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AI: Summary © The importance of worship and providing a complete way of life is emphasized in Islam. Prayer three times a day is crucial to success, and new experiences and experiences can enhance one's life. The Prophet's peace be upon them and his use of the symbol of the Dean of the law are also highlighted, along with the importance of praying for their health and health in general.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah and welcome to this episode of the beauties of Islam. I'm your service this and for the next few minutes, we want to continue talking about one of the beauties of Islam. And that is the way to get to Almighty God. Many people talk to us about worship, they talk to us about their particular faith. And they will tell us that in our worship, we do this or we do that. And at the same time, I would wonder, exactly what is it that Allah would accept Almighty God? What does he accept? What is he considered to be worshipped?

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Well, we're gonna find that out in this episode, because we're gonna talk about a word called Dean. Dean, what is Dean? Often it's translated as the word in English, religion, religion.

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But it's so much more than religion. Actually, Dean means the way the way of something How is how is the way

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somebody asked you? How is your dean that would be asking you really, you know, what is your life all about? What do you what do you do in your life.

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And what we find out here now is that the only game that Allah is going to accept is going to be the one that he's prescribed. And we've talked about this in previous programs when he said in Edina and de la hitless lamp that's in the Quran in chapter three, verse 19. He's saying that for sure, the way with a law is submission and surrender to Him and peace. Now, we've already talked about the word Islam, and we understand it means peaceful surrender to God

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in sincerity, and we've understood that a lot means the only one would need to be worshipped. We've understood this to be the same God of Adam and Abraham, Moses, Jesus Christ, peace be upon them all, and Muhammad. And now we're going to work on this word Deen and get a better understanding of what it is. Now, could there be such a thing as different ways to worship God?

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Yes, if he has prescribed them, for instance, one of the ways to worship God is to do so only on his time. So that's a condition of worship. Another thing about worshiping him would be praying. But how do you pray? And then another thing to worship him would be, how do we treat other people. And that would be an important thing. Another way to worship him would be giving charity, but how to give to charity. So this is now looking at this word Deen to understand it more, from his perspective, not ours. And to give you an example of that,

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I'm reminded of a story about a lady who was sitting there one day and her child came up to her and said, Mom, I love you, mom. I really love you. She's, well, that's wonderful. How about going out in the kitchen and washing the dishes for me? Because my, you know, my arthritis is bothering me right now. And you know, I have this blood sugar problem and everything and it's hard for me to go out in the kitchen, wash the dishes, so you really love me go wash the dishes.

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Oh, I don't want to do that. But I love you. But if you really love me go wash the dishes for me. No, Mom, I brought you some chocolate candies instead. She said I can't eat that was my sugar diabetes. If I eat this might kill me. I can't eat that.

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I know. But I like it. So I'll eat it for you. And I love you.

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That doesn't make any sense, does it? And here's another example is the same child comes in the next day. Mom, I love you. I really love you. Okay, what would you go outside and mow the lawn for me and take care of the lawn cleaned it up for me mow it and take care of everything because my asthma is bothering me. You know my sinuses and everything. I can't go outside today. Too much pollen in the air. So go out and mow the lawn. Now. I don't want to do that. What? But you say you love me? Why don't you go mow the lawn? No. Instead I brought you these flowers. Oh, again, me around these flowers. The pollen? Oh, you know, this bothers me. I have asthma. Yeah, I know. But I like them.

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And I'll smell them for you.

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Now is this didn't make any sense at all. In the same way. If you said to a lot, look along, I don't want the religion you want for me. I'll make up my own. I'll just do what I want to do and tell you to accept it from me. Is that going to work?

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And no. And we found this out in previous programs. When the law said in the Quran about this chapter three, verse 85. whoever desires a religion other than the one that the law is prescribed for them, the Dean of a law, that he's never going to accept it from them, and hereafter there'll be with the losers.

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So to understand this Dean is very important is the part of

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Understanding the beauties of Islam. Allah has given us the complete and total game. We know the deen of Allah. He said that he has completed his favor upon us by revealing to us a complete and total way of life. And that way of life is Islam, the submission and surrender to Him and sincerity. Aoyama lakmal Tula convener comb wet mum to Allah commnet Mati, we're ready to look on Islam, Medina. And this is what we understand from those words, what I just said to you,

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doing what he wants you to do his way. This means you could neither add to or take away from this Dean, and still be successful. The only way to be successful is to learn and understand this game, and then apply it to the best of your ability.

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Now, what would happen though, if somebody said, Well, yeah, that's all well and good. We have the Koran, we have the teachings of Mohammed, they're very nice, it's good, you pray five times a day, and you give charity, and you fast Ramadan. And you have something called Hodge pilgrimage. That's all well and good. But still, I think we need something else, I think, you know, maybe or I want to do it another way. I think, you know, let us make some alterations, add some stuff to it. And what would happen?

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Well, let's take a break. And when we come back, we'll find out what happens to people who add to, or take away from the deen of Allah, right here on the beauties of Islam. Be right back after this break. With more beauties of Islam, we're back and you've been watching beauties of Islam, we're back with more beauties of Islam. We've been talking about the Dean of a law, the way to get to a law by following the revelation that he sent to us, the Koran, and something like it. Now we want to talk about that a little bit. The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him is the exact living representation of what Islam is supposed to be all about. What he did, how he did it, his life is

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the example for us the Muslims, we've talked about this in detail in other programs. But I want to refer to that, because we are talking about the Quran and the Sunnah, those two things are very vital to understand what I'm going to explain next.

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There is a saying in Islam, about innovations, those things which are newly invented matters. And while I will agree with you that as time progresses, we discover new things. And some things are very important and vital, actually to our lives to incorporate these new things we discover. For instance, in my case, I enjoy something called a microwave oven. You know why?

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That's how I heat up my coffee.

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We also enjoy traveling in airplanes and trains and automobiles.

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So these are innovations that are very necessary for us and we enjoy them very much. I would hate to think that we'd still have to travel on Gamble's and have to build a huge fire just to warm up some date.

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At the same time, though, if we said we need to change our religion,

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incorporate things into it that didn't used to be there, or take things out of it. This would be a pretty amazing thing to consider. Especially in lieu of the fact that Allah has revealed the verse that I just recited to you, in the first portion of this program. When Allah said that he has conferred upon us his biggest favor, by revealing a total Dean for us.

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And this Dean doesn't need anybody to change it. Because if they do, then they're not accepting the one that he sent. And he said he perfected it. So it's perfected on that day, I'll do more, more to lead

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them to alikom nipmuc. t, ready to look on Islam, Medina.

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This is clear. And nobody, nobody should add to or take away from this. Because if they do, what would happen? It wouldn't be the same deal anymore. suppose somebody said to you, okay, look, I got an idea. Why don't we just pray three times a day, it'd be a lot easier for us, and why don't we just pray,

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pray all together, you know, combine everything and make it real easy. Or somebody else might say no, we don't pray enough. Let's make it so that people have to pray 10 times a day, or once every hour, 24 hours a day, get up in the night and you have to wake up every hour on the hour and do that. That sounds very religious, like maybe a monk or something. Then somebody else might say, Well, what about this fasting all the time? Let's just

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Do 15 days, or something to say let's fast two months out of the year, and somebody else could say, why should we go all the way to Mecca to make our pilgrimage? Why don't we just make one of the pilgrimage to Disneyland that'd be nice and a lot of fun for the kids to

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say, Hey, you know what, there's a real religious guy over here, really, really nice guy. We really love him so much he died. And there's his grave. Instead of going all the way to Mecca. We just go to this guy's grave and walk around there seven times, instead of going to Mecca and call that, you know, pilgrimage for us. What about that idea?

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Each and every one of these things may have an attraction for some people. It may sound like it's a benefit.

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But remember what Allah said in the Quran, if anybody seeks after a Deen

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other than the deen that he is revealed? He's not going to accept it.

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And in the Hereafter, they're going to be with the losers.

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He said his Deen is complete. So did you understand what this mean? This mean that it doesn't need your eye to add to or take away from it?

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A lot. He's not asking me to make up a religion. He's not asked me to make up a god.

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In fact, he's only asked me to do one thing, worship him on his terms. Listen carefully. Lamarr collective genuine means he liova Dune. He says that he's only created the jinn and human beings for the purpose to make a bata worship to him. Worship is for him. In fact, a bada is a word in Arabic that's similar to the word slavery to be a servant to him serving him on his terms. Could you imagine a servant or a slave going up to the master in saying something like, Hey, you know what? You You don't get your tea this morning. You're gonna get it tonight. Take it or leave it?

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How far would that go? And you and I both know that it'd be a big problem. In the same way, if anybody tries to make up a religion other than the one that a lot of revealed a lot is not going to accept it. And in the Hereafter, there'll be losers. So that's the importance of knowing this beauty of Islam, the deen of Islam itself. In fact, the word Deen is synonymous with word Islam. And that is one of the beauties of Islam. Be sure to check our website beauties of islam.com Till next time, peace. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

Twenty ninth episode in Beauties of Islam series by Yusuf Estes.
Episode Title : The concept of Worship.

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