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AI: Summary © The conversation covers the confusion surrounding the names of Jesus's attributes, as well as the use of "has" in English to describe situations and their relation to "has." The importance of staying true to one's Islam is emphasized, along with the use of "has" in the Bible to express gratitude for births and Christmas present. The speakers also discuss the meaning of Subhan Allah's name and his use in various actions, including raising children to be Muslims and celebrating births. The conversation ends with a tension between showing one's true intentions and the reality of what is happening, and a limited time limit for attendees to participate in a video.
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The Rila salatu salam ala Rasulillah, alumna aluminum and fauna on finally my alum Tana was it nine mon Hamdulillah? I mean, ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada teachers would benefit us, benefit us from what he told us and increase us in knowledge. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to bless this gathering and make us from the people at the end of the gathering, they will be told como MacFarlane? lecom Cuthbert de razza? Yeah, to compassionate. I mean, you're a bit I mean,

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handle a lot of blood. I mean, I was discussing yesterday after Fisher that ever come to the masjid just to learn something or some loss I tell them. If you come to the masjid to learn or to teach something, you will get the edge of hedge you will get the edge of a person who is a performing hash, Allahu Akbar. So I want you to feel the, the, how Allah subhanho wa Taala has favored us, to make us from the people to be in his house at this time and remembering him. While many people at the same moment are disobeying Allah azza wa jal Subhan. Allah May Allah guide everyone in shul.

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So you continue in sha Allah to Allah with the names of Allah azza wa jal and because of the occasion, today I picked the name of Allah.

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Allah, Allah, Allah subhanaw taala is Allah and He is

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the name of Allah Allah had was mentioned the Quran only in Surah, that you will know by heart, Kung Fu Allahu Ahad, this is the only place that you see the name, but the name

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was mentioned many times in the Quran almost 2020 times. And the root of this name is Honza. Her and dal

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is the one and only who was is and will always be alone in his divinity. He is incomparable and nothing or no one can ever be equal to him. He depends on no one and his likeness can never be replicated

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is the one who is unique in His Oneness. He is consistently one and there is not nor can there be any other with him in his essence, Lordship and divinity or in his names and his attributes called a shift Saudi Rahim Allah, Allah he will let Etowah be Jamie and come behind Hilary behind through Now you shall Rico fee hum sherek warriorship Adela Vito Heda Alkalyn will call and be terrified will become early Hill matsclock Whatever Rudall whatever Rudy, Bill, Danny, when you finally do who be Anwar Al

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Imam Sadie Rahim Allah who has a beautiful tafseer of the Quran. He said, Allah is the One who is unique in all his perfect attributes, and no one else or anything can share that with him. The believers must affirm his oneness in belief, Word and deeds by acknowledging his absolute perfection, affirming that he is unique in His Oneness and devoting all kinds of worship only to Allah azza wa jal. This is what Allah had means. Now

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the name had

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well, let's go to our head first where hid in Arabic means one if you're counting

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the numbers in Arabic You say well, if Nan Farah

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but the name add

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is strictly to Allah azza wa jal.

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You know, like we said before,

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when we explain the names of Allah azza wa jal, we said that Allah is Allah for but I can be also for Allah is that Rahim and I can also have Rama, right? Allah subhana wa Tada is Aleem, and I have some in nothing of mine, or any human being compares to all the attributes of Allah azza wa jal, but this name is only to Allah I cannot be heard.

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You understand that why it's only to Allah, I cannot be heard. I can be wide. Rajan Anwar head trucks on wellhead, barbed wire head, but I cannot say this only to Allah azza wa jal And subhanAllah it was used in the Surah that is third of the Quran only called who Allah who

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they say is also an aim used only for Allah while encompassing all the meanings of Allah. What's the difference between Allah

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From the aspect of why

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Allah subhanaw taala is wired.

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And then he is the only one that means he is alone in all His attributes in the numbers of Allah's Allah is wide in the numbers, but in the attributes he's had, is it clear? Why means only one ILA. And if there were more than one ILA

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everything would be corrupt.

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that Allah Who methanogen

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the Allahumma fehlen Allah subhanaw taala said in Surah to Zoomer that Allah Who method and Raju Len fee he should occur. Omoto Sharkey soon why don't you learn cinnamon Leo Rajan Halle Esther we and Hema Fela, Allah gave us examples. So it is Zoomer. One person who has three four buses. This guy is telling you to this, this guy is telling you do this. And the other guy has only one. Allah saying Are they equal? This guy is going crazy. He doesn't know who to follow. And Allah subhanaw taala is where he don't where he don't add Subhan Allah. So Allah Subhana Allah Allah,

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Allah it means he is unique in His essence and does not have any peer or rival from that aspect he is wide and with the attributes laser chemically he shade there is none like Allah subhana wa Taala when we say I am bassoon, but my buzzer is nothing compared to the bustle of Allah. I am Sania nothing compared to the summer of Allah as as the origin

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there is more difference let me just explain more because this is a very common question what's the difference between Whitehead and

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Whitehead ism l miftah. Data

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on copper now

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for now your call you never hear somebody saying counting.

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Second, I had fun Nephi and middle word usually the word

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is for negation of something. Hallelujah till Beatty I had now had you know, you ask somebody is there anyone at home? You say Allah had it comes to most the time for negating something. Okay, now I love the way young Kinja who was finally a U shape for

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when I was out of shape. The journey is bad the Ilala

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I can say 1/3 Third blackhead

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come on we're ahead but I cannot say come on. This one is only strictly to Allah azza wa jal now Subhanallah How can we implement this name in our life? Yeah, when?

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Remember, when Bilal Radi Allahu Allah

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when his owner found out, or Mejia been kind of when he found out that he became a Muslim and stopped believing in Mohammed, he was furious. And he wanted to torture him. And we all know the story, how they put him in a boiling sand, and started putting rocks on top of him and asking him to denounce Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he kept on repeating this word, I don't add Subhanallah you know, anytime you're going through any kind of difficulty or any kind of

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oppression, or any kind of Islamophobia, people calling you names or anything, remember, this is nothing, nothing compared to what the Sahaba went through, nothing at all. Nothing at all, no matter how bad it is nothing compared to what the Sahaba went through. Especially Bilal or the Allah hang with this story. He kept repeating add on ADD, after 11 days of torture. Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Allah came and and bought him and freed him Subhanallah so

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there's another thing special about the name allied

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even though it is mentioned the Quran 20 times, but six of the 20 is paired with which name

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that I come up with alcohol

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liminal Malecon young, Lila hill where he DeLuca hell, Allah subhanaw taala said

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the arroyo de Allah Who are your turkey they wetter than last tougher? Local nyesha Subhana who Allah who you are it will cut hair color who

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will who will wear it will cut hair and sort of

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six times and why it came with alcohol. Why with alcohol

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Ha, what does it mean?

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Very powerful, very powerful. No one can defeat him. Very powerful. So Allah had came with the kahar. Why?

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Because when you when I tell you

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there is one person coming to have, you know, an issue with you a problem with you, you will say one person,

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what's the big deal? I can take care of him.

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Right? Why? Only Subhan Allah Allah subhana wa Taala he's, no, no, no, no.

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With every word, he said, Don't let anything come to your mind. And why it is at the same time even though he's way ahead. But his kahar Subhanallah it came always with the Lord Kahal came all the way Allah Allah Hidaka her now

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to live with this name. We dedicate our name Yeah, we don't we dedicate our life. Yeah, one please. Any. I'm glad that you are here today. In this day, which is considered tomorrow you're off.

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We have

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to dedicate our life to the wide on Bahia one, no matter what you hear, no matter what you see, this is the only solution for ma he is the only solution. For any project for anything you're about to endeavor in business or marriage, anything.

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Ask yourself is the word pleased with it?

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He is the only word that you have to worry about his pleasure. Even if all mankind are not pleased with you, but Allah is pleased with you Allah you should be very strong and very happy. And if all mankind that upset with you, and Allah

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is happy with you. That's it. If he is upset, and everybody's happy, you're in trouble, you're in big trouble.

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No matter what happens, I have to make the word pleased with me. And

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living in the West and living in this era that we are in. Especially my younger brothers and sisters. We might face too many difficulties trying to

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be proud of our Muslim identity.

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And we get weak every once in a while. Even our older brothers. We get weak every once in a while but remember that the wind is with you the Kawaii is with you. The kaha is with you. Allah subhanho wa Taala is with you. You know,

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very common question in these days. Can I say Merry Christmas to people?

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Can I say Merry Christmas

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first of all, what does Christmas represent? Jaquan

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to them represents the birth of a salahi's Salam.

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And if you ask any practicing Christian

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or knowledgeable Christian, he will tell you that this date

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is not original.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala told us in Surah Maryam that while Maria Mani has Salam was having a Salah his Salam she got hungry and Allah told her the hoozy in a key measure the inocula to Cirque Italia Yuki Ruta, then Jenny here,

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shake the trunk of the palm tree, and you will get fresh auto top. When we go to Saudi and we buy root tub. This only grows in the summer, in the summer does not grow right now. No way. And similarly, in the

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Bible that they follow. In the Arabic version, it says the word MRI,

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go to the MRI and go meet that new creature that was just just was born. And also there is no MRI forms at this time of the year at that that area. So the time the thing of being at this time, that's number one is not true. Second,

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the holiday represents one

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it represents

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what they think because there are two groups. Some groups say that isa Alayhis Salam. Jesus is the Son of God stuck for a lot of him. And some say that the his god both ways I'll shake.

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Both of them are shook

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and shook is the most hated thing to Allah azza wa jal. We all know that.

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And attributing son to Allah azza wa jal is

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Listen, let me just read the ad and you decide from the tone of the head.

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How Allah subhana wa Taala told about what he told us about when someone says that Allah has a son. What happens? What can you tell her the Runner Runner The locker John Shea and Tucker do similar to

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what unshackle water

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and the

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1 million little Rahmani ducky that whether the Allahu Akbar

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it's like a clip. Allah saying when you say Allah has a sun,

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the skies asunder,

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the skies asunder, the earth tremble, the mountains shake.

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Just because you said Allah has a son, and they go around and I say Merry Christmas.

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Yeah, one fear Allah, this is actually the issue.

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This is not a joke. This is actually the issue. Allah is telling us what happens when you say that Allah has a son and somebody is celebrating the birth of the son of Allah I go to them Merry Christmas. Enjoy. How her What are you worried about? Allah ordered us to be nice and kind and loving and caring. But when it comes to the Aqeedah when it comes to the fundamentals of Islam, there's no compromise whatsoever. If this person something happened to him, I'm ready to give him some of my blood. If he in need of anything, I'm ready to help him. But when it comes to our key the issues

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No way. No way. Don't take it. What's the big deal? No, it is a big deal. Look what it what kind of celebration they are celebrating. Why? And what kills me the most.

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The sister called the other day. She's very proud of her daughter. She's telling me Look, look, She memorized the surah and she's making her recite it for me

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and she sent me a short clip of her reciting it. Then I looked at the pack I see Christmas tree

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I said yesterday

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make up your mind. You're confusing the children

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you're very proud that she memorized the surah and the Christmas tree is in the back and your home

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Have you ever seen a non Muslim sacrifice and a lot higher one

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but do you know how many Abdullah's and it shows are decorating trees right now.

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You know how many? Why? Why

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Wilma? Yep slammy Dean and fella yoke Benjamin. Well, what Phil has been able to take other than Islam as his Dean, he's a loser in this dunya and akhira This is not my words. Yeah. Anytime I say something from my head, tell me you're wrong. This is all if you denounce them you're careful

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but they're upset get upset. We go back again. They get upset. So you are in a position of setting the wellhead or upsetting the guy next to you know ask him what's the what is this Christmas for? He will tell you oh yeah, no, no, we don't believe in that. We don't believe that Allah has a son. Allah is working and recycle who Allah who had to him or to her in a very nice gentle way. But that go around and Okay, no problem, no big deal. And you sent fatawa off the ship. I don't know where he's from. And look, the Sheikh said it's okay to say, you know, Merry Christmas and give gifts and

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yeah, we are so proud. And we have to share with show our children that we are so proud and honored to be Muslims.

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And these kinds of actions do not prove that you are proud to be a Muslim.

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Don't get me wrong again. I repeat, we as Muslims, our Dawa is our priority. But there are etiquettes of Dawa. As soon as I sell them, they came to him and they said we will put whatever you want. Pick any woman

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What do you want to be our king? You will become our King? What do you want? Wealth will give you all the ones you want.

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Said you finished?

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Ludwig said you finished? You finished your offer? said yes.

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And what did he answer?

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If you put

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Allahu Akbar the sun and the moon and the earth and everything. I will never stop. I will never leave la

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Hola Hola. Hola. Now we leave La ilaha illallah for the simplest things yeah when

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this is why the woman was going with this going through because if the chef says these things the he is an extremist. He's not popular anymore. People will give him thumbs down. We all want everything that is easy, beautiful. We want to love the chef and follow the chef who said that everything is okay.

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This is the chef we want. But chef telling us this stuff we are chef What's wrong with you? This is the 21st century

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Islam is valid till the Day of Judgment with the same ruling when a Sally has Salam comes back after 1 million years or Allahu Anam, when is going to rule by the same book. Same thing, so don't tell me it's out of date right now.

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Subhan Allah. So Allah subhana wa Tada when we know before we do anything that is the ad pleased with it if he is Bismillah if not, sometimes it might be hard. And it is a test of my Eman and your Eman. We will be any face sometimes with some tests and challenges are we going to go through through with it to please dad or not? Be very careful because if you go through with it

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will make you get our killer and Allah doesn't produce a whole strong as this area.

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When we get our kill Allah Allah for Hua Haspel

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put his trust in Allah, He Allah is sufficient for him.

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Subhan Allah when Lux

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animals you bet minuti battle Eman Bismillah If Radha who Subhana wa

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Bucha Allah What do I want? Tavi? Well each learn one how for Raja, what's the word called watch me.

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From the meaning of the word of the name

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is to devote all our dua to Allah. To Allah, the field only from Allah, the love, complete love to Allah all forms of ADA to Allah. This is what the word lahad means. There's only one

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only one and hamdulillah Why do you think our deen is built on towhead? Why? Why Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Yeah, when there's a hikma, there's a major hikma why? Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam 13 years in Mecca 13 years and McCann or has no Siyam nos occurred La Ilaha illa Allah That's it 13 years

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shadow under Illa Illa Who is Allah for 13 years then the ruling start coming in Medina

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and this is exactly as a prosumer sai Salam is telling us you want to raise your children on Deen stay on the dough heat from zero not totally become mature 789 state Oh Hey Lola and some solid here on some cm there, but main thing is to heat the Oneness of Allah azza wa jal

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Allah subhanho wa Taala with this name He wants us to live with sincerity in every action that we do. And we make sure that every action that we do is strictly for the pleasure of Allah azza wa jal

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you know

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when I have this, this name

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engraved in my heart,

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that ad is also our hammer Rahimi ad is also al Karim

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is also loves a Tobin Subhan Allah, Allah, I would love Allah so much so much, and all my concentration, all my thinking is, what can I do to please Him? Allah when this imagine and please You know, let's try to practice what we learn from these classes. Every day in the morning when I and you wake up, tell yourself what can I do to please Allah today? Or ask yourself today now, what did I do today to please Allah azza wa jal

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out of the ordinary out of my salah then all that stuff is for me, but did I see somebody in in dire need of something and I went and provided provided it for him without anybody knowing that I go out of my way and I heard somebody who's sick and have no clue who he is. I just went there because I know that Allah loves that. Amyl what did we do today? For the pleasure of Allah azza wa jal

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when he you know, there's a beautiful, you know, Allah humma we're certainly Lima to him boo.

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What are the

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beautiful simple hola hola. Will certainly Lima to Hibou What are ya Allah give me the Tofik

00:25:26--> 00:25:28

yeah Allah give me the dough feel to do

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what you love and what pleases you

00:25:32--> 00:25:33

every single day.

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The time is very limited yeah when but Allah azza wa jal to give you the trophy to do, because only they don't feel this is Sophie from Allah. Coming back to Fisher is Sophia from Allah, memorizing the Quran memorizing anything still fit from Allah knowing that hadith is still from Allah it's also from Allah. So yeah Allah if you want to know your status with Allah, check what Allah kept you busy with?

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What are you busy with? Check? Are you busy with dunya 24 hours? What are you busy with? Are you busy? How can I please him? SubhanAllah. Check. Well, Allah subhanaw taala kept you busy with Subhan Allah. May Allah subhanaw taala give us a trophy to do. Every animal that is pleasing to Him and every animal that he Subhana who love and ask Allah Allah had to make our last words La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasool Allah, Allah morphic, malema, Taheebo Tada Allama fildena the novena, well, it's rough enough here Marina, with a bit of Domina on soon I'll come Will caffeine alarm effect nya Al Hamra Nene, Allah Moroccan m&a thriller and

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La Herzog Nam in Haifa learn? Yeah, Allah I ask you the best of your names everybody who attended tonight. Allah bless them and bless their parents and bless their children and bless their spouses. Ya Allah. I asked you Allah with the best of your names. Yeah, Allah asked with the best of your names for everybody who attended today and everybody's watching us. Yeah, ALLAH forgive all their sins. Yeah, Allah make the last words La Ilaha illa Allah, Allah have mercy on them fill their homes with love and mercy and tranquility and peace. Yeah Allah fill all our homes with love and mercy and your Allah make our children the coolness of our eyes. Yeah, or hammer rahimian or Salah Allah and

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Muhammad Ali. He was Germaine Subhana Colombo behind I should Allah

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stuff Utica when a toolbar like