Picking & Choosing From Madhabs

Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari


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The middle way basically is,

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is to accept, tolerate respect and differences of opinion. But at the same time, not just do anything and everything that you feel like doing and follow your desires and whatever just in the form of convenience and ease and do whatever we want to do. No, we stick to one, respect all of them, but you only stick to one. And that is the difficult thing to do. Because like I said, that this group,

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if you're respecting others, you just subconsciously become less passionate about what you're doing. Because if you're respecting that, then you feel like thinking, okay, you can also do that. But this is a point that No, I only going to in normal cases, yeah, there are exceptional cases where you can sometimes take from other positions here and there.

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Because remember, Dean is all about submission. And this is another point, which we'll talk about later on. It's all about submission. So the summary of this is that you respect an opinion opinions, you entertain them, you respect them, you tolerate them, as long as it's within the parameters and you know, the rule.

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But at the same time, there's no free ticket open ticket, open blanket, green light, to pick and choose do whatever morning Hanafy afternoon Shafi evening, Maliki and you know, the fourth wife humbly at night, you know, it's not just like anything and everything, how you feel like and how, you know, you just want to do that day, particularly, otherwise, there'll be no rules left in Islam. There'll be no submission, you won't be Islam anymore. Islam means submission. There'll be no surrendering to Allah and His Messenger, salallahu alayhi salam, because there's no going into designs because you will always find some opinion somewhere in every issue that

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is in accordance with what you want to do in this issue. This is one opinion, I don't feel like doing this. But there's another opinion that's in accordance with what I want to do. Let me go and pick that. Another issue. There's one opinion which is against my desire and my wishes and my my way, there's another opinion, which suits me. So in every issue, there's an opinion that suits us, I can just pick up

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from everywhere that which suits us and then I follow mother, which is called Madhava SUTI.

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Who I call it the Madhava Rossi, the madhhab of just just following whatever is easy. You will you can make a book write a whole 400 page book, the magic, the madhhab of ease, not have a rocker see I follow the motherboard OSI no rules opinion. There are no there's no rules. There's no rules whatsoever. It's just everything that you just wanted to

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know him up. And no one ever classically has accepted that and said that's fine. But yeah, there are cases and situations where you can take it and then we'll talk about that's another topic. I have another course on this topic, specifically and that's not the topic of our course this one. If you go on to the course page and it's actually an on demand course on tech lead of the month, some of you may have taken that course. But I discussed this issue in a lot of depth and detail in that particular course of picking and choosing because luckily the mud humps and all of that so inshallah we can give it to that.