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This the year was 1999. called Hello how many years ago is 24 years ago 24 years ago in 1999. I was in Queens, New York. I was in second year of the third year of college. And there was an announcement that there's going to be an Arabic class in my neighborhood, by Dr. Of the semi, which I decided to take after having spent Ramadan with him. It was going to be a three week Crash Course six days a week, three nights of three hours every night. 7pm To 10pm Every night, for three weeks, only Sunday off. Okay, I used to work in the city. Flushing is all the way in Queens, it would take I would have to take the F train to the seven train to a bus to get to it will be an hour and 15

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minutes every day is for me to get there. Under good circumstances, train delays, bus delays. You know how that works in New York anyway. So I would finish college, I would finish work I would get on the train, I'd get to the class. And we got started at the time I knew how to read some Quran. I knew zero Arabic zero. And at the end of the first week our teacher was done. Or teachers obviously it was done teaching us the four properties of deism and he was done teaching us some things about Modafinil lawfully gentleman's role, and most nouns and adjectives. Okay, I'll give you the Arabic words for them to the noun is called most of the noun is called what bozhou

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give you that noun

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is Mo Souf.

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And the adjective is called the cipher.

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Okay, blue sofa. So that's our third fragment, a fourth fragment. Actually, we've got MODAF metafile. What's our second one? Jar module? We've got a third one half nasib and it's awesome. Fourth one Mozu sofa. Mazel Tov sofa, which means noun, adjective. Okay. So we did this stuff. And then we went to pray.

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And for the first time

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I understood what I said. I just said I was reciting it to myself. Speak louder hyung Rahim. How's it

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and I was I got lost into Smilla Rahmanir Rahim the whole Muslim

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homodyne happened I'm still thinking about I'm like I'm doing Subhanallah theme I'm still thinking what Bismillah Rouhani I'm stuck in it. You know why?

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I want to show you why because I want that experience for you

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that's what it is, isn't it? Let's be

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let's be half of

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judgment. gelatin. That's the jar

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isn't it? Okay, what's this me

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it's the mudroom isn't it? But it's also a mold off how do I know it's leveled off?

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It's late it doesn't have

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the word Allah he is. Jar because it's a

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walled off la you will be okay. What are the four properties of the word Allah He

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for properties status job.

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proper. Okay. Then the next word is a Rukmani for properties please.

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Job singular, masculine proper.

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We've already seen this. I saw just singular masculine proper already where?

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The word Allah so what is that word man?

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That must be the word Allah must be the

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noun what's the noun called? Mazel tov. And the word Rama and must be what CIFA and then I see a Rahimi.

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Rahimi, for properties jar singular, masculine.

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This must be another word,

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server because you can have more than one adjective right? You can have an old green car. You can have more than one adjective. And I started thinking buys a half of jell O.

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I know that and it made izmi Char is Misa MODAF. And the word Allah became Mala filet the word Allah is Mo su

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because it matches in four properties with Ramadan and also matches in four properties with a Rahim and I'm standing in the salon going

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I just understood that entire ayat of the Quran

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a whole idea that Allah revealed

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that I didn't know a week ago I didn't know any of that. An hour. I know everything that's happening inside the cya. I can connect it all and I kid you not the entire sulla I'm just bawling in tears because an IRA opened up to me

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I may die at the end of that Salah yeah Allah make the open up the entire Quran very

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elegantly Allah just let the entire Quran open up to me. I couldn't believe it. I could not a girl couldn't process how me sitting in Queens after a week is actually listening and reciting to myself Bismillah Al Rahman Rahim, and a revelation of God just became untranslated direct.

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I could I could feel it directly and know everything that's going on, even though there's so much more going on in Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Imam follow Dino Rossi wrote maybe 100 pages on just the Bismillah. And what's going on with it? But at least at the most basic level, I understood the mechanics of what is happening inside this ayah.

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So I wanted that to be your first IoT.

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This is your first time what did it involve? What rules of grammar? Did it involve? Did you see the four properties in here? So did we use the first semester? Did you use three of the four fragments? Which three fragments? Did you see?

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You see, hold off, hold off a what else? Do you see? You see jaramogi rule? What else do you see? You see muscle suffer.

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