The Nature of Jesus Christ and His Birth

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AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the origins of the Bible and the religious beliefs of Christians. It mentions that Jesus Christ is the manifestation of God and that the Bible uses intellectual arguments to make Christians understand. It also touches on the virgin birth and how Christians believe in Adam as the Son of God, which is a symbol of divine birth.
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Another key verse when it comes to the nature of Jesus is also found in surah. Allah Imran, and that is verse number 59. It's a very, very interesting and profound verse about the reality of ERISA. In the method or ISA in the law, he can method the Halacha, whom into Robinson Mikado who couldn't find a coin, the symbol tool. The example, in the eyes of Allah of Jesus is the same as that of Adam. He said to Him, when He created Adam from dust, dust, and he said, Kuhn, and Adam was gunfire corn. Now, what is the implication of this verse? You see, one of the main dialogues that faithful Christians have with faithful Muslims is the nature of Jesus. This is the fundamental difference

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between Christianity and Islam, the nature of Jesus Christ, obviously, we all know that Christians they ascribe a type of divinity to Jesus Christ, they believe that Jesus was the essentially the manifestation of God, that there are three that rule in heaven, and those three are not three, but one and that Jesus is in fact, God Himself, and He is God, the Father, etc, etc. And one of the things they always mentioned is the miraculous birth that he come, he came from, without any father. And Allah is saying, if you think that a child born without a father, and that only happened once in all of human history of Isa, if you think that that would bring about divinity, what do you say

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about Adam? Adam came without father and mother. And so if you think that Jesus is somehow the Son of God, or somehow God himself because he didn't have a father, well, then even more so you should argue that Adam is even more divine. And Allah is saying neither of the two are divine. So Allah is using rational arguments for believing Christians. And this shows us when we want to engage in a dialogue, we learned the faith tradition, and then we engage in intellectual dialogue. Christians also believe in Adam Christians believe in the virgin birth like we do. So the Quran is using intellectual arguments to make Christians understand and realize there should be no divinity in the

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nature of Jesus just simply because he did not have a a father figure just like Adam came without parents and he was of normal flesh and blood so to Jesus was born without male intervention and yet he too is of flesh and blood

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