Harry her ah shucks, yo, well the halal or haram ortho or the Jal kinosol Messina he had okay. Okay, wait wait wait

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wait wait for the real Baba. Okay, wait to Rhea to Baba your own Qadiani Amadi translation states kharab ortho. What does craobh ortho mean and odo?

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What does your make your reading? What do you think of Robert? You know what a scarab or thymine or do you know do

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it means what it means what you're saying? What does it mean in or do corroborating? Krav Maga or doing Robert Robert? Who

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gets to knock it off on cool guitar and karabell can walk Raba bazooka Robert Kiyosaki, Robert, Robert saying the conduct let me come back in English in English.

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The Qadiani the Ahmadi translation states women rotten women, correct? Yes. Rotten rotten. How

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in important, your comedy translation of your own profit? Yes. Using the word Gloria tuba translates it as rotten Women Children, children of rotten women rotten in what sense?

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Rotten way you pick up on what is what is the meaning of crab? What is the meaning of crab? Crab? It doesn't mean what it means the conduct Okay, now you helping me good mashallah conduct ill conduct woman? Yes. So why do you say robbers

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mashallah among Glad you're helping me. So.

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So that means that means more women, women of ill conduct, correct? Yes, yes. Yes. Okay. women, women, children of women of ill conduct. What does that mean?

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It means of ill conduct. What does that mean? My brother it means what it means. What does it mean?

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Do you think to feed on it? Okay, children or women of ill conduct. As you have yourself translated the words of your own prophet false prophet Gloria Toba 100. You are translating it as a plus.

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plus countries, Brother, brother establishment.

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translated the word Surya tuba, as the children of women of ill conduct. What do you understand from that? Yes. Guess what? Guess what? I want to know what it means because

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installation of auto Linda Dalek has any

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clock now

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running away very brave to this life. And he said you are a liar. You're a liar. He's used the word regal Baba. I pulled out one of his own writings on writings where he explains what he means by Gloria Toba and they own translation. The old translation translates is translated at as children or women of ill conduct according to Ahmed, according to Ahmed in oluwo, it says kharab or PE that means bad women. That means women have bad character when

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In a bad character, what we call prostitutes. So when I said in that conversation that Mirza was calling others country okay, but J which are translated as prostitutes children. That's, that's qualified directly by your own translation of his words laureato Baba. Okay, now can I respond? Before you respond? Yes, I have I have I have I stated correctly everything. No, I'll tell you why. Because I'll tell you why because homestyle Islam has not used the same translation everywhere for the word, okay?

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I'll tell you the difference is, is going to increase your knowledge is

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going to increase your knowledge. Trust me, please be sure.

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Before you increase my knowledge before you increase my knowledge here, he means boster children Correct?

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Yes, that's what it says there. Yes, exactly.

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Brilliant. Brilliant. So you brought the term the real Baba to me claiming

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that I lied on your prophet because he uses the word I come alata Islam. Yes, the word Korea Cuba. So I translated those words. Children of prostitutes, you said you're lying because that's not what he's saying. He's saying other things in other places translating the same words in different ways. I pulled out I pulled out one of your own translations he doesn't say a word five minutes giving the meaning giving the meaning in my claim, so now now it is clear that your prophet your false prophet was calling people bastard children the only anyone okay do you want to know but the by that virtue? Let me speak now.

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Let me finish

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that virtue. He called multiple people this multiple I have multiple references, multiple references, where he's calling people while good haram haram Zadi. Okay.

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Wait, wait, is using Wait, let me let me finish. No, you're giving a football bro. It's not a football like

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minutes, let me finish your brother to tell you man is using is using creative language to say the same thing. In different words in different languages. He knew Persian, he knew or do any new Arabic. And he was using all three languages 200 to convey the same swear word, which is a bastard child. And now because he called all these multiple people, children of prostitutes or bastard children. He did not produce any four witnesses for any of those cases to prove his case. Because in Sharia in Islam, if you call someone a bastard child, or if you call a woman, any woman, Muslim or non Muslim, any woman, especially when she hasn't done any crime, especially when she has she's not

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the one who has hurt you. It were the children. But if you call the mother a prostitute and don't produce four witnesses, okay. You are to say the least a liar of the highest grade in Islam, you will be laughed at times. Okay. And you will not

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let me read the

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whole concept is incorrect. That is flawed.

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Anything though you're taking 15 minutes right now, and your testimony because you did not produce witnesses for accusing chaste woman of an chastity just because you don't like the children. You're calling them prostitutes, you have to produce for witnesses. If you don't, then liar, you're a liar and your testimony will never be accepted in any Islamic court, let alone a testimony as a prophet. So Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani by that virtue was a liar was a liar. He was a false prophet, and his testimony cannot be accepted in any basic Islamic court, let alone as a prophet of Allah

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