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Haleh Banani
AI: Summary © The speakers emphasize the importance of individuals not greedily pursuing actions and watching the enemy, as it is the worst-case scenario for the enemy. They stress the need for individuals to avoid wasting their life and avoid wasting their time, and emphasize the importance of setting standards high and avoiding surrendering to the enemy. The shay tariff is also discussed, and the speakers emphasize the need for people to set standards high and create a checklist of behavior to prevent anxiety and anxiety attacks.
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Dune satellite channel,

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I said I made a comment. Thank you for joining in. There are times in all of our lives that we make mistakes, we may choose the wrong path we make, we may make decisions that are morally wrong. And we think to ourselves, why did I do this? How did I do this and we feel remorseful and we regret it. In this episode, I'm going to talk about why we end up making some of these mistakes and how we can overcome it. So I want all of you viewers to right now imagine with me imagine that you are in a battlefield and there is a war going on. And there are missiles being fired and grenades being thrown, and all around you bombs are exploding. Now, if you're in this state, you have to do three

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things in order to be able to survive. One is that you need to be extremely vigilant, you have to be very watchful and careful. The second thing is that you need to expect the unexpected when you expect the unexpected, you may step back and you may be fired out right then or something may explode. And the third thing is that you need to have a plan of attack. And that's the only way that you could survive. If you were to be distracted for even a short period of time, then you could be killed. Every single one of us is that war right now with the shaytaan shaytaan is the Arabic word for Satan and I will be using the word shaytaan throughout my lecture, and we are at war and do we

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realize this do we realize the implication of this war ensuited Al Baqarah Ayah number 168 God says alphabet let him and I shade on everything. Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Yeah.

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So kulu Minh, or the halal

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dish a pawn in a hula Komodo boom Obi ob. So God is telling us to eat from the permissible things that he has provided, but do not follow the footsteps of the shaytaan for he is a clear enemy. If someone is your enemy, what is their objective? Their objective is to destroy you and to bring you down. Now this is the most difficult war imaginable. Why is it so difficult? Because first of all, he sees you but you don't see him the enemy is invisible. It's not someone or something that we can see it is unseen. He is aware of all our weaknesses. He knows us so well and he knows our ancestors and so he has a lot of experience. And so he has also a lot of weapons of deception and trickery.

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And soon a lot of Allah says in Aisle number 27 out of illa m&s shaytani r rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim in Naboo Yara como waka below hoomin, hifu, la corona home that shaytaan and his soldier see you from where you cannot see them. So this is a very challenging thing where you don't see the enemy and they see you and he is trained and experienced. Usually, when we see someone who has maybe 3040 years of experience, maybe as a lawyer, or as a physician, we think that they are an expert in their field. What about the shaytaan He is so experienced in misguiding us in tempting us and basically ruining our lives. He's had many, many years to observe, and to see what our weaknesses

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are, and he knows how to get to us. And since we can't see the enemy, we can't see that him and we can't hear him, and we cannot feel the attacks. Then many times we forget that we're even at war. And how dangerous is that if we don't even realize that there's a battle that we don't realize that there's an enemy, trying in every breath that we take, trying to pull us down, maybe to drown us to affect us. If we don't realize that, then we are so vulnerable, we are vulnerable, and we could be defeated. The shaytaan takes this very, very seriously. So he has a mission, his mission is to somehow misguide us to tempt us to entice us to make us do things that we normally wouldn't do.

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too and he takes it very seriously. And he made a promise to to God in sudut Surah Al are off and I am 16 and 17 altavilla humanus shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Bala Fatima avoid any de la volden Allah home Serato Cal mustafi some Tiana home benei at him woman a file for him one I met him. One I managed him one shot at him while he do like Sarah home shaqiri surely I shaytaan will sit in wait against them on your straight path. Now why is it on the straight path? Why is he waiting for us on the straight path because those who are misguided, they're doing great on their own. They don't need any enticement. So he's waiting for those individuals who are trying to be

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good, who are trying to follow the rules who are trying to be morally and ethically correct. And what does he say, then I will come to them from before them, and behind them from their right and from their left. So he is making a promise that he will be waiting for those people who trying to be good, who trying to follow the religion who trying to please God, and He will attack from every way possible. And most of them will not be grateful.

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And so he will attack us. And this is the worst strategy that the enemy will attack from the place where you are not defended or you are not protected. So if you think back to, let's say, the Battle of a hood, and when the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam told the told the Sahaba to wait and to to guard this area of the mountain. And when they did not listen, and they left that post, and that area was left unprotected. That's exactly where the enemy came, they attack and they were defeated at this point. So we need to see that where is it in our life that we are unprotected that we don't have our guards up, because that's exactly the place where the shaitaan will attack from. For some

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people, it could be maybe in spending a lot of money and for other people could be the opposite *, that's their weakness. For some, it might be greediness, that wanting more and more wealth. And for others, it may simply be to lie and to to trick other people. So we have to see if these are our weaknesses, we have to first identify our weakness. And once we know that, we need to try to defend ourselves. Because if we're not, if we're not aware, and we don't have the defenses, then that's exactly where the shaitaan will come and he'll attack us. And that's what will get us down. So he is constantly trying to attack us, either. He is trying to delay us from doing the deeds, he's delaying

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the good deeds, he may try to get us to be angry. So he'll entice enmity between husband and wife, between you and your children, your neighbors and we'll try we'll try to create enmity and you will get you to make comparisons. You compare your life to compare your looks, you compare so many things to that will make you ungrateful. And the biggest thing is that he will try to distract you. So you're trying to be on the straight a straight path, doing all the right things, and he will entice you he will get you focus on something else, anything anything other than God, that will be his means of trying to attack. If he fails, he will try harder and harder. So he may come and entice you

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the first time and you're strong and you want to be good and you won't succumb maybe it's about the prayers. Like you feel like no, I'm going to do the praise. I'm going to the month but then he'll keep trying and the next time he'll tell you all but it's it's too cold outside. It's too hot. Oh, it's it's too difficult. And so he'll keep trying until he gets you to do what he wants. So he takes this very seriously. He doesn't give up. He's very persistent. Allah says in Surah An Nisa Ayah number 119

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altavilla him in a shape on a right Reggie Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. What will they learn now? omala Omen Nana home shaytan says that he will mislead them and will arouse in them false desires. So what are these false desires he will get inside us. These feelings these things that we want to go after. For instance, it could be vanity, this idea of just wanting to be more and more beautiful. It could be greed that you

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become so focused on making more and more money, or it could be fame, that you're just looking for recognition and becoming more famous. So these are false desires that he tries to instill in us. Most of us don't like anyone telling us what to do. We don't like it, whether whether it's a spouse or a employer or parent telling us you need to do this, and you are told what to do. However, we are following what the shaytaan says is like he has a remote control, and he is pressing our buttons. And we are like robots, following exactly what he says. So we need to be aware of this if we don't like to be controlled, if we don't like to be controlled by other people. What about being

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controlled by our worst enemy? How could that be? So we need to be aware of this and not allow him to press those buttons and not to be like a robot that does exactly what he says the shaytaan has a plethora of Arsenal that he uses against us, but and hamdulillah fortunately, we have the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet peace be upon him, that will empower us and will give us a counter attack. So stay tuned after these messages, don't go anywhere. And I will continue telling you what are some of the weapons that the shaytaan uses, and what is going to be our counter attack.

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Dune satellite channel,

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Dune satellite channel, welcome back. We're just talking about how the shaitaan is an open enemy to us. And it's like we're in a war. And he is trying to use every means possible to tempt us to misguide us and make us to do the wrong things. And so he has his plethora of Arsenal, and he has his attacks. But the good thing, the good news is that through the Quran and the Sunnah of the way of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, we have our counter attacks. So as long as we do these things, we can be strong enough and empowered not to not to succumb. Weapon number one is getting us to delay our good deeds. So he will do whatever it takes for us not to do the good deed immediately. And

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since Allah is the only one who knows how long we have to live, that even if he gets us to delay for five minutes, or for 10 minutes, he may get us to stop doing the good deed and we may we may just pass on right then he has been successful in getting people to delay their good deeds, he has been successful in getting the youth to delay their good deeds until they're older college students holding off their good deeds until they graduate. Many mothers feel like they want to wait until their kids grow up, and then they will start doing the hair. And also, there's some people who think once I retire once I've accumulated this amount of money. And so there's this constant temptation of

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trying to get us to hold off not to do it right now. Because why is that? Because if we don't take action right now, we could we could, we could die this instant. And he would have one less good deed in his record. And that's his aim. And it's really like being in a in a race, a runners race. Now imagine if they are competing, if there is a group of people and competing in a race, what do they focus on? Okay, they are just focused on the finish line, they are just all concentration trying to win, right, and they're trying to beat the clock. So there's this set period of time, and they have to run this race as fast as they can in this short period of time. Now, our life is very much

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analogous to this, that we all are in this, we are in this race. And there is this finish line, that the only difference is we don't know how much time we have. We're not beating the clock per se. We don't know if we have 10 years, 15 years if we have 70 years, we have no idea. And since we don't know that should be even more motivation to take charge of our life right now. right this moment because it could be our last moments. Allah says and students Alyssa I have 120 out of la mina shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. When I do homos shape or in guru rah, she talks properly promises are nothing but deception. So when he's telling you, you know, once you're older

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once your children grow up once you have more money, this is all a form.

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deceiving you, it's just a way for you not to take action right now. And he also gets us to delay our prayers and paying and zeca paying in South Africa, because there's this feeling he tries to entice in you that maybe you're going to need this money. Maybe this is something that you need to hold on to, because because you will, you will have needs for it. in Surat Al Baqarah Ayah 268 Allah says alpha Billahi min ash shaytaan and Reggie Bismillah Ar Rahman and Rahim and shaytani r Docomo in South Korea, Morocco, Bill Sasha, that shaytaan threatens you with poverty and orders you to commit fascia that so he's telling you, oh my god, don't pay this right now you're going to need

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this you have children, they're going to go to college, you need this money right now you need to save up, or he gets you to go towards the future all the illegal sexual thing, so it will get to two either not given sativa or go in the complete wrong path. He also appeases some sisters, there's some actually some friends that I had in college, that they had the desire to wear hijab, they always talks about as like, Oh, I love this job, I want to wear the hijab. And but once I get married the day, they wanted to have the glamorous wedding, they wanted to look beautiful for their wedding. And they said the day after, they'll wear the heads up, and it never happened. Because when

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we have that feeling to do something good. It is the tofield from Allah and we need to take this tofield means a privilege and an invitation. And we need to act on it because this trophy could go away. And I saw this with so many of my friends that they wanted it they had the desire, but because they didn't take action on it, then it just simply went away. And so what he does is he tries to appease some sisters say Oh, you're young right now, live it up, enjoy yourself later on. Maybe when you're good, like, you know, you're 56 years old, you can go to Hajj, and then you can put on the head job. And then you can be a very good practicing Muslim. Well, the thing is that we don't know

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if we're going to live that long. We have no idea. This could be our last day, it could be our last year. And it could be our very last moment. And we have to think about how do we want to face a lot? Do we want to face him with this feeling that you know what I really wanted to I wanted to but or are we going to be strong enough and take that, take that initiative, and face a lot of feeling happy and proud that we said what we wanted to do. Now, the counter attacks. So we said the first attack was getting us to delay our good deeds, the counter attack to this is that each time each time we're about to do something good. And we're about to delay it, sirens should go off where are

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we are these sirens, red lights flashing? And that should be a warning to you that this is an attack from the shaytaan. When you know this, then you're going to be a lot more cautious. How many times have you made with Do you have your prayer outfit on? You're ready to pray? And then suddenly you're like, well, maybe I should call my friend who was sick and see how they're doing. Let me check on my mother. And it's always good things right? It's always like things that gets you at your and it's good, but it's getting you away from the prayer. Or let's say you're about to read some Quran and Yeah, well, maybe I should clean up first, maybe I need to do these things. So the next time you're

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about to do something and you're going to be delayed, just remember that this is an attack this attack of the shaitaan and you're not going to succumb to it. So right then and there, do that act. And that is the way to defeat the shaytaan in this act. So you're about to whatever it is you're about to do. You're going to go and give charity and something tells you well first I'm going to do so and so no, do the act first. You're about to pray and you're going to be distracted. Let me just watch one more episode. Let me just watch for 15 more minutes no go ahead and pray right then and there and that will make you feel that you are in control and you're not being controlled by the

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shaitaan if we remember and surrett Maya and I a number 48 Allah says also been lying missing a shape on a red team Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim festival Boyle hi Iraq, that it is telling you compete in good deeds. So if you are in this feeling of like a competition, a healthy positive competition for doing hair. So this is what's really important about this. The form of counter attack that you remember that you're trying to compete and doing good deeds. So do it right then and there because this might be

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your actual your last act in your book of good deeds. And this one act could weigh so much because every act that we do could count up to as much as 700 times the good deeds, right? So I had a friend of mine who was always very, very motivated for doing hair for giving Dawa teaching others during all this I always asked her Mashallah, what is your motivation? How is it that you're so strong, and so, always ready to do more and more. And what she told me was really beautiful, she said, I always look at every deed as that this could be the deed, that could change the scale, the weight of the scale on the Day of Judgment, because all our deeds are going to be on a scale our good deeds and

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the bad deeds, and that she was saying, this one good act could tip the scale, this could be the thing that will get me to enter Paradise. And if we look at our acts like this, it will definitely motivate us and not, it won't get us to delay our good deeds. Now, many of us are very ambitious in this dunya maybe we're a students and we strive to get that 4.0 average, we're trying our best to have really high ambitions. But then what about the hereafter? What kind of ambitions do we have? We have to have just as high of ambition, and we need to set that standard high for ourselves? Because if you are, let's say in a student in your in your graduate program, what kind of Muslim are you?

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What kind of grade would you be getting, and sometimes when we reflect on that, it makes us realize that we have a lot of work to do, we need to set our standards high, we need to be very active in doing good deeds, not delaying them. If we look at delaying our good deeds as a way of surrendering to the shaytaan, it's like going to the enemy and telling them here handcuff me and you just feel like you've given in. So think about that the next time you're about to do a deed and you're going to delay it. Just think about how you don't want to surrender to the enemy, you would never surrender, how many of us would go up to the enemy If I hear take me. So right then and there, do

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the good deed, and that will be your counter attack to delaying the good deeds. So in summary, the shaytaan has a lot of different attacks. One of them is getting us to delay our good deeds, but we have counter attacks from the Quran and the Sunnah. And as far as the delaying the good deeds, the counter attack is to realize this as an attack to stop and to actually do the act right then and there. So you don't succumb. And we're going to discuss next time, all the other different attacks, the ways that he goes about deceiving us and our counter attacks. Now I'd like to take the time right now. There are some viewers who have been writing in I really appreciate that I would love to

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hear from all of you. If you could send in your questions or comments what you would like to hear more about. And I believe they have it on the screen with [email protected]. And if you'd like to remain anonymous, I can just say a sister or brother from from, let's say Morocco, and I will be happy to address your questions because I'm your personal psychologist on dawn. And I'm going to answer one of the questions of one of the viewers Hodson from Casa Roden and asked about what to do with obsessive compulsive thoughts. And this is something that afflicts a lot of people, you're not alone, many, many people have this obsessive compulsive disorder. And what it is, is actually when

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you are fixated on something that you need to do, maybe it's like excessive anxiety, about maybe washing your hands or checking the doors or whatever it is. And what you need to do is maybe make a checklist for yourself things that need to be done to be rest assured that it was done. And once it's checked off, work on yourself, talk, make yourself be calm about things because usually what happens is self talk starts getting you anxious. Oh my god, did I do that? Did I check this? Is this right? Is it not? And this is what actually builds a lot of anxiety. So have yourself a checklist and have maybe a support group or a support partner, someone that you could talk to and see what is

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normal and what is not. Because sometimes, this obsessive compulsive disorder can be way out of control, and you need to address it. And if it's really affecting your life to the point that you're not able to make it to work, you're not able to go to work, go to school, then this is something that you need to really address and get help. But if it's something manageable, then you can help yourself by making the checklist and by

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taking control of your self talk. Thank you for joining in and join me next time when I will continue talking about the weapons of the shaytaan and how we can counter attack as salaam alaikum

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