Ali Hammuda – Even Our Names will be Forgotten

Ali Hammuda
AI: Summary © The speaker describes how Islam's supposed supposed supposedly "weird" name for a person died at 18 or 20, and how people have forgotten their name. The speaker also describes how people are upset and dragging their name out of their grave, and how the culture of man-made burials is being replaced by burials made up of cows' feet.
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Allah intended that you die at the age of 18 and 20 and 30.

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This is self inflicted Dear brothers and sisters.

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And here's the thing with death.

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There you have, you've been building this brand around your name.

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Allah honored you with this name of Khalid Ali. Today in fact, he Shan, Mohammed Saeed, honorable names Allah gave you, you put them aside and you chose something smoke or something, dog or something, hustle. You spent years building a brand about this name around this name. What is interesting is that the moment you die, the very first thing that is forgotten about you is your name.

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You've died

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and you're in the masjid waiting for someone to wash your corpse. People come in looking for you. What do they say? Where's Mohammed?

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Where's such and such smoke hustle? No. They say where's the corpse?

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In a juicer? Where's the corpse? They have forgotten your name. It's only been five minutes. Your body's still warm. Your name is going.

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And then they wash you

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Nisha, how do they strip you? They sent you. And in my book, some of these brothers will lie perhaps don't even deserve to be treated in this way. They should be thrown back into the fields that they served all their lives. Let them be dealt with over there.

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Then you carried now on a wooden plank

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and you're moving they're taking you to your grave. Now people when they ask you about you what do they say? Whereas the Kolb's, they have forgotten that you are a corpse as well, now they say * Janaza. Whereas the procession

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where is the funeral?

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Then you are lowered into your grave with the four or five people who've come just to carry out this obligation because no one really wants to prey upon you.

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And there's no man who sheds a tear over you.

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Because you never left no legacy only a legacy of sin and intoxication and Zina and alcohol

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and music

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and the sky and the earth does not cry upon a person like that. La ilaha illa Allah you were saying to me, the sky and the earth cries over some people when they die, I say to you, yes. Have you not read the IOER Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah who said about the people of Pharaoh, and Allah despise them when he took them away in punishment they died Allah said from Beckett, Allah hemos some will do America who are in the sky and the earth did not weep over them.

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Abdullah heaping bass was asked the question, oh Imam, the sky on the earth, it cries over some people he said, Yeah. Because every human being has a door in the sky. For him, for her.

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From that door comes your risk, your provisions, your fluid, your drink your hedaya it comes from this door. And to that door rises your good deeds, like your Salah, your thicker the lecture you are attending, through that door goes up your deeds.

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And so when you pass away, that door is closed.

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And so the sky cries because it misses seeing those good deeds you used to send up to the heavens.

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And similarly, he said, every one of you has a plot of land where you do a bad what you worship Allah on. When you die, that land is missing you now, so it cries. And as for the people of the pharaoh,

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when Allah Jalla Jalla Allah who took them away, Allah said the heavens and the earth did not cry over them. Don't be that person who when you die, the sky and the earth does not weep over you

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