Abrahamic Influence on Pre Islamic Arabia

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Now we know that every nation had prophets. Allah says in the Quran we're Eman, own mutton Illa Allah via the deal. Every OMA had a prophet. So the Arabs as well had a prophet. And their prophet was, of course, the Prophet Ibrahim alayhis salam and his son is married. And that is why numerous times in the Quran, Allah mentions me letter A B comb, Ibrahim, this is the religion of your forefather Ibrahim. And the Prophet Ibrahim Alayhi. Salam had sanctioned many practices, which remained for 1000s of years until the coming of the Prophet salallahu idea he was salam. So of the practices that Ibrahim alayhis salam began was to consider Maccha sacred what does it mean sacred we

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call MCCA haram from the same word as haram was the same word haram haram and how long how long? How long is called How to um, because many things that are halal outside the Haram are haram inside the haram. This is why we call it the Haram it's a sanctity. So for example, you're not allowed to hunt game in the harem. You see a wild deer you cannot go hunt it. This is a haram you're not allowed to pull a tree you cannot pull a leaf from the Haram and everything that is natural. It's Allah's creation, you cannot touch it. Allah says in the Quran, woman Daheia who can Amina whoever enters the harem is safe. And this is a ruling we still apply in our Sharia that if a criminal if any evil

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person does a crime and he runs to the Haram seeking refuge, then Allah says he is safe because this is a haram and the Jahai the Arabs upheld this even Abbas said, we would see in the days of Jamelia, we would see a person would see the murder of his father doing the luff and he wouldn't touch your hair on his head. You can't do anything. This is the Haram right. So Ibrahim sanction the Haram showing respect to the Catbert Ibrahim alayhis salam sanction them instituting the sacred months, there are four sacred months in our Sharia. In the sacred months, all hostility has to cease. You're not allowed to engage in any warfare. Everybody must be at peace. And of course, this is a boost to

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economy when you have warring tribes that Allah says no, in these four months, there must be peace doesn't matter what the excuses so this boosts the economy it brings about peace and society of the things that Ibrahim alayhis salam instituted, of course, was the hedge with all of its rites and rituals, doing tawaf doing, say, between Safa and Marwa the the aspect of sacrificing animals around the harem, the aspect of decorating animals this is a thing that a lot of people don't know. But even in our Sharia, when we assign an animal to sacrifice, people would take it from their villages from their from their cities and travel to Morocco with it. Those animals are decorated their

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garland did their put the decorations reported them so everybody knows that these animals have been dedicated to the poor of the haram. So where did this come from? From the Prophet Ibrahim alayhis. Salam, quick footnote here. Many non Muslim researchers, they say these aspects of Islam are taken from pagan culture. Because the pagans venerated the Kaaba as the holy sanctuary. And the pagans had to go off and the pagans did this and the pagans did that. Now this is all perspective is the glass half empty, half full, is all a matter of perspective for the non Muslims. They're not looking at the fact that this is coming from Ibrahim and they think that these are pagan rituals. So the

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prophets Islam according to their perspective, adopted certain things from paganism, and then he added his own two cents for us we say no, he resurrected the original teachings of the Prophet Ibrahim Ali's

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