Mirza Yawar Baig – Tarbiyya 16 – Praying Sunnah and Masnoon Adhkaar

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The importance of praying to god and not just to the presence of God is emphasized in the daily experience of the busy month. It is also discussed the benefits of praying to God and not just to the presence of God, as it is a sinful act. The importance of not sitting in a palace or going to a cemetery and not bringing things into one's deed is emphasized, along with the history of disputes and the idea of not doing things in order to achieve rewarded acts. Prayer is also emphasized as a fundamental part of the daily experience and is not something out of place.
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Number 11 salatu salam O Allah, Allah, Allah Allah He was highly human Allah about.

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Today inshallah, in the tarbiyah series, we will speak about the importance of

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praying the sun and the musk known as car after or after the first solid.

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Among the many things that we seem to have left, these are the two that

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we seem to have left almost completely

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among the Sunnah

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to be prayed.

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Of course, the most important son of nosara salam is tahajjud.

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And we will talk about that separately, maybe tomorrow.

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But among the others, which are very, very important to pray, the first and most important so now which is almost at the level of fourth is the here to master

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the Torah that Nebuchadnezzar ordered that whenever you enter a Masjid, pray to recut the hair damage before you sit down.

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Sometimes people make a lot of mistakes where I've seen some people, they come to the budget they sit down, then they stand up and pray to regret so

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that's if you sat down there is no

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so you spray turaga magic before you sit down. And this salad is to be prayed in every Masjid on the face of the earth including the harem. Some people make the mistake and they say in the Haram the toffee teratomas No.

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Don't make life difficult on yourself. If Nebuchadnezzar loves to rock and the field is there to imagine you.

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If you make a new rule and set off is there too much in the harem? That means every time you enter the harem yard with our first

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that's not easier. It's very tough. Allah has made the dean easy Why do you want to make it tough for yourself? And in any case creating something in the weather when it's not there is haram so there's no question of, of making rules that Nebuchadnezzar didn't make. So to recap of Nuffield,

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the importance of this Allah is

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seen from the fact that nebbish Allah Allah Allah Azza wa sallam was delivering a football

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when a man entered the masjid, and he was about to sit down rasulillah salam interrupted the football and told him pray two rakaat before you sit down.

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So, this is even during the football.

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Now remember, Hannover Abdoulaye in his was

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the head of measures to be prayed at all times, only except when the hookah is going on the Arabic Cobra from the member is going on. Right. So he has a valid for that. So

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they have they do not pray they have, of course our I have not read his image anyway, I don't know where that is from. But

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Abu hanifa didn't say that. That's our own personal history. So, let us not fall into this trap, pray to rakata his image it no matter what

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else is happening. The only condition two things one is if the time you enter the masjid is one of the times when Salah is mahnomen, Salah is prohibited at that time, of course, you do not pay anything you just sit down. And another issue is if you are if the salad is actually going into the machine is on then you don't pray that immediately join the Jamaat. So except for these two situations. When the salad the fourth Salah is going on you can actually join the for Salah you will not press on it, do not put anything. That's another mistake people make we'll come to that in shall. So, you just join straight away the Jamaat which is in progress, and if the time when you

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enter the masjid is one of the times when Salah is prohibited then you do not pray to god

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you just sit and wait for the for Salah to start

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but other than that this is a very important so now which we seem to have left which is to pray to regata here to visit

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Nashville when we enter the masjid

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second important thing now as far as the Sudan is concerned the Sunnah of before and after the first hour in the in the lateral further there is two rockets or sooner before salata further before the fourth anniversary Salaam used to pray this very very regularly this una marca which is almost at the level of four and therefore it is we pray two rakaat Salah

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sooner before the fourth Salah. Now if you enter the masjid and you find that

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Maybe there isn't you don't have enough time to pray turaga Majid and then separately to rocket of sooner or further you can make the Nia of both these salad and simply pray to rocket which is inshallah enough for you for the hetal Majid and so on. Right so that is

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that is a that's a convenience that has been given Of course some people the minute they notice now that they will never pray for a cat again for the rest of their lives only pray two rakaat juniata don't do that don't don't become lazy, but hamdulillah This is rock solid is there.

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So, there is to legato sooner before Serato further there is for rocket also not we prayed together for before salasar and two rocket after Serato and then there is no sooner before or after Sinatra Sir, there is no sooner before Serato to rocket after Maverick. There is no sooner before Asia but there is to rakata soon after Asia and then there is the wizard. Now there is one Hadees on original Salaam where he said that the one who prays the 12 rockets also not in the whole day, that person Allah subhanaw taala he said we'll give him a palace engine. And what are these 12 Suna two after two before father

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four and two ends or four before or two afterthoughts, that is how many? Six plus two is eight, two after maarif 10 and two after Asia 12. So, these 12 records of soda are so dhamaka now people ask Should I pray for a cat before Sinatra? Sir Of course most welcome this there is no there is no regulation on the number of devices that you can play. So you can play as many as you want irrespective of that, but that is not so now mokara want to pray most welcome nothing wrong with praying. But if somebody is not praying It is not something which is it is not sinful. But if somebody deliberately leaves and please understand this if somebody deliberately leaves the Sunnah

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makeda the person is committing a sin.

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Now we find a lot of people they simply pray the fourth and they go away now inshallah we believe about them that they are following the muster practice officer solemn where is it praise Asana at hope.

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So if somebody says walking out to the masjid immediately don't have to jump to the conclusion that he is not praying sooner? No, maybe he's better than you. He is praying soon at home at hamdulillah. And that is a better thing to do than to pray in the masjid. Right, it is a it is not to pray soon and avail and avail and available what you know hours and hours. I know go and pray.

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Do not make your homes into graveyards. He said don't make a home in comparison because there is no Salah which is to be bred in the house. And therefore he said do not make your home your home into a graveyard or cemetery pray Sunnah and so on at home because this is good therapy for the children and for others and also for entrepreneurs at home. So Alhamdulillah you pray the first and then you go home and you pray the Sunnah in the masjid, there is similarly for South Africa for example, you can pray sooner. Supposing you hear the other you can pray to us when at home and then you come to the masjid you pray to God and then you join the Salah of father. So praying to that home is not

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only fine, that is the preferred thing to do that is better to do than to pray in the masjid itself, but not to pray at all just to leave it and go I just pray to the Father then you go home. This is sinful because you are deliberately leaving as soon as mokara as soon as the Nebuchadnezzar never left asuna maka is what macula is something that he always did to deliberately leave that is a sinful act. Hopefully it is for those who do it maybe the route or ignorance May Allah forgive them but deliberately to do it knowing that it's a tsunami Takara is sinful please do not do this.

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That's why I begin always with the benefits of doing it. Now why would you want to leave something which gives you a palace in general unless your Eman is in? is in the doldrums. So you know, you don't believe in gentlemen Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah will if you believe in general and why would you want to leave a palace in general? Right so therefore and you're getting one every day,

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one every day. Then about the Zohar salat wa salam, the heads of salsa, Salam he said and listen to this one carefully. He said the one who prays for a car before and for record after

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not to forget after he said Allah will make the fire of Jana Ravana.

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Now what is the Forgot after you

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historica Sona and touriga nothing. Now as far as the Sona is concerned as far as the novel is concerned, the original vrslcm where is their bread two by two. So, all the noir film should be prayed to by two, not four and so on, except where movies are celebrated for so for example, the former cat of Suna before zohore, is to be bred as foreign cat not to and to right. But anything else when you pray, you pray two by two,

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no matter at what time it is. So, the sooner of these two Solon which are associated with the first Salawat are an extremely important thing. Please do not leave it, whether you braid in the bread at home. No problem. That's, as I said, it's even better to put it at home. So by all means, you pray for the masses go home, no problem, but don't leave it that's the very very important thing, do not leave it ensure that you pray and they will measure when you went to the masjid. So, it was very, very, very important. Do not sit down Unless Unless you pray to record the image. And this also applies to Juma if the like in Arma. In this module here and most massages you have the band the

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lecture before the hotbar which is in whichever language do not sit down unless you pray two rakaat no matter how interested you are in listening to lecture number two, come on, we know no one stops you from coming early. come early to the masjid that's very very good thing to do. come early to the masjid. Pray to

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sit down read some Koran, then the lecture start listen to the lectures and the hookah hamdulillah that is the ideal thing to do. But even if you come a bit later, do not sit down unless you pray to regard Masjid.

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Then we come to the must known as car of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam the as car that he used to do and all of these uscar are also Nevada and we seem to have left them on

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mela for years. And on top of that we add things we make dua htmi and we make this loudly This is not the Sunnah, please understand very clearly. This is not the tsunami Salah Salim did not make dua loudly after every fourth Salah as if it is part of the fourth. This is not the Sunnah

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anyone who's doing it is going against the sun. As simple as that, right? As soon as the last element is I have I used to make dua after for Salah It is good to make dua after any bother the best of your body or the word salah and to make dua after for Alhamdulillah No problem, but Rasulullah Salam and the Sahaba used to make dua in ferati individually and they did not make it loud. So do not change the deen do not add things into the deed which is not their right to make dua loudly the Imam making dua loudly and the military in saying I mean this by itself isn't no problem

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with that in many cases, he did that from the hotbar from the member he did that otherwise he did it just like that he did after what Salah, but he did not make it into a regular habit after every for Salah. So once in a while after Juma you do it once in a while after in some fun Salah you do it once in a while that's fine but to make this into a as if it's a regular ritual part of Salah which is which is what happens in many places which we see it's almost like it is part of Salah if somebody gets up during that draw people get upset

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do it itself you're doing is wrong. Why Why are you upset with somebody getting up

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and the Imams must have the guts to speak the truth and tell people if they're doing wrong. But people don't do that. You don't do that. I tell people if you don't have the guts to do emails don't demand if you don't want to go against whatever is happening the market goes down and nobody nobody stops to pray you pray you that that that the the the sin of doing something wrong is not in your head. But if you're doing something you know it is wrong. What kind of thing is if you happen to go to some budget by yourself one day and somebody makes you a ma'am and there if you if the practice is to do this. And if you do though and you are Nia is to do that, I'm doing it only once I am there

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Allah Allah, but in any case you are supporting something which is not correct, right. So therefore this loud dua by the Imam and democracy in saying I mean after every first Salah as if it is a part of the fourth. This is not the Sunnah This is incorrect, this is wrong, according to everybody. According to everyone, there is no difference of opinion about this, to do it once in a while for some reason, no problem Alhamdulillah.

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But what did Remi Salam do

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and this we have forgotten

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We have left completely what he did we leave and we invent from ourselves.

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What he used to do is as follows, when immediately after the Versace would sell our stuff or a lot of stuff or a lot of stuff.

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And then he would sell our mantra Salah woman Casa La vida, Salam

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Alaikum all of these askarov they're on the chat please go read them, memorize them

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and then after doing these two things after saying these two things,

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turn around completely and sit facing the study.

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And then he would do the rest of the scar and what are the rest of the scar? The visa lasala was to first decide Ethel corsi and see the see the benefit of each one of these things. rasulillah salam said the one who resides either goosy after the first Salah The only thing which stops him from entering Jana is the fact that he is alive.

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As soon as he dies Allah will union

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some of the some of the Allah have ruled to say that therefore it is better to even read the ayatul kursi in Salah before salon so after you finish your

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attire then you're on the road everything else is a read either Gucci just before salah and then of course after salami then you read it again. So this is double guaranteed shala that the one who reads the after Salah is inshallah is in Jana this person has an agenda he or she the only thing keeping them in this world is the fact that they are allies admitted that either going to China You got a problem we're going to

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see is people have to think you're in such a big hurry to run somewhere you don't know what is this? So idle course used to after saying these two words that you would turn around and twist and turn on faces for the mob is not for the whole movie and don't have done life next thing you know everyone is facing one the other direction the moment the banker No no, this will be for the man to turn around and face because he was always the mom of course. But of course, you don't have turn around anyway, but reside read it and after we read it to see then he sallallahu Sallam would read kohala who had to live last and the more the thing fell out of Allah and Allah also would have been nice.

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He would read these trees for us once each acceptance a little further and salata Muslim, where he would read them three times each.

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Right, then he would do the the zeker fatty me which is Subhana Allah 33 times Alhamdulillah 33 times and allow for 34 times and then he would say Allah Allah Allah Lovato luxury fellow Mohammed Abu so

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now know the whole Al Hamdulillah Cocina de la la la la la la la Chico notable Columbo wahala Cooley Shane Cody, he would say this once, right? In another edition, it is 3333 33 and then this one's

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the inshallah the more authentic one is 3333 and 34. inshallah Angela. So this is the vehicle for now, what's the benefit of this The head is associated with this with this liquor? Is that vodka and why is it called zeger Fatima because the restaurant daughter, Fatima Zahra delana, one day there were some prisoners of war which had come and she wanted a servant for herself, because she had a very difficult time doing, you know, various shows of the house and various things and getting water from a long distance away and so on. So she went earlier delana said to her, why don't you ask your father to give you a seven. So she went with the intention of asking for asylum. But she didn't

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enter the room.

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And Jesus stood there for a little while, and she went back. Now, notice that she had comes after all of this finished, he came he went to her house and he asked her what do you do come UK So you came to see me? So she said as soon as she said, this is the this is the issue. I came because I am very tired with all the housework and all this. So if I can please have a servant nevertheless, Adam said Shall I tell you something which is better than that? Which will take away all your difficulties and tiredness and which will help you? And she said yes, Allah Please tell me what, what is it? And he's Allah, Allah Salam taught her this.

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So Han Allah Alhamdulillah and Allahu Akbar, and he said do it after every for salah and do it. The last thing is before sleeping in the night, and shall you do it is to do the secret before sleeping in the night, and he would blow on his

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on his blessed hands and he would pass them over his

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Whole body and this one if you do that you find you sleep well and you will not be tired inshallah we won't have any version to this dicker Fatima you do this and then you ended with Shiva La la la la la la la sharika lah hola como la lambda wala coalition Cody. After that. You say shadow Allah Allah Allah Allah Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola hung up while you meet you add this piece up where you meet wha wha la policia encoded and you say this 10 times. Now what is the benefit of this digger? personas are awesome said the one who does this research this 10 times he will get the reward of releasing 10 slaves and those also the most expensive of slaves of freeing 10 slaves.

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Now we live in a time when there is no slavery. But that is the good good side of it. The so called downside of it if you want if you want to call it is that we don't have the

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now the ability to free slaves because there are no slaves. So this one abaza we will be deprived off we cannot do this right if you want to earn Assad by freeing slaves, there are no slaves. So here is a way where you can get the reward of freeing slaves without spending one cent even even if you had the money without even spending was it which reward of freeing 10 slaves Can you imagine? 250 slaves per day

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the reward of freeing 50 slaves per day you're reading this decree 10 times after every Salah 550 slaves per day this is the reward of that and then his alarm allamani la Mata Mata

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and that is the end of the as car after the fourth salaat

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only then you raise your hand you make dua and then you stand up and either go home and do your Sona or you stand up and make this one here whichever is convenient for you inshallah, this is the proper way of doing the first Salah right not immediately as soon as you pray you make Solomon stand up and start praying. So now what should we do with this Coronavirus? Allah I mean, seriously think about this. First and foremost is the sin of deliberately not doing the not doing this one. Second thing is leave the sin aside leave the cinema say why do you want to deprive yourself of the enormous amount of blessings that are there in this huge as an act?

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What is the value and and I always remind myself if you are if you want to feel lazy or want to get up Think about your Think about this. What if I die now?

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Right? I did not do this car and I stood up and prayed sooner and I dropped it. Of course even then that's good because you dropped dead in the modules after Salah. But I'm saying that these has an act of dishonor did not come into our account obviously because you didn't do them. Now on the Day of Judgment. Now Michelle has an upset a person will enter Jana by the Rama of Allah subhanaw taala alone not by his actions. They asked him jasola What about you he said me also

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right? And then there's areas rather than Why must we do anything good he said because Allah will give you the levels in janitors are

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placed based on the good that you do. And in other areas is that a man will be sitting in Jannah and he will feel a beautiful breeze very fragrant breeze and he will say where is this breeze from the people who are there around him the whole time the the servers they visit this breeze is from one level above you from the agenda which is one level above your own. So the man was evil you know as well as somebody be higher than me. Maybe he did so many good things and he did a lot of the he will businessman will return or he didn't do all that. All he did was he said Subhana Allah one time more than you did in your life that's it.

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He just said so handloads

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Allah subhanaw taala

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Allah era with Allah

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mentioned you will be short. So obviously if somebody does one if he spends one cent more, if you spend one second more in the remembrance of Allah, if you put it to record more if you search Mr. Allah once more he has to be given the reward for this because Allah, Allah will not deprive him of the reward. Why will Allah Allah will give you

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now think about this day we deliberately left the Masood Azhar sin apart sin apart, you deprived yourself of the guarantee of john because you did not pray you did not recite Surah

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Al Ghazi you deprive yourself of the recitation of the Quran in the three surah of the Quran. you deprive yourself of the benefits of the zeker Fatima you deprived yourself of the benefit of

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Release intense lives, you deprive yourself of the benefit of the law. For what?

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Why did you deprive yourself who stopped you? It didn't cost any money who had the time you had the ledger everything? Why did you deprive yourself it doesn't make any sense whatsoever. So please make this into a into something like this I've seen this a Allah May Allah forgive us so many places so many places people who should know better people who know all of these artists

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who teach these artists May Allah forgive us

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we must learn to practice what we know

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not just leave it to something where we reside and we teach and we do this and that and then in our own life, somebody said in watching

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I think I just resigned I just explained the the the benefits of the budget, but I kept to the budget I come and relax

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and what is the point?

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Now please let us be very clear the the reward of the D reward of the knowledge is only when it is applied.

00:26:05 --> 00:26:08

There is no reward for just knowing something No.

00:26:09 --> 00:26:34

The reward is when it is applied. And therefore let us I always say I remind myself and I tell people, most people today the way we are here I'm talking about the so called educated people, Muslims, most of them already know enough to enter into Jannah even if they do not learn one single word more from today.

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Even if they learn nothing more from today even if they learn nothing more they already know enough 20 trillion.

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So what is stopping them? May Allah give them Jana am Allah May Allah give all of us Jana? What stops us is not the amount of knowledge what stops us is the amount of application we don't apply we know we know this we know this we know this and many people like to go and learn so they go and learn but then you ask what did you apply out of what you learned? Nothing

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that's why you know let's not do this to ourselves. Do not deprive yourself of the goodness that Allah has given us which comes to us free of cost. absolutely nobody you don't have to pay for it there's no money involved nothing just do it. That's all there is. So very very simple from today that has been Xenia we will never leave as soon as Mr cada deliberately and we will never not do the scar missoura after the fourth Salah we will do them always inshallah Allah, Masha Allah, maybe somebody was in some big hurry, you have gotten what runs away. That's okay, inshallah. But as far as possible, ensure that you do all of that all of the scar has to be out to be done as you're

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sitting. You complete all this. And then you can stand and pray. Sometimes people ask me,

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do I have to necessarily move to some other place to pray? No, you can pray in the same place. No problem. The question I'm moving is because as soon as I said that every piece of the earth where you pray, will bear witness on your behalf. And that's the reason why we move and we pray in different places. But there's not far to move. If you don't want to move, no problem. As long as you have prayed and done the sky, you can stand in the same place. And you can pray. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us to practice whatever we learn and we teach. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to bless us in keeping with his majesty and grace was Allah Allah will carry him while he was

Praying Sunnah and Masnoon Adhkaar

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