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Benard Amin

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Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Nabi you know have you been on Muhammad? You know on early he also homeodomain Oh God, Yahweh Imam on Muslim visa. Hey and see McCabe How are the Allahu Anhu on oil? Julija me Samara Raleigh Allahu Anhu. A Quinta to journalists wouldn't be here. So Allah, Allah, you earlier said, I'm here tonight, like him, I'm Muslim, right to us by a tabby. So you might have been horrible of your loved one and he is as is basically speaking to Joe but have been somewhat, which is one of the North Sahaba the Allahu Anhu. He asked him a question. And his question is, did you ever? I mean, imagine if you met someone who met the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was

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Salam. I mean, we all met, technically speaking, that's that hasn't died off, because you can meet your meeting, you meet scholars, you meet someone who met someone who met someone who met someone, but I mean, the chain gets long and there's longer the chain, and it kind of gets diluted a little bit. Even though you can you can find the planet probably find a chain of 2720 people, which is not that, you know, it's not that long. If you think about in the larger scheme of things. And this is still within this theme of significance of massage, you just look at it from a little bit of a different angle. But I think it would have been really

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must have been really hard for the tabula to accept that he was just one generation late. You know? Like, I we don't feel that because we're your generation number 30. Maybe you're 29 or 28, whatever, but generation two, like you were just born like a few years before you would have met the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam that's like really annoying like the fact that you didn't meet him so Allah he's like we send them so I can only imagine the time you're in always had questions for the Sahaba about the Prophet, what are your thoughts? And I mean, you can find them all through the books of Hadith and they're scattered around. But what they all have in common is like it's almost a it was

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like an embarrassing question they would ask like, they will just muster enough courage to ask another Sahaba what was the lake like just in your own words? Like just I know, I know the Quran is describes him and there are things we've memorized but you know, we can use that with him. But when you did it when you were there, like what was like sort of Allah Allah CIBJO Salam and there was always and those are the best. Those are my favorite because you always get like a very interesting description from them because they had that personal experience. And this one here is not as personal but it has a nice kind of flavor to it that is related to the to the theme Bacala Joe

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Burnham cathedra he said yes, very much. What kind of Salah Are you sell them it is also a lie a como masala who by the Salah is for behavior will gather at Tattoo shops, and he would never leave the messy dahlias thought was an after fajr until the sun came up, but he would stay in the masjid. And it's all the same sun came up you would sometimes run into a rod and Decker but also he would be he would would engage in conversation with God O'Connell. Yeah, hold on to V Emeril Jaya, Helia wire to her death rune fire Hakuna oitavos Some from Allah Azza wa Taala it Shamu calm. Whenever the whenever the sun came up, he would get up and he would leave. But the Sahaba would be sitting in the

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masjid. And they will be talking going back and forth. And sometimes they will be chatting about what happened in Jehovah, like just the days of Jehovah, not necessarily the days that they lived. But sometimes just the stories of the club that occurred during Shahinian. And this in their history is very rich. They knew their history really, really well. Again, because of the poetry, the poetry, poetry was written about every single incident that they'd memorize a lot of it so they knew their history well, and they knew the stories of the of the of the heroes and the wars and what occurred. So sometimes they would sit there, they talk about John Helia. And they would laugh, because it'd be

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like, say, some incident that occurred, that's funny, and the proper audio, so don't always smile, you would hear them speak and he would and he would smile. And the reason I'm saying this is because it kind of gives you I want you to get the idea of the environment of the message around the portfolio. So it was when he came, he prayed he sat for a while. He did something others did other things. They would chat. They would laugh, sometimes the Prophet alayhi salatu salam sometimes would also contributed come he would listen, you're talking about Jehovah, you wouldn't come and tell them Jania you shouldn't be talking. No, if they're chatting, they're laughing he would listen He would

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smile on his saw to Islam, and then go on his business. The Masjid was a place where they they were very comfortable. They were comfortable. Obviously he pointed out certain things he taught certain things don't come and buy and sell stuff inside of a messenger don't come and don't come in and preach Gianni via your product or preach your own agenda or try to try to promote your product don't do that stuff. Don't talk about haram obviously you're in the house of Allah subhanaw taala. But outside of that they were in there and there was within their element they they felt that they were very comfortable this they didn't feel that they had to be different than who they were and the

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profit out of your saw to Sam was didn't feel that he didn't have to be who he wanted to be. He would say it is when Sundance also began he would perform his garden and recite the Quran and make dua and all the scholars throughout history by the way did the same for as long as till this day like for as long as you go back in history and as far as you go till today, you still find the same habits that they had, but people used to sit around. So when people socialize in the messenger This is actually a really nice thing. It makes me happy. I love seeing people socializing decision.

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The only caveat I think, to socializing the message is just watching out not to basically walk in front of people who are praying or disturb someone who's trying to recite the Quran or revise the Quran or just just kind of be mindful of those around you are trying maybe to perform an act of worship or praying son or making dua or something, and been doing it too long, but socializing and msgid. And chatting and sharing good moments is what the message is one of the major functions of domestic and this is Joe, but even someone who has no recollection of the profile that you thought to him, he reminds him, it remembers him that way. You remember that after slot division, you could

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always go and catch him on his own for a moment on his salatu salam because he's sitting in his little son lentil soup. So you can catch him for a few months before the sun went up, and then walk with him when he would go and go by and give them to the groups that are sitting in the masjid who are chatting maybe about Malaysia Hindi and you'd find it funny when they said something that was worthy of a smile. Yeah, we'll email Muslim Pisa. Hey, Seema, can you call politically Jeremy Samara are the Allahu Anhu I couldn't do Jeremy Sunidhi your Salah hottie here early he was selling them. But now I'm cathedra honey, Allahu Allah, Allah. Allah Nam cathedra what kind of sorta Allah Allah

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Allah, Allah, Allah como en masala Hoover, I'd also like to say I will have either had Taco shops fade out Allah additions to come what can we hold on if you Emilija Healy Yeti Pyotr had the tuna wild lagoon, where it's the best and we'll never use it Allah Hi. Do you use it yourself? Samantha behind the shadow Allah Illa Illa untestable Hiroko to Blake start Allah wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad in on earliest remains luck and aloha