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Adnan Rajeh
AI: Summary © The speaker reminds the audience that they may have to leave their phone at the end of the message and keep their phone on until discussing a new topic. They emphasize the importance of finding a hadith in a book to be authentic and not consider a general belief. The speaker discusses the importance of faith and belief in English, as it is used to avoid ima and the need to shift ownership around to teach one to love what is. They express their desire to change their behavior and manifest their faith in Islam, and mention upcoming events and plans for the next day.
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You know, Muhammad was early, he was always very bad. Before we started again, just another gentle reminder that during Salah if your phone goes off with a van or anything, then you're obligated, you are obligated to turn it off like you it's not an issue of recommendation, not a suggestion, it's not, you're obligated to turn it off. And if that means you have to actually break your prayer and go turn it off, and that's what you do. However, if it's in your pocket, and you just need to press around to silence it, then that does not invalidate your prayer. So you can go ahead and do that and your prayer stays fine. But if you're you left your phone at the end of the message somewhere you're

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praying and it goes off, you're obligated to break your prayer and go turn it off and then come back again. Because you don't have the right to make it difficult for others to focus. It doesn't it doesn't matter whether the phone is doing or then whether it's up to bosses reciting Surah Fatiha whether I don't doesn't matter what it is, because people are trying to focus on their Salah. So just another reminder, please remember and we're always going to have this problem for a shot in our message here especially during summertime, because we use a an angle that causes a shot to be a little bit earlier so it's expected that your phone's gonna go off for a shot a little bit later

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like during Salah so just kind of trying to remember do there is I can locate him to make it easier for us to stay focus last year last year I did a quick I tried I said I'm going to try and get one night just one night out of the 120 days of summer just one night where we don't have a phone go off and I failed to do that didn't happen once so this show is gonna try and get at least a cheat a few nights where where everyone's able to silence it and we can go through it shot without distraction shall look the other way the mammal Ibnu EBI awesome thank you Toby Asuna will enamel with us bye honey you Vicki Robin Hood JTB Saladin Hassan and Abdullah hidden angleman also Allahu Anhu uma con

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call an abuse of Allah Allah disciple celery tonight as a as a reasonable generation and the Kitab

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Sunnah the web awesome, and how jelly remember us behind Yeah, these are tertiary books of Hadith. So not a lot of Hadith that exist in them solely actually have any degree of authenticity. And this is something that you study if you if you learn if you study a little bit of Hadith and masala, that these books are tertiary books of honey, they were later books. So most a hadith in them should exist in other books in order for them to be authentic, they very rarely will have a hadith in them. That's only in them. That is that is authentic. And this is one of them, which is why I'm narrating it. And this is the final Hadith that I'm going to narrate within the theme of understanding Iman,

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starting tomorrow we're going to start a new theme, maybe something that we'll do for a week and a half. And then we'll obviously move on to talk about * because had you'll be close maybe two weeks into that. So we'll go I'm gonna pick something tonight and show London tomorrow we'll have a new theme to talk about. And I'm gonna end this theme of understanding email which took maybe three or four weeks if not more, and I read a lot of a hadith for you. And I tried to help everyone understand that Iman is more than just a general belief, just something that we we abstractly accept or not an acknowledgement of a statement about the universe. No Eman is an internalization is when

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you internalize a number of principles

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and truths about the world around you that will reflect in your behavior, it's going to you're going to mirror that in the way that you live. So has to be something that you internalize as it enters your subconsciousness. And then it reflects on your day to day interactions and on your behavior. That's what you meant actually is is something way more deep, much more profound and meaningful than just an acceptance of a truth. And that's what I know. It's way more than that. That's why the word faith and belief in English don't really do ima and it's due diligence and does not demand justice at all. Which is why I chose this, this theme and this hadith where he says Allah you saw to Islam

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as a biller. I mean, I'm gonna I'm gonna tells us later you may know how to come at Hakuna Hawa who dabba and Lima to be none of you will achieve a full state of Eman until their whims and desires are aligned with the teachings that I have brought. Until you're able to shift your whims and desires to a point where they are now aligned with Allah's teachings is He that's not the normal state. The normal state is you want to we all want to do things that are haram. But because we're told that we shouldn't, we don't. And we don't religiously, and we stay away from them, but a part of us on the inside would love nothing more than to do them. But we don't.

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fully human is when you are able to perform a enough test here within yourself. When you internalize Iman profoundly enough to the point where you're able to affect your primal instincts,

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your whims and desires so that you no longer wishing for haram but holding yourself back no now what you wish what you love, what you look forward to are the things that Allah subhanaw taala love. They're aligned with the teachings of the prophets of Allah. That's the highest degree. That is the highest that is very high. That is like no

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Galaxy's away from from me in terms of what you're looking forward to. But that's what you're supposed to be aiming for. You're aiming for that not only am I going to control my whims and desires, not only am I not going to listen to them to do the right thing. And now I'm going to actually slowly shift this ownership around. I'm going to turn the story and I'm gonna get myself to understand why, why it is that we don't do the huddle and convince it that it's not helpful and teach it to love what is. So now my next loves what Allah subhanaw taala loves, and that's the highest of statuses that exists.

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So he says that you saw him again. Again, he tells us now you know how to come. I'm reading this hadith because of that first piece now because of the second piece that he said, because he's said that he chose none of you have true Eman until one two and three until until you love Allah and His Prophet in this done Muslims until it had to have been until you love each other and when he taught us that he has sought to you have to manifest through love. You have to manifest to change, internal change, change where you are some people they don't perform. Forgive me they don't perform Zina because it's haram but parts of them want to know full email is when you're disgusted of it with the

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constant nauseates you when the idea of Haram is just disgusting. You want nothing to do with that. All you all you find beautiful is is the concept of halal and the act of Halal haram is just it's just horrible. Everything about it is just not is something that you want to stay away that is that's that takes time though. They go from this to that takes time. It does. That's what he's taught Allah here. Salatu Salam and that's what Eman is and I hope that this theory or this theme, it has been a benefit and Sharla to you and forgive me if I made mistakes or said anything wrong. We'll start with our next theme. We'll try and do better and we'll start something new with Natalia

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tomorrow South Asia, Yahweh Imam will even be out soon Vicki Toby is sunnah will email and will also Mahoney you will pick it up in her JTB center the person and Abdullah have been hammered and then also the Allahu Anhu Ma Ba and maybe your Salah Allah Allah Who early he was you had to come at the Hakuna Hawa, huzzah and Lima to be sort of Rasulullah sallallahu ala you always like Western Swagelok you know hola ilaha illa and to still feel good too because some hola hola mobile ala Nabina Muhammad, why earliest language means like Mala halen Baraka Lo Fi

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