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By assessment, probably the name that we are most attached to

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its name you're extremely attached to on a daily basis, number of times, every day, no exception. If you're Muslim with no exception, you're attaching this name every single day a number of times 17 times a day that least me that you're attached to all the time. Today that I chose for today is moolah, and hurdy is more than the grantor of guidance. Arabic the word he Dahlia

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means a dinner Allah to Allah Bari in the beautiful

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it is for you to be guided

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to the way tenderly it's a tender guidance of a path of a way that della led to believe the good and the Arabs, when they say a de Lille and they say the word delille really talking about someone who is a herd is someone who's a guide or someone who will take you on the route if you don't know where you're going to allow you to arrive where you go. So whenever you say the word heard, he or he is attached immediately with a path there has to be a path they come together will love who you're owed will help. Well who are you this surreal, because it says the truth and He will guide you the way.

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So what are the definition of his Mala in herdy? Who already

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you'll hemo Kula Hello, can you slay humeri Schutter where do I know here is the one who will inspire every creature to perform the actions that will benefit themselves and he is the one who will guide and show what is hate what is benefits? What is good

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Subhan Allah to Allah in the Quran, you don't find the word el Hertie like that, but you find the word head four times let me use Lily level from Allah Holman heard four times in the Quran, those are Allah subhanaw taala. You misguide will not find someone to grant them guidance. And once when equally common heard in every group of people have someone who will grant them guidance.

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I'm going to give

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something examples

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of his guidance subhanaw taala number one Hidayatullah general guidance. You see most of it started when he was asked by for our own file FML Roc buco. Sir Who is your Lord Musa? Bada? Buena levy Appa Kula che in Hong Kong. So muda he is the one who gave everything its creation, its its form He created everything gave them their form from then he granted them guidance. That was most restaurants answer an answer that ended the discussion. Well think about it will lay the Fidella for how He predestined everything. And then he guided everything. Look at the look at the animal world.

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Look at birds.

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Sometimes they migrate 1290 12,000 miles.

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And they know exactly where to go every single season to lay eggs to raise their young ones. And he goes back again. Because bees, they send out one bee to go to find out where there's going to be pollen, he comes back, he communicates with them. And then they all go and they bring them on, they come back and they put it in their, in their hives. Ever seen how ants structure their houses. Each app knows exactly what it's doing. Whether it's a digger, whether it takes out any of the garbage, whether it goes in and brings food, whether it's defending the calling, every single one knows what is doing. How do they know all this? How did this how what why is it that every single animal every

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single insect seems to know how to function. They're just born like that. By the way, everything is born within a couple of minutes of his birth, it's ready to stand up and start doing his job except the human being.

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See, here's before we figured out what we're here to do. Everything else is a much quicker, much easier than you thought of your Jonnie bill, lymphatic system. When a virus or a toxin or bacteria or an antibody enters your body. How is it that these little cells know exactly what to do? They come they take it in, not only do they kill it, they take some evidence from it and then you put it on top for next time it comes in, they know who it is a guy we know him we've dealt with him before.

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Regardless of how you understand these things came to be Allah has apologized for pre programmed every single living thing to be able to arrive at a level of guidance that allows it to do that. To find its way to know which path to serve His purpose and to take care of itself. He guided everything to get the most answered properly. I'll show you in ozone MHADA did you do that for our now you'd

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If you look at everything you see it's alive in the reading and it has is either it's no one knows what it's doing.

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The other type of you had an ima and you guided towards believing in Him supine on towards faith

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in many different ways. Allah subhanaw taala did it but he loves

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them and he didn't personally he's the one who will remind you of his favorites upon you guiding you to Iman He did it by inspiring you find the hammer have would you Raha what inspired the neffs to know what is bad for it and what is good for it. You're born you know what is right and what is wrong the moment you make a mistake, and it detected a polygraph will know if you'd like why? Because you know it's wrong. Because you were a guided way way before way early on to know that that wasn't the right thing. I should have done that. That's wrong. How do you know that? Why isn't that we know. Lying isn't good and stealing and harming.

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Where do you fit Buka mean Benny Buhari him the reata home why shadow nada unfussy him as to be a goon Palu by the Shaheed dinner and the guru yo melty Amity in con la Phoebe but Allah subhanaw taala took from Adam I use that a lot is the reason they told me not your Lord and they said yes you are so we'll be witness to it'll come to me again as I didn't know so you're gonna tell me we didn't No one told us anything about this is in your field Allah you know that's the pie no doubt is there but inside all right and if see he mostly about no one knows you more than you you know it all you know it all you can choose to lie to ourselves it's easier. It makes life easier to live when we lie

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to ourselves when we believe our own lies that we're better than we actually are that we're more sincere than we actually are then we're nicer and kinder and much more honest than we actually are but we know we have we'll see it and we have insight on ourselves he he guaranteed we would have a subpoena without and we choose to clot cloud that ourselves as our it's our choice.

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He guided us upon without with the Quran in Quran Yes, the little ditty here. Indeed this book will guide you to that which will allow you to serve your purpose the best and the upper one allow you to stand to do your job the best. Another type of diet he he guided us to get to get more Iman this specific to get more we as a doula who living in tendo hood. So you got some guidance and he will increase those who have guidance and guidance, you will increase your guidance when Nadine

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and those who are graduate guidance you will increase them in guidance when he spoke about how to go in on fifth year to be him was he didn't know who they are they believed in Allah we increase them in their guidance.

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A fourth what type of guidance to guide you to gender.

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And when you're in gender, you will you will admit it you will say we'll call you Alhamdulillah Allah the

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Teddy Noda and Allah, all praises to Allah that He guided us to this. And it how do you not get guided us to this, we would have never found guidance to arrive here. It's all him. He guided us to this subhanaw taala some examples. All right, some examples.

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He guided you. And I didn't know you're sitting right here right now. You're in the Masuda in his house, you could have been anywhere else. It's 450 in the morning.

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It's 450 in the morning, and you're sitting, you're not in your home. And you're sitting in a place where there's no food, and there's no dancing, and there's no form of fun. And you have work in a few hours. But you're here

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who is the one who on the eve of Ramadan calls upon His servants come to me, come to me, my servers and we all come running to him somehow I know it's out of there. Who does that besides the subhanaw taala himself, who's going to open the hearts of all of us before Ramadan and allow us to come and sit and make Dr wave or 10 or 1500 times more than we did before Ramadan to the point we almost did nothing. And then suddenly we're here every single night for long hours. And heard you Subhan Allah Tada. He graduated to you and I remember your own story. How did you find your diet? You were born like this? Was I born like this? Or did he somehow grant us this? He died. But it could go away.

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When you had your own me. I am born lefty, Him. You cannot die the ones who will be blinded from their misguidance you could be you probably deal with people like that a lot. You fear to be amongst themselves. How does he guides upon what's out again? What are ways? Sometimes it's a process that takes time. Look at the law and if the process took time for almost six years, he hated his son at the beginning. And then one day he was persecuting a young girl who was a Muslim. And he got tired from him Jani hitting her. This is how barbaric he was at the beginning of all this. Oh god oh my god gave her javac Allah Whoa, whoa, whoa, and you look how Allah Subhan Allah has granted me

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strength and you're all tired. No, but oh god, you

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Stranglehold MLR thought it was the first time it's ever touched my heart, like wow, she has more strength in her than I do. And then one day, he's going around and beat two years after that he's walking around the Kaaba. And because he was bored, he didn't know what to do. And the Prophet was like same as reciting the Quran. And he's listening. And he's running when he's away from the profit on the other side of the car, but he's gonna be really quickly you don't even want him to send the profit that suddenly slows down so you can listen. And he goes really quickly really want the profit slice of them to know he wants to hear and I still see them is reading through to half Malhotra.

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Beautiful surah. He's going through it. And Amara is listening. And he's he's being moved by this. And he's telling saying to himself at some point, what is this? What is this? What is he saying? This must be poetry. And then at that point, we just say well man who would be totally shocked. It's not the words of a poet, but in a matter of meaning, but you don't want to believe so he told himself there must be must be a sorcerer, and he has some abilities. What are the Publika in Calida Magic Eraser a sorcerer but you don't want to reflect. So I'm going to himself is saying what is this but a tendency to remember I've been either meeting your descendants upon Allah from Allah

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subhanaw taala upon his upon His prophets, but philosophy is going to be what is this? Is he listening to me and he walks away. There's only until he finally goes in he he wants to kill the Prophet. So nice enemies diverted by him and Mr. Holden goes to his sister's house and he finds them reading the Quran. He slaps his sister. Blood comes down, he feels bad about himself. He sits down. She tells him do you actually want to read he says yes, you just go take a shower, come back and give him Gandhi with bajada he comes back again for legal parameters cargos as you know, in the long run with Rasulullah it was a process go to time for them to do it. Sometimes you'll do it with one

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glance of an eye just you see something and you become moment we have finally been sat down with one of the greats Jewish scholars of Medina and when the Prime Minister license it associate and finally arrived there he said okay, my son, he's talking to his son let's go and let's prove this man to be a fraud. We have all the questions we have the all the answers on the Torah, we will prepare a number of questions you will ask them he will fail and will prove to everyone that he is not who he claims to be. So they prepare all night all night. They're staying up until you're preparing these questions. Seven eight hours the out of the question and the kid is carrying the paper the

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Providence lesson and finished his schedule. He goes home and a plane is waiting for him to do it.

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Once he sees or enter his home, he goes he takes his son they knock on the door they set aside his teddy bear they're rehearsing we start with this we do this next two weeks and this third department opens the door he looks he says

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hello and Nico Zulu he looks at the face of the Prophet on Sunday seldom is sign says enable here habits you map it what did what do you what are you? What are you doing about a name? Ha ha there's not the face of someone who would lie. Sometimes you will grant you the guidance with something you hear luminosity was a person who would who claimed he could take care of Jin TAE JIN or what have you like many people do you can take out if that's what he thought he could do. So he was told go Mohammed is someone who is sick and muddy and muck and he needs somebody who has genuine side of him. They are mocking the Prophet sallallahu Sallam so Duma goes

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I know

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maybe I will go maybe I'll take care of it. I'll help them out. The poor guy he is sick. So he comes to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam telling him all we heard that your agenda knew and what he's talking to you they'll help said Allah Allah, he was sending him. Aisha genuine prophesies in a very respectful way. Okay.

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How would you hear from me first before Yanyu This goes for call Allah Al Hamdulillah of metal who was staring you know, we're all made up what are they? What are they? Why should we?

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Why should he get up when I'm Hamid Abu rasuluh.

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What is what is the some that you want to continue? So do man is italic. Say that again? For the hostile allies and Hamdulillah He who was studying who woke me up whatever, karate, whatever and he wants to continue on to tell him about Islam.

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Please say it again for

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Allah what Nick rasuluh Who am I become a student? Well, again, there's nothing wrong with you. I should wonder you know, hey, Lulu, sometimes you can do with the word. Jay, I told you at the beginning that you are extremely attached to the name.

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Right? We have to read a sutra, every single prayer every single prayer if you don't read it, there is no prayer for you. If you stand up and you say Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim, Allah I mean your prayer doesn't count. You can read all of the Torah. It doesn't count you have to repeat it. You could read the whole Quran if you like. If you do not need the Fatiha at the beginning it doesn't count every time you think and when you're doing a hokhmah you will read the article once and then continue no every recording and save it again by the hour because I already did the beginning do it again. You hold them at the end of the Quran. Do it again. Every time he was done. You will see the

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first thing coming out of your mouth will save I'd be 30 alive. What do we ask him? What do we look for the 100 Grand just forget about it mercy. It'll feel Leonard granted set up forgiveness Europe was open. I grant us the Alibaba provision. What are we asking every single prayer we asked him something that is limitless. Something that is limitless is not limited. There is no limit to he Daya. That's why

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Every day every day 17 times at least it you know slit Ottomans to me isn't you know Cymbalta news to people you live with this name every day your hands been guide me okay I guided You Your Guide me again guide me more more guidance there's no limit to how guided you can be and if you understand the concept then you will walk out everywhere looking for guidance looking to be even more guided than you actually are never having enough there's never a limit there's ever enough guidance there's enough is at a certain point you don't need any more I have more than when I need mercy I don't have mercy. I have no forgiveness. I have no mercy you know, what are you gonna forgive it's over. But

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there's never enough. Never enough you day you can always be guided more. You can always make that path straighter. That path can always be made straight or sit off can always be a straight path a bit more a bit more. You're not perfect on it every single day. And who knows that Allah it was obvious enough in Hadith that the enemy Lima Mohammed vimos Netta he beside him has anemia whole Bharat Allah Who methylene slaw con nuestra Peyman

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Bjb he saw Ron v. the hara Institute on mocha Allah Subhana Allah give us an example he says You say well he was studying a straight path on the side are walls and the walls are open doors and on top of the doors are curtains while you're still on the box. Just slowly die in your booth. Are you a nurse would Hulu sell out Jimmy? Would you at the end of the setup there is someone standing there and he's calling a color and you're saying everyone and to this split often walk straight on the bottom and don't go right or left. When we invoke and sit on someone standing on top you're going either odd and you have to hold back when one of the people were walking on the sidewalk want to go

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and open one of the doors that have the curtains.

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Now we have a lot of Jehovah in NACA interkultur Who will register

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beware Do not open it if you open you will enter if you enter you will keep on going you're clueless and apostasy law cool Islam the path is Islam was to to voodoo doula and the curtains are the things Allah subhanaw taala told us this is what you do what you don't do. Well Abu Abu Muhammad Allah the doors is haram on the other side of it what Danny the guy standing at the end calling upon yo Kitab Allah the book of Allah

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Allah went down even further he was even Allah if you happen to be fully Muslim and the ones standing on top is the

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the conscious that Allah Subhan that put in the hearts of every Muslim reminding you before you make your mistake.

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So Allah I sent him how you connect with them quality says

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quite a hot pot Rasulullah he have been murabahah he was sitting almost the Sahaba and he had a stick. So he made a drawing on the in the dirt. So he made like a rectangle or or a square particle Mahatama university he has been carried on and who then he made a straight line from the middle of the square going outside of the square right by Phil Medina. I mean he was steam in Geneva he who Baba and for the euro Minnewaska he Rajani be here and then around besides the the straight line that is going out all the smaller lines that are connecting with that straight line through oh my god, hi that inside this is the human being.

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Again, who haven be here, this is his life. This one is gonna live. Well ha ha. Who and what's going outside of the box is what he hopes to live his hopes his that he when he wants. It's outside of how long he's going to live? Why are they going to hold on the smaller lines that are hitting the line in the middle? Or the difficulties of life for in

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New Hampshire? Who? When

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the if this one doesn't hit you the other one will? If that one doesn't another one will? Then you're walking on this slot you're walking on will sit on

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it. How do you live with this moolah in herdy?

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I have two things for you to think of.

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Number one,

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live what you say 17 times a day limit. You ask him every day, you're an idiot, you know so often stepping out everyday you say 17 times, be honest about what you're asking him for. If you truly want it, then go out and seek it. And see without action doesn't really mean much. If you truly want if you're truly asking him for a day and you want to die, then every day, the number one thing you're looking for when you walk out of your house is a bit more guidance. You're hoping to be guided today a bit more than you were yesterday. And then tomorrow. You have more guidance than you have today. And so on and so forth. And every day you're being guided more until you arrive at his

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door subhanho wa Taala finally, is he Islam is basically a path that you start walking. You start it in dunya and it keeps on going until you're standing in front of the doors of Jannah. There's no end to this. That's where the path ends, even

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And then when we talk about us, you know, what is the path that you walk on on top of China? What is it called? They'll say all the same thing. It's as if whatever you do in this dunya how you walk, they'll set off a dystonia, you will walk us around. If you were quick, if you were gracious if you're focused then you'll find yourself the same thing on that set up and if on this one you're falling left and right and making mistakes and by falling back then you'll find that it'll be the same thing on that one. Until you arrive at Burbage and if you're serious about wanting to die, but living with his name and ID subhanaw taala. Acknowledging that he guides everything then ask for

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guidance and go sequence and increasing guidance. I need to work with the scholars used to say before every dose I have heard this so many times is turned into a cliche they will say Hola Hola, alumna and I and found on teachers what is beneficial for us when find out you know, and I'm Tara and benefit with what you taught us. My name is Dr Elman what I'm Yes dad who then he who increases the knowledge and does not increasing guidance. That means that may Allah elaborate only increases from Allah subhanaw taala and being far and farther away.

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Everything you take is supposed to increase your guidance so you can see the path clearer. So the path that you walk on is more straight to know the end of and more so everything around it is clear. There's no black spots that are dark, but you don't know what's coming. You can see it all because of either the 100% clear and you can always be clear it can always be clear. That's the first way to live with his name. See what that which you ask for everyday alHuda number two

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may he use you as a means of Hideo may he use use Pio attire as a means of he Delia, Allah Hey, there's nothing better in life than for you and I to work for Allah subhana wa Tada. Work for him. You're employed by Allah subhanaw taala This is the work of an MBA and animal salatu salam, this is their job. They're employed by Allah go and offer people guidance.

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Understanding that in Nicoletta demon, I can allah God my Isha knowing that you will not die those whom you love Allah subhanaw taala glide whom he wants, based on his wisdom, His knowledge of what they are doing. But you are be a door of guidance, be someone who is offering guidance and work for Allah subhanaw taala so you can be paid and rewarded by Allah subhanaw taala himself, Yehuda,

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de Allah, because you don't know hidden Hi yo laka min

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dunya via Allah Subhan God one person with you. One person is better than an owning the world, if you can just guide one person, because that's what he does so proud that he is in Hudy. And if he chooses to Subhan Allah, Allah You know, when I'm going to my teachers used to saving

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your money every time you sit. Every time you sit, you teach Quran or you say something, when you're done. Turn to Allah subhanaw taala thank him for allowing you to do that. And tell him you do not use anyone else. You know, don't substitute me Europe. Don't substitute me and then grant guidance to throw up to someone else and put me aside and I no longer have guidance Europe use me. Use everyone but make sure you use me. Don't stop using me. Every time you sit down you say something. You pray a prayer you teach a lesson or you do a reminder turn to Alexa yellow Thank you, you're gonna get home and you use me for guidance hungry that what could be better than that. I am the doer

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of guidance that he is using these a pound to either Yeah, demon kita. me he's doing the diet through me. Like all the prophets before me.

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Beautiful, beautiful concept. And kudos to you don't have boo a baddie in a man that you know you're born and the servants I love the most are the ones who were turned to me someone who's gone astray. Someone who's walking was misguided who was completely lost. And you're taking them by the hand and you help them find their path again. Those are the ones I love the most. Live with the name of Allah subhanaw taala de by being truthful to what you asked him 17 times a day and actually go and get hidayah and increasing guidance every day and make sure that that's how you live your life. And then be the door of guidance for others guide others may Allah subhanaw taala use you ask him Ramadan Dr.

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Rob use me or abused me allow me increase me in my knowledge increase me in my everyday use me for hidayah others so that you can hold on to my own Delia, I hope that was beneficial Subhanallah behind the crescendo and then we'll go through what's that Allah Allah CD ROM how many early