Zakir Naik – 15 Point Action Plan for the Muslim Ummah when Someone Insults Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) #02

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The use of social media, including Facebook and Twitter, is increasing in the world. The largest and most used social media accounts are Facebook and Twitter, and the largest and most used social media accounts are Facebook and Twitter. The success of Facebook reaching a wider audience is due to its ability to promote Islam and encourage people to use social media, as well as its ability to reach a larger audience, including a booklet written by an Islamic leader about peace and the importance of using social media to promote Islam.
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Number two, he should take some action minimum, the minimum today that the Muslim can do, besides condemning that is, that tell convey to the others that this act is wrong. And today the world is a Global Village.

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And today, the social media has become so popular and so common that for us to condemn such acts, we can easily do it on the social media. This was in there 10 years back. But now, today, internet is used by about 60% of the world population. Out of the 7.8 2 billion people that we have today.

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60% use internet 4.5 6 billion people. And from this 4.1 4 billion of the people in the world, they use social media, that the 53% of the world population uses social media. So what a Muslim can do. And most of the Muslims will be having social media accounts, whether it be Facebook, whether it be YouTube, whether it be Twitter,

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we have to condemn this act on the social media.

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If you cannot write any articles yourself, or you're not good with words, the least you can do is go to the other Facebook pages, or the other social media sites and scan what the other Muslim died have said, what the Muslim leaders have said, what are the Muslim scholars have said, the least you can do is copy and post it onto your social media account.

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Today, Facebook is the largest and the most used social media. Today as on October 2020. There are 2.70 1 billion users, monthly active users and au in the world 2.70 1 billion active monthly users.

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That's about 35% of the world population. They are on the Facebook. Even if you agree that the Muslim use social media less, at least 25% of the Muslim will be on the Facebook.

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And today the Muslim population is approximately 2 billion.

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I'm shocked

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that in the last one week, when I heard some of the heads of states of Muslim countries, they are saying that Muslims are 1.6 billion in the world today, some set 1.5 billion from where do they get the statistics. This may be 1015 years back. According to the P e w report, which is authentic report in 2015. Five years ago, they said that Muslims were 1.8 billion 24.1% of the world population are Muslims. And statistics tell us that the Muslims increase 2.2% annually every year. Some statistics say they increase by 1.5%. If you calculate, and you multiply 1.8 billion by 2.2 by 2.2. By 2.25 times you get a figure of more than 2 billion

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if you agree the increase only 1.5% Every year yet to get a figure of 1.9 5 billion. So today Muslims are approximately 2 billion in the world. So how can a head of state of a Muslim country which is

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one of the largest in the world, say that Muslim lonely 1.6 billion.

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So even if we agree that 25% of the Muslims use Facebook, that we have a billion Muslims will be every Facebook. And imagine if we convey this message and we condemn this act. It may be anything whether it may be the Danish cartoon, whether it be the Charlie Hebdo whether it be Macron what insulted the Prophet over that bin Salman Rushdie whenever such incidents take place. The least you can do today is on the social media can wait and

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I did a campaign for about five days on the Facebook and it's going to end today inshallah from last Tuesday to the Saturday for five days and I

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I have 16 posts that are designed.

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And every day, either three, four or five posts

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were posted

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on my Facebook and the Lillah. In a span of the five days, it's yet continuing. About 35 million people saw this post, Mashallah. And in the next one we get, we reach about 45 to 50 million, so everyone

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can put on his Facebook. We know today, the more number of people that you have, the Facebook doesn't let your post reach everyone, they let only a small percentage reach amongst the followers. Only a small percentage receive unless you pay a lot of money. And as a policy, I do not give a single dollar I don't do any paid ads, or any paid posts. Mine is 100% fully organic. My followers Alhamdulillah on the Facebook are 22 point 6 million baht or a normal post about find 1000 800,000 Sometimes a million but in this mashallah the average was much higher. You can even post it on Twitter, you can post your condemned nation on the YouTube

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the talk that I gave the answer that I gave last week,

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it for for 24 minutes. And when I put on my youtube in three days, mashallah more than half a million people cite.

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So this way a Muslim can mashallah reach across the world. Imagine if all the Muslims put on their social media account? Surely, we will to convey this message to have the world

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everyone at least has some following. And many people have this philosophy that oh, you know, there are hardly about 1000 people on my Facebook only find people on the Facebook, Allah will give you swab on your action.

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Suppose a person can reach a billion people

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and only reached half a million people and a person whom Allah has given capacity to reach to 1000 people and he reaches all 1000 people, he will get most of up then the person who has reached half a million people because Allah gave him a capacity of 1 million.

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So depending upon whatever ability you have got my request to the Muslim ummah is that see to it, that you condemn this act on all the social media accounts that we have, whether it be Facebook, whether it be YouTube, whether it be Twitter, whether it be WhatsApp, and today we know hamdulillah after Facebook, the number two most popular social media account, it is the YouTube YouTube has got 2 billion followers

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as of October 2020. The third is WhatsApp, which has got 2 billion monthly active users. The fourth, a Facebook Messenger, which has about 1.3 billion monthly active users. The fifth is a Wechat 1.20 6 billion monthly active users. The sixth, it has an Instagram 1.15 3 billion active users monthly.

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So if we make use of the more active or the more popular of the social media, there are higher chances that you will reach a larger audience. At least if you take care of the top 15 or the top 20 most

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active social media, you will be able to reach a large audience.

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Snapchat has got 441 million users. Pinterest has got 413 monthly active users. Twitter has got 336 million monthly active users. So what we should do we should propagate as much as possible on the social media with whatever ability you have, if you cannot do it yourself, copy the post of other Islamic scholars, other Islamic days, other Islamic leaders and promote this as much as you can.

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In my YouTube channel.

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I give a reply for about 24 minutes to the attack President Emmanuel Macron made against Islam and that video of 24 minutes in a span of less than three days, it had more than 500,000 views Alhamdulillah so you can use the Facebook you can use the YouTube you can use the Instagram and this is how you promote and what you can do. You can go on the internet and select some books or pamphlets

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On the life of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. For example, a short booklet written by a Hindu life of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him by Prophet Ramakrishna Rao. You can pick up statements from the book of Lamartine on Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. In the book heroes the hero worship, Thomas Carlyle writes about the Prophet, you had picked up that paragraph and send it to a non Muslim friend. What Michael chart wrote about the prophet in the book, the 100 most influential people, these short things you can pick up from the net and send it to your non Muslim friends. You can even send the FIRA of the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem, one of the best feeder, if the seal

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nectar which is written by Sheikh Sophia Rahman, Mubarak Puri, Darussalam, you can pick it up and most of the things are free, send it to a non Muslim friend, send it to your Muslim friend, put it onto your social media account and distribute it. It's very easy and social media Believe me, it's absolutely free. You don't have to spend a single penny on it. And no one can say that you cannot spend it on the social media. It's very

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