Adnan Rajeh – The Importance of Outreach Dawah

Adnan Rajeh
AI: Summary © The importance of outreach to bring people to massage, including family members, guidance, and guidance from experts is discussed. The potential "has been spoken" concept is also discussed, and the speaker emphasizes the importance of respecting one's potential and bringing in the potential of the person who gave it to them. A recommendation from someone named Sharon for a book is also mentioned. The speaker warns of the potential impact of "has been spoken" in Arabic language and emphasizes the importance of respecting one's potential and bringing in the potential of the person who gave it to them.
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In Lomo, somebody was telling him about IQ. I don't know, you know, have you been Muhammad on early he was so happy as you may know, but you're really telling me the you huge I mean, he said I just saw him and Abdullah Habemus oh the Allahu Anhu call call and the use of Allah Allah Who early he was salam date night collection Imam did amazing. He has an authentic generation write to us by our beloved Massoud. And the the theme for the next two weeks or so we'll be talking about outreach since that's the theme of this month for our center in Sharla is outreach trying to bring people to massage who usually don't come to massage and that is your job you always at least one person you're

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here you owe me one person if you don't show up. There'll be a financial penalty upon you you owe us one person bring to the masjid I think it's a very good

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even practice I think it's even a mental exercise is helpful for you to remind yourself that you are part of your Islamic obligations is to perform data and is to reach out because we forget about that after we get comfortable we get comfortable and where we are in our situation we get comfortable with our families with our community we just go and come to massage and we forget that a part of your job obligation is performed our I'm not saying they have to go and stand on the streets in front of a church or in France or ask me within the Muslim community you will must have relatives or friends that don't come to my session I am sure I swear by it you must have people in your in your

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vicinity very close people to you don't come to my session. It's not hard for you to push it may be hard I'm I'll take that back. It may be hard but it's worth it is what I want to say it's totally worth it for you to try at least then bring them in our job is to make this place as welcoming and as comfortable as possible for everyone who comes here and hopefully I need they find something helpful for them and we can keep them closer to Allah and and then that's that's the beauty of this. I'm gonna start this you know this

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theme with this hadith that may not be the one that you would think I would start with but I'm going to have a reason for it and this what he said he has a lot to say I'm Carla Nagar Allah whom Ratan sent me I mean she Baba level whom can send me i Who are all mobile learning a while I mean, Sam Yeah. But he said Allah you saw to someone number Allah humara. And may Allah subhanaw taala provide a this person who's going to do something with no bra or no bra?

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Tidy? foofy will do him right number 10. Amen. Nonetheless, when something looks well taken care of when it's when it's nourished, is not dried out, it's not starving. Nevada is talking about something being nourished, not just physically but also figuratively or spiritually, that's the beauty of the word that's not just talking about someone who has eaten, or someone who was drank a lot of water or liquid so that they have that note, it's also someone that's been loved and taken care of and been given enough attention because you can see that starvation too. If you're a parent, or if you're a skilled parent or grandparent, you can look at a child and say, Yes, this child is

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getting enough nourishment in terms of food and drink, but they're there but they're deprived and they're starving for something else. There's something else that there's that they're missing, there's just not that another eyes when they're fulfilled, and they're nourished, both physically and spiritually or psychologically or emotionally. So and that's, that's the beauty of this word and the Arabic language, it is not just talking about having enough water, it's having enough of all the other supplies that you require, amongst them attention and love and care and support, etc, etc. So now God Allah, whom Allah may Allah subhana, grant all that fulfillment and nourishment that someone

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sent me, I'm in nice shape. And this person, they heard something from us, he's talking about himself out of his slot to us. And he says, us, he's not talking to me. He's not giving himself the royal week. He's talking about himself and all of those who are going to spread knowledge as he does it, his thought was to them. So he's thinking of himself and the Sahaba, who are fuqaha are going to be doing the same thing. So he's looking at himself as a team of people who is who he whom he has educated, who are actually taking on themselves the importance of educating and spreading wisdom. So heard something from us about LEGO who come as me Oh, and then then this person went and they

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narrated this or they transmitted the piece of knowledge that they heard the way they heard it.

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And then for a mobile login, or MSN, which is why I actually chose his Hadith. You know why it's so important to do Dawa

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because of the potential because of the potential of the person who may hear what you say what he says out of your Salah to assemble Robomow Bella Grobe Of course. I mean, I don't know how to explain this in English. What do I mean? There are many occasions where something occurs.

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That's my job. I mean, this happens a lot. Even though you may not notice it, but it happens a lot. It happens quite a bit. What is it that happens a lot and so Allah mobile alarmism and that someone will hear a piece of information from someone else. I mean, someone taught someone something, right. So, Person Number one, taught person number two, it happens a lot where IT person number two, understands it benefits from it does more with

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Then person number one happens a lot, that the person who taught the piece of information does not do with it, understand it, comprehend it, practice it, as well as person. Number two, it happens a lot is the potential and dollar is the potential, you are given us that has given us now,

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this is what I've done with it so far, not too impressive. But if I take it to someone else, maybe that other person, and they take this from me, and then they do something amazing with it, the potential of what you could do with the piece of information that I'm going to offer you, because I know what I've done with that piece of information. And honestly, it's pretty, pretty pathetic, what I've done with that piece of information, but the potential is there that I take that piece of information that I learned, and I give it to you, and then somehow it works for you better, it blossoms Subhanallah user would note that at the beginning of the Hadith, it fulfills you, it

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nourishes you, it does something for you, and then you do something with it. That's way more impressive, much more influential, much more impactful than whatever I did with it. And that potential is the beauty of data. Because whatever you do with it, I, I just sit there and bank it.

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I just sit there and just watch it, watch the cash flow come in, because I offered it to you, you're gonna go farther with it, you're going to, you're going to exceed me, you're going to exceed my understanding of it, you're gonna exceed my practice of it, you're gonna exceed my comprehension, you're gonna exceed the data that I did with it, you're gonna be better than me on every level. But because I offered it to you, the potential is there for me to benefit. And that's the beauty of data. And that's why we do this. I sit here I talk hoping that at some point in my life, I say something, and it rings with the right person. And they take it and do something great with it. And

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that will save me. So I'm banking on the fact that Whichever one of you will or all of you will succeed by far you already have but exceed to the point where it actually works for the for this very struggling. Yeah, name isn't Huston, not that I got. And that's what you should be thinking as well. Because you can take that to someone the potential of what they can do with it. And that's why you teach youth because the potential is that you respect them for their potential that they can be they may not do it, that's their, their culture, their destiny they choose so but the potential is there. And that's why it's important for us to perform dolla, you don't know who the next slot had

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been is going to be.

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You don't know who the next honorable Barbara Aziz or you don't know who the went expert or the next Abu Hanifa. Next Imam Shafi you don't know which one is which person is going to be you don't know. So spread and do Darwin, maybe in Sharla your words fall in the mind of one of those people. It's just statistically speaking, it's one in a couple of 100 1000s Right? So if you speak enough, you do enough Dawa. Maybe a word from your mouth, plant a seed in the mind of one of those people. That all the height that they do in this world. If

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you want something in your grave, some people asked me about that hadith I gave a few nights ago. That's how you can make sure that you're in your grave keeps on adding up. Don't do so think about that. That's what we want to do this month in sha Allah to Allah with Dawa. I hope that was a benefit to you yet. Yahweh Lima with dinamica up Jamia and you'd be sending an Adela Allah in the midst of the Allahu Akbar Allah Nabil Salah Allahu Allahu alayhi salam now that Allah whom Ron sent me I'm in shaitan Purba level who come as me who for Rob mobile loving Allah means sort of Rasulullah sallallahu Samson's recommendation Allah Allah, so Allah who was telling them about I'm

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gonna give them Muhammad Ali sufficient so Aquila

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