Hasan Ali – Greenery in Jannah

Hasan Ali
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the love for nature and places like Jana, due to her naturalistic nature and a desire to return to her home. They also talk about the beauty of Jana's garden and how it reminds them of their home.
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The reason why humans love to come to nature and places where there's greenness is because Allah azza wa jal Firstly, he describes Jana with greenness. He says mood harmattan in Surah Rahman, which is there are two gardens that are very, very dark in greenness. So Jana has been described with greenness. Why? Because Jana was our original home where Adam ra Salam was created, he was created and placed into Jana. And then you had however she was created also and given to him as a gift. So that was the home. And humans when they come to greenness, they always like it. Why because you always love your home, or anything to do with your home place. So that's why we love this. So our

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ultimate goal in this world is to get back to a home which is Jana, and that's why we're here we do our good deeds, and hopefully through those good deeds. One day, we go back to our home our home is not here our home. It has a it is the most beautiful place ever, ever was lesson lesson said. Which no AI has ever seen no ear has ever heard of no heart or mind has ever thought of. That's how beautiful it is. But this gives us a little bit of a taste of what a home is like and that's why we love to come to these places like this. It reminds us of our home

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