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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the concept of Eman, which is finding ways to practice love without achieving a state of fulfillment. They emphasize the importance of finding ethical practices that align with one's values and creating a path of comfort. The speakers stress the need to practice love oneself and avoid practicing certain behaviors, and to connect with oneself through values and principles of the world. They also emphasize the importance of learning to stall for a week to reflect on the principles of Jesus.
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Probably the most famous hadith of all like if you remove the Hadith that we all know, Binya is probably one of the most famous Hadith. Again, looked at from a not looked at from the aspect of iman, I guess not looked at from that lens or not to that lens. And we're still talking about understanding Iman and I'll probably go through this week and then next week we'll start something new but I do want to give one more week just to kind of cover a few more Hadith that I think are worthy of your contemplation. So that the concept of Eman becomes inshallah as clear as possible. And this hadith is known as what was famous, you know, the, you know, the meaning of it. But let's

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look at it through the lens of of the concept of what Eman means this is what he says our history, it was a cold very short, it didn't let me know haidakhan Had you hit belly early here. Now you're a Boolean FC, you will not achieve a state of fulfillment of Eman. So this doesn't mean you have no amount at all, it just means you don't really actually have the essence of it. That's what he's trying to say it so you don't really you have has not achieved what it's supposed to achieve in you like Eman has not reached the goal that is supposed to reach inside of you until you come to a point where what where again, love somehow manifests itself again. So this is like a third Hadith that I

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have narrated for you, where the Prophet alayhi salatu salam makes it makes a direct connection between Iman and and love like this is this is the second third Hadith of the Prophet alayhi salam does that where he talks about Eman and he attaches love to it immediately. Now you do not have a state of full full email or you have not achieved the essence of email until you love or your brother that which you love for yourself. And this is a simple concept and no memorizes Hadith and everyone loves to throw it around because it's so majestic. But really, we really have to, you know, we really have to understand what this means. And we really have to start finding ways to ethical

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practice that are it's a huge loss for us to just regurgitate these things and have no real method of of practicing or following it. To love we are brother what you love for yourself meaning is to put yourself in the other person's shoes always. And that's what it means. There's no other way for this to work. Like this concept is not practicable. It's not something you can practice unless you put yourself in that person's place be in a position or else how is it that you're going to know like, how do I love for you what I'd love for myself? If I don't know, if I can't imagine what it means to be you. I had to put myself in your position and then say if I were in your position, what

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would I want? And then I want for you that because we are different people I can't want for you what I want for myself or what for myself what I want for you because we're different. We want different. Yes, the general stuff, yes, I want health for you. I want wealth for you. I want a long life and family and happy marriage and good great Osceola. that's those are the general stuff. But if we're going to become a little bit more detailed, or go down the nitty gritty of things, in order for me to actually love you, what I would love for myself, I have to be able to put myself in your shoes for a moment, I have to be able to do that, that on its own. That's that's that's most of the the

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whole thing. If I'm able to take a moment and actually put myself in your position and imagine what it means to be you and what you must be going through when I do that, then then it becomes much easier for me kind of because yeah, I've now humanized you and I've attached myself to connected myself to you on a profound level. And I'd love for you then I'll do for you what I would want people to do to me if I were in your position.

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This is what we and I just explained that to you. And now it makes sense. But he's directly connecting that to email without EMA and you can't do this and without doing this you don't really have email. That's what he's connecting out of your soil to Sir, again, to make it even more clear to us that Eman is not just a basic belief and something's not an abstract concept comprehension of a an ideology or a theology. Eman is internalizing values and principles, internalizing and understanding of perspective of the world in allowing it to reflect in your behavior. That's what emotion is. And that requires work that requires time that requires any reflection and comprehension

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and contemplation so that you actually understand what it means to believe in Allah subhanahu wa taala imagine that you the moment you you believe in Allah and what should result from that belief that Allah is that every time you see someone you love for them what you would love for yourself you put yourself in their position and then you hope for them what you would hope for yourself in that position. Imagine this you go from just knowing God and believing in God to that yes, this is this is a it's a it's a highway it's one you start there you're gonna end up there if you're starting there and not ending up there then there's something wrong then you're not you haven't this is not

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your there's something you believe there's something different. You took you took the wrong highway you think you're on the 401 but you're not you're on some other parallel road is going to take you somewhere completely different later on. Because when the more you believe in Allah subhanaw taala walked down that path it will it will immediately directly take you to a point where you manifest in love and you love for people to be to be well

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Be happy to do just the way you would love you love to be well and to do it to be happy and and if there's a discrepancy between EMA and in that one of the there's something wrong the recipe was wrong that you didn't use it right and that's what he's explaining to us today so that was that was a direct correlation between this loving for others the best and being a movement being a movement having a man inside of you direct correlations very very profound the profound piece for me is not really the selfless or the altruism in the in the Hadith which is you'll find that in every is the fact that he correlated it so Allah Hi so I was saying with email you know, this is this is your

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email and you're not moving without that that's amazing. Okay

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because I don't see upfront you don't see the you are why I believe in you Euro Bella, you know you believe in you love their love for that you love for them, but you'd love for it. No, then you're not really you're not really you don't really understand me. You don't understand me yet? No, you're not close to me. If you don't love for them what you would love for yourself if you're in their position that you don't know me yet. You don't even know me yet. Pamela. This is what he's teaching. I think this is really where where we have to kind of take time in and reflect Yahweh che Han him at the finale he mean how do you see us even you Malika Allahu Allah Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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you had to come after you hit belly as he met you Hebrew in FCW he sort of crossover he said, Allah Allah what it's like yourselves recognition will let you know Hey, learn to stall for a week or so Allah who was telling them about a kind of you know, Muhammad early