Asim Khan – Study of Surah Yasin – Episode 09

Asim Khan
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of hardships and negative experiences in achieving success and achieving reward. They stress the need for passion and a sense of control in achieving forgiveness and the importance of finding one's own one's best person. They also touch on the negative impact of actions and words used in the holy grail, including the use of negative words and the concept of regret. The segment concludes with a discussion of the concept of "be" and how it can be used to make people feel like they are worthless.
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Salatu was salam wa, mousseline, Amina Mohammed in

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Marburg, Saira Malik, Mashallah, we're going to mothers and sisters. Welcome. Now this is lesson number nine to see the soldier scene we're coming to the end of the story. So Jessie,

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the story of us having a party, and today we'll be concluding that story. It ends, I think on verse number 31. So we verse 25, to 31. Today in Charlotte, we haven't reached the story, we're reached to the part to where the man the believing man comes to the scene, in order to give the people advice, even though the prophets have given them advice, and they have rejected them. He comes to them to give them some beautiful piece of advice, telling them to follow the prophets telling them to worship Allah and criticizing their ideology. We're doing it in an indirect, noble manner. However, the reaction from the people is negative

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is negative. And they begin, sorry, and their reaction is not mentioned in the story. But Allah says, tailor the whole agenda he was told and to paradise. So in between the lions, we are told their reaction was negative. And in fact, they went and killed him. Here there's many details mentioned in the scholars of this court as of this year about how he was killed in amatola. Human law said the way he was killed is that the people surrounded him, seized him and then trampled over him, to the point that his intestines came out of his back Cipolla. This is how aggressive they were towards him. And the way they cured him, was horrendous. And it shows part of their hatred towards

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this person, this believer in to the messengers as well. Allegedly I didn't mention any of that is that was it clear that the whole in general it was setting and to paradise. We spoke about the wisdom behind that one of them was to show how quickly his reward came to him. It was immediate, he was told to enter into paradise, which also shows us that he died as a martyr. Because the person told us that the souls of martyrs either on the inside green birds, yeah, which roam around the skies of Paradise, sometimes perching on the outer shell of a man's heart a lot. So this is one of the reasons why to show that his reward is immediate. Another wisdom why Allah never told us how he

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was killed, is to trivialize the hardship of this world.

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And magnify the reward of the hereafter.

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This is a very deep lesson because in the Quran, what you find and even the process of selling himself, they would trivialize the hardships people face in this life, especially in the life of a believer in order so they would live for the rewards in the hereafter.

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Yeah, once one of the companions abandon art, he came to the process and the process send them this is in Makkah at a time where people are being tortured hubbub and art was one of those who was tortured. Anyone know how he was tortured?

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But what would they do, Jim? Yes.

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Yes, he is back used to be scorched by his master until the only thing that would

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extinguish the fire was the burning fat of his back.

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Yeah, this is how you should be tortured. He comes to the processor, and he says matter and as Rola when is the help of a lot coming? A genuine innocent question. The process sent him at this stage he was leaning against the Kaaba. And he responded. He responded by saying what is imaginary, though, you know, people came before you, because they believe one of them. He was half buried in the earth and a soul was passed between his head and his body. Another man because of his belief, he had a mental comb, that would pass through his muscle separating it from his bones. But you people, you are all interested in you and you are Hastings, Panama. Imagine this was the response of Rama too

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loud. I mean,

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What was he teaching us? He was teaching us that people need to be tough.

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And you need to not make you know the worldly difficulties, the biggest concern of your life. Rather, you should look at them as ways of attaining greatness in the hereafter. And so by glossing over the hardship the man went through in the story. Allah is teaching us look hardships. What is hardships anyway, if at the end of it, you're going to get paradise hardships are in fact Good for you. They're a means to get that you're not playing whack a mole. I want to said that sometimes Allah wants good for a servant more than he can acquire with his good

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So he gives him the death of a Shaheed.

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And sometimes Allah wants to punish an evil person.

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How does he make him punished, he allows him to be the one to kill the Muslim who ends up as a shade.

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So in this way, we find Allah subhanaw. taala is always looking to the believer how to increase his reward in Africa. And one of the ways is by putting him through difficulty, and this life. Yeah, this is a change of perception, really, and truly a shift in how we look at our life and look at the difficulties that we look at them as ways to attain greater reward and after we will trivialize them. We will trivialize them that is what the Quran does trivializes the hardships of human beings.

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To the full agenda. This is another wisdom when he is entered into paradise. When he's entered into paradise, what is he saying? Where is

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where are the Ferraris? Where is the shwarma gender version?

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It doesn't say that says color Yeah, later Komiyama. He says, I last only if my people knew

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me and said he meant by that.

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Oh Allah only if my people knew the rewards that they could have had dislike I am having they would have believed

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and that inner balance about the law that he would ponder and he would say, Wow, look at this man. He tried to advise these people while it's alive and even after he's dead. He's still thinking about them hoping that they could be that would they would hate to that advice. Yeah. Yeah, like the homie Alamo beam out of Europe. He was an even quicker I mean, because look a lot what Allah did for me, number one a half hour on me. He forgave me, meaning they were sins in my account. And the first thing I did is he said, I'm going to, I'm going to give you mouthfeel on the word mouth filler. It comes from the root of mill farm. Yeah, the mill farm is the helmet in our saving said, this

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connection, the helmet and forgiveness, there are two connections. The first connection is that just like the helmet covers the head, so too does a law's mug. Farah cover your sins. Secondly, just like the helmet protects the head from harm, so too does the mantle Allah protect you from the harm of your sins. Yeah. He said Firstly, Allah gave me off on it or be number two, what do you mean? And he made me from the honorable people.

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How do I make him honorable? First of all, I said to him and to paradise What an honor for him for person to be spoken to by Allah and told go ahead and depart us. Also the angels as we know the angels come to the believers and thereafter and they congratulate them. Bush ah Coolio magenta to integer humidity and analysis. Howdy believers your wish, marching forth with a light beaming out walking towards paradise hastily aims will come to them and say congratulations TODAY FOR YOU are the goddess beneath which rivers flow What an amazing reward you have been given congratulations imagine angels coming to you saying Masha Allah, Masha Allah well done to you well done. You made it

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you made Subhana Allah lawmakers from those people. Also Allah made him from the honorable people by placing a story in the Quran.

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Allah made it immortal by placing a story in the Quran isn't for how many 1000s of billions of people will come? They read about historians or DRC and say what is amazing man, Allah valued him and wrote about him in the Quran, and made him from the honorable people. Yeah.

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Here there's a few reflections. Firstly, when he spoke about forgiveness, he spoke about me. When he spoke about honor, he spoke about people. He said, Allah forgave me, but made me from the honorable people. Do you see this? What do you think that is? What did you say Allah made me you know, welcome,

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honorable person. He said no made me from book coming from the honorable people. Why do you think he said it like that? Maybe from the honorable people want to get to forgiveness, he forgave me.

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What do you think? Why don't you just say maybe honorable?

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Yes. Is a sense of humbleness.

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Okay, very good as if there is sense of humility. honorable person. Now from the honorable people.

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accent what else is

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is not

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being honored in this contest.

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So this thing about insha Allah

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yes, we ourselves

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Masha Allah Masha Allah, Allah. This is for a nursing Ramallah said, he said in order to encourage the reader to say you know what we can also be for the honorable vivo because it's not just about the one or two people out there who Allah says you're honorable? No they are the category of people who Allah says you are honorable. Why don't you aspire to be like that being from amongst the honorable people as well. This is where the Quran is. Allah cites an example and then concludes with generic words to encourage people to be like them, what Allah says about us for example, Bella should

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say now come on wild man. Then

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now what can you cannot use in wasini? Allah says about you so to sum, when he reached the full maturity, what do we give him gave him wisdom, we gave him knowledge, person's thinking or usefulness. Now he got some gift from Allah. Then Allah says, What can I do in that way? Do we reward the one who does excellent things? Yeah, the people who excel Ah, so if I Excel, I can also qualify for the same gifts. Yeah, this is where the fun on

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something else that I think you mentioned, he said, Here, the first thing was mentioned is forgiveness. The second thing is mentioned his honor. Yeah. He said, This teaches us something. It teaches us that if a person wants the reward of Allah,

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he must attain the forgiveness of Allah.

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If a person wants to be made honorable but Allah enjoy the rewards that lies on offer, then he needs to have his sins forgiven. To

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hear this is one big lesson for us really, is that the forgiveness for us is a must. You know I'm processing him. He said in a hadith Sahih Muslim will lie still for a long while to Willie filio mythical set minister Ballina, marva paid said, I swear by Allah

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Assad that alameen who never lies, said I swear by a lot. I seek Allah's forgiveness and turn to Him in repentance every day more than 70 times. Imagine the one who has been told whoever you do in the past in the future is being forgiven. He said no, I said many times I said to a lot of stuff for a long while to will our law Forgive me. And I turned to you repentance. What does that say about Austin? Yeah, what does that say about us? solina Kalia, be

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all IRS bill Philly mahabali malerkotla mo really admin burden Sulayman The Great King Prophet, He will say to Allah, Allah forgive me.

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And give me an empire the likes of which will be unrivaled by those that come after me. So a man asking forgiveness, not the greatest of the greatest answer forgiveness. What then about us? forgiveness should be a daily habit for us. Forgiveness should be a daily habit for us. We should in the morning and the evening. It is there any way part of the sooner that a person says a surfeit alarm for to go 100 times that stuff will align well to worry. So for the language. How long does this take?

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Three minutes.

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Four minutes, five minutes. Five minutes for this panel. In the morning in the evening. One of the wise people said the ones who make the most impressive fall also seen the least the ones who make the most estate far also seen the least. This is a big lesson person who is always finding it difficult to grapple with the sense stop sitting stop the bad habits one of the antidotes to this is to make this default. Even if the power lies you're forcing yourself to make us suffer you will find that this is survival come almost like a warrior and battle your sins away from me. Yeah.

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Another thing this part of the story he says is one should be passionate and genuine about giving down this man who gave that what his people he was so passionate upon the fact that he came into such a hostile environment to give our shows us the man was passionate. Secondly, he was genuine

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He never came to give dour in order to vent frustration. Yeah, some people, they denounce evil, because they are frustrated. They don't like what they see. And they say, for example, what is happening in Syria?

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It is terrible. It's a tragedy, and they start to criticize and so on and so forth. Though, the statements are too good and warranted, what is their motivation? Is their motivation. No, Allah wants me to denounce this evil, or is their motivation, man, I feel so bad about this, I just want to get off my chest.

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Yeah, there's a difference. As to the first the person will be rewarded by a lot as well as second, he may not get anything. Huge difference, this person was genuine. Because even after he died, he still wanted the people to be guarded. So his reason for wanting them to be guided was nothing to do with him. Because even when he's taken away from the equation, he still wants him to be guided, which means he wanted them to be guarded, because he knows Allah loves people who are guided in worship. That was only motivation.

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The last lesson we learned from this part, is that a person to live with the end in mind.

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My brothers and sisters upon law, well, I, you know, just the other day, one of my one of my teachers, he told me a tragic story upon.

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He said, from his wife side, there is a brother. Yeah, this is this, his brother lives in Saudi Arabia. And he has a marriage problems at the moment, but his story will lie, he started out quite amazingly, he wants to get married to this system from the village, you should live in a village. And he couldn't block up the courage to make the proposal and then somebody else murder. Now after a while, that that marriage fell into this discord, and she got divorced. Now she was available again. And he plucked up the courage and he proposed they accepted. He said that this lady, they had grown up in the same village, he wanted to get married to her from the very beginning. So Marshall knows

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about and they got married. And then she fell pregnant.

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And he wanted always to go and live with his in laws, who live in another city. may sound strange to some people wanted. So that was the secondary. They moved to the art, where they live right next to their in laws. And he also landed a good job as an engineer. Then,

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after his, after his wife gave birth, and they had a son, something happened at work, though he was an engineer, who was working in the office, something, there was a problem on the roof of the building. And he went to repair it, because he was qualified. He went to the top, he repaired the problem and he came back and said, Do you remember he forgot something at this on the ceiling again, so he went back upstairs. When he went back upstairs.

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There was, you know, on the heat, my the shake was saying on the rooftops in Saudi, they have these huge cylinders, holes that go from the roof all the way down to the ground. And they they they've to release to give light to the to the different levels in the building. And what happened is, as he was making his way back down, he fell into one of those holes. And at the bottom of those holes, they have metal poles. He landed on it, and he didn't die. But he became disabled. He went to hospital that treats them by he was paraplegic, waist down, nothing in a wheelchair. After a while his wife, you know, she couldn't take it anymore. It was too much of a shock for her. And it put a

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strain on the marriage. And at that moment, that she asked for a divorce.

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Now this brother, he came to, you know, my teacher to get some advice and some help regarding this. And

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anyway, the story itself, is this. What a tragedy. And if if someone only lived through this dunya that if that happened to them is enough to break them is enough to crush them destroy them. They could go crazy. Am I right or wrong? Yeah. But the Quran, Allah teaches us something amazing. Now you should live for that life.

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You should live for the day you will enjoy that paradise. If you live with that in mind. And these stories, they create that desire to want to roam the gardens of Paradise, just like this man was able to, then whatever happens to you in this life, it will not break you. It will not destroy you. Whatever happens and this is the harsh reality of the dunya it can be very brutal. Some people will lie I remember once in the pharmacy, I was working. A lady came she had been going to loads of pharmacies trying

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Get this medicine for a son. It was a very rare medicine a child had a very rare condition. And when she came to me there was about one hour left. Until we close. I said, I'm sorry until we don't have this medicine. She began to cry. And I said, Look, we'll get it for tomorrow. She said, No, he has to have it today you don't know is it a sickness is very bad. I said, any patients inshallah we'll find a way for you no problem so that she goes you don't know what you don't know. I've been through my life. I've lost three kids to the same disease. three kids, she said, I'm going to lose this one as well.

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And what do you say to someone? Because nothing like you can't say nothing. You know, as Paula, may Allah preserve and protect us element Salamanca, will law protect us was found lover. If a person only ever lived with the hope of enjoying this life, they may be destroyed by this life. Yeah. So this is one of the beauties of the Quran. It shows us how to be great people. And one of the qualities of great people is they don't live for this life. They live for the next life.

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One that ends and Allah told me he'd been buried him in June Divina summer you will not couldn't Monsey lien in Canada, he lost I had a washy that then that either home home you don't. The story comes to a conclusion now.

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Allah spoke about the believing man his fate. Now somebody may think what happened to the people though? I mean, they just killed him. They will that was a crime, injustice. What is going to happen to those people as having

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a lot Allah now talks about those people. What is their fate? Allah says, Wanda and zelner called me after him. We did not send any army from the heaven against his people. No, we about to there was just one blast and they fell down lifeless.

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Allah speaks about how these people were destroyed. However, this verse is unique in that the way it describes the destruction a lot, trivializes the value, and says they're not worth anything to me. The way Allah does this is in two ways. First, Allah says wama and Zelma Allah pomi minbar, the mindand Allah says Firstly, we didn't send down a June the army from the skies after him in order to destroy them.

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Sometimes Allah panda destroys disbelieved nations, by way of angels. For example, look at the column of loads, they were destroyed by debris and you will know how they were destroyed.

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became itself and

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yes, in our integration, he turned them

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on rajala Aralia seraphina he got them with the tip of his wing, all of them collectively in the A and then smash them to the ground. One partner Elaine, she dealt with them in clean and I must say is on top of that. On top of that, these clay stones came pelting down to target every single one of them, destroying them, making them extinct. Yeah, this any very elaborates upon law, destruction of people and other nations were destroyed equally in different ways. abraha for example, alum Tanaka,

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Harbin feel

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that that sort of spoke about the destruction of Allah when he came to try and destroy the cabin birds they became the agenda of alarm that day. Yeah, and they destroyed people. As for these peoples however, Kareena says no, they're not worth me doing that. Who are morons. And now that probably mean that in June the minister man, no one's gonna come down from the sky to destroy you.

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Amontillado is telling us that these people, he hated them for what they did, to the extent that he's not going even to call upon His angels to destroy them. He's going to do it in a far more effortless way.

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What was that more effortless way. In Canada last I had a wahida one piercing cry. That's all one loud explosive cry. That is how they were going to be wiped out. No elaborate worry is coming down destroy them. That is how it's gonna come down. That's the first way a lot of trivializes them to say we're not going to send down any worries. The second way is a massive Walmart carnavon zerene. And we will not going to do that meaning that

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any is doubling up on the meaning.

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We weren't gonna send anyone for them to destroy them in that way. And nor would we who know did we decree that to happen either. Yeah. in any way. This

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way or that way, they didn't deserve it. They deserve to be destroyed in a far more despicable world. Yeah. How are they destroyed in Canada last night? They will destroy with a Say hi. I see how it appears in screen. Yeah. Somebody even asked the question, what is the relevance of telling us that they will destroy it? By way of sound?

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As opposed to water? Like the new asylums or maybe an earthquake or whatever? Why sound? Why do you think they were destroyed by where sound is?

00:25:39 --> 00:25:43

Okay sound may okay you conduct away from sound or

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maybe this is possible reason? any of this? Because they sound annoying because every time when I

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listen to the message, very good. Jimmy This is very good. The fact is that we said the punishment fits the crime. What was the crime? So many people came to them told them to listen, follow the messages believe in Allah. And every time they didn't listen.

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So the punishment is therefore in the form of a piercing sound. Yeah. See the way the Quran Pamela online is RG and it is worship. While I had the means just one single blast. Here Dr. Damon said the reason why it is one is to show that number one, the power of luck. All it took is one pacing cry, and they were all gone. Secondly, to show us that none of them survived. Because there was no need for a second last one was enough for the market. Yeah. For the various paler.

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in speaking about these people, the condemnation is very strong. Very strong. What does that teach us?

00:27:01 --> 00:27:07

First of all, what is the crime? What was the crime? Was it one thing? Was it two things what was the crime?

00:27:11 --> 00:27:14

They denied the price. Did they do anything else bad?

00:27:16 --> 00:27:32

Very good. They killed the man. They killed the believing man. So this is a combination of Kufa and boom. Yeah, two things. they disbelieved, and they did one when it came to the profits. Which one did they do?

00:27:36 --> 00:27:46

Go for, isn't it? The Crown doesn't mention that. They harm the profits, eventually that they verbally abused them, but they didn't harm them. When it came to the man which one did they do?

00:27:47 --> 00:27:54

They didn't do? Yeah. When did the punishment come? After the messengers were rejected or after the man was killed?

00:27:56 --> 00:27:58

Off man was killed, isn't it?

00:27:59 --> 00:28:00

Which shows us that

00:28:02 --> 00:28:30

allows further punish these people, not just because of one crime, but because of two main crimes. Number one is to disbelieve, and the second is to oppress people. Yeah. When they did both of those things, then the punishment became binding on them. Here. The verse also alludes to this as well. Karma and Zen Allah call me and we will not going to send down to his people. Who is he here?

00:28:32 --> 00:28:58

The man the believing man. So a lot of reference that believing man when he spoke about the punishment, and what we know about the bleeding man is that they killed him. Yeah, they did wound to him. Then our sister either harm me doing what happened to them after they experienced this loud pacing blast. They became harm in doing this was very interesting. the harm that they said is contrary to what

00:28:59 --> 00:29:06

they have to say Hamada did not the fire became subsided.

00:29:07 --> 00:29:25

And they said that when the fire becomes subsided when the fire is stamped out, but they are these embers of gold, red and yellows to you know, like a campfire. Have you stamp on it? What happens is that it doesn't go on straightaway. There's some flickers some embers, they call them that they are is hammoud.

00:29:26 --> 00:29:54

Yeah, when the embers also die away, then it becomes hammoud. Yeah, finally, Stumptown completely is hammoud como this this little flickers that Allah says that piercing sound came all of them all together. They were like a fire that was sent out. That was the ending. This crazy imagery that they fade was like this. Also in our shoe says it compares the people to a burning fire.

00:29:57 --> 00:29:59

What do we know about burning raging fires

00:30:00 --> 00:30:22

Is that they cause harm to others as well. Yeah. So in that way a lot. DeLisle perhaps is showing us that even though he's other came to punish them, he also came perhaps to the mercy to other people as well. Because they were like a fire, a fire that needed to be put out a module and put them up with one loud blast. That was the end of them.

00:30:23 --> 00:30:42

Then we have this statement. This will be the final verse for today. Yeah, selectadna Allah letter that allows for human beings now yet team that was soon in Illa. Can we be here? Yes, 10 01. Whatever a messenger comes to them, they ridicule him.

00:30:43 --> 00:31:04

Who is saying these words, they are three opinions? The first opinion is that these are the words of Allah, Allah says, allows for human beings. Whatever message that comes to them, they ridiculed him. The second opinion is that this these are the words of the disbelievers themselves who were destroyed.

00:31:06 --> 00:31:12

The third opinion is that these are the words of angels who were witnessing what was taking place in that time.

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It seems as though the first opinion is the strongest opinion for a number of reasons. First of all, look at the Quran. Whenever you find a story in the Quran, you will find it ends with a comment or comments by Allah. Allah comments over the story, as if to highlight certain benefits use of an s&m story.

00:31:37 --> 00:31:56

When it ends, you find this a page and a half. And that is commentary of a lot about the lessons from the story. Most people don't realize that appreciate that. If you read usefulness of story, it goes up to I think verse 100 101. Well, surah finishes like 114, I think, yeah, something around the

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same with the sort of the calf is a very good example because it's sort of cavea four stories. After each story. There's a little passage, that passage is like a comment. footnote in the Quran coming about the story. The first story is with story sort of gaff.

00:32:16 --> 00:32:35

Yes, the people of the cave. And then Allah says, What's Luma O'Shea leka mill rhombic. And now recite from what your master has revealed to you? Why did Allah say that to the process of them? Because this story was revealed to him after a two week delay? Why was it delayed for two weeks?

00:32:38 --> 00:32:40

He forgot to say inshallah, to who?

00:32:41 --> 00:32:49

To the issue of questioning him. They asked us to tell us a question to ask him or catch him up. Is it asking him about how

00:32:50 --> 00:33:30

they asked him and he said, I will tell you tomorrow, he forgot to say in Sharla then Allah reviewed it and that law says you know what you should do? Just recite. What do you have been revealed from your master? That is what you're supposed to do? Meaning everything I've just given you. There you go. That's what you wanted. recited? Yeah. Then was goodness the camera lady in a bomb. Now hold yourself back and stay with the people who call an ally in the morning and the evening. What does that have to do with the story? Look at those assembled gaff, they say their Islam by being together, fleeing to a cave, the way you will prosper in this life is by keeping good company. Yeah,

00:33:31 --> 00:34:14

people don't realize this commentary. In the same way this story concludes and Allah is going to speak. This is one. This is one piece of evidence and these are the words a lot. Yeah. Anyway, just because of time, I'm not going to go into too many. So if it is the word of Allah, this is how we this is how it is interpreted. Yeah, has the Latin alphabet. Oh, has that all over human beings? The word Arigato means slaves. Yeah, the word annaberg means slaves. Here are nothing except slaves in a general sense. In that Allah is our banana mean he is the master of all of all. Yeah, the whole universe all species of all time.

00:34:15 --> 00:34:55

Even if people they reject that with their tongues, it doesn't mean they're not the slaves but a lot. A lot of amazing things on your monkey Amma. You know one of the biggest signs that our bodies they always belong to Allah and we're never really ours is that the bodies will speak against us on European law preserve and protect us. And then people will say to their own skin, leave Russia to Marlena why you bear witness against us for what you know what they say call upon Allah. Allah made a speech today just like you can make anything speak. On that day, people realize my mom's skin didn't belong to me. A nice would deny a lot. Yeah.

00:34:58 --> 00:34:59

So I back in the day

00:35:00 --> 00:35:33

sense not in this present not in the sense of worshipers in the sense of slaves of God. We are all sinners God. Allah says hustler for those slaves of God who disbelieve. You know the word hustle. It is a very powerful word in our shoes, and it means a combination of regret an anxiety over losing out on something beneficial. You know, when you miss out on something that was so beneficial. You're like, Ah, man, I can't believe that. Are you going to be a good example for this? I thought football,

00:35:34 --> 00:35:39

you know, Quarterfinals Semifinals, finals, goes down to the penny sheet.

00:35:42 --> 00:35:47

It's a draw. Final Penny was the final one called the golden goal.

00:35:49 --> 00:35:51

Sunday, yes.

00:35:52 --> 00:35:59

Seven this Saturday. If he scores, they win if he misses the unspeakable.

00:36:00 --> 00:36:05

He puts down the ball. He lines up the shot. He flops it goes into the key presents.

00:36:06 --> 00:36:38

Everyone's up in arms. The person holds his head in his hands drops to his knees starts to cry. Everyone else is crying the eyes of what's going on? Oh my god. This is like Hassan, an intense feelings applicant. Oh my God, if only about just would have placed in that corner, man. Yeah, that time of intense regret on a far more serious level. Allah says, disbelievers you will feel that on the piano.

00:36:39 --> 00:36:41

That is the common to a lot.

00:36:42 --> 00:37:08

Yeah, Hassan al and everybody that would never have even said the word has saw. It ends with a 10 we have 10 natural. And when a word is made natural in this context, it amplifies its meaning. Yeah, what an incredible tragedy. Hustle I will be for people on your piano. When they look back on their lives. And they say man, I shouldn't have displayed the messages

00:37:09 --> 00:37:41

on my team ever. So this is the explanation of why they will regret. Why will they regret because my team or soul? Whenever a messenger would come to them? What would they do in life can be assumed they would make fun of them. So make fun of him. Yeah, this is very interesting. The words used house panda. They they are communicating very

00:37:43 --> 00:37:45

well, what's the word looking for a sponsor?

00:37:47 --> 00:37:59

The way is worded is to say that whenever messages come, doesn't matter how they would come, what they would say what they would do, whenever they would come. The reaction would only be one.

00:38:00 --> 00:38:33

What would it be? They would make fun of the bottom two things here. Yes, that is the only is in the plural, to show that there's not one or two of them just making fun pointing fingers and stuff. No, collectively they come together and take the Mick out. Secondly, Allah said McCann OBE stands in the usual way of saying this is to say yes, there has to be the be he is brought before us that has the own in order to save us even in our thing. He said that the way they would walk them was worse than they would look anybody else.

00:38:34 --> 00:38:39

Now the way a law speaks upon law, to save on these people attending,

00:38:40 --> 00:38:52

whenever messy would come to them now what era what place what time what culture reaction is exactly the same. But the reaction was so obnoxious, they will only do one thing, they would mock them.

00:38:53 --> 00:38:57

This there's a number of lessons here I'm just going to highlight two inshallah, before we finish.

00:38:59 --> 00:39:06

One of them is that this verse shows us the character, the prophets, that they were tough people,

00:39:07 --> 00:39:28

you know, soprano, when people make fun of you, is difficult to deal with. When one person makes fun of you, perhaps you can brush it off to people for sure. When loads of people start making fun of you pointing fingers and the way they mocked you is so vile, you know, some poisons, it can break you.

00:39:30 --> 00:39:36

Bullying is such a big thing. It happens in school, it happens in the workplace as well. It can happen and

00:39:38 --> 00:39:47

it can be bullied. And when you ask part of the person and fuel this small. Allah says you know the prophets, they had to deal with everyone making fun out of them.

00:39:49 --> 00:39:59

And that also points towards the compassion of the prophets. If people make fun of you, you know what you do, or that you would make fun of them back or at least you would go and move on.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:43

You know, I'm not gonna be around these people, they make fun of me. Whenever they see me, they take the Mick out of me. You would move a lot, you'd relocate the messages they would stay with their people and keep calling them to the truth. This shows the character the missions panela the second and final lesson is that this verse shows us that when a person disbelieves and oppresses others, he becomes insignificant in the eyes of Allah. And this is a deep lesson. Think about it, my brothers and sisters, Allah created us who will lead the US so we'll come fill out how Allah says I fashioned you in the womb of your mothers. I made you how you are I sustained I create I gave you everything

00:40:43 --> 00:40:51

Allah says who will lead the heart of Allah Kumar fill out the Jamia Allah said he created everything in this earth at your service.

00:40:53 --> 00:41:26

After all of this, Allah can speak about some people and say you're so insignificant I'm going to wipe you out to one pacing blast, you know even worth my angels. What tragedy that is. What does that show us? When a person disbelieves and rejects a lot his messages and when he presses other people he becomes worth less in the eyes of a lot. Yeah. Me on loss upon the protection preservers or other sort of law of cinematic anatomy. I'm ago it was happening to me what is gone off in barbel? AFRICOM any questions from anyone?

00:41:28 --> 00:41:30

A few minutes Yes. Do we know what happened to the pocket?

00:41:31 --> 00:41:47

Yes, what happened to the profits? It is unclear from the verses and they are difference have been in the books have seen one of the opinions is that when the man reached this location, they are already killed the messengers This is one opinion another opinion is now no they

00:41:48 --> 00:41:50

after this man was killed they left

00:41:51 --> 00:42:04

and they are the ones who said What a tragedy on those people. They were destroyed. Yeah, that is another opinion so all Ireland whether or not they left or whether or not they were killed by the people or last Panama's best

00:42:08 --> 00:42:08


00:42:09 --> 00:42:10


00:42:17 --> 00:42:25

This is definitely a hustler. Yeah, she did another mushroom mushroom Urban metella who phenol and this is I explained this already.

00:42:30 --> 00:42:32

Okay, water traffic. Can we see you next weekend. Ciao.

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