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The conversation discusses the importance of not being afraid of what comes to our attention and the need for us to be mindful of our actions. It also references a book and the use of the phrase "has been a little bit." The speaker emphasizes the importance of defying command and giving up arrogance to avoid being held to it, as it is a continuous process that lasts for a long time. The speaker also discusses the use of Congress and the history of Islam in the United States.

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So how big main or bad

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days of Joomla here's an Altima T Mobile application if you have access to the CD and Rasulillah he also happy or Manuela huncle Yamaha saw that there's no drama. Very blessed at night not a bollock and this nine increase your salah upon the Prophet alayhi salatu salam was anything all good deeds that you can think of me alas Patrick So from all of us

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here we'll email Muslim on face so here and Abdullah Habemus oh the Allahu Anhu kala kala Nabil Sal, Allahu Allahu early he was selling the Hadith and a collection, Imam Muslim. Write to us by Abdullah Habemus ODE

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and this theme of understanding email and I'm going to actually cut it off really soon. And maybe maybe a week or so before Ramadan I'll just kind of cover fibers maybe seven or eight Hadith that talk about what a Milan is kind of as a preparation and then we'll go back to this theme after Ramadan inshallah is over. So it's gonna be a longer one's gonna take a bit of time to try and address the comprehension or understanding of iman, use the word Iman because when you can't translate a man to faith it kind of loses 85% of its meaning. Like the translation itself is a butchering of the word like it's not a good translation at all. Which is what I'm gonna try

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inshallah establish for you once you understand exactly what do you mean, Allah Azza wa sallam, when he uses the word Eman and what Allah means in the climate, he uses the term Iman, we translate that to belief or faith and I guess in certain contexts, it's acceptable, but honestly, it doesn't. It doesn't do the word its due diligence.

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And this hadith and the reason I'm narrating to you is because every scholar that's narrating this hadith and just narrating to you the wording of Imam Muslim is narrated also by Makati, but with a slightly different wording or a little bit different ways put together all thing I'm in the south he has in his collection and Timothy and Ahmed. So we have at least five of the major scholars of Hadith who narrate this hadith in their books. And they all narrated under the same chapter, the unremunerated under the chapter of iman, all of them. And I think it's interesting because when I recite the Hadith to you like I know that hadith, why are they integrating under? Exactly? That's

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exactly the question. I hope you're asking exactly what I think it's important for me to point it out because it was not narrated in other parts of the book is buried under Eman and is what he said on his side. Yeah, he said it is a layered full agenda mechanical behemoth called Huberty McKubre.

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He said, those who have an amount of grain or amount of a grain of sand in their heart of arrogance will not enter Jannah call to be honest with Allah and Allah EULA you Hebrew and Yaku any Hakuna in the raja yo, hey, boo, boo, boo Hassan. And when I look who has written the way a man likes to wear, like good clothes, and good shoes, like we'd like to look chic, don't like to walk around in garbage bags, we want to want to look nice, because they thought that maybe maybe what he was talking about is talk to us. And I meant that you can dress nicely right like this is this just as a habit jumping to the conclusion that maybe what they think this teaching is going to lead to in terms of their

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daily behaviors. So they're bringing it to the attention of the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam. So his answer was laser. That's not what I'm talking about. In Allah Hi Jamila new Hegel, JAMA, Allah subhanaw. Taala is beautiful, and he loves the beauty. It will keep rule about or will help the well humbleness.

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Arrogance is refusal of righteousness, refusal of the truth, meaning when you're pointed out to be wrong, and this is right and you're wrong and you refuse it you find a million ways not to be wrong, just because you can't accept it. That's Kibito. Well, humbleness Gump is when you

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be a little something. So humbleness is belittling people. So he's in Kibera is either the refusal of how can you cannot accept that you're wrong or that you didn't do the right thing or your belief was off or that your opinion was off or that your decision at one point was often that wasn't hot, that you fall into bottle, or that you will be a little others? This hadith is narrated under the chapter of iman.

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It's not remunerated under the chapter of ethics or morals, or Teskey, or anything else is narrated under Eman. And it's not just an event. This is not just one scholar, all of them narrate these, this hadith and all that hadith are similar to it under the chapter of ima they take you have to take a moment think why why are they why he's talking about you can't understand if you have arrogance, exactly. Because the conclusion is that all movements will intergender all true movements. All true people have Iman will enter Jannah but he's saying so I said if you have even the slightest fragment of residual arrogance left inside of you, you're not going in. Yeah, you can

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enter it just a little bit. No, sorry. Extend outside. Notice it still is gone. Well, it's not gone. What do I do? I'll just stand outside. We'll figure it out. Maybe Maybe you need to fry for a bit and then you can come back it'll be gone. But you're not entering as long as there's arrogance in sight as long as there's some degree of arrogance and they got scared because they all like we're trying to always buy good shoes and they liked importing good pieces of clothing.

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If they weren't served if trying to dress well and was going to be seen as bad, so they said this and the Prophet is looked at No, no, that's not it. Allah is beautiful. He loves beauty kibin are two things are there the fact that you cannot accept that you're wrong, and you're too arrogant to accept that you made a mistake and that you're being held to it and you have to sit there and apologize. Or you'll be little people, you look up people, you think they're beneath you, you speak to them as if they're beneath you. Those two things are what Kibber are. Those two things combined is what Kibera is, of course, Kip, it is a huge problem. It's one of the major diseases of the heart

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is the is the is the problem of bliss.

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And this was too arrogant, he just couldn't accept the fact that he was not this almost superior creature that some new creature that was created yesterday, that didn't really do anything yet has not proven itself, Allah saying show with respect, with respect, and he's like, uh, no, I'm better. Why? Why? Why? How is this thing better than me? In what way you couldn't help it. He couldn't help me the he was so arrogant to the point where he actually refusing direct command coming from God. Imagine, imagine the amount of arrogance that needed to exist in the heart for you to defy God. One of the things we were taught to do when you're growing up and learning from scholars is that they

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would ask us, can you imagine doing that? Could you imagine doing that? And we all say no, no, impossible, would never do that. He said, Well, that's where you're off. That's where you're wrong.

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You'll get us all I'll never forget this, because it's so embarrassing. They'll get you all, you know, very hyped up, and would you ever defy command from God? And we all say no, of course, not Allah. And then he would say that's where you're wrong. That's where you're arrogant. That's where you think you're better than a bliss. You're just like him, you think you're better than him? You think that he did it, but he's an idiot, I would never do that. So you're just you're arrogance you're arrogant towards it doesn't matter, by the way who you're arrogant or doesn't matter. Doesn't matter what creature anything that you're arrogant towards is arrogance, you're not entering Gen

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until that's out. Because you're a servant serve, your dog does not have arrogance, they don't fit. Arrogance. Don't, don't at all. By definition, I cannot have arrogance events there, then we do not have truly up there's a problem. When you're saying when I'm trying to explain. So when you look down and it bleeds out, either, oh, you just you missed the mark here. Learn from the story, don't look down on him, learn from the story, learn that Kibana can do that, too, you learn that Kibito can do that, too. You can cause you to defy a command of God, if you're lucky, that up to this moment, you were not commanded by Allah spider to do something where the keyboard was involved, and

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it didn't cause you not to do it, then you're very fortunate and Hamdulillah. It's a big deal. But easily, easily. That could be a load of Kippur that's brewing inside of you that you let go and notice for a long time, and then you're asked to do something. You're asked to do something in a moment and you can't you fail. It's just too hard. I can pretty I think you're no one in this world that you are not willing to go and ask for their forgiveness of. There's no one in this world that you're not willing to ever make up with? Is there no one other than just the world that you're not willing to ever communicate with? Again? Imagine if Allah

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imagine if you were asked to do is there an example of someone who has to do something unimaginable and did it

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was the example

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the example of an unimaginable thing to do?

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Ibrahim right. slaughter your son, I'd imagine well, there wasn't anybody that was gonna hold them back. It's unimaginable. Unimaginable. No, no.

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Couldn't be it bliss was asked to do the thing for himself. But that was unimaginable. But it wasn't based on love. You see, Brahim is problem. He loved his son too much. So the reason that it was unimaginable is love. The Bliss his reason was Kibera. He was too arrogant. He had built this thing about him. So he built a self image that no, this is not better than me mud, made of mud for God's sake. Nobody doesn't done anything yet. He hasn't been commanded. He hasn't done he hasn't followed a command. Why am I any of your business? Why? Allah subhanaw taala said, Should

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you do school that just doesn't do it. But he couldn't. He couldn't. Because arrogance was too strong.

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This hadith is not so that you look at the police and think I would never do that. So that you be aware. If it happened to him, it could happen to you. It could happen to me easily, easily could happen to us and you're not moving on the Day of Judgment. You're not. You're not

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You're not budging biller in any direction until there's not one grain of arrogance left inside of you. Nothing, you cannot think that you are better than any living, breathing creature anywhere. And that is one heck of a mountain to climb. That's a lot of work. It is and if you haven't done it yet, start now because you have a long road ahead of you to get rid of all of that, to get rid of that keyboard completely out of your heart. for you not for you to be someone who submits to HUD immediately regardless of who says it, if you to look at people not think anything less about them for anything that they do, or anything about who they are for you to think less about someone

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because of their background that is just pure evil.

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But it's easy to think less of people based on things they do or they don't do. Or they don't suddenly, you know, pray I'm gonna pray in a day in their lives. Someone who continues to openly sin. Are you better than them?

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Are you you don't open listen, you don't commit Zina daily don't drink. What about those who do it and they're not forced into doing it or you're better than them?

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The answer is unequivocally No, no Allah subhanaw taala will be the judge of that your multicam and you're just fortunate that Allah subhanaw taala put you on a path of light and how can he Dahlia hamdulillah you're on that path. Use that to to help others, but not to judge them not to look down. This is very delicate. By the way, what I'm explaining to you is very important, don't come back and argue with me. But when those who aren't give us the ones who have a little bit of it, but do want to get get give it up. We will come to argue with you like no, I'm better than some No, you're not you're not there's a whole point. We're not better than anybody. Until Allah subhanaw taala on the

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Day of Judgment actually ranks us which he will when he ranks us to pioneer but Allah who was a key man, he will rank us on that day, you can see where you rank and you can say I'm, I'm here. But that's not going to happen until there's no arrogance left in you to begin with.

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And if there's arrogance left in, they're gonna be ranked pretty low. And that's why it's important to learn this. That's why he put it in Iman, because movements were under agenda. But this guy standing outside you can't go in because of kibble. So apparently kibble is an antidote. And apparently Kubota will is so nervous that it will ruin even a smudge of it even a grain of it will ruin a heart filled with image it's as much of it understand how problematic that is. Your heart is just flow an ocean of image and then there's a grain of kibble stand outside

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and outside you know you're not going to get rid of it first. I don't know figure it out, figure it out. Or we're or we'll figure it out for you. Whether you do bla bla bla and then it's figured out for you and that's not fun that's why it's important to learn this because I love this hadith because not because the Hadith you know it I love it because of where they put it I love it because where the scholars put it they put it in the chapter of ima it's like that on its own was a lesson this will ruin your iman it will ruin it completely you're working hard on your iman then you let that piece of you go you don't take care of it you don't look at it you don't think about it you

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don't treat it you let it just kind of continue to brew and become something comes a monster becomes a monster and then if you're unlucky and you're you're commanded to do something that is affected by it you can't do exactly what happened to IBLEES happened to him and it was a monster you couldn't imagine saying no to God

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or maybe not imagine understand that it can become so powerful that you could say no to God. Like you know what, John that was better throw me in there. Oh man, I'm not doing it with the Willa

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arrogance to be at the point where it you know what if you're asked me to do this, and there's the only with agenda, where's your addendum? I'll go there. I'm not doing it. Well.

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There are people who think that way. Unfortunately, there are people who are allowed that to happen and it's important to talk about it just for our own safety and shoulders, Muslims may Allah subhanaw taala guide us to the right to the righteous path. Jana, you know Muslim, FISA, he and our beloved Mr. Abdullah Abdullah and the use of Allah Allah Azza wa sallam law yet Kuru Jannetty mankind behemoth called who have been affiliated with the regime in Kibera part of your roster Allah and Allah Judah that your head boo and Yaku Vanessa woohoo Hassan and when Allah who has Santa Barbara de sadaqa in Aloha Jamila and will Jana and I'll keep rubato will help the nurse so close to

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realize that Allah Allah at least like we started working with him to sort of let you know he learned to stop if he were to believe that Allah was telling them we're working to get them home and he was like, which means