The Significance of Jummah and Working Together

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Jummah Prayer

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Alhamdulillah he from Al Hamdulillah

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Al Hamdulillah he didn't want to stay you know what a study he went to still a funeral home when a stone Cyril

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when are we will be learning in Cerulean fusina Women say Dr. Lena Maria de la mouline Lola woman Yobe lil voluntad je de la Hui Walia Murshida wash hadoo Allah Illa Illa Allah Who are the hula Cherie kala Isla Hanwha hidden a hidden summer the Lamia tell he saw he Burton Walla Walla Walla Mia Kula who Khufu one had where she had one another Jana or are we mana Mohan Madonna Abdullah he was a pseudo well Sophie you home in Hawaii? Well Habib Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Ijeoma ain wa add your own or Jalla Jalla Allahu framework me Tenzin Yeah, you are Lavina Manu, either nudie or your Salah Timmy Oh mill do Marathi for SAO Isla

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de Rila. He was ruled by the leikam Hi, yo lecom In Kuntum Tala moon.

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Before I start on or embark on a new series, which is usually how I run Jomar hotbeds, for the next week, or a couple of weeks, a few topics I just want to talk about in the miscellaneous manner because I think they're worth talking about. And over, maybe three or four weeks, within August,

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I did a series on the significance of Joomla after a shot small Hadith and some commentary on them, and they're all put together and you can you can access them if you want. And I wanted to give a bump to kind of summarize why I think it's something worth talking about. Although you may feel that it's a

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recycled topic.

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Jomar is an extremely significant and unique aspect of our deen. It's very powerful, and it's very meaningful. And I can attest that without Jamal being a part of our deen Islam wouldn't be what it is today in terms of the numbers and in terms of the spread. Joomla is our anchor always has been

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to three Muslims find find them each other somewhere in

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the middle of nowhere. They establish a jamaa they find a room and they started Joma

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And that's how communities are built.

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And I feel like especially after COVID There was a little bit of a drop off in terms of how we attended and how we treat it.

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And not not to say that before it was perfect, but I feel it a little more clearly now and I want to address it and today specifically because my younger brothers and sisters don't have school I want them to hear this because it really is for you more than anyone else. So I'm going to share with you a few Hadith the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam says the Hadith narrated by Imam necessity and Buddha wouldn't even merge and others Rachel's by Oh someone else with a lot of it is salatu salam says in them in alpha barley, Macomb yo Mel Jumuah V holy war fee him well he knows how to have Eagle soft perkville minnows sala de la vie for in La sala Chaco Maru la probably usato Sanjay

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amongst the best days of all your days at the gym. Ah, that's when Adam was created. That's when he died. That's when the novella happens. Osaka happens

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and your salah upon him it your Salatu Salam is given to he sees it is displayed for him out of your salatu salam, especially on that day specifically on Jomar. It's very clearly displayed for him. And he responds to you I used to refer to them because Yo Ma is our celebratory day of the week. You only have two days of aid, but every week we have a celebratory day. It's Jo ma it's not like how other faiths do deal with their with their day. Allah subhanaw taala does not need rest. He didn't rest on the seventh stage. Allah Allah, Allah Allah. And it's not haram for you to work on Friday, you work on Friday. It's just you treat the prayer of Joomla with a certain degree of respect and

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significance. And you celebrate that the way Allah subhanaw taala commanded us to do so. Which is what the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and the Hadith that I put together on 20 of them, explained to us this is a topic that the Prophet Alexandra was very clear upon. It's very clear on this, that I'm going to tell you why inshallah at the end, how do you think because he's really says a lot to us and is a very Hadith that encompasses the whole idea. I don't have to write too many of them for you. Now. Yeah, that's your mojo.

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Well, Takaharu messed up. I'm in Turin. We had Dehaene who messed up I'm in doing in Wi Fi. Yeah, boom and LTV LTV. So Maya Hello Julia. You've already Cobain ethane for your Salima coup de vida who were standing early Emami Wolfie Rolla who Minato Marathi La Jolla, that a person will not

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take the shower of the day of Jomar and then get dressed and good clothes and make sure they smell good. And they leave early and they don't walk in pushing people aside because they want to get up front and they listen to the Imam except their sins will be forgiven from one job to the other. I just thought Dorsett would be much more specific and you say that if you speak if you tell someone who's talking beside you to not to listen, then that's level accoglienza. Meaning you have you've already ruined the job of your Joomla well Malaga find out gem wa taala. If you communicate with anyone within Jomar time, aside from Allah and the Imam was speaking to you, then you lose the full

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agenda of Jamal. Any form of communication when you check your phone during Salah then you don't check it during Jomar just like you wouldn't do it in the middle of Bahadur prayer and take out and take a look you don't do it during gym I either you can't attend gym or without will do because it's a part of Freya loads for rakaats we only do two because these are the other two. What we're doing right now this is Salah, this is a form of Salah, no communication with anyone but ALLAH SubhanA was beautiful because we come together because we're supposed to come together the Hadith narrated by Muhammad with an acceptable chain of narration by Abizaid laudry Allahu Anhu. The prophet Isaiah

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Sado Sudan was saying that kind of Omar Jamar colorada, Tilly Mullah eager to Allah Abu Dhabi masajid they look to guna Nisa, the miners at him. Now you can sit in front of any masjid and they write down who was coming they write down based on when they came and how they came like whether they actually treated Yamaha with the respect it deserved or whether they did not and they right in front of their names whether this is an A was on my favor or B or a C and what they get in terms of reward via either GLSL eemaan Or I remember once a man sits on the number two we are to Soho they closed their their document their records, while duck God will message you the yes time your own

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vehicle and then they can come into the message they listen like you. So right now you're in the presence of them. You may not feel it we don't feel it because we have lost all sensitivity spiritually. But they're amongst you today. You can't really say that with certainty any other time. You can you can say most likely at this time at present most likely and you will be correct but you can ever say with certainty really outside of a few places times, times and places Jomar being one of them. But there are amongst you as you attend Jomar you have the bollock of Allah subhanaw taala and the bulk of them and his angels amongst you drink Jomar this the significance of it it's very

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Muhammad me now I'm gonna lie to me in his in his collection now raised to us a an authentic hadith

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With a provider, you saw him on the member and a guy walks in. And the guy is like putting his walking wants to come sit up front, he sees a spot. So he comes up front. He's putting his feet right beside people's heads as he walks ahead of them. And the provider you saw to him says my dad walk while I'm in.

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Yours. Tahuna told me you're doing that, you know, Joe Maratea. Boehner in the nursery he was doing at home. Why do people waste time on Joomla and then come in late and put their feet in front of people's heads, they want to come up front so the guy says yada, yada, that's not the case. But I fell asleep. I fell asleep I woke up and I made will do and I came to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam didn't accept his apology. But Li OMA will do in whether this is the day where you make or don't come to the masjid. That's what we taught you that the day of June was a day where you just make we're doing calm? No. Did you have Joma you have a shower, you get dressed, right? You come

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early is Jomar. It's a day that Allah subhanaw taala specified for you. It's meaningful. There's something there. There's an hour within Jamal where if you ask Allah something, you're accepted immediately. It's like Ramadan, you know, there's an hour, we don't know what it is. Most scholars say is that right before it's like the Jomar sootel curve and to sit and make dua and this is the beauty of what this day is for us. And we should never, ever let it go. Now Joomla is much more I'm just giving you the idea of of Joomla. You're not allowed to harm people when it comes to Joomla. Ever. So please watch out when you're coming for Joomla where you park and how you park and how you

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drive. Because when you if you come if you harm people on the way here, it doesn't make up for anything. Allah subhanaw taala is not he's not because it's your mind. It's okay. No, it's not, it's not okay at all. If you're late and you can't make it, then you're looking don't make it and you carry the responsibility for being late and not making it and not leaving early and planning your day. So you can make it to Jomar. And that goes for everyone, specifically men, you have no excuse. There is no, there's no valid. There's a few valid excuses. Like if you're a pilot, probably you shouldn't leave the plane and go pray. If you're a surgeon, maybe don't leave the guy open and go

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pray. Maybe there's a couple of exceptions to this rule fine. But outside of that, you have to pray jhamora And you have to let those around you that this is the time for your warship and you go for it. It's your right is your constitutional rights. And more importantly, is your Islamic obligation. And I'm saying this from the younger kids here. This is something you have to understand you're obligated to pray Jomar, go to your schools, go to the people go to the administration at your schools and ask for space for jhamora and then assemble even if it's two or three people and pray Jamar like I don't there's no hopefully, you will be the athlete come I'll tell you how to give a

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hope back in five minutes. You can even say something simple. You don't have to give a an hour and a half, you can do something quick and pray and get the pleasure of jhamora. Honestly, I think we don't need to do that. I think students should be able to come and pray in the massages of the city and actually learn something but I'm okay at least with that. But we cannot, under any circumstance give up our right of Jamar we were not allowed to Islamically we're not allowed to jhamora does five things, five basic things. Now you can argue that they haven't been it hasn't been doing those five basic things.

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Fine, maybe it hasn't. But this is what Joomla is for Joomla is for leadership, leadership in whatever form that looks like in this community. It's not political. And it's not really financial. It's not social. It's just spiritual. We try to offer some degree of spiritual leadership, maybe some organization or community programming. That's what we try to do. That's what leadership we have. Joe Mauer used to be bigger than that Yo Ma, usually much more meaningful than that the leader of the community would get on the phone and speak and give the plan and say what the next steps are going to be. And people would get on board with the movement. And they had they all had the same

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vision that was very important for the community to actually function. Dysfunctional communities come from the fact that there's no there's no, there's no vision.

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There's no you're not there's no United States. We don't know what we're doing. Because I know leadership. And our canoes, we can do it because Joomla is there Joomla is installed by God so that we can have leadership, how we mess that up is beyond me. I think it's worth a couple of PhD dissertations for sure. Figure out how we managed to mess this up. Because right now this is their how many million domains are happening today, all across the world. Muslims are the majority of Muslims going to attend just a little bit of guidance, a little bit of vision, you can move things you can make differences for people, you can improve their lives, you can improve their well being

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and you can you can get rid of problems. So for leadership, number two for an identity, it's a part of who you are. It brings you back to what you're a part of. As a Muslim, you're your identity. A part of it is the significance of Jamal and the prayer of Jehovah and being listening. It's a part of our especially here it's a part of our identity for sure. Maybe I'll swear it doesn't it's not as true but for sure here it is. It's a really strong piece of their identity. So your kids they should no no you take take them out of school, take them to Jomar let them this isn't a big deal. There's a part of who you are, you're Muslim you attend this and that will do something for them from an

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identity perspective or three. It's for the remembrance of Allah subhana wa Tada in case all week, he got busy, you come to the masjid and hopefully someone like me is able to

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To remind you of the grace and the magnificence and the supremacy and the forgiveness and the love of Allah, the Almighty subhanho wa Taala and bring your heart maybe a little bit closer to him, gentle Allah Allahu, and help you take a step back and reevaluate your life and be a little bit better. That's the point of the vicar. Number four is for I didn't ask for knowledge to make sure that the narrative is clear to make sure people understand what their deen is about that there's that we remove ambiguity. And we provide clarity in terms of the knowledge that people need to move forward within within their daily lives and as a community. And number five, for Gemma, the sense of

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togetherness, the sense of unity, that we're a group, we don't pray alone, even though it's a really intimate action. Prayer is very intimate. It's very personal. You're speaking to God, you're speaking to Allah subhanaw taala. It's very intimate, but you do it in group and not in a small one, and a big one, the big group or it's hot and sweaty, and you do it anyways, because it's a part of the Jamar. And these are the five issues. These are the five basic messages that Jama offer, maybe

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we haven't been doing an amazing job at that, I'll give you it. But it doesn't mean that your mind loses its significance. All that means that people have to start actually attending more and demanding more from those who offer it. And I specifically give this quote but today, if you're young and you're at school, you're not exempted from Joomla. If you're a student and a university, you're not exempted for Joomla. If you work, you have a job, you're not exempted from Joomla. We have to you cannot give up your rights. This is your rights. You have the right to a religious time to go and pray. And you should never give that up. You should never give that I'll tell you what

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happened when I first went into residency and the first time I came. And I said is there no like? Do we not get like a timing for Jamal? I asked the program director didn't get time for Jamar, the answer was the following. Well, none of the Muslim doctors before you ask for it. That was the answer. So I went to the Muslim doctors before me and had my way.

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Of course you should have you ask you ask for what you don't want to pray don't but ask for it. Because when you don't ask for it, then I don't get it. And then no one does. You never give up what is yours. Joomla is a part of who we are. You should never give it up. You should make sure that you attend it, you should ask for it. And then when we do so we got

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we got it and it's respected and it's protected time and people can pray Joomla you don't have to we don't have to run to my weird times. We don't have to be running really quickly for Joomla because people want to get out here we can actually enjoy the beauty of what Serato Joomla is and the celebratory hour that it is for us as people and actually enjoy and embrace all of the top all of the reasons for why Allah subhanaw taala made it mandatory to upon us when he was watching football tealium I kneel tomorrow, because when I look at the semi regular kala for the whole football Mikado akademin will come on what they've done and somebody's not getting out there. And then I know he if

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he hadn't noticed me a small fee him. A SWAT swatting was been in besotted genre. I tell me no, Domino, el Medina, but we're not going up and the Lithuanian shown if you had the blood fit, you follow Him? Honey Ma, ma 30 ohms Roma, Kava Kava Islamiat MTS Jamila assessor her nebula usato Samia Michaela Milla Hello Sheila lagoon, Jory Latvia Cornelia Muslimeen Thea, the Akula him who we had years ago to Allah be at the Alamo. Ah Tammy

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Jamila, Jamil jhamora. Well I Nina and Nadia yo Mojo Marathi Allah Maha

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Maha Dunham is on your arm will be chuckling mataram Lamborghini Linssen yet to muda urine and he Ito when I'm when I'm your Combi? sunnah Naomi Jo Ma.

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And y'all TNF cielo jet and anomaly one out there Oh sweater. Allah who may look

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Merlin Darko huffy Madonna special weather clean now Allah Ganesha Rahho Seamus alhaja a machine was added for concurrency Samuel ml Jamara. I will name your module Marathi basic I live with Emma who embody Coda hula took of them at home yomo Jomar allow them to home a fedora Salatin Jamara with the Yahoos know how they are more aid, are they Oh, yeah, TV fatale mela BC here we have Quran the Quran Allah Hua drew where you're standing, Bobby He wants to know thicker

00:19:12--> 00:19:19

as you enter either the gym or RTF to Omaha when are you been shut down older than a female daddy see him and your co movies Salatin Jomar.

00:19:21--> 00:19:28

One like this Latin lion, Bahia and methanosarcina Woman Pina haka, feed the store Hoonah.

00:19:30--> 00:19:38

Well done. Now if he stood whether he was soaking wet, or if he had the kalam Kulu that demon Bella has been at the store when I stumbled

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on my coffee Bula Vinaka

00:19:42--> 00:19:53

whatever. alayka and Daffy and he didn't have sick melamine as you heard him and let him talk to him or Watson just announced that one homoerotic Oklahoma attorney, Rob

00:19:54--> 00:19:59

yata. Do you know who Allatheena Zuly here and how to hate him I can just hear or listen to my own sir. Why?

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Earlier tonight and I said, I'm happy and healthy. Dean even healthy will help the Omen Jomar Well, Hi, I'm Ron O'Meara and I became activated i subhanho wa Taala will help you remember who

00:20:11--> 00:20:16

was talking with hola hola. You were looking for stuff you know we all felt like OMYA Fosun mustafina stuff Hiruma

00:20:29--> 00:21:02

Hamdulillah he was sort Allahu wa salam O Allah, Allah may Allah be about the Hawaiian early he was so happy he'll Manitoba and Niger who will refer I can rant on Jamal for a very long time. But I'm gonna end with Daniel Keep it keep it that keep it simple for you. I'll add a few things more. But one of the things he used your mind force on Allah Hafiz Abdul Salam is to explain where the Muslims were and where they needed to go and what they were trying to do that was an important use of his Joomla and today I'm going to take a few moments and just share with you our philosophy or the philosophy that we built this place upon and share with you some information and offer you a pitch

00:21:02--> 00:21:16

inshallah the brother Alia sauce I'm gonna do the whole time, he did not run fundraisers. And if you know me, you know that I this is something I have a chip on my shoulder when it comes to I don't like it. I don't like the concept of masajid. And Islamic institutions functioning as

00:21:17--> 00:21:48

functioning as businesses looking at people walking through the door as daughter as dollar bills, always having their hands in people's pockets, interrupting salawat and Ramadan and other important moments and forcing people to give before they leave. I don't like it is disrespectful. Because masajid are places of service. First and foremost is a place of service. If you if you take upon yourself to work in a masjid, then you're just saying, I on behalf of you all, I will serve those who come here. And that's just what this is, you're here to serve anybody to Allah and make sure that they're taking care of you're doing something for them. And it's a blessing. And today I'm not

00:21:48--> 00:22:02

here to brag by any form or meanings actually what I'm here to do is to show you the blessing of Allah subhanaw taala upon us how Allah is bounty upon me specifically and upon this team is beyond what I can explain because we've been very fortunate, very blessed to be able to serve and do things for people.

00:22:03--> 00:22:17

But he did not he saw to us and I'm on the member, he was the member, he will explain the vision where they are where they need to go. And then people can would pitch in with whatever they had some will fishing with their time somebody with their with their efforts on with their wealth with whatever people had.

00:22:18--> 00:22:21

I'm gonna go through, I'm not gonna I'm trying to not take too much time with this.

00:22:23--> 00:22:57

There's a couple of slides to show you how far we've come over the last over the last year and a half. And the reason that I'm doing this, that recently, I'm glad we were able to obtain charity status. Before that we didn't we didn't have charities as before, the way we ran was the generous help from a lot of specific individuals that preferred to go unnamed. And may Allah subhanaw taala reward them getting the charity status took a very long time to wait, it took a year longer than I thought it was going to take poor planning on my behalf. May Allah grant the angel for those who worked on it very hard because it took a lot of work as well in the background. Right now, the

00:22:57--> 00:22:58

number of programs that we run

00:22:59--> 00:23:33

is some of them are up there. Yeah. When it comes to the give you examples for the Quran program, for example, men, boys and girls is over 250 And there's 200 on the waiting list. I'm gonna give you waiting lists numbers, you understand what I'm doing here 200 on the waiting list for the adult program men and women with different obviously proficiencies is 100 100 People that come for the amount of ontwikkelen you are 450 students that have taken courses 130 students have actually are more than 130 have been given certificates through this through this academy so far, the youth development program last year, we ran with around 250 Students with another maybe 70 on the waiting

00:23:33--> 00:24:12

list this year, we had to break down a little bit back to country down the numbers because it was got too busy. So you have 100 and roughly 150 students in that program with 100 and you're on the waiting list. And that's not counting all the other communal and social activities that you see up there. Most of the people have not the vast majority of them who work here are volunteers myself none of this is paid we're not looking for it to be paid or refuse to be for it to be paid shekels Janabi brother hug Muhammad, the sisters who run the the mentorship programs, the majority of people who work here are volunteers. They don't they don't want money. And we're not actually asking for

00:24:12--> 00:24:43

that to change. We want that to stay the same. The philosophy for me was that instead of starting an institution and putting your hand in people's pockets right off the bat and asking, Okay, give us money, which is the bad reputation that not only Islamic institutions have, but all religious organizations throughout history have had that you go and they just ask you to donate always give us give us more. Give us give us as much as you can. I don't like that. I thought that was people were fed up with it. I was fed up with it. So we decided I'm going to run it a full year and not say a word. You don't hear anything about fundraising just here's what we can do. Here's the number of

00:24:43--> 00:24:50

services that we can offer. Hopefully, Inshallah, you'll feel that this place is trying to actually push, push the needle, push the wheel a bit and move the needle.

00:24:51--> 00:24:55

And 100 We tried our best to achieve that to the best of obviously to the best of our ability.

00:24:56--> 00:25:00

And then the idea is after that if you serve for a year and

00:25:00--> 00:25:31

during a year and a half, if people find value in it, and we reach out for support, then that support will come through naturally. Actually, the way that I see it is that if we look for support, and we don't get it, that usually means that we're not really doing well. That's how I look at it. Like if you're asking for support and people aren't willing to support you, probably means that you're not offering anything beneficial to them. So you should either go back to the drawing board or shut down, because it's not really worth the time. And to me, that's as simple as that we run we serve and then we asked to be supported to run continue to run things to make sure that we have the

00:25:31--> 00:26:02

ability to pay the hired employees for some of these programs because you need people who are not always volunteers but people can be paid for stuff and to provide whatever stationery or or content that is required or make sure that the maintenance of the place continues to be taken care of. And if that comes through, then we're able to continue if it doesn't, then we know that this is not worth your time. And we know I can go and find something else to do with my time but this is the idea behind it. What we're looking for today inshallah and I just wanted to share with you a few slides of the

00:26:03--> 00:26:09

this is actually what's running on a daily basis in the messaging you will share these slides with you can take a look and you can see what what you're interested in

00:26:11--> 00:26:14

what I'm what I think is the benefit for us is that

00:26:16--> 00:26:44

if you feel that what we're doing is helpful to you or to the community and the philosophy here is that you come in you get served you don't make people pay for anything here all of the all the services that we offer are free. We don't I this is you some people may disagree with me and say no, you should. I don't like it. I don't think we need to, I don't think we need I think most of you should be able to offer the Muslims this the message is for Muslims, you should be able to walk in here and be served without someone asking you for to be to pay for anything. That's what I believe. Some people disagree with me. But that's that's my philosophy on the matter.

00:26:45--> 00:27:23

That if we can do a something that's monthly, so if you're thinking I want to support and but I don't have a lot, I can do 100 Don't put 100 Divide that by 12 and putting something monthly, I need to know how to pace myself, this place has to figure out what pace we have and how far we can spread our wings and what can we cover and what we what we can't because when I talk about waiting lists, they're only getting bigger. And we have to figure out okay, how far can we go how many people can we actually hire and what can we think about in terms of moving expanding and actually doing some more work? So what I'm what we're looking for is if you feel obliged to do so if there's something

00:27:23--> 00:27:52

that makes sense to you and you think it's helpful think of something that works for you do not overburden yourself I am not I'm not here to give you an emotional pitch so that you go ahead and and you know give more than you can you bite more than you can chew and give more than you can afford no that's not what I'm looking at. For something that works for you. That gives us an idea of how much we can actually move forward the financial statements of this place will be shared in the near future we'll give you will explain exactly how much there is exactly how much it's costing a month and we'll show you then you can take a look at it you can make a decision in terms of how much

00:27:52--> 00:28:25

you feel you want to participate in contributing help the profit it slows down did this as simple as I'm explaining to you even with less rest words he would just say this what we're doing, how much we need he put his body his thoughts was when people would offer whatever they could offer and that's how they built almost everything in Medina and that's how they built not just the massage it and and the homes and that's how they built their armies to defend themselves and to make sure that they that they lived long. And this is what you know, I believe the member is for I think the I believe the member is designed to do that. I don't think we need to take a hotel somewhere downst town and

00:28:25--> 00:28:56

make the ticket 250 bucks. And we all come in suits and say I don't like it. I'll I'll say it up. I don't like it. And I will continue to say I don't like it and every time they do it, I'll tell them this is not right. This is not how you do it is not how you fundraise. This is not how you fund Muslims don't do it that way. We're only the ones who can afford a table of 300 bucks to go no, you fundraise you show people what you're doing where you're going if they believe in it, they struggle but if not, then you're not doing what they want and then you have to go back and you have to figure out what it is that people are actually looking for. That is how this has to run. And that's that's

00:28:56--> 00:29:33

my philosophy on it now I could be wrong but that's what I think although items are a little data item is is the best bet. So that's what we're offering today we're this is the pitch the the the QR code is there you can choose what programs you would like to help out we're gonna keep it up in Charlotte we are able to offer Charlotte tax receipts moving forward and for those who want that we weren't able to do that before which is why we never talked about this before. I don't plan to pitch this every week or every month or even every I plan for the one time I explain what we're doing and then you make your decision on how you want to move forward depending on how you feel this is this

00:29:33--> 00:30:00

is this is working for you and shoulder what serve the value of the services that you're receiving. I hope that was of benefit for all of you. While I'm on Aloha, I'm not gonna be I'm Marina Lehman for fall in Allah Who am Allah Iike who use Aluna Alain de yeah you Aladeen Manuel solo Ali he was a limitless Lima Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed the muscle later Allah Ibrahim Ibrahim barbaric Allah Mohammed in wider early Mohammed their metabolic dalla Ibrahim Ibrahim Filomena in

00:30:00--> 00:30:03

NECA hamidou Majeed what are the Allahu Akbar? Allahu Allah Azza

00:30:05--> 00:30:41

wa rahmatullah wa MANOVA. Lee what are the Allahu man as well gee on May 13, meaning one early HIPAA UD in a PA hearing one on Sahaba to hilgard in Miami Juanita in elementary at home via stern in either your mid Nene one medica or hamara he mean Allah Who loves visiting Muslim you know what it must be not well meaning you know me not Allah Yeah Even while I'm watching Allahumma featheredge whom and Muhammad Amin when at the school when microbeam What if I love them and you love them will mean what a very golden man in love blue mean watching Dima and our Dima and Muslim mean Allah whom I'm sorry Fernando Morabito enough and msg de la casa Waldo enough and I urge you to look at the

00:30:41--> 00:30:53

outro but I mean, we're not gonna add your Marina elago Isla de Nicola dungeon era, Otto Ballina and Jamie is going to be in October not so hard to hear now be helpful when we're just certain Maru. Ha my mother Alec Alec Allahumma via Aziz with

00:30:55--> 00:31:06

me, Allah in Allah. Yeah Moraga, I believe in your son what he will CORBA when hand in fascia you will move very well. Bellver your Illumina Allah come to the Quran two quick things. hikma has a

00:31:07--> 00:31:34

ACMA, the institution 100 Our city that does a lot of political advocacy for us. They have a dinner I'm not sure exactly the timing for it, but look it up. Obviously the work that they do is very important and they're worthy of your support. And the y CCI also has an event next next week next Friday at six o'clock to target or talk about Islamophobia their speakers. Please also get involved with that if you have kids in high school and primary school is something worthy for them to attend and show them kindness