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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the use of the phrase "has been hammered" in collections like Assyrian Viewers, Teeth, and Teethteens, emphasizing the importance of treating family members with excellence and showing one's own success in Islam. They stress the need to strengthen family ties and avoid harming others, and emphasize the importance of family members' needs and prioritizing them.
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or have you been hammered? Early he was so heavy a Gemini you know that

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Yahweh and Eva Mohammed who famously he will email with Timothy up January he said I do so hey hen.

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And Abdullah hidden Mohammed Amin Hatari or the Allahu Anhu. Oh my god. So the Hadith, I mean, actually narrate to Hadith are both narrated in the same two collections are narrated both in a collection of you know, Rahman has Mesnard and the collection of emptiness within his genre. And they both have a authentic generation, just because we're coming towards the end of the time that I had allocated for this topic and Sunday will be the last day so I have two more or three more Hadith I wanted to read or clump them together tonight. Two of them. The first one I do have an ordinary son he says this quite a job because it's within the theme of you know, treating your parents and

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relatives with excellence. But yeah, don't alienate us from Allah Allah you will save yourself from Africa Allah Ya rasool Allah in the coda also be to them when a Lehman for halimun Toba, a man came to the Prophet it has also said yes to Allah, I have committed a horrific sin. Now whether the numbers are leaving because it actually was I'll leave in terms of its degree or is because I'll leave him in his eyes, because of his degree of higher insensitivity and closest to Allah subhanaw taala those who are closer to Allah feel that the the sins are bigger than the than other people will feel their sins to be the closer you are to Allah, the more you will magnify your sin, and you

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will see your good deeds to be smaller, and vice versa, if it's not the case, so we don't know whether it was a big sin or that he just felt it was a big sin, because of his status with Allah subhanaw taala? We don't know. But he said something to them, and I'll leave. That's what he said to the Prophet. But holy Mantova do I do it? Is there a way for me to perform them? And of course the answer is yes. But but the reality is, I used to answer this in a very specific way. Bacala Haluk? I mean, um, do you have a mother? Oh, Allah. No, Paula Haluk. I mean, ha, do you have a maternal aunt Bacala Nam Paula phobia of Baja. And go and perform better with with that aunt and a lot of scholars

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taking on this hadith that the your maternal aunt Jani is similar to your mother, and you should treat her in the same late. But either way, whether that's the you know, the specific case here or is just seen as this your family, you start, you want to get rid of your sin, start with your family, start with the ones that deserve it the most with your mom, they're not around, move on to the next of kin, not there and move on. Just move on to whatever well him you have that you can bid on that you can show the other two that you can show excellence to and there is the agile and that's how Allah subhanaw taala will forgive your sins or remove your your debt and will grant you your

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reward and will enlighten your path and will take away from your burden. This is how it's going to happen is through bitterness through this through this through the family ties and blood related relatives and you taking care of them. And that's what he told him and he's awesome. You could have told them many other things. You could have explained to him how a job is actually

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performed and all the and the other kind of each of the pillars of Tobin know is ask him a question. I'm a mother. No, I've got an answer. Okay, good, go do better. Go go serve them. Well, I

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need someone. This is important to understanding the value of any of these things in Islam, someone who who's doing that who was taken care of an elderly parent or an elderly relative, and they spend a few hours every day serving them and taking care of them. Well I think more so than everything I've ever done in my entire life. Forget about all that all the talking and all the rules and forget about all that is someone who twice an hour or two a day takes care of an elderly family member and cleans up and gives them some food but like more legible than all these talking in the speeches and the co author and all this stuff is important to comprehend within our deen This is more valuable in

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the eyes of Allah subhanaw taala what else he would have told him? Is there people who need to go give them those No. And Allah you have a mother and aunt Do you have what do you have? Go better? Go show them excellence and go serve them and treat them well and strengthen that relationship and then that will be your job as the alternate rate I'm the ramen, if any, if at all the Allahu Anhu called an abuse of Allah and he said and that is the same to collections and ratios are bad don't have enough you don't have a lot of Hadith narrated to us by him. So this is a treat. But in the br is on par And Allah is Allah there's a hadith God says well also as I said, Man, I look to Rahim. Worship

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Papa Tula is min min is me. Someone wa sallahu wa salatu Omen kapa haka. Pato did indeed I am a Rama Angelica Loma. I'm the most compassionate.

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And I created a Rahim and he created the uterus, if you want to take it physically, or if you created family or created blood relations, the concept of Raheb the concept of it, and I gave it a name that was derived from my own. I derived the name for it from my own. So those who strengthen it, I will strengthen my connection with them and those who sever it, I will sever my connection with them.

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That's what he teaches us. subhanho wa taala. Again, I'm trying to emphasize

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is the value of family, of course, and each family, there's a dynamic that is unique to it. And there's always the odd person that you don't get along with or they don't get along with you or they don't respond to stuff and it doesn't matter. None of that matters. You do your best with your family and the Hadith that are left for tomorrow night and Sunday, we'll, we'll be down those lines to make sure that this is clear that doesn't, this doesn't just apply to the family members who you like you enjoy spending time with and who are coming coming up to you know, they're putting in effort to kind of strengthen their relationship. No, this is for the for those who may not be maybe

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doing the opposite, you're obligated to strengthen the family ties as much as possible, as much whatever you got, why? Because Allah Subhanallah said my name is Obama and I called Rahim and I gave it a name that's derived from my own I will cut those who cut it off and I will strengthen those who do that's why you're not doing it because the chef's they're not doing it because you know, it makes you feel better look good or they know you're doing it because Allah subhanaw taala looked at you and said that to you. Because the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam at all for this man and answer in that forum. He told me when Toba go look for no mother, go look for an ants look for someone, look

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for someone that you can that you can show better to. And that's how you that's how you repent. That's how you repent. Repentance, repentance, repentance is a specific activist, I know you want to repent, just go find someone in your family. The concept here is very, very profound. It's very real. It's a it's a central part of our faith. And I hope that we take time

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within our busy lives to remind ourselves the importance of family of keeping that those connections alive and doing what we need to do to make sure they are well they're taken care of and that they feel supported and they're not left alone. That it doesn't necessarily mean that you just pick up you pick up the phone every day or that you have to visit everyday. No no better comes in many forms. I established that at the beginning of this long, six week series. A bit of a subjective everyone does it differently doesn't doesn't fit. It's not it's not one size, fit all cookie cutter answer of what it looks like it will be different depending on the person depending on their family

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dynamic, their culture, their background, their needs, but you have to, but make sure you're aware. Make sure that you are sensitive to the needs of the people in your life and the family members that you have and make sure that you are fulfilling those needs to the best of your ability because that's what's really needed here. That's what's looked at here is are you aware of their requirements or you're aware of their needs? And are you taking care of that? Do you prioritize that? Is that important to you? Or are you going through life forgetting that Allah Subhana Allah called it of Rohan and gave it a name from his own? Yahweh Lima Mohammed with the mustard the holy

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man with Timothy up Jamia and he befriended Abdullah Hibino Moroccan Fatah the Rabi Allahu Allahu Akbar, at Raju, Luna Nydia sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam of Acharya la seule Allah in Nica they also be to them when I when for Haldimand Toba Infocomm like I mean omen for kala kala like I mean highlighting color and paella for the Aqua 170 or the Allahu Anhu called Colin abuse that Allah Allah He was like We sent him fired Allah and Allah Rockman character Rahim worship Allah to Allah is min min is me from when masala was all to whom and Kappa Kappa to sort of Rasulullah has of Allah Allah is excellence my condition Allah Allah hate lends itself into Greek wa sallahu wa salam ala

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kind of you know Muhammad earlier submetering stalking Allah