Prophet Adam DID NOT evolve from a Monkey

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but he was made from this…


AI: Summary © The transcript describes a conflict between Islam and English, where a woman named Sirah was created from dust mixed with water and soil. The woman spoke Arabic and was taught the names of everything, but was not spoken spoken by a language other than English. The conflict is seen as a unique and unconventional solution, and there is no clear cause or outcome.
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And you and I know that the May peace be upon him was created from dust mixed with water, soil, sand, and the combination of the earth mixed with a bit of water given a shape and then the shape was led to stay for a while.

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And then Allah blew in it a soul and Adam Alayhis Salam came alive, he was already an adult, when he was created.

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And Allah says when we created him, it was unique.

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The uniqueness was such that he already spoke he knew the names of everything, while I love them.

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to whom

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inkan beautiful verses of Surah Baqarah where Allah says, We taught Adam the names of all things. So when he was created, he already knew this is a tree, this is for example, the sky this is these are mountains, this is water and so on. He already knew it. What language Allah he I don't know. I cannot guarantee you what language it was, but there was some language. Some people say it could have been Arabic and so on. Allahu Allah, Allah knows best it's irrelevant what language it was. But I do know

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probably wasn't English.

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And definitely not Malay.

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No, no, who knows? It could have let me not say that you might get upset, right? Some of you know Malay you know some of the old fellows mashallah must have been Malay, you know, bully bully