Road to Return #26 – Did You Hear

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Do you know what I just heard? Anything that begins in that way is something that you should be very careful listening to and certainly never speak those words. If you are going to describe or to discuss another person outside them being with you.

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Don't ever be a gossiper. Don't ever be a back biter don't eat the flesh of other people. And that's how Allah describes it in the Quran, or your Hebrew hadoo Kool Aid yet Kula as he made in Surah gerat with any of you like to eat that carry in the dead flesh of their brother, would you like to consume another person? Subhana Allah, what a repulsive thought. Allah subhanho wa Taala has set for us this important social status of not speaking about people in a way that they would not like if they're not there to defend themselves and speak and return in the conversation, their own thoughts on it. Allah Subhana Allah condemns those who carry the Mima who carry tails from one group to the

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other. The prophets I seldom said lie yet Julio, Jenna and the man, the one who carries at story from one group to another group to make them have arguments with each other, that person will not find it easy to enter Jannah the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that there is a punishment in the grave until the Day of Judgment for the one who gossips about people who said Do you know what i heard? You know what I said? But don't tell them you know what she did? You know what she said you know what they did? and gives you somebody else's story, somebody else's truth. And the profits I sell them said about a LIBOR, the crooked a haka be my Accra, that when you speak about

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someone in a way that they would not like that that is backbiting if they're not there to defend themselves, so a man said you're Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, and we're in canopy azeema, a hole, whatever. What if I'm saying is the truth. I'm just telling you the truth. I'm describing an event. It's the truth. The prophets I seldom said in canopy he forgot the step that if it is the truth, that is v bar that is backbiting because you're not supposed to lie. We're in Aamir Khan fee. If it isn't the truth, it's an additional sin, because it is bought and for better, you have fraudulently slandered Him. May Allah protect us from LIBOR. When the NEMA well bought on the law protects us

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from backbiting, sharing the news between people to make them war and angry with each other. And may Allah protect us from slandering and lying and speaking untruth about other people where they don't have an opportunity to set the record straight. Why is this really important? It's an incredible transgression, to carry stories of other people to others. The prophets, I seldom said calf Habyarimana, he can even in your head and your heart, the miracle the mass amount, it's enough of a forgery and the lie to describe everything one years to other people, you should not be that type of person who forwards every WhatsApp message, you shouldn't be the type of person who shares fake

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news, who's a person who's in everybody else's business, who's the point source and you know, the information source of the community and of other people. Nobody wants to be true friends with someone that talks to them about other people, because in their mind, they know eventually you're going to betray them and talk about them. Be careful not to be the one who spreads and don't ever be the one who sits there and enjoys and listens. And when anybody comes in, says to you, hey, do you want to know what I heard? Do you want to know what I found out? Say Actually, I don't and step away from that. Save yourself the heartache and the trouble that's going to come because eventually comes

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out that that person ratted on others shared news that wasn't true, that that person is giving other people's information in a way and it's going to cause a drama that you want no part of it and it is a transgression against the soon not in the way of Allah subhanho wa Taala