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2018 1 25 LMM at 8pm Chapter of Zakat

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Salam Alaikum Welcome to the head on blood, Amin Allahumma Salli wa Sallim wa Barik. Ala, you know, have you been I'm humbled and

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I'm going to do a quick recap of the chapter of Zika, just in case you weren't here before, or certain things aren't clear to you. So let's start by

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so we talked about the different types of Zika that can be given. Right? So what's the first one that we talked about?

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So livestock

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livestock and a number of different

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so camels,

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Sheep, and we say sheep, we mean also goats. Goats are part of sheep as well, right?

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We went into a lot of detail last time, there's also a minimum amount for for the for these, what's the minimum amount for for sheep for camels? Yesterday more than five.

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And for cows.

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Look at the thing, you can look at it. I don't need you guys to tell me by heart, you can look at it.

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So 30 cows, right and 4040 sheep, right. Now, what are other conditions that regard that are here that they have to be? What are the conditions for Zika? Generally speaking?

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Yeah. So a year has to go by, you have to be a Muslim have to be free, you have to have full ownership over them. I said reach a minimum amount. And an additional

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condition for livestock is it has to be naturally grazed, right.

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So you're not paying for the food. If you're paying for over 50% of their food. They're not naturally grazing, you don't pay the car at all. But if they're naturally grazing for 50% or more of the time, then you have to pay the car, right within this system. Now five is the minimum amount and then it's complicated. Complicated for Bacala is 32 B and 40. M Lucena, right, and then you just keep on adding as you go along. And then for sheep, it's the same thing. 4040, and then after 300 is 303, sheet 400, for shipping can go on and on.

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So now what was the second type of America that we that we spend?

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Or the second type that we that we started last time? Was it money? Or do we start with zero?

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Was it money? Okay, so the second is money. When I say money, I mean, gold and silver. I'm not talking about currency, there's a difference between money and currency. Currency is the paper you carry in your hand. It's supposed to be backed up by money, sometimes it's not. Right. So money is what we pay is a con, not currency. So if we say money, then we have to identify what money is money is a form of currency that has ability to hold on to its value for long periods of time. So what are we talking about here? In terms of money, we're talking about gold,

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and silver.

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Now, the issue with gold and silver is that silver isn't actually money, it's a currency that the Muslims use silver as a currency. You had gold, but you didn't want to carry gold around so you would give it and then take silver silver coins instead, it's less valuable if it's stolen. It's not that big a deal but gold was much more valuable. Now silver lost his value throughout the throughout the years, throughout the centuries. But what held on to his value throughout the centuries is gold, gold till this day, still carries

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still carries its value in any currency any fiat currency that is not backed up by gold has 100% rate of failure. So we're talking about Bitcoin today. There is a lot of fear we're talking about Bitcoin, we don't know is Bitcoin going to happen to because it's not backed up by gold, and anything is not backed by gold has a very bad history, we have no evidence of ever working that historically. What is the minimum amount of gold that we need?

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Yes, so 85 grams.

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So 85 grams is the amount of gold so what does it add up to today?

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So today's for $4,506 Canadian dollars. So if you have 4040 506 Canadian dollars in your bank account, then you should start counting. Let's say today is the day that you got on the 25th of January. Or you have to look at the lunar calendar right now the Gregorian calendar. So look at the Gregorian calendar, the lunar calendar is the eighth of July the lunar. So you look at your bank account used to finally you suddenly have now this new slot is called me a slob you have the minimum amount you have $4,500. Now, you look at your bank account again, one year from today. What happens during that

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Hear no one cares. You can tell me you lost all your money, made a billion dollars and lost a billion dollars and was debt into a million dollar the name. We don't care a year later, if you have nisab still have over 1400, you have to phase it out what is the amount that you're paying?

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These are important numbers that you need to know. You need to one out of 40

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or 2.5%.

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Does it pay 2.5% Every year, and that day of the year? Let's say you don't have yourself anymore. You don't think of the car at all.

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And then the day comes where you have this up again. You start that's the day you start counting your year later, you look at your bank account again. Cool.

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Yeah, so you're looking at it? Yeah. So then you look at your bank account if you have 4500. But 85 grams of gold is 5000. You don't have yourself anymore. Doesn't matter. You don't pay to change, you change with it. What we care about, do you have enough currency to buy to buy 85 grams of gold? I do. Okay, then you have your sub count from today. A year later, you still have enough money to buy 85 grams of gold in your bank account? Yes, I do. You got to pay yourself. I don't then you don't pay anything at all. If I had a bond for 11 months.

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That was 5000 changes. The last one. I don't care about anything in between the date that you looked at your bank account and you have your Psalm and the date. You're going to look at it again a year later. So the day is the eighth of July that ruler.

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Right. That's the day I look. This is the day that marks the day I have enough money to buy 85 grams of gold. I have enough currency to invest today that marks okay. Now I don't care about neither do you about your bank account until the same date a year later? until a year later the same day? What happens in the middle? Even if a day before doesn't matter? You look on the eighth of July Lula? Do you still have enough money to currency to buy 85 grams of gold? Or why? How much more? Okay, then you pay 2.5% of that, as

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we'll talk about who's going to get it? And once we're done the basics. That's how we do it. Don't enter any, any forms of difficulty. This is talking about currency. We're not talking about trade goods yet. Okay, we'll come to that in a second.

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All right.

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The second or the third type of Zika is in

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What are the types of agriculture that we pays for?

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What's the word that you have to remember all the time? Staple staple food crops? Right? That's the name that you have to remember staple food crops.

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So it's not all everything that comes from the ground only staple food crops, only the crops that are essential for human life that we need. Everyone needs everyone uses. What are they? wheat,

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barley, shea butter,

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Euro corn.

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Lentils are just rice race.

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Right? Because you're the five that all muda had agreed to. There are others that differ on but exist, I'm not going to get into them. But there are other things. But this is the basic, what do you pay? What's the what's the minimum amount? First of all, what's the minimum amount that we gave?

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delegate of look? So yeah, so 650, right?

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More than 650 I'm repeating them so they inshallah it helps you remember them. Because these are numbers of you know, than the basic numbers, it helps you out a bit more than 650 kilograms without the shell. So it's not just putting the whole thing you have to have the district subtract the, the weight of the show,

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how much do we pay?

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So it's either in this financial or the luxury, right? So what is that

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so a lot shorter is 10% Or is going to be a lot shorter is 10% or 5% 5%. If it is being irrigated by your own wealth, you're paying to irrigate it. And if it's not, it's just from the sky that you pay 10% So it's either 10%

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or 5%, depending on how is going to be irrigated or taken care of. I'm going to offer a piece of information here, just for those who are interested, it's not important, I take the opinion of what is narrated from I thought it may not be and it will be in Maliki a little faster than on

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the man who wrote articles with the understanding the tournament concerning the tournament it did me the rahamallah and what had been put in Fatah Khedira is a three scholars who talked about when you do agriculture do you take do you take away how much money you spent to actually

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prepare the earth because what the what the sun that talks about is irrigation Did you did you pay for irrigation or not? No okay then 10% like so what happens if it

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cost me two, to rent a piece of land to rent the piece of land. So I had to pay rent

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to buy the seeds. So I had to pay for the seeds.

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And then I had to put manpower

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to actually take care of the as it goes, I had to do I had to use certain medications or pesticides

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or meds for for the for the soil. I ended up spending all for this around 45k. I spent $45,000 to get all that done. And then I made

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So do I pay on 100k? Or do I subtract 45k first and then do so the Jim hood is very clear. I mean, the the staggering majority says no, you just pay on the 100k you don't subtract anything. But I take the opinion of certain scholars like WT and it Nicola himolla. And Natalie and what they talked about Maliki not not the Sophie I did not I mean medically 40. So these people said no, it makes more sense. And it's more in

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enlightened, or in alignment with with the Sharia with the spirit of the Sharia, that you you subtract what you had to pay. And then on what's left, if it's nisab, it doesn't suddenly pay zakat on what's left. So basically here, you would end up paying it for 55k. If, if that adds up to what is 650 kilograms worth of food, it probably is. And then you pay like a hobby launcher or half an OSHA or 5%. And usually, if you're paying all this money, you're probably gonna pay for irrigation as well. But if you're not that you do 10%. So you pay for all this, but not irrigation, you do 10%. But the idea is that you subtract and there is a there is an opinion that carries out. And I think

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that's a minor saying that's that's a valid opinion. And I think it's strong, especially for people who the way they live is what this is what they do. They read piece of land, and then they grow it agriculture, they grow wheat and barley and corn and lentils and rice, if they're not doing these things, there's nothing at all to have a car Bandura if it's

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tomatoes and cucumbers, and they don't pay that guy at all, because there's really nothing there. But if it's something different than Yeah, that would be the way to do it. Specifically, because we're losing so much. I think it's important because we lose so much agriculture today, people are shying away from from growing natural and organic food. And in some it's important that we keep the farmers in their business just keep on doing what they want to do. If you're going to weigh them down with Xikar rules that are sometimes not fair to them. They're losing money. Now because what happened to you last? What happen if you've paid 50,000? And then you know, you came up with six

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times it's only 15

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kilos Have you had like a ton of wheat, but it was only worth 20,000. So you actually lost money here you paid okay, even though you entered and you're completely losing the gym will say yes, but these three say no, you don't pay for that, especially if you're losing if you're not making anything. And I think that's more in line enlightenment with the with the spirit of the deen.

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They don't typically but what they don't typically what if they did, so we're talking in the situation where it happened. That's why staple foods are different because they don't typically lose their value. And usually if you are working like that you don't end up losing money. But let's say that they did. And that's where that's where this would enter this. This understanding would enter. Okay, so what's the after that fruits?

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So fruits?

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What's the difference between 5% and

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10? Sorry, 1010. So 10 If you don't irrigate the land, you don't use water for it yourself. You pay if you fight if you pay for the water, you have to pay for the water. And we're talking about we talked about paying for other stuff.

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That is opinion that supports it, check it of course, don't do that at all, but I'm just telling you, okay, so fruits, what are the two foods that there's a coupon?

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Yep. So dates

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and grapes.

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Same number, same concept. Same thing, nothing changes here.

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Exactly the same stuff.

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So agriculture fruits are very similar in terms of how they work. Okay, now, today we're gonna talk about trade goods. And we talked about all that. So we're up to what the whole whim. So where we are what to call ru T GRT. And how will be much tougher yet to be? Well hold on a minute, we'll call you in Vatican Roebourne Roshi. And then at the end of each year, you estimate or you calculate

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the value of trade goods that you have, I'll talk about in a second. I ended Mitsumi when a year goes by, based on what it was bought with so you bought it with gold or silver then you're going to

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calculate its value based on gold and silver, and then you're going to give away

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A 2.5% Just like you did for money. So when we talk about trade goods, it's exactly what we talked about for money because we're just putting up the value. But there's differences, because now we're going to talk about actual assets that you use and what that means and how that works. Well, my Stokely Jackman Madden is there, how do you welcome the team, you call it human robot interaction, if you will. And if you are someone in the business of taking out gold and silver from the ground,

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that's your job, like you dig for gold and silver, then you immediately give 2.5% The moment you extract gold and silver from the ground, you don't wait for a year. So if you're someone in the business of excitement, none of us here do that. But if you are, then you have to give away 2.5% The moment you find gold or silver, well, now you're already causing for feel homeless. And whatever you find in terms of treasure, then you give away 20% of it. So if a treasure if you're working in the ground, and your land and pot of gold is found, this is treasure from the geo Helia days, or you know, a long time ago, then 20% is going to be given for the kind of 8% is yours. Okay, now,

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let's talk of course, in the next part is going to be a guide to football. But now let's talk about trade goods.

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Yes, after a year,

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after that, it depends, are you gonna hold on to it? Are you going to spend it? Are you gonna, so if you hold on to it for a year, then yes, it turns into money, renewable money, but the moment you find it, you give away 20%. Now trade goods, trade goods is going to be exactly like mine, there's really not much of a difference between trade goods and money. But we're going to break it down so that we see what differences exist.

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So what are examples of trade goods? I'll give you some examples that matter. So first of all, piece of land.

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That's an asset.

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Cars, for example.

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Alright, so piece of land cars. What else? livestock. Remember, livestock livestock could also be considered trade goods, if you're not using what is the what is the condition of it being livestock here has to be ready for what we're using for what?

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Milking milking milk

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production and slaughter

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it's used as a as a working animal.

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What do we do? If it's a working animal? knows the kind of working animal, right. And if it's used as as trade, you're going to use it to buy and sell, then it's no longer it moves over there. It becomes a part.

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trade goods.

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Another example,

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and stocks.

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Back in the day, back in the day, if that's what you that's what you have them if you're buying them to sell them, then yes. So these are examples of trade goods,

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land cars, examples, because there's many other assets you could have and just give you examples. We can think with me.

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Oil, or even buy oil.

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Stocks, stocks. So oil.

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Petrol you, you hold on petrol for a year.

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Don't hold on to it for a year. All these things have conditions, the condition of money, the money, the company has the same condition of all the other see agriculture foods, there's no year condition. Right here. There's no your condition.

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Yeah, so oil is is is money or trade goods. But it has to be sitting around for a year for you to actually pick up on it.

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get money out of it. That money that money has to sit down for a year if it's there for you who pays. So it's transferred now from trade goods to money. But

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yeah, but it's not it's not gold and silver. Gold and silver is what you pay you immediately when you get 20% If you have 5% I'm old, doesn't doesn't doesn't qualify. So gold and silver. If you find if you're if you're looking at Gold and Silver that comes out, then yes, you have to pay 20% immediately, or you have to pay Ramadasa 2.5%. If you're if that's if you're in the business of digging for gold and silver, if you find treasure, then you pay 20% oil doesn't qualify for that. So oil is we

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calculate the car based on how much money we make off oil. And then that money stays for a year then you pay on that so you don't pay on oil itself. If it comes out you give away 20% No, that's not how that's not that doesn't doesn't qualify. We're talking about if you have land and that land,

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you are renting it. So people work in it, and then you make money off the rent. Do you pay for the car for that type of land? No, anything that anything that you rent out that people work on to make money off, you don't pay zakat on. You pay the car on 1234 or five basic ideas if you are preparing them to sell them, meaning you're using them as tgr or using them as trade goods knew the intention

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The intention of trade

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has to exist in the in them for you to start paying the cow once a year. So if you do basic, once every year, you have to have the intention of trading. But if I have a piece of land, and I'm working in that land, and I'm using that land and have trees in that land, I pay for the agriculture of the fruit that existed and I don't pay for the actual land I own. Even if I owned a lot of land, as long as that land I don't, I'm not using it for trade. So people will buy a piece of land, buy a car, and then put that car and the intention that they have is they're gonna turn it into a classical car, and then turn it into something later on to sell it the moment if they want to sell

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it that year. And they have it sitting around and it turns into something that's a pacemaker upon, but it's like I'm buying this car, I don't want to sell it. I have no intention of selling it for another 10 years, I don't have it on the market and put it away. You don't pay zakat on that cuz you don't have the intention of selling it. Now. It's not a trade good right now. If you have a subdivision, and

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yeah, I'll pay for the money. The money I know, if you're renting this place, or you own it, you're renting it to you don't pay zakat on that you only pays a call on the money you get from the rent if it's this for a year. So I took money from the rent I took from this guy 50,000 50,000 Now I have $90 million every month now that money sits for a year I pays I can live I don't pay immediately on the rent that I get from from the land that are from the places that I have it same thing goes for houses, the same thing goes for stocks, stocks are a bit more complicated, meaning we have to calculation of stocks is more difficult. What are the stocks? What does it mean to have a stock? Do

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you own the oil piece of the company? Now what does that company have? Does that company have manpower? Is it a agriculture company? Is it a company that builds things? So you own? You know, you own your own buildings? Or let what do you own in the stock? So we're going to talk about stocks, you have to be a bit more detailed. And that's why when we talk about investments, you're gonna invest in a company don't understand it. Now you own stock, this stock is potential something that pays a con, you got to understand what you own, what you I have 20 stocks in a certain company, what does that mean? What do I actually own in this company, so that I can do a calculation of Zika. So

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these are the stocks are more complicated in terms of

00:22:04--> 00:22:26

us being able to calculate the company, you still have to calculate, if you own stocks, and the stock value is again, more than 85 grams of gold, right? We're talking for these things, if they have to reach new sub as well, if you own something, and you want to sell it and buy it, but it doesn't reach new sub does. It's not 85, right? It's not 4500, like I bought a couple of jackets.

00:22:27--> 00:23:04

They're $1,000 altogether, and I want to sell them that's not at five grand, because they're just not worth it. So I don't care even if even if they sit around for a whole year, they have to reach the nisab as well. The same thing goes for livestock. If I have only four camels, I want to sell them, I only have four camels. I don't pay as a con for camels because they were I sorry, they own camels, but their value is less than $4,500, or less than five grams, I have like maybe a couple of camels with you don't add up to those sheep. If they don't add up to $4,500 dollars or 85 grams, I don't base again, if they do then aps that got 2.5% of their value every year. I don't treat them as

00:23:04--> 00:23:21

livestock. Anyone don't say five and 30 and 40 anymore. I just I treat them as if I'm treating money, I just say what is their value? I calculate their value. Is this. Okay? Is it the fob or not? Is 85 grams. More yet less? If it's more than it's about to pay 2.5% Every single year as I go along, and this

00:23:23--> 00:23:28

budget ends up? So why did you buy those stocks?

00:23:30--> 00:23:37

Because they not gonna go? How do you know? Because I know the company has studies and stuff like that. Yeah. So you think or you hope or you,

00:23:38--> 00:24:14

you anticipate that is going is going to go up? So your point here is you want to sell it at a certain time. Yeah. So what scholars, there's different ways of scholars talking about if you buy something with the intention of holding on to it for a while, until its value goes up and then selling it. So there's different opinions among scholars regarding that specific situation. One of the opinions is that you base it out once once you sell it only once once you sell it. And I'm good with that, if we're talking about non essential products or products that aren't harming the economy by you holding them back, or they're in production, like stocks, or things that are happening as a

00:24:14--> 00:24:44

company as part of a company or part of a company, you want to sell it, but it is working. So I'm okay with that. But if you're buying pieces of land, and those pieces of land are not no one's touching them, they're just sitting there. You're not a lot, you're not renting it out, no one's using it. You just want to wait because you know that one point is going to come more expensive. No, I don't think that's acceptable, the more and more scholars don't either. And this is again, I'm not talking about the Sci Fi anymore because these are this is something I feel like everyone wants to know about. Meaning you don't have to know you can't be saying I just want to pay every year.

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If you're holding it with the with nothing but the intention of selling it and it's dead land, it's not being used anymore, meaning you're not using it. You're not doing anything with it. Let's say that you bought that land. You had the intention that 10 years from now. I'm going to think of selling it but now I don't want to sell it

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The question now are you working in that land? Are some someone working in the land is someone making money off of it? are you renting it? Nothing, you're just holding on to it and you have to pay zakat because the point of one of the points of this is that you don't turn you don't turn Silla you don't turn actual commodities or or assets into dead into dead money you take it because you're taking it out of the economy right now. You're taking it out of the economy or you're harming the whole world economy with the with the intention of you just profiting really profiting years later. So there's different opinions, of course, you can still find someone who'll tell you, that's fine.

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Just pay it once when you when you sell, but I'm telling you what I think in terms of what's okay, what's not, okay, if you're holding on to an asset that is being used, but you had the intention of selling it a long time from now, then you pay it once pays it out once when you when you sell it, but if you're holding on to that asset, and it's a dead asset, right now, nothing's happening with it, you're not moving it around, it's not being rented, it's not being utilized in any way, then you would have to pay every single year, especially large amounts, because some people will buy, like, hundreds of hectares of land, like 1000s of hectares of land, just hold on, it turns into a

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deadline, no one touches it, no one who can do, you can't build anything on it, you can't rent it, you can't do anything with it, they're just waiting for it to become more expensive.

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If you don't have cash, with it, here's the thing, we'll start selling the land, start putting the land for sale, this idea is that it forces you to start moving the money around, sell or rent, do something, don't just hold on to assets, and then kill them. That's the thing. If you're moving the asset around, call us if you're if you have a piece of land or you're renting it, you don't pay that guy at all. I just said that you don't have to pay the card off I help people like Visa when I rented it to you to work on I don't pay is like a, I just have to help you pay the agriculture's occur. Meaning if you if you if you end up using one of the five staple staple crops, and if you

00:26:45--> 00:27:00

don't use that, then there's no sucker at all. But if I'm holding onto a piece of land, I'm not letting anyone work. I'm not renting, I'm not doing anything with it. I'm just waiting for it to become more expensive. 1015 years down the road, I don't know when like I don't know, I'm just waiting for something to change, then you have to pay zakat every year because this becomes more opportunistic behavior.

00:27:02--> 00:27:04

Or you have to wait a year for the money.

00:27:05--> 00:27:33

They just say no, no, you sell it the moment you make it if you're holding on to it for a long period of time example for houses, if you own a house and you're renting it out, you don't pay the car for that at all. You don't pay it because it's renting you're not. But if you bought a house and your your idea was I'm going to sell this house, I'm gonna make money off it. That's my intention, I'm gonna make money off the house, then yes, if a year goes by, you have to pay zakat on that house or wait until you sell the house and that pays for the number of years that before and the idea here is that you're you want to sell and but you're being picky Of course, cuz you don't want to sell it

00:27:33--> 00:27:45

with anything you want to make. You want to make a profit you're trying to make a profit, you're not trying to survive. Look, the key word here, the key word here in Arabic is to Jarrah

00:27:47--> 00:27:49

you are trying to get into trade.

00:27:52--> 00:28:22

You're you're wanting to come a business when you're selling and buying. So if you have assets, the intention behind them is to sell and buy things, then you have to pay a car on a yearly basis on what you have. But if you're not, you're using it, you're working it, you have cars so you have 10 taxis and you have people working on those taxis and it makes you money for you don't pay zakat on that at all. You only pay zakat on the money that you make from this if it sits for a year, you don't pay the car on the taxis unless your intention was I bought this taxi company. So I can sell it and make a profit off of it. That was my intention, I want to sell it make a profit, then if

00:28:22--> 00:28:51

every year it sits around, you have to pay zakat on it. So let's say I bought a house and I want to live in that house. I live in that house for a long time. And then I want to sell it. Okay, the moment you will have the intention of selling it you mark a year, you start marking a year. And the question is why you want to sell it because you have no money. Or because you want to buy another house. I want to buy another house and you don't pay that guy at all. But if you want to sell it because it's up to you, it's it's a trade, it's a trade good, meaning you have other houses and you want to start making money off this house, then you have to pay for it. Does that make sense with

00:28:51--> 00:28:56

the intention for trade goods becomes a big deal. And that's why in an Islamic

00:28:57--> 00:28:58

financial system,

00:28:59--> 00:29:33

there would have to be and this used to happen. They'd have to be pre determined or previously explained intentions of assets that you own. When you have this asset. What do you have it under? You have it under used good working good or a trade good. You put it under a trade but we start marking the car for you. It's easy to have an underused Good, okay, if you're going to use it, you can't sell it until you flip it over to a trade. And then you have to wait for a certain period of time, which makes it which makes it harder for you to lie you're turning. I don't want of course you can even find loopholes if you want. Like if you're if you have the intention of finding a loophole.

00:29:33--> 00:29:59

Just like if you want to find a loophole in taxes, you can do the same thing when it comes to money. Me determining why you have money, how much money you have what you're doing with it. It's very difficult. It's not something easy. The government would have to put a lot of effort to know actually what's happening. But this is what it comes. It comes in tension of trade that you want. You're buying it because you want to sell it. But let's say I have a house. I have two houses. I'm renting one house. I think that's what you asked me once before 11 years just just so that's clear to you. I'm renting this house out and then I decided I want to sell that house to buy another one

00:29:59--> 00:30:00


00:30:00--> 00:30:29

rented out, right? I don't like this house anymore. You don't pay zakat on that at all. There's no sucker here because you didn't, your goal here wasn't to make money off this house is your goal was you want to buy something different. So they can do the same business that you're continuously doing. But if I have 10 houses, and my intention here is to sell these houses, that's what I'm trying to do, I want to sell these houses at a certain point to make money off them, then yes, the more I have this, these houses I have to pick up on because these are trade goods now. So let's say don't I, it takes me five years to say it to sell one of these houses, I have it on the market, that

00:30:29--> 00:30:38

means I have to pay five years worth of zakat on it. When I sell it, which is a lot of money, which encourages you to sell the house quicker, which makes sure that people don't hold on to assets for too long.

00:30:39--> 00:31:13

That makes sense with nothing happening, we'd like well, within three to five years I was renting it out, then you're good, then you could you don't do anything. Because you have to if you're renting it to someone, then at that point, you can't just sell it to someone else. Because you have renters. And so you have to you have a contract that you have to you have to honor. So you're honoring a contract, that means you have to, you have to have a certain you have to do certain calculation beforehand, to remove the rent, those who are renting, and then start pursuing putting it on the market for some for someone to buy. Is that making sense to you. So if you own these assets, and

00:31:13--> 00:31:24

you're using them, whether it's for rent or for anything else, then you don't have to there's not something that pays a con, you only pays a car on the revenue that you make off this. So you're gonna make up all these things here. You're gonna make a revenue,

00:31:25--> 00:31:29

it's gonna turn into money. Well, that's money, you go back to money.

00:31:30--> 00:31:36

Is it nisab? Is it there for a year, then you phase again? But actually, because actual things you do know you don't pay as a con.

00:31:38--> 00:32:06

Does that? Does that make sense? So So I know that sometimes it's explained differently and you you're given the impression I had to pay the car and everything you buy, and everything is really optimistic. I know that's not true. You don't have to be sick on everything you buy, everything you end up selling. The question is, what are you doing? Are you in the business? Are you are you in business Are you trading like is your point is your intention every time you buy something that you want to sell it later on, that's the that's the goal. That's how you're going to make money off it. If your intention of making money off something is selling it then you have to is you have to treat

00:32:06--> 00:32:08

it as a trade good. You have to pick up on it.

00:32:10--> 00:32:41

Your livestock, and you're putting all the livestock on your goal is at the end, I'm going to sell it to you to a butchering company, then you pay if it's around for a year. If it's around for a year they pay zakat on it that's that's how it was done. But if I own the livestock and it's for grazing it may look reproduction that I don't I is it guys done differently? Is it done on a whole different system altogether? I own cars and I'm those cars are working. There you go. I buy cars and I sell cars. So if it sits around for a year after pays a cop, I don't have to start selling it Yes.

00:32:48--> 00:33:21

Know if you don't reduce taxes from this, because taxes actually be us paying the government to allow us to have access to certain to certain services, these services otherwise wouldn't exist. So we don't take that away from him. Because these services don't necessarily aren't a part of his account. Like in his account, when we talk about the people we're going to use the cut tool. We don't talk about well, health care and school fees, schools and buses. That's not a problem. So you can't take that away from Zika you you are trying to keep this country that you're living in running services that you're happy with. So you pay certain money. No, I'm not saying that I like taxes or I

00:33:21--> 00:33:50

think the way they do it is right. Why not also I'm also not saying that it's wrong. And we we're gonna take we're gonna need deducted from from the money before he pays it up on what you've got. And then taxes is a whole different which is called Raj or dada, in Arabic, which is something different from what zakah is actually you and you're paying based on tree. So when we're talking about trade goods, that's what's important for you to understand. There's a lot of details, there's a lot of difference of opinion among scholars, depending on what I'm trying to I'm trying to go not too detailed and not not too superficial. So you understand what we're talking about. Whenever you

00:33:50--> 00:34:04

buy something with the intention of selling it, that's how you're going to make the money off it, then you have to pay on a yearly basis. But if you buy it and you want to use it, consume it or turn it into a business that you don't pay, it's a con if you only pay on the count on the money that you make off it if a year goes by.

00:34:05--> 00:34:38

Does that make sense? Do you have any examples if you sold it later if you bought a house and rented and I want to sell so what's the moment you have the intention of putting it on the market you mark that day, that's a year later if it's not sold and you had the intention of so you're trying to make money off it by selling it then you have to be you have to pay zakat now another thing that they talked about no either this is his final fund if I'm renting out but I'm ready to sell it anytime anytime it comes I have it on the market the moment I can I'm gonna sell it then yes you have to sit you have to pay on the house and this is what usually happens is about using book and ask me so I

00:34:38--> 00:34:53

have as I'm renting it but I want to sell it the moment I can make money off it I'm gonna say I don't want like I'm not interested in the rent money that I'm getting off the bus. I don't want it I want to sell it but no one's no one's putting it giving me the price that I'm happy with. So I have it on the market for sale but I'm renting it out. Do I pay every year on it? But yes, you pay zakat every year on it

00:34:56--> 00:34:57

and they rent it but

00:34:58--> 00:34:59

that didn't have

00:35:00--> 00:35:02

My son wants to say

00:35:04--> 00:35:33

so again if you're selling a house so that you can buy another one you don't pay if you're trying if you're selling a house because you want to buy another house you're not this is not trade anymore. This is not me buying a house fixing it up waiting and then selling it to me to make a profit. It's me I want to house I don't like this house. I want another one. No, I don't have more money. So I sell it and this is not you know, there's no sucker here because the tension here wasn't trade. It's not just the intention of selling. It's the intention of trade. And he's saying the difference between they're not the same thing. Sometimes they don't have money. I have zero money in my pocket

00:35:33--> 00:36:07

right now. I need to sell something to make money. I'm not selling it because of trade I'm selling it because I have no money I don't pay the car on that it's when I'm putting this asset into the stock into the market of the business market meaning I want to sell and buy and make money off selling and buying so anything that sits around for a year I pick up on and that's it but if not if that's not my intention, I don't have money or let's say you you have money but you want to waste that money so you want to buy a piece of land just to hold on to your money that way I have an asset because if I am the type of person if I have cash I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna throw that cash away

00:36:07--> 00:36:15

I don't want to lose my cash my currency so I bought an asset I don't want to sell it I just want to I just want that weight to hold on you don't panic after that either in Manila in

00:36:20--> 00:36:23

Lhasa cattani If an asset exists in your point

00:36:27--> 00:36:28

sitting for a long time.

00:36:29--> 00:36:35

So the question is are you do you want to sell it or not? So the so the person who bought it

00:36:36--> 00:36:38

the only way you can keep your money

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