Retail or Wholesale Price of Goods in Zakat Calculation

Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari


Channel: Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Because to this issue,

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to offer merch business merchandise goods, you see there's a few prices.

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One is the cost price, the price that you bought your goods at.

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Now, that is definitely not taking into consideration the cost price because the focal have mentioned the current market value, not the cost price, because you could buy something and then its price could really shoot up in, you know, three, four years, you still got that item. So, you know, the oh, if the price goes down as well, then we know it's not going to be the cost price.

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Then we have the sale price. But with the sale price, there's three prices with the sale price. One is the retail price, which is probably the highest. And that is the best that's recommended. That's precautious that's good. The house the sorry, the retail price, which is what you would sell it at

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when the customers buy it from you. However, the point is that there's a bit of flexibility and rasa in going to the price which is below the retail price. So you have the retail price. Like I said, that's the best precautious but number two, the second price is the wholesale price. And there's Roxane Gay.

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Not that superior, but it's Rosa reason being is that because you might have a retail price. But sometimes some people might sell an item

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cheaper than the retail price, you might have a friend come you might just give them for free, you might give it for half price, you might have someone who might say okay, just 178 altogether. And you might say okay, you might put it down a bit. So because the retail price is not set in stone, therefore there is this rasa.

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So that's also permissible. This is one to talk with money, as mentioned. And then number three, there's even a third price which is further rasa, which is not even the wholesale price. Rather, if somebody was to come to you and say I'm going to buy all your stock of you at once, imagine you want to sell your business, it's possible because nothing's 100% guaranteed, you might just you know, in the middle of the year or something, something just suddenly happened and you just want to now just wrap up and sell your business and sell everything one person says that you know what, I'll buy everything of you all your stock, whatever you've got more will give it to me at you'll probably

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give it to him cheaper than even the wholesale price, maybe even half price. So, that is the third looks at that shall Islam of the document. Allah has explicitly mentioned that because of this, it is permissible and there is Roxa dispensation that if somebody thinks that if somebody was to come and buy all my stock at once right now, how much would I give all of my stock at once, maybe you might give it at half price. So that is also a permissible, you know costing to be taken whilst making the cut calculations. However, like I said in the beginning, the normal retail price is the most superior Sharla I hope this explains the issue. Just Hakuna Matata Heron cinematic rahmatullah

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wa barakato.