The Power Of Little

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The POWER of little….Riyad-us-Saliheen..Vol.1. #142

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Sahiba selama Sleeman kathira man

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who is better than the one who spent the entire night doing family

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or the one who prays

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the one with us pm will every single night the entire night? I don't want to just pray to Raka Doha time

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What do you guys do?

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A lot a lot of Mashallah.

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As to see some people that think that the more you do,

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the more righteous it is, and the more reward

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over the loss of Hannah to Adam come to the reward the different rest of principles over here, and that's the meaning of this hadith over here. inshallah. Allah is a new chapter right now. a chapter in Amnon Rahim Allah begins right now called a baboon. Philip decided to ta is a chapter on moderation worship, to be moderate in worship, called Allahu taala Na Na Anza narikala.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says Taha, we have not sent down the Courant onto your Mohammed to cause you distress. Like many people, they think that Islam or faith religion, the practice of the deen is just to make your life difficult. So, therefore, if the practice of the deen is not causing them any sense of inconvenience, and a sense of hardship of difficulties, they feel they're not yet practicing enough.

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And I think that their practice is not to that level what it's supposed to be. So anytime they start doing other things, thinking that just filling your day and your night would activate is what is meant to be a devil worshiper. wahala Tara de la que como Leo's while I read the book luminosa Allah intends for you Allah was for you is and he does not work to make things difficult for you. But people make things difficult for themselves and the Hadith can explain that afterwards the shallow data but this is

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an obeah sallallahu wasallam de la de la column and howdy Carretera de falana kuruman salata one one day the Prophet sallallahu Sallam came into the house where I show us and he found she had a guest, a friend of hers

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and the professor said amigos, who's this man how he was which was your friends is she is this one called her the fallen electric. This is for Anna like, like serious like you don't know her. Like she is like she was surprised that the professor Sam didn't know about this lady. Because for Ayesha, this lady is very unique. She's very special, like a celebrity. In that sense, collard had imported kuruman salata, she's not counting the Prophet Salah Salem how much prayer she does have her Salah she prays that much at night and this and that and so on. And she thought that the purpose of won't be impressed like he would say, Masha, Allah, Masha, that's amazing.

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But the Prophet salaallah salam was not actually impressed. was the opposite. was kind of like a little bit, you know, kind of anxious for this woman for Carla.

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He said to her sort of like he was telling me which means telling her what is this?

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What is it like this is too much. And he said, salatu wa salam O Allah, Allah combi Matata, Kuhn says you should be required to take upon yourself Cooney, what you need to carry out easily.

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Which means take yourself easy and come to the act of a vida. Yes, you take yourself from one level to the other. But slowly and gradually take yourself easy. don't overwhelm yourself. For Karla sobre la San for La Jolla mundo la Tata Malou. Allah Azza wa Jalla many men in the translation the literal translation for the word and melon Oreo Mel needs to be bold. But that's less Panama tala above that in a manner that uses majesty. And that translation here that says that allows the journal does not withhold His mercy and forgiveness of you until you neglect and give up your good work. As long as you do your good work. Allah still showers with mercy and forgiveness. Once you see that, you know

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I'm not getting enough and you stop and then Allah will stop.

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That means I need to continue doing my good deeds. How often that's a little bit different. And then he says a lot he was alarmed.

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by it. She said we're gonna have Boudin era he mad medalla masahito la, la. She said that for the Prophet sallallahu sallam, the Prophet he says Allah likes the deeds best, which a worshiper can carry out constantly. Which means what you need to do is the little thing that you can afford doing constantly. And that's what I call the power of little. The power of little, someone who maintains to record time regularly every single day.

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This is much more virtual virtuous than someone does something occasionally, like fasting Monday, every three blue moons, or Thursday or something like that. But if you do that regularly, obviously would be actually one of those constants Avada. Or someone in the morning and the evening, they don't do much. But every day they sit down, and they counters that car, morning, and evening.

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Because people would come to the bar that people have different capacities. Now everybody can probably

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not everyone can class Mondays, and Thursday, not everybody can do the things that you do. So therefore, diversify your data and see the thing that you could do the best and you maintain that regularly. And you begin with that which is easy for you. So would you sit down after fudger and sit down to make your morning that wouldn't take more than 1015 minutes, if you're in a hurry.

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You sit down for 10 extra minutes and make your cup and then you start your day, the evening decrease and then after, after or before, before an encounter evening because you couldn't do it right after matter. Sit down and do your data. So you count them.

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And when we do that regularly, that comes out of the most virtuous deeds that you do. You say I can't even do that. Remember that we mentioned yesterday last night. So the first and last the professor of Assam said that you do charity from your excess forth, you could not help other people in work and then give some money from the excess money you have. If you couldn't do that help other people you couldn't do that. Then you know what, just say something good. You couldn't do that. Don't do anything bad. Don't hurt anyone. But sometimes when it comes to doing good deeds doesn't have to be something that you do even some abstaining from hurting people. That's part of your good

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deed. Like you know, someone ever backbite

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never cheats, never lies. These are good deeds, maintain that kind of you know,

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that some of them are lots of heart loves the most. Doing against something literally means a lot to Allah subhanho wa Taala with allies. Melissa madama those who worship Allah subhanho wa Taala constantly and consistently Vladimir, Allah many questions

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under na

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handler Bama desert calaca you know subhana wa COVID embassy says Allah hi Radha means doing good is a habit. So if you'd like to maintain a healthy spiritual life, you need to maintain healthy habits of good deeds. So one of them Zach Lockard no remember in eighth In this lesson, whoever says to Pamela would handle Lola Lola and mentioned that 100 time or so Palau 100 100 time in the morning and in the evening that no one would do no one would outdo them in terms of good deeds, unless someone does the same admah

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mentioned something like this upon log 130 in the morning 100 times in the evening, and continue with that. You will outdo anyone, anyone in terms of good deeds, even though it's something as little as just any questions Mr.

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Earnshaw, panic alone behind a shadow