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Hey, guys, this is a I guess we'll call this an episode of Ask Wisam ask yourself. We've got with Sam right here. We're here in the studio coming out of a whole day of recording again. So closing out day three. Yeah, we're closing out day three for day four, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday rather. Yeah, it for sorry. It was yesterday. So having said that, we've got a bunch of questions that we decided to take the opportunity to answer. So today's question comes from, because you guys are important, because you guys are important. Indeed. So today's question comes from Zara. Awesome. And she says Jessica, in relation to the Muhaddith haruf pronunciation of the Arabic letters video

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q&a that you did. Oh, thank you. So her question is, would you be able to do a video on how to breathe from the belly? Oh, what a when reciting Quran? May Allah bless you, I couldn't have sent you this question in the like, literally asked you to ask this question. Okay, so the first thing that you can do, and this is now referred to the science of breathing is referred to as breathwork. So you can start looking around to find out. So let's just start right away. And Joe Rogan had a great podcast was a Hawaiian gentleman. And the idea is breath, work starts with breathe, and you're going to do something like this.

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And then what the coach you want to do, I just Whoa, what I did was a very shallow

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thing, you know that, you know, basically, yeah. I mean, I might as you use the same amount of energy to smell a plate of food. But his first trigger is start breathing as if you ran up a mountain. So what does that trigger in you? And I know you need to think about it. And please put your phone down for the rest of this episode. Because I want you to be tactile I want you to be free. So what would it feel like if you were running, it would be something like

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and if you can, I'll do it again.

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Shoulders didn't lift. I wasn't gasping. But it was a true diaphragm ik in and out in and out. And it almost sounded like when a plane when it's grounded. You hear that want to want to watch it. It's that revving up. It's the pumping of the sound. So to answer your question, pre Quranic recitation, you have to find the gut, breath connection. And that's where we're not looking for an aesthetic six pack. As a matter of fact, medically speaking that the six pack isn't shouldn't be your goal. If you really want to do great breath work. It should be to have a flexible vacuum pose, right? Yeah. Expanding ribs. Yeah, right. So it's very aesthetically pleasing on a magazine. But the surfers that

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you use that dive and stay underwater for for four minutes. Don't have that chiseled for six pack, but there have rather an expandable diaphragm and the ribs almost come in and out. So it seems aquatic. That is where I want you to make a first effort sister, Laura, I'd like you to first find your breath. Now once you've done the exercise of finding it. So you can do this anywhere. You feel you no tents just sit in one spot.

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Right once you feel that

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you're breathing in your belly and your lungs. This is all belly. So it's going in through the nose with like a baby baby breath. Yeah, stomach should go in and out. But I feel like a lot of ladies right off the bat. And yes, and making this gender specific. really tighten the neck, really tighten the clavicles. And there's right here in the sternum. I'm talking about your bones. I'm not caring much about the body parts. The sternum for I think should actually be a healthy, protruding and I hope that you could lift your sternum. This doesn't have anything to do with modesty. So that's the very first place connect with your breath. And if

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not possible, because your shoulders keep going up. It's because you're not connected to the sternum. key factor. Go for Bill's suggestion of the belly breath. Where you're should be able to put your hand on your stomach and watch a baby breathe. It's not

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do I need to write your kids?

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It's not a bear. You know what that reminds me of the in the movie signs

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with Mel Gibson. Oh, remember I remember because a kid has asthma. Right? And aliens here with aliens, right? But there's there's a scene where the kid has asthma. He's having trouble breathing. So Mel Gibson is playing the father and he basically hugs him from behind, puts his hand on his belly and he's and he basically emulates the way he needs him to breathe. So yes, very powerful scene. I don't know if we're allowed to put that as copyright issues but all whoever owns it owns it but that is 100 free

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said yeah, if you can't, if you feel uncomfortable, like you're stiff, get someone to stand right behind you. You know, when we do that you crack someone's back. Yeah. It's basically standing right behind the person making the alignment, right. Yeah, that's what a lot of people and I feel like men and women today, you're stuck here. Yeah, your Quranic recitation will never go beyond Mahato. And that's going to hurt someone's feelings. But you guys are stuck here. I need you to sing from your belly. And then you're like singing? No, that's the word to sing, to enunciate, to recite. And the line between that is very, very clear. So learn to say a sound beyond your speaking voice. Can you

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say, I don't know what to say. That's not singing, but it's definitely not speaking. So from the getting access to your breath, you can do this simple exercise, but that's in a whole nother discussion. We're getting into tone. Yeah, we're getting into tone which is year two grand revolution. I have to remember to do it this way. Sorry, UK folks. Because bad habits, bad habits. It just New York we Yes. So I never knew till I went and Sheikh Hassan may last month Allah bless him in Manchester was like Assam. That's a very bad thing. And I was like, oh, Sheikh, he was making a video and we were vlogging together. And I threw this up the other way. And he just soured Lee

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face because he just ruined my video. And I was like, Oh, my dear, I don't know why he sounds Scottish. But

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the Herat gain access to your breathing first, and then we can talk about breathing for recitation. But you do get it but how do I make sense? If she can't connect with our breath, just her breath? Then how are we going to be able to say

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E O, A? How's that gonna happen unless I know where my breath is where the gut is. So we'll talk about that. Maybe cut dairy for a week. You'll be amazed how your throat will clear up and your gut will clear up. Sorry dairy fans just a week for your recitation. See what happens. Make it do