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The title of the Bible is the largest and most commonly recited in the title, and the importance of finding a way to deal with it is discussed. The first version is the most popular and is the first time the book is recited. The title is a series of examples of the first version and is discussed in more detail. The speaker emphasizes the need to not overwhelm the people and finding a way to deal with it, while also highlighting the importance of finding a way to deal with life.

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Hey, welcome to a little bit I mean, a lot more social selling work. I

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it's all the intention

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for the next

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number of days during the world is also the inevitable why is that prior to Asia, maybe 1015 minutes to Asia,

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I give a small, less than I talk about maybe the Sutras, the Quran, in terms of their purpose and their goals, hopefully to enhance the experience of those of you who are reading the Quran,

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especially those who find difficulty in understanding the meanings of the words or find those students to be sometimes overwhelming if they're so big and so large. So the goal for me is inshallah to offer you

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a basic compass, just so you know, what the suit is basically talking about what they're just so I'll start with the beginning. And I'll start with the foot first. Sudo not the first actually the second sudo Nakara. And you will say, Well, why don't you talk about fact? Yeah, first Well, that's not that's not gonna happen as soon as it has. It's impossible to speak or certify not in one of these lessons not in two of these dozens, not in you know 1000 lessons and in no way and no no for him is are we able to explain to the 30 How, why because not only is the Orion summarize, but all the books of Allah subhana wa Tada since the since Adam, till this day, all the meanings of all

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these books are summarized between a year cannot go to a year can sustain. And this is what the Prophet was sending him was telling us and this was our scholars have taught us it was impossible to actually break down into the 34 it is miraculous no matter how you look at it, no matter what angle you use certain side has a miraculous Surah it's a beautiful Surah it is the key it's called the Chinese opening but also means the key is the key. No sutra in the Quran can be recited or understood, unless you have certain VITAC sitting right there as your reference is the reference code for every sword in the Quran. That's why I can't stand up in Salah and so you can spend money

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on Mahima live learn how to read fighting oppression if I don't you have to tell me and if I don't do it, then the salah doesn't doesn't count. Why? Because no surah in the Quran has his own reference. In fact, he has the reference to everything. So if you read a word in the Quran, and you're not sure, could it mean this? Or can it mean that you go back to the Fatiha and say what is it? What is the meaning of what am I telling me it's supposed to be and that's what it's going to be because nothing goes against. It is the reference for every word within the Quran is the reference to every word that Allah subhanaw taala has ever sent to any profit throughout history. And that is

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why I'm not going to talk about the fact

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that it's too it's too overwhelming for someone like me to speak up for the fact but what I will try to do is giving you some maybe the purpose of the goal of this tours that are going to come after so it will belcarra for example we're going to start with that insha Allah with whatever time we have left so we've got about Tara is probably is not probably it is the longest surah in the Quran, it's enlighten you sorrows it was revealed to the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam during the early mid any time not all of it, but most of it and then certain parts of it were revealed towards the end of his life some of them to the point where the last that was ever revealed to him it so it was an agency

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with the Bukhara that will be recited today in sha Allah what the Omen told you everyone Fe Isla is the last I

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was there with the prophets of Allah I said them from the moment he entered Medina to the day he passed away.

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That's why they call them Jamia encompasses everything not only does it encompass everything Islamically and encompass most of his life on a slight twist in most of the story of Islam. So what is the purpose of what you're talking about? It's actually it's the longest is the easiest one of all to speak of the gold meaning is you can you will not get lost when you're looking at sort of a buckler trying to figure out what is it trying to tell me there's all these stories and in all these gun rulings, and do they have a common thread? Is there something that is taking this all these different stories and all these pages in light? In one direction? Most definitely there is the first

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20 that are the most demanded the introduction. These verses are underrated, they're not recited as much as they need to be the first 29 i My advice to you is go back and recite the first 29 A few more times it's the introduction of the whole Quran within them you will find every ethic and every every meaning and every value that you could possibly hope for you will find encompassed in these 29 verses at the beginning. The moment that 29 verses are done. I am number 30 states immediately what the school is going to be talking about. We've gone off Booker T in Niger you don't fill out the Khalifa right at the beginning of the Quran, the job is given the job district description for human

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beings is immediately given within life. What are you here to do? Why were you created and where are you going? This is what you are you are a Halifa this is your job. This is why you're here right at the beginning of the Quran. Some people don't sometimes we think this is something that was picked up throughout you know reciting the homeless up No, no, no. If you read the most half from the beginning going down, you'll be given the reference key right at the beginning of adversity. And then after the introduction, which is very important. Right after the introduction you're given the goal you're given the purpose you're given your job you want to khalifa that is what you're here to

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do. Now the continuation is going to be examples examples of the first Khalifa

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domani center that's why he comes into story he's the first one he's number one human being He's the first person to be given that job description no one before him was told you are a Khalifa he's the first one to be told. Meaning that he's going to be the example for us to learn from what is it going to mean? And so I got a story. The story of Adam on Instagram agenda with our is encompassed is explained in a bit more detail in this first version within SUTA through Bacara. After that, immediately, you're going to find pages of Bonita saw you page after page have been used to lead why? Because he's going to give us a Panatela. Two more examples, examples of those who are given

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the job of Khalifa of someone who is responsible for something in someone else's name. That is the best I can do to translate it to you. You can afford it you can tell me Well, a steward is a good translation maybe I've never used the word stored in a sentence in my life. But I can tell you what Khalifa means practically it is someone who is doing a job in the name of someone else, you are doing a job in the name of Allah subhanaw taala. That's what we're here to do. We're here to take care of the earth in his name. That's that's the job description. So we were given two examples right after Dumanis to them an example of those who messed it up. They messed it up pretty bad. But

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it was one it made every mistake in the book. Not everything about them is wrong, that everything about them is bad. But it's a Panda was Alex showed us all the times where he told them to do things and they made mistakes, or when he told them to do things, they did it right. And then made mistakes later and didn't fix it. And he showed us every single mistake but it was like he was filled into any states that they are Khalifa where you have any slot either. It will go on empty ility and I'm Dr. Aiken, one me felt multiple choice until tomorrow. And he felt well to me and I have chosen you upon everyone. over everyone. I've chosen you to be the Hoda and they didn't do a good job. And then

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in the same Surah we have an example of someone who did it well, who was the example of the person who did it really well also word for word, Ibrahim it is to them.

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In Niger Iluka, what in Nursey email, you're going to be an email, you're going to be someone who will lead others. And an example of someone who took this is develop the concept of being a Khalifa and perfected Italica salatu salam. And that's the first part of the that's the first use of this within Bukhara and then from number two till the end of the surah. When you look at it, you feel this this constant struggle of life. Every problem you can imagine dictatorship you'll find it in the Surah bravery and courage and sacrifice you'll find it in that Surah oppression and aggression towards those who are weaker to those to those towards those who are less fortunate. You will find

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it in the sutra you will find problems within families, you'll find problems between spouses, you'll find problems that are financial, the whole sooner is as big struggle. Because as a Khalifa, this struggle is real. Your struggle as a Khalifa is going to be within life. And these are the types of struggles that you're going to see. And he gives us a pilot which I know how to deal with him. That's why it's worth to dakara the men hedge the actual system of life is all there. The full system is there. You want the diamond Dean, Florida is there. So yeah, I miss that. That's why we know that's where we know that a lot of siyanda you recite Ramadan Sakara hydrogen will hedge is

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historical Batara

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she heard the concept of fighting for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala standing up for what is right you will find it and suitable belcarra When you're talking about a financial system, the first time we've ever spoken out against clearly wasn't so difficult on your insight you'll hear recited today, when it talks about the related social relationships you will find pull up and so much all through through through Bacara in detail sometimes in detail how you're supposed to manage this.

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So the whole surah is this big struggle. Why? Here's a system of life. Here's a system you want here's the message and here's the struggle you're gonna find and all the problems that come with it. And here's the way you're supposed to deal with it.

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You can get overwhelmed when you're used to it the belcarra You really can't. And so Paula was made long so even those who memorize it feel overwhelmed by it at the beginning. All the students like what how long is it you tell them is to use it in almost a half and like no no, it's impossible. I could barely erase the photo when I was like how am I supposed to memorize it can be overwhelming for a moment.

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But it isn't and ask any helpful when you have it'll tell you the easiest suitor for them is to resize with Bacara after you spent some time after this whole struggle is big struggle coming across is that are the best the strongest is in the Quran Allah who tell you that hey you know what how you play you're coming across Nicola has been putting down a very clear ruling that there's no coercion and religion giving you stories that Ibrahim Ali Saddam and there was a lot of people who have resurrection of people who have philosophical questions, you know, how do you do it? And why do you do it? As explained to me I want to see has everything in it, just struggle upon struggle, come at

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the end of it.

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Just as you start to feel a bit overwhelmed with this whole message, you were given a job and you're Khalifa has a lot to process and then you were given examples of whoever who did not do well at all and now you feel scared. They will give an example someone did really really well I mean, but he's too great for me to be like so I'm even more scared and now you give me this Manhattan

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As all these problems and difficulties and difference of opinions and it's very comprehensive and deep when you feel feel even more overwhelmed, it comes to the end of the suit and Allah subhanaw taala makes it easy. He says, Now you can live Allahu nevsun

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I'm only asking what you can say but while you have accessibility, then he gives you a DUA to say to that so this will come easy for you. What are you going to say that the only place you find this dry in the Quran a lot better to ask it in nesina I guess you've given us a beautiful system. But please do not. Don't hold us accountable when we forget and make mistakes have been our

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Hamilton who want to live in a public arena. And when we make these mistakes you help don't hold us to these mistakes. Don't remind us of these mistakes. Don't punish us for these mistakes have been our two Hominem Alpar catalana and don't overwhelm us and overload us with that which we cannot carry waffle on.

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At the end of the story, find this dua that makes everything better. So we love it. That's why the prophets I said and told us memorize the last, the last couple of agents who would have to buckle and recite them all the time because they didn't make it easy for you after this very overwhelming Surah that explains to you at the beginning of the Quran, the job and everything that comes with that job. Remind yourself you're not He's not asking you for more than you want you can and that he will forgive you and continue to ask him for that. I hope that was beneficial. And Charlotte tomorrow we'll talk about Milan so panic about your home because you're either too late or something