The Quran, The Bible and the Shape of the Earth

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Islam is the only ancient what major world religion, which facilitates around Earth expanding universe cosmology in his literal interpretations. We know this because people like even monada have been narrated by Ivan Tamia and others to have said that that was the belief of the early people. In fact, it hasn't goes further and uses chapter 39 verse five as an evidence of the totality of the earth because of the word you know, we're all which comes from the Arabic word, quarter, which means sphere. On the flip side, some Christians and Jews come and say, Well, actually, the circle of the Earth is mentioned in Isaiah chapter 40, verse number 22. But if you look at the midrashim, none of

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the aggadic commentators actually the Jewish commentators said this, and in fact, john Walters, especially the scholar says, this verse cannot be used to talk about the disparity of the earth because it's talking about a disk. And so therefore, Islam is the only religion which can facilitate this