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I'm delighted Galantamine Salallahu Salam baraka and Amira, Muhammad Anwar Allah He was so he was still in the slammer. theertham My My bad.

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Tonight we have a hadith which is a story, one of the most one of those beautiful stories we learned from the Prophet sallallahu sallam, in regard to the value of sincerity, and doing things secretly for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala that's the value of doing something so sincere, so secretive, and no one knows but Allah subhanho wa Taala but it comes in handy in terms of difficulties and hardship. That sincerity comes very handy for you. When you seek Allah's help in terms of difficulty and hardship. May Allah make it always easy for me. And this hadith Hadith, Abdur Rahman is number 12 from Riyadh the Saudi hen Carla Abdul Rahman Abdullah number kappa Radi

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Allahu Anhu Marcal similar to Rasulullah Salallahu Salam al Ghul and Tanaka Salah to NAFTA amendments and a couple of hotta on the way to 11 for the

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Messenger of Allah Salah Sam says three men among those who came before you set out on our until night came and they reached a cave, so they entered it. So that story is what is your man?

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It's true. What does that mean? This happened? What I'm going to decide to right now. It happened. It's not just a metaphor. It's not something of symbolic No, this story did happen. That's what the progresses Sam says. Some of the people who have before you go does he mean by when he says those who were before you usually

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many story from the time of Mossad is after most after Richard Serra, sometime in between those years. So these three people from that generation, they were traveling which means they believed in Allah subhana wa. So they were from the people before us, who believed in Allah azza wa jal, and they went on a journey together means they knew each other probe, and they were traveling together. It was night so they looked for shelter, they found a cave and they went to that cave for the calligraphy. Then what happened? Called a Salah Salem fan Hadassah terminal. Jebel said that Allahu Manohar ORAC fell down from the mountain and blocked the entrance of the cave.

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us that we will ever be in a situation like this lie every time I think about Miss moment I think about all these brothers and sisters, the children of Reza Allah subhanho wa Taala leading from the suffering horrible I mean

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you just sleeping safely in your own home in your own bed and all of a sudden you find yourself suffocating gasping for air because everything crushed and now you can even get out of it. Like every now and then you see some of these videos you can't even imagine human beings would do such and such thing Subhanallah and pull in the kids their face they're all complete the cover and the considers their feet and they're still alive. That's the problem is I don't know. But here these are adults in a cave. A boulder came and close the gate the entrance of the cave right now hamdulillah they still can breathe they still can, you know live their life to see what they could do about it.

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Yes might be a little bit dark, but they can find their ways. So eventually called facilita hula it closed the entrance of the cave now they cannot come up. So Carlo in the hula Eun Ji caminhada Sakura illa Anta de Allah to Allah bizarrely Hi, Monica. They tried everything possible. Whatever tools they had their manpower to just move that rock a little bit where they can at least get out. Nothing is not budging. So they realize they're doomed. So do you know what this is it no one's gonna come by, no one's going to help you. You can't move it. Nothing to shake it God knows when another quick that might shake them and make that rocks move. So they do though therefore they

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realize new have absolutely no help coming from anybody except from whom?

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Allah subhanho wa Taala he is the one who allowed this frog to close the gate and the entrance of this cave. And he's the one will allow it to move. So they realize that and that is something a believer Subhanallah should always have in their hearts.

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When you lose hope in humanity

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when you lose hope from human beings to help you. That's when your Eman and Allah subhanho wa Taala is as most critical moment because some people unfortunately they in that moment they disconnect even from Allah azza wa jal instead of connecting with Allah because I realized, you know what, this is it. Allah wants me just to depend on him and only on him. So you surrender yourself, my lord.

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I'm under your control. Do whatever you will. So this these people, that's what they did. They realize they have no power, nothing. It's all in the hands of Allah Subhana Allah so they surrendered. And they said look, nothing is going to help you right now.

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Unless you supplicate to Allah subhana wa

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Allah by virtue of righteous deeds you have done. This is called a traversable. Ama the salah. Like you ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala by a good deed that you have done sincerely for his sake. such as for example, you have you've done Onra that, you know, in your heart, you did that and it was for you was sincere enough. Like I had absolutely no interest in that I'm gonna but to please Allah subhanho wa Taala I finished bottom of the Quran. I finished Ramadan, I did Africa if I gave you know what I gave $5 Not much. But as all I had in that moment. And I gave it for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala so you said Unto Allah, I asked you, I asked you Allah, for this good deed that I have done

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for your sake, that if you see this sincere in my heart, except for me such and such and do this and such and such for me, that's how we make that dua. Although we don't owe it to Allah subhanho wa Taala and Allah doesn't owe us actual response. Like we don't not doing any favor to Allah when we present our good deeds to him. This is for us for ourselves to remind ourselves that look, you're Allah, I'm trying my best to be sincere to you. Which is becomes very embarrassing for us. If you ask yourself, hey, if you're in trouble like this, and you happy that you need to make this dua to find an exit out of it, and it's guaranteed you're gonna get eggs out of it. Can you find something

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that you can trust? It was absolutely sincere between you and Allah subhana so secretive good deed that you have done that you can ask Allah proudly and confidently your Allah I asked you about this can you help me out for this?

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If you can't find anything, anything to do that you're in trouble

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you're gonna have to check your heart and see your your good deeds. So they said you have to do this. So the first one said

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Allahumma Kennedy advantage I found it can be wrong. Because Oh Allah, I had parents who were old that it's their age, and I used to offer the milk before any of my children or my servants. Carla Eastwood used to say welcome to LA to be COCOM Lahoma Allen one Mr. I used to when I used to go and milk the goats or make the camel and I come. I wouldn't serve my kids. I wouldn't serve my servants until my parents during first California Abby thought I was Shudra yo man fell out of LA Hema Hutton ama he said one day I got delayed a little bit I was working in the field. So I kind of got delayed so when I milk the camel or the cow, I brought the milk and I found in all the asleep.

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But his kids were still awake.

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He goes I stood carrying that cup in my hand. Hopefully that they would wake up in any moment. So I can serve them first before I serve my kids. And while his kids are trying golfer correct to an Oklahoma or another because of Lahoma Hello Oh man. I didn't like to serve anybody else before them first. So I kept standing there, while cada Javier de and todos de cada Huma had Baraka al Fajr. Because until federal time, I kept holding on until the federal time, was severe to Utada gonna end up at me, and my kids are kind of like, trying to reach to me so they can actually say I can serve them and then quite festive cover fishery bubble coma. When they woke up, they got their drink

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first. And then he says Allahumma in cool to fall to her the elderly Captiva georgica Faraj Anna Manaphy Ya Allah, if I did so and so to seek your pleasure, then deliver us from the distress caused by this rock.

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For disaster had to suffer. The Rock moved a little bit.

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You can see now light.

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Then the second person.

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He says Carla Allahumma in the who cannot leave not to anma of Nottingham. It says, my, my lord. I had a cousin a female cousin. What could have been nasally she was the most beloved person to me.

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And he says called Farah to Allah Anastasia. And I always want I always tried to seduce her to get from her what a man wants from the woman? Of course unlawfully. And she always said no, actually was just enough to say no to keep him away from her. From 10 admin Had Allah might be her Senator Minister Nene project admin. Until one year she went through some financial hardship.

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She went through famine, financial hardship, she was hungry. So she came to me asking for help. So I gave her I gave her 120 dinars like a fortune you could say to about gold. I gave her fortune. He says, Allah unto Halle Berry, Nubian Anastasia with a condition that she allows me to be intimate with her with blood marriage. So reluctantly, she did

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Latin as you said, it's okay. Cara phelim Cadore to Allah woke up to binaries layer. So when I was with her in the position of a man with his wife in the intimate, almost intimate with her, she immediately she tells you, you told him, and she said to him pilot, yeah holla it took a la hora de football, Hatha, Illa haka. She said, Tanisha, tequila, fear Allah with me. And don't do this, unless it's lawful for you. Like as if she's telling her look, I'm not against it, but do it halal. Don't do this to me. Don't take talk, take advantage of me in a situation like this and do that. And the man who says

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all often sort of to Anna, I immediately said that I immediately backed off

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and left the money in her hand. And that was it.

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Called ARB in quintavalle, too delicate Theologica for Jana monography. If you know that I have done this for your sake, your Allah remove us from this distress. For those that hasn't had to Sahara. The Rock moved again, but still not enough for them to live. The third man came and he says Can Allahumma Aloha minister to udara wa to imagine a home lawyer Roger in what he says My Lord one one day I hired people for labor for work to work for me. He was mashallah a wealthy man. So I hired some people to work something for me. And then after the work was done, I paid everybody except for one of them. He left before he took his his his wages. And just like I have is wages in my hand.

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What do I do with this? He says so I volunteered and I invested that money for him.

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He put it in some, you know, some investments for him. He bought some, some goats, whatever that is and so on. He said investing that money for him, called for the murder to Agile who had cattle Rodman, who am one until it becomes martial law becomes lucrative, very successful business.

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Clodagh and by the hen. Sometime later, God knows how many months or years probably he comes, because the man maybe went through some hardship. Remember that he owes the money. He comes to me he goes yeah, ha, Karla Abdullah Abdullah Yejide Could you please pay me what you owe me? And the man said absolutely. Then he says look at this valley Kulu mataram and Adric mill a believable Bukhari Weligama muraki says all what you see here all the cameras and the cows and the gills and and the slaves all yours

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color Abdullah letter says it says please don't mock me. Like I'm not. I'm not in the mood for a joke right now. I'm really distressed. Don Martin, let us sob for kotula esta Zubik I swear I'm not mocking him. I'm not joking with you, is all yours called for AQa who? Fahad who Kula overstock as he said he went down there and he dragged everything out other than with

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He says gone and as he said did not leave anything for me not even a thank you. Oh my god, you know what? This is for you then nothing He left nothing. He took everything up. But Allahumma and quintavalle to Allah Ya Allah if you know what I've done this for your sake of Jehovah watch it and only for your sake for Jana Manaphy remove us from this distress. And he said then the rock moved and was open enough for them to live and walk safely.

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How do you throw out Buhari or Muslim? What is the meaning of this hadith Gemma first of all, the exciting thing for me to be honest with you is that the companionship of these three people.

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These three people Subhanallah How many of you can say I know that my friends if I am in distress for them in a in a cave like this? I'm sure because of their good deeds. We'll all be out in shallow time.

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How many of you know that can trust those people around you? To save you in a moment like this with their good deeds?

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If not, then filter your friendship.

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Are these people gonna take you to Jannah or they're gonna take you somewhere else or do MA make sure that you have companionship and people that if you're in a situation like this, you can find a way out of it. You're all like minded people Hamdulillah you care about the akhirah you have this level of sincerity to Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah is just thinking about this that three people in a cave, and they know that look, nothing's going to help us except you're good. These guys. Are you good enough for me to help me out here. I don't I don't need your physical support or financial support. I need your sincerity in this moment right now. As an ummah, that's what we really need.

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We could all go Subhanallah and it's hardships and difficulty, but our sincerity to Allah subhanho wa Taala can save us all from any trouble in anytime in any moment in our lives. Our sincerity to Allah subhana wa our adherence to our deen. Like that's why our motto Verna and monka is important. In June a good forbidden

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He was important because your weaknesses, my weakness,

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I might, I might get actually a breach from your side. So therefore it matters to me if you're doing good or not. Therefore, I'm gonna make sure that you do good. And if you see me doing bad you need to tell me as well too. That's very important. Highlights. That reminds me but also, Allah subhanho wa Taala make it easy for the mirror Bananaman. A mother as she was playing with her son's hair. She was she was commenting on his haircut. She goes, you're not supposed to have the haircut like this. This is this is why we are actually failing. That's why we're not we're not getting victory. So the kid was mommy says, Mama, are you serious? And we will not win? And because of my haircut? She said

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yes. Because you disobeyed the Prophet said Alana was him. I'm like, wow, Subhan look at Disturbia.

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It's not about the haircut itself. It's because of what the professors and theologian of the Prophet forbade us from cutting our hair like this. That is what brings victory that's what brings really safety in moments like this. That's the Sunnah of the Prophet Allah azza wa jal into the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu salah, so these three people, that's the same thing, that's the first thing. Their sincerity matters the most, and each one of them good. Regarding to the first one quick and inshallah the first man, he talked about his parents.

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I know, we a lot of people, specifically our dear parents, they like to take this hadith to come to the kid says your money is my money.

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I have a priority in everything that you own over your wife and your children. Absolutely not. I'm telling you from now.

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That's a false statement. And parents should not abuse their children just because their children,

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your kids money is his money. And he has the right to share with you or otherwise, especially if you don't need that money, then he doesn't owe you anything. What he does, he does it out of his good heart. If you do need money, because you're not doing well, or whatever situation that you're in, that's a different story. But that's how his interviews tell us and that people keep saying, you know, the Professor Sam says, Until medically I believe you and your wealth belong to the Father, not just to the general meaning of taking it, you know, without any hope. Now, there is there is balancing law that our other or as long as we're not going to abuse your child and cause them harm.

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We're taking his money away from him, then then you need to be careful with that. So he was doing this, because he also hamdulillah wasn't poor. Like he had wealth. Look, he was working in the field. So he has a farm. He has this he has that. That milk was excess.

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And he always had the beautiful tradition of making his parents drink first. He wasn't depriving his family. No, he was just the light to serve his parents first. That's a virtue. It's not like he doesn't want to give his children. There's like no lead my parents first. This time, this overslept took them too long to wake up. But he still insisted on serving his parents first. That is the virtue and this hadith over here is not like he was actually the only put in his parents on a pedestal that he's ignoring his family's halco chondrites. Now that's not that's not the case over in this hadith. So we need to make sure we understand that. The second example, the example of the

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man who was was Subhanallah living a life of desires. He was wealthy. He was young, powerful. He had leverage. I was trying to take advantage of many, many women. Be careful guys being in this society over here. That story can be for everybody.

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Young, wealthy, powerful. Don't you ever take advantage of the weak? Don't do this. In this situation, he Subhanallah it took him a moment like this, that she when she spoke those words to him in the moment of weakness?

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And she said yeah, I had it tequila, Daffodil hot and I love it. Don't break the seal unless it's lawful to you said tequila. So then about their sense of Hala it came from her heart to his heart.

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Not from her mouth. It was coming out of weed out of grief. Like she she couldn't. She couldn't see herself in this situation. But her panela any her weakness in that moment because of her need was overwhelming. And she allowed herself to compromise herself in that moment. But then in the last moment, she just told them there's a tequila fertilizer. So the man, it went through his heart and immediately he just backed out.

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You can't here's the thing, by the way, look how much he said he's desired this woman, how much he loved her how much he wants to be with her. Like he was willing to do everything to be with him. But when she said to him at UCLA, he backed out immediately what does that mean? You can't live something you live so much and live unless you feel something or somebody else more

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Love You can't if you live this if you love this so much.

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Fearing something also someone else would make you abandon what you love the most.

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But at the same time, sometimes that fear is out of love. What does that mean? Like you love Allah subhanho wa Taala much more than anything else are you afraid to disappoint him and upset him.

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So that excessive love for Allah subhana data which is Allah deserves from you is the one that makes you afraid, you know what to even compare it.

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So keep in your mind

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which one is more beloved to that you are afraid to lose it more and that's when he decides so this man did this. He realized his love for his woman for this woman is nothing compared to his fear of losing love of Allah subhanho wa Taala so he backed out and the third example the man was a businessman and a lot of I mean we have a lot of Intrapreneurs a lot of business people amongst us over here we care for Gemma vision the rights of other people

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they work for you for a few hours you think it just for one day pay anyway. They didn't collect that money for example. Well what do I do with that handle? I had some brothers mashallah coming in at some time, saying look, this guy he works for me I have this check for him. It's not it's not it's not much so there's 100 something dollars. What do I do with it? I said keep it with you.

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Keep it with you for a year. After that. If he doesn't show up, then give it to charity in his name. And if he ever shows up again, then make sure that you give him the money inshallah. So you can count the charity for you unless he says you know what, that's fine. I'll take that charity inshallah. But make sure that you worry about the hukou of people. Someone works something for you or take from your contract to whoever abandoned these people's health because Allah it is dangerous, and doing things sincerely for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala it's very well needed, especially in time like ours. So next time, if you feel that you really losing hope, from people to help and

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assist you know, there is Allah subhanho wa Taala therefore, dig deep into your heart into some of your good deeds, which of the good deeds that you have done Secretly? Secretly that you've done between and Allah subhanho wa Taala that you hope for the most to save your moment of trouble? That's what you count on if you don't have money to start work on it tonight inshallah Tabata, Kota, Allahu taala.

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And of course, your

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these are all

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other people. Yes, true.

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That's true.

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Something that we don't

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That's a beautiful observation. So look, these three examples here. None of them is considered devotional act of its own. These are more analog like these are transactional these between other people, you and your parents, you and that cousin, for example, and this isn't an

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employee. So these are between you and people so help Coco Eva, even being sincere and observing the Hancock of the people. Look how much valuable that is. So it's not just about your individual relationship with Allah subhana wa Tada saves, you know, your observation of the rights of others in your life can be as sacred and as seriously how to engage in that manner.

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So how can we differentiate between the love for Allah Subhana Allah and the health from Allah azza wa jal, we are supposed to do three things when it comes to dealing with Allah Azza. Number one, the absolute love for Allah azza wa jal for who he is. He's a sustainer, the creator, the maker, all these beautiful things right? Then you have cut off of his punishment, have as punishment and have fear of him as well too. There is a degree of fear that is highly recommended for you better than any kind of fear because the average fear is feeding Allah so just like everybody else, so you feel the fire you feed the animal, you feed water or whatever, right? But when Allah speaks about feeding

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him in the Quran, he usually use another term, that term is called Hashem.

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Hashem. Hashem is conscious fear. What does that mean? You know, what you fear and who you feel. So when, you know Allah has beautiful names and attributes, that health becomes Russia. So it's not just about fear, it's fear, with all shock and awe out of beauty, out of majesty, and of course out of you know, submission to his power Subhanallah that's the fear that that matters the most he was Eliza and the last one

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Is hope or Raja, I have opened ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala because I know his mercy and is Rama and also has hope in Allah subhanho wa Taala reward as well to as Allah commanded the Quran I don't rub on cofund automa that we worship Allah out of fear and also our hope for Israel. So the three things loving Allah, having opened his reward and fear for his punishment, ALLAH

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SubhanA colomba 100 Ashra Allah Allah and stuff to cover to break ceramah reforma de la vaca