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He also he as you may know, but Yahweh Imam Abu Dawood, the Sunni on email and we'll be happy with the show I believe we send

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anybody I burst Robbie, Allah one Homer, I don't know your son Allahu Allahu Allah will send them the reason a collection of both the member with a wood and a student. You know, basically his job and it has a authentic generation, say to us by Abdullah bin Abbas May Allah please with him, he's with him and the Hadith that is within the theme of his usage of the word Alia salatu salam ala como criado from the best of you. And he used it a number of times in his in his traditional narrations and I like following along a certain phrase and gathering all the Hadith that habit and then establishing his narrative it his thought was that like you can establish through these Hadith what

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his opinion was of who the best Muslims are by taking all the times he used the word and it's interesting to get as you're getting an insight ally in Salatu Salam on what his opinion is. And I've already shared with you for a hadith Hadith and I'm sure share with you one tonight and one with you tomorrow, and then when Tuesday and then we'll I'll kind of summarize them for you at the end.

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Next week, inshallah the so the amount of audit Academy starts this semester next week, the we sent out the registration forms on our web on our WhatsApp group and it's kind of being circulated. So next week, actually, she will be running his route, booster and RFP and course after Aisha on Wednesdays is the machine or texture and by Novi and I'm Allah, and he'll be getting it right after Yanni is not there yet, he'll be giving, he'll be doing the Salah and give me the shortcut afterwards inshallah as well and I'm giving my course elsewhere in this there'll be a number of courses running inshallah Tada on almost every day of the week, feel free to

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register to any of these courses. Even if you don't intend to take exams or stuff, you can still you're welcome to attend and just learn and this these courses are designed for high school students and university students and young professionals and people who want to study Islamic knowledge and take on any certificates and courses and a parallel learning

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method meaning those who have work or studying other stuff, they can always take these courses and learn and if you do that slowly over your life you will learn a lot without even noticing that you were I think that's a good way to learn. Just as a side side note,

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the Hadith tonight. It was when he said it when he says only historical Salam paella Fiocco Alia Newcomb, manera Kiba your Salah Hiroko, Eliana calm Maria Kiba feels salah is a very interesting Hadith. What he says and this is the literal translation, the best of you are the ones who have the most tender shoulders in Salah lien is tenderness or

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softness Lim as what it means.

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So when he says Eliana will come in those of you who are the most tender or the softest, or the softest, or the most tender shoulders may not give our shoulders to Salah. And why do you say What do you mean by this adios AUTOSAR? Well, there's an established part of our deen that when we stand for Salah Yama as a group, we, we line up and we have to do some degree of grace. And we have to come close together and you have to line up our shoulders. And we have to get the line all straight and stuff. So when you're doing that, and there's a little bit of motion and commotion, you can end up you know, maybe being shoved a little bit or maybe pushing the person beside you a little bit, it

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happens. It's normal, because the places are usually packed and a lot of human beings, and everyone wants to be people trying to get into the first line. And they don't want to be in the line behind. It's always better to be up front. So you can end up with a little bit of nudging here and there. So what he's pointing out, I just thought that was that was the best if you are the ones who have the softest shoulders in prayer.

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Figuratively what he means are the ones that are always making it easier for the person beside them. Meaning the person who's always going to take the step aside, the person is always going to make it more comfortable for the brother who was standing or the sister who was standing beside them. The person who's willing to maybe when they're praying, they're not as comfortable to make sure that the person beside them is a little bit more comfortable in their finding more space when they're praying instead of the person beside them being squished.

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And it's the same for Salah you start to Islam. But if you really take this concept that he is teaching is something that's much more profound and much more widespread. He's talking about the attitude of a Muslim and who will always try and make sure that people around them are comfortable.

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Even in a moment where it's extremely intimate and important to just set up. So as the most important thought that we have, you have to perform it. You have a right in in being treated equally have to stand equally like there are rights there is an obligation but even in that setting, you are trying to make sure that the people around you are comfortable by being the person who has the most under and soft shoulders. You have lean, you make it easy. And that is just an attitude that either you have or you don't and if you have it then it will exist in prayer but it will just everywhere else as well. As someone who

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was always, in every situation, trying to make sure that their fellow brothers and sisters with Islam and people around them are comfortable are being taken care of, even if that means they are not as comfortable as they would like to be either, that means that they're taking, they're taking off a piece of their own of their own comfort by their shoulders not being as stiff as they can make it. Because you can stand there and make your shoulders nice and stiff, and the person can push and shove and you just stand there, because this is my right and this is where I'm praying, and you can do whatever you need to do. Or you can be a little bit more tender. And if they you feel that

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there's a need, you offer the need. If you feel that there's they're needing space or room, you offer them the safe room so that they're comfortable. Does everyone do that? No, you're welcome. Only the best of you. There was okay. If you're listening to this, and you're getting like what I don't, that's no problem. He didn't say all of you. We didn't say all of us was going to do it. He didn't even he didn't say all of us were going to do it. He just said the best of us. He knew what he was talking about. He just thought was the best if you are the ones who get to do this, the rest of you are gonna stand there and shove and push. But the best of you will always say well, what can

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I do to make the perfect people around me a bit more comfortable. And I'll do even the middle of Salah where it's kind of if you think about it, this is a pretty rigid ritual with specific rulings to it so people should respect that. But even then, your monkey your shoulder. That will be the softest for your brother. It won't be the stiffest. It'll be the softest for him. And I think within that,

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within that concept, there's something to think about in a certain beauty of of the character he's explaining. Well there was beneficial to Yahweh the man will do it for you. Certainly he would email will be happy with his shop. He said I do so Hey hon Abdullah Jiminy Abbas Allahu Anhu my five Bala Nabil Sal, Allahu Allah Who early he was salam clear Oh, come on, man. Kiba Salah Tanaka. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam cyclin Huntington Allah Allah land. I still feel good to waiting for some Allah who was telling them all about like ala Nabina Muhammad while early you're slapping me