Abu Bakr Zoud – The best thing to do just before Fajr

Abu Bakr Zoud
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The time of Assad, which is the time just before then and further towards the end of the night. This is a time of worship. And the best thing to do at this time is to seek forgiveness from all your sins. Allah azza wa jal, he praised those who seek forgiveness during the last part of the night just before Fisher law soldier Lee mentioned in sort of the vignette, he describes a look the pain the believers, remember your fasting is supposed to bring you taqwa. What is one of the descriptions of clean well what is a Sati who may still feel all that at the time of an exhale? Just before Fisher at that time, they are engaged in continuous is still felt you're still feel rune? It's a

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present tense. In other words, they are continuously making is still far still for Allah has done for Allah from their sins. Allah subhanahu wata Allah, He praised people that are worshipping Him Subhanahu wa Taala at this time just before Salat al Fajr, Allah azza wa jal, he also said in Surah, earlier in Milan, when he described Turpin, when he described the believers, the righteous, He said, Well, mustafina will as * and those who commit to is still fall and seek forgiveness at the time as * at the time just before then and visual. Allahu Akbar, and then Malik Roby Allahu Anhu. He says, omit the STEM field I'll be Sahadi Sabrina still felt that we have been commanded and

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instructed to make is still far to say, a Stanford Allah at the time of Assad 70 times, just before a deadly failure to make it 70 times. And more than this, if you can, and say Oh Allah, I'm grateful for this opportunity.

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Oh, ALLAH forgive my sins. And you don't know. Perhaps by the time the call to Fisher is made.

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Perhaps a person might have been forgiven from all his sins, and you walk out of your room as though a newborn you don't know.

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This is not impossible upon Allah Subhan. Allah azza wa jal loves to forgive. He loves to hear the call of the servant. He loves to hear the sobbing of his servant and the crying of his servant.

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For the time of Assad, repent at this time, reflect over your sins in your past. regret your sins, seek forgiveness, say a start for Allah starfilled Allah say Allahumma fieldly and reflect over what you're seeing. Understand what you're saying. When you say Allah humo fiddly Oh ALLAH forgive me. The you know what that means? Meaning all your sins in the minor and the major sins and everything that you had done that opposed the teachings of Allah Subhana Allah and the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam seeking forgiveness from the diseases of the heart, arrogance and envy and jealousy and whatever it is that was inside your heart, you seek forgiveness from the

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shortcomings of your worship, because none of us can claim that our Salah is 100% and our fasting is 100% So when you say a star for Allah Stanford ALLAH ask Allah to forgive you from the shortcomings that took place during your worship, Mohammed, and my brothers and sisters in Islam, the highest form of is still far the highest form of seeking forgiveness is to seek forgiveness for yourself, your parents and the believing men and women by saying a stop for Allah Hello, I'll email you will usually do well in Muslimeen

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by saying oh Allah forgive me and my parents and all the believing men and woman. When Luis Allahu alayhi wa sallam he said as in the hadith of Arabic that have no summit will shun Albania Rahim Allah declared this hadith authentic or he declared that Hassan narrated with a good chain that interview sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said many still following me Nina Minette Khattab Allahu Allah holy could mean in one minute in Hasina, that anyone who seeks forgiveness for the believing men and believing woman, Allah azza wa jal would record for him a good deed for every believing men and believing woman, those that are alive and those that are dead LaQua how many millions of Hassan add

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a person would earn for saying oh Allah forgive me and my parents and all the believing men and believing woman Subhan Allah, what a huge reward it is. And this as I said to you is the highest form of Israel for and this is a dua that is established in the Quran. No, hallelujah set up, make destroy. So there'll be a fairly Forgive me when you validate and my parents will human data lab at minimum will mean in a minute, and forgive every believer that entered my house, or beta could also mean my message. And it could also mean my religion. Forgive every believer that entered the religion and forgive all the believing men and believing woman. And this is Dr. Ibrahim alayhis

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salam made, he said I've been off

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fiddling willy nilly, they usually mean in the old Mayor Coleman. He said, Oh Allah forgive me and my parents and the believing men and believing woman. And of course, this is before Ibrahim alayhis salam was told that his father is a disbeliever. Right so that's why Jani how we understand this right? And this is the dua that Allah azza wa jal commanded the NABI sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to make or still fit live in big, seek forgiveness of your sin from your sin, what it will mean in our minute, and the sins of the believing men and believing woman.

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So my brothers and sisters in Islam, this is how we make you still fall at the time of Assad. And this is the best time to make you still fall and this is the best worship to be engaged in just before then and fish eat your meal and then spend the rest of the time are still for Allah Stouffville Allah Allah and mofetil fiddly Wally Wally they will mean in our minute yo Mayor whom will make the start if you want to pray to like out and you have the time pray, make dua at this time, make the good but don't forget and is still for very important at this time.

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