Minute with a Muslim #212 – It Only Comes From Allah

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how satisfaction is not something that is built for just because people want it, but rather something that can be satisfied with their life. They explain that satisfaction is not something that is just a material thing, but rather something that can be achieved with their life. The speaker also emphasizes that people need to turn back to their previous beliefs if they want to achieve their satisfaction.
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You know, satisfaction only comes from a lifespan of DOD, that's one of the things that we get deceived about in the dunya, we think that we're going to find satisfaction in the dunya. And that's just not what we're built for. That's not what the dunya is built for the dunya is not built for satisfaction. And that's why the Prophet I set out to sit down, he said, you know, if a person had a value of gold, they would want another, right, that's the nature of desire, you think that and it might be material thing, or it might be not material thing, it might be, you know, a certain income bracket and a certain type of house and a certain type of neighborhood or whatever, or it might be a

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certain amount of recognition and a certain amount of fame, or a certain amount of reputation and praise and things like that. But it's never gonna be enough, it's never gonna really satisfy you. Because even if you get all the fame in the world, you know, you might find yourself lonely and isolated with no one understanding you and this, you feel this hole inside of you that can't be filled, you know, fame is not going to fill that hole, right? People's admiration is not going to fill that hole. Just like any amount of money or any amount of material things or any amount of sort of experiences, it's not going to fill that hole, okay? The only thing that can fill that hole is

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your relationship with your Creator. Because the last time that you know, he's the one that gives satisfaction, it's a test of belief, right? Because if we think that satisfaction is some material thing, we think that this universe is just like materialistic, I get the right hormones go in and I feel satisfied, right? I get the dopamine over here, and the cortisol over here and the whatever it is over here, and oh, that's the cocktail. That's the formula for satisfaction. It doesn't work like that the universe is not mechanistic, it's not materialistic. There's things that you can't see, the people of faith are the people who believe in the unseen, there's more than just neurons and

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hormones going on. Right? And so that's why these things are things that a lot can give, and only a lot can give satisfaction, right? A true self a sense of self worth, right? True love, right? And these sorts of things are things that Allah has found that I was the only one that can grant them or take them away. And so at the end of the day, we have to turn back to him if those are the things that we want