Ramadan 2023 – Quranic Reflections #09 – Surat Al Araf 160 Surat Al-Tawbah 31

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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of protecting individual boundaries and privacy in order to be victorious in the face of conflict. They stress the need to understand one's faith and practice it to achieve success in protecting privacy and trust, and to teach others to do what they want. The speakers also emphasize the importance of remaining true to one's Islam and not giving up on one's responsibility, as long as they show patience and resilience. They stress the need for investment in others to make progress and provide feedback.
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Hello Amanda Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam robotic Muhammad are early he was off the age of 18 robots

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I'm getting paged and alone on call

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the number one, okay, coproducer number two callbacks.

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Insha. Allah, Allah will continue

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to finish a series.

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So yesterday I talked a little bit about Sotloff. It talks about indifference, and how that is the reason that communities failing, and that our salvation comes in groups, it doesn't come in individual efforts, meaning we're going to succeed or succeed as a as a society as a community, and the judgment and wisdom odds. And that requires us to eradicate or to work against indifference. And that requires us to perform a lot of data and be decisive in terms of what we believe in, and our behaviors and our choices, which ones so Cloud off basically teaches actors who cannot offer going to have sort of an impact. So it lends value. When you look at it, it almost seems like it doesn't

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fit because it's so small, it's like halfway just amongst these massive students that are each over edges. So all the swords around it are twice its length, at least, or more than twice its length, total. And it talks about the laws of victory. And it gives us it does that through the story of the Battle of burden. That's where the majority of the stories and fall are related to the Battle of butter either what happened before it during it or right after it, and explains to us what it is that we will require in order for us to be successful, or for us to be victorious in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa taala. And then as soon as it doba the dough is the final one of this nice

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continuum, and I'll kind of put it together for you tomorrow a bit

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more will still be the majority, the bulk of them are obese with a Toba, it talks about the relationship that the Muslim ummah has with everyone around them. And it's I mean, he talks about the relationship the Muslim ummah has with non Muslims with its enemies with them without 15 inside with the different diverse groups of Muslims on the inside as well with Muslims on the outside, it talks about how Muslims are meant to deal with all the different groups that exist either inside or outside, it's very focused on the relationships that the Muslim nation is going to have. And the importance of having these clear boundaries in order for those relationships to be successful.

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That's why doba is a is a harsh one is harsh to wipe because it's talking about your relationship with your enemies, those who actually are declaring war against you and what to do in those types of situations. So that's basically the first seven soldiers are the long seven if we're if we're not counting. So to factor which we usually we usually don't. But the fact that is the key is the beginning of the alliance is the is the constant amongst all the students that are going to change. Through this Bukhara tells you what you what your job description is, what methodology you're going to use to achieve your goal tells you here's how you going to protect the methodologies that you

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have and sustain it. Goodness that teaches you the principles that power and feed this methodology that you have spoken about you that tells you the actual rulings, the covenants, the agreements, the practices that you're going to carry, to what it

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tells you your relationship with Allah subhanaw taala is twofold an aspect of understanding who Allah is, which is what Iman is, and then actually accepting his teachings and obeying His rules. Subhanallah without without off, tells us that it doesn't happen individually, the actual success of your OMA will not come on its own it will come in groups, that's what you need to get rid of is awful. That's why you have to get rid of indifference and differences. That is the is the cancer that kills any nation. Any oh man, a group of people this is the this is the the the malignant disease amongst them is in differences when they just stopped caring, when it doesn't matter to them

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anymore. And that happens for a lot of reasons, then. So a lot of kind of talks about that. So Atlanta tells you, here's

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the laws that you will require in order for you to be victorious. So the tower, here's how you draw the boundaries with the end relationships with everyone around you. So that's basically everything you need. That's why they said about everyone are basically put together everything Muslims need in terms of understanding their own faith, that's a third of the Quran. So these seven schools are a third of the Quran. If you go and you count seven souls from the end of the Quran, you get a page in two lines. So he can't seven as soon as on the end of the Quran, you got two pages in a line, or two lines. If you've got seven zeros on the beginning, you're gonna get 10 Jews, which is a third of the

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whole Quran, right? Still, each surah is a Surah meaning there's still a unit and it there's a purpose of it. But it's like Allah subhanaw taala and detailed and gave us a lot of, of meats and content in the first seven explained everything we need to know, here's what you're here to do. Here's how you're going to do it, how to protect it. Here's the source here the practices. Here's the relationship. If you look at it's very it's very interesting. Here's the group mentality. Here's the laws for picturing here's how you're going to arrange all those around you and within your own community so that you have the right boundaries.

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And then it's like well, what's left

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Honestly what what why why even clubs were good. And then every other cluster of students afterwards come into much more sub specialized, they'll specialize into talking about specific aspects of what the dean is and that's why they're they're actually just as interesting if not even more but these first seven definitely summarize or talk about the dean in bulk and gives you everything that you need to know and then

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it just goes the clusters later just go and specialized in a specific concept and explains it in more detail so that you have clarity on issues that may be a little bit ambiguous so that's just kind of the breakdown so you have an idea let's start with let's do with the first things 164 165

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Are all the will me in a shape on your Raji what Eve have gone let Matome min homely Mata Ilona Oh Manny la humo helico whom our more debo whom other than Shadi that automa RV Ratan Isla be calm while I love him yet?

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While I'm Natsume look Kira will be Jane Levine ion how we gonna sue you, Colonel V Nirvana mu, what alpha v Nirvana movie beam the inseam Bhima can we have sukoon uma to minimum and when a group of people said to the believers limita eluna Pohlmann Allahumma Hulagu home Omar a vivo whom either have been should either Why do you continue to perform Dawa to a group of people that it's obvious they're never going to accept it and they're going to be punished their oppressors are transgressors. They performed every anti Berber horrible behavior imaginable. Why do you continue to talk to them? There's no like if anything, the more you talk to them, the farther away they go, and

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the more aggressive they are towards you. So their answer Paloma Vera turn it out have become this is extremely extremely important. I feel I tend to eat out or be committed I am removing accountability from myself in the eyes of God. I need a way to explain myself in front of Allah subhana wa Tada. So I have to say that I did something. I can't come to Allah. So I'm gonna say these people were never going to believe anyways. So I'm not I didn't waste my time. You know, I have to be able to say you're up. I tried my best. Yes, they didn't listen, they didn't accept. They didn't follow. But I tried my best Matthew, I turn it out to become what I love them. Yeah. You

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never know. Maybe they'll find piety. I think I think people can be too quick to judge sometimes or a little bit too quick to judge and jump to say this person will never accept and this person will never believe and this person will never do this.

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And that's not fair. You'll be surprised to the point where the people of Qureshi were surprised. People quote, were very surprised when a specific individual accepted Islam. They actually said when they were saying when he accepted Islam, they were saying Did you hear Islam? And the answer of one of the elders was like impossible. Well, Allah hated us slim had to use Lima Hema pub, that no no he wouldn't accept Islam and kill the donkey of his father accepted Islam talking about setting up a model the law and they never thought for a moment Allah would accept Islam. He was so far away from it. He was so on the other side of things on the other side of the, of the hills. He was working

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with people of color, he was oppressing the Muslims or the Allah, Allah. So it was unimaginable that he would accept Islam but he did. And oh, did he? It wasn't just a run of the mill acceptance of Islam. No, no, no, no, no. How many people in this room are named Omar and will continue to be named elbowed until the Day of Judgment out of out of the out of the action of one person out of just the effort of just one person I just named will live on until your middle pm and the influence that this person so this is saying Maduro attorney now there's two reasons. Number one, you need to lift responsibility from yourself. So if you're if you're like me, and you're pessimistic you don't think

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he's gonna change. You just do it anyway. Because you have to be able to defend yourself. You're welcome. Yeah, they will say I did my best I sat I talked I tried, I educated a train I didn't make it didn't work. I tried my best because you need to be able to defend yourself in front of God. And then the other piece if you're a bit more optimistic when I loaned me a token, you never know who's going to accept you just never know just never know what ALLAH SubhanA grant someone who died at what moments

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why I put both verses together because the second idea is as a beautiful piece as well, but a minor sumo cure will be here. Once people completely forgot everything that their Lord had sent them in terms of teachings or remind reminders and and Jaina Lavina we save those who who did they save, and Jane Alladhina Yan Hona and Sue

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and Jane and Lizzie Lavina Yunho. Now and it's true, we save those who continuously reminded people of what they shouldn't be doing. Those who continue to discourage discourage evil. Those who continue to remind people of what is haram and what they need to stop doing. Those are the ones who Allah saved everyone else wasn't.

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I mean, if you live your life like I'm Muslim, I just just me as long as I'm praying and take care of myself that you know, let that you know that just leave it bricks fall where they will where they make doesn't matter.

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attr Sonica salvado as they say, in Syria, that everyone will do what they want.

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When Allah subhanaw taala punishes the people, the person who lives like that will be a part of the punishment. You won't you won't be exempted who is exempted Alladhina and Hona? And is Sue those who continue to remind people of what is right, what is wrong, those who continue to try those who continue to try even though you may think it's hopeless, that's not that's not for me to say, you. That's the point. It's not for me to say whether it's going to work or not, it's not for me to say whether there's any point of doing it or not, I don't have that right. And I don't have the right to use that information in terms of my behavior. My job is to continue to remind it is to continue to

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teach our job is to continue to perform data and to point out what is correct and to point what is wrong and to encourage the good and to discourage the bad. Regardless of what's happening. We do that to the last breath to the last breath. If you want to make sure that you're saved your milk, that you're not going to be what you're not going to be treated like everyone else who was performing any sin in your life that you need to be some force that is trying to push back a force that's trying to remind people that's not the right way. Whether with whatever means you have what are the means that you have, you have your tongue you have your pen you have what don't you you have

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your social network what is it that you got use that to continue to encourage the good and discourage the bad if you want to be saved on the day of judgment? And Jane Alladhina Yunho nanny so I thought that's it and these two verses are very meaningful to me. Okay, let's do it at 169

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the highlife me and Adi him calling home What are you doing Nikita? Who's gonna go ahead and add the way up? Oh no. When I saw your photo Nana, what do you him not?

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Who I am you haga

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called Nikita.

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Only lot he in London. Paula del Osuna. I fee when a doubt on

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what they're about to hire on in Nadine, I own

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this versus talks about?

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The hydrophone embody impulse and then another generation came after the earlier generation. This generation did not treat the revelation that they were given the way the generation before them did. They had a different approach. What ether keytab they inherited the book? Yeah, who's gonna out although I had dinner with way aku Luna so young fellow learner, we're in Yachty him out of them Miss Liu, who do they use the book instead of the instead of using the book to spread awareness to teach to change mentalities, to change behaviors to help people, they use it as a bargaining chip. They use it as a bargaining Gothel as if it's something that you can buy and sell. You use it to

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make money. You use it to increase power to gain status, and if they're offered, others don't. And they'll say yes, Verona, let's say Allah will forgive us for this minor, it transgression against the book of Allah subhanho wa taala. And in this is pointing out that they that they won't, and I'm Johanna, I am mythical. Kitabi, Allah, Allahu Allah, Allah, He will help our dollar su Murphy, the moment you're given this book, aren't you giving your covenant that you will only use it for the satisfaction and pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala and for the service of others, and you studied what's in it, you can see that that's what he's talking about, how can you use it as a commodity?

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Why are you using it as a bargaining chip? That's not what is there for? This is a very, I'm not gonna spend too much time on this one. But I think you get what I'm saying. There's a very scary thing, be very careful. Very careful to use that book for a personal agenda of any sort. Be careful of using that book to serve something that is personal for you. The moment you do that you have sold out in a way that's almost no way to go back. There's almost no way to go back once you make that one mistake, be very, very careful of that mistake. This book was is pure Huck and it comes from Allah subhanaw taala it should be only used for the sake of Allah to serve Allah had to serve his

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people for nothing else. There should be no secondary gain from using the Koran ever, ever. The moment you allow some sort of gain some sort of personal interest to enter your usage of the Quran or usage of the book of Allah subhanaw taala you're, you've corrupted yourself and you've corrupted the usage of the book and the OMA is now in real danger. The high level embodied, embodied, generation that came after them went backwards called me they went backwards. Yeah, who do we know out of our heads and then they take they use it, they use it to take anything from duniya from themselves trying to take dunya for themselves for it. Just was Allah subhanaw taala Salam, Allah

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forgive us. Let's do if you don't mind us do 199 Can we do 199 What have the who has the microphone

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was the last one more than blurbed fewer audio by Neil Healy this there's a very short verse and it literally explains a full lifestyle, pull the lawful take whatever people are willing to offer you in terms of good beat, whatever they offer, allow for whatever they have extra

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This is basically saying have very low expectations of people around you. I live by this and I can tell you it is an excellent way to live. The lower the expectations you have of people around you, the happier you're going to be. And the farther you'll go, and the less frustrated you'll become. And the more willing you will be to work for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. The higher expertise you have people, the more difficult it is for you to survive. If you continue to hold people to high standards, it's hard for you to function because you're going to be disappointed so many times and frustrated so many times that you'll find it hard to keep on going at some point, you'll just be too

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heavy. And you'll just you'll give up causing alpha, take whatever they have to offer. What are they offering? What is it that they're offering? What time take it meaning benefit from what they have.

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But for yourself, know

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yourself. That's not what you say for yourself, you're holding yourself to the highest standard there. You're holding yourself to the highest standard you can. But for people who didn't take whatever extra effort, time wealth are willing to offer you what motivated and continue to command that which is good amount or an oath, anything that is known to custom and through tradition to be positive and something that is that is a society building or helpful continue to encourage that. Why are you Lonnie Lohja Helene, and ignore those who are ignorant. Ignore the voices of ignorance that surround you, people who continue to break you down people who speak negatively of you, people who

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try to make you feel less about what you're doing. Whatever, whatever ignorance is existing around you ignore it.

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This is a very beautiful lifestyle, take whatever they're willing to give,

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continue to command that which is good. And ignore the voices of negativity and ignorance that surround you. And if you do those three things in your life, you will continue to perform your Dawa, you will continue to hold on and adhere to the rules of Allah subhanaw taala can carry yourself with in any Muslim community with no problem. It's when you stop doing these things that you fail. When you start expecting too much from people. Or when you stop encouraging the good meaning you're not involved, you're not involved in pushing forward the agenda of goodness or higher

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is when you give your ear too much to people who have negative things to say about you. You're too preoccupied with people with what they have to say. And their opinions and their it doesn't matter. Anyone who wants to give you constructive feedback will give it to you and if you're able to take that you take that but the voices of ignorance don't matter to you. If you listen to everything that's going to be said it's impossible for you to move forward. You're going to be stuck where you are hold the law for what motivated me.

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A beautiful way to live your life.

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Let's do

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it number five is Oakland file.

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A logical book I mean, at gerbil healthy we're in nursery, calm Minalima mini nada Curry who the story of Allah subhanaw taala aside from the stories that you've heard from different people telling the story of the Prophet, adios, awesomes life, the stories that we find in clo been Hashem and in his heart and the books of Hadith. There's an aspect of the story but you don't find in those books at all. It's only documented by Allah subhanaw taala in the Quran, where he talks a panel with dynata about the actual events and what happened in detail and who was the name of the Sahaba in the great martyrs and the great heroes of the day. He talks about why they left to begin with. Why is it

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that they went after this caravan you see the people in the Muslims after two years of being in Medina things got a bit much better for them. Yes, they were everything was taken away. Yes. All their all their rights were taken away from them in Mecca. They weren't allowed to take their own wealth. So that wealth that they left behind is theirs is rightfully theirs and they were stripped of it. But by the time they made it to Medina two years into it, they had built their own homes, they had jobs, they were doing much better. And the Muslim community in Medina was beautiful. It was new. I imagine. You have an masjid, there's a jamaa there's Jo ma there's Salawat there's a there's

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LM that's being taught and people are learning stuff they were enjoying the growth and the thriving of the Muslim community in Medina in their minds like we don't you know, men their heart doesn't hold on to money they don't care for money right that's the moment moment is not is not preoccupied or obsessed by wealth. So in their minds why do we need this money? Let them do what they want why do we care? Tell us let them why go poke the bear and start a problem with what money we don't care about the money so the I came and said Who said anything about money? Who said anything about whether you want the money or not come on my jacket off book I'm in beta go Bill Bill Merle because

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of money you know, we'll help you left your you're gonna go after that caravan because of righteousness. Because that's your rights and someone took it away from you. Illegally wrongfully unjustly they took your right from you, you go out you get your rights, and if you don't want that money, give it back to them after you take it back. If you don't want the money taken back from them, it's rightfully yours and then gift it to them. But is it rightfully yours? It was taken away illegally? Yes, then go get it.

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Come on Roger current book, I'm in beta capital. We're in a fairly fundamental Minidoka repo. And there's a group of the movements didn't didn't want to go after the caravan. Read the rest of the verses and see how many times listen today how many times he used the word help them the next five verses or three verses. You understand you'll understand exactly what I'm trying to explain to you. Has nothing to do with money has to do with how Muslim never ever stands down from ever? How does Oh, you're always gonna stand for what is righteous. You stand for your rights, not because you're money hungry, not because No, no, not because you're petty because it's how, because the moment

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helped his left that means that the world order is is going to be ruined, then the world is not going to work anymore. The moment we give up, never give up football. Go after your Huck, get your hockey don't want to give it back. Throw it into the sea. Burn it. I don't care, but it's yours and it was taken unlawfully.

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You need to go get it. And that's what the Sahaba learned that day. Better.

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The Battle of battle is not it's not about the caravan. It was Affion it's not about it's about how that's what it's about. That's why the day is called human for con. The day of differentiating between what everyone knows what happened between what happened but it just comes up or we don't even think about it we say how come about we have a where's the help that you understand. It's about how about going after what is rightfully yours. Okay, let's do let's do 33 We'll come back to three three first, we're gonna see if we can get through maybe most of them the first one. A lot of who you are the by whom we're

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Duffy him. Wanaka and Allah whom was diba whom were whom you're still Pharaoh on.

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Li y VEBO whom one Tiffy sal Allahu Allah Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam beautiful iron Suitland fan and Allah would never ever he saying Allah would never punish them, for as long as you are amongst them. What Enta fie. As long as you are amongst them, Allah will never punish them.

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And one of my teachers would say, this goes beyond just his physical existence on a history to Islam amongst them. It's not just that during the time that he was alive amongst them that Allah would never punish them. But as long as Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam through his legacy through his teachings, through His love amongst them, that Allah will not punish them. It's only when the Muslim ummah lose their connection to him out of here salatu salam that they are putting themselves in danger of being punished by ALLAH SubhanA wa but as long as Muhammad Rasool Allah, that Allah Allah you earlier Samuel Salamis amongst them is amongst them in his teachings with his sunnah with

00:22:29--> 00:22:48

his, with his ethics, with his morals, with his practices, as long as his love is is real and vivid in the hearts of the of his followers out of your salatu salam, that Allah will not punish them, while mankind Allah the second piece of Americana Allahu VEBO, whom, for whom you still have your own and Allah would not ever

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punish them as long as they continue to seek forgiveness. As long as you continue to ask Allah Subhana Allah for forgiveness, you're technically safe from being punished. People asked me this question a lot that I never I have. This happened to me is this punishment is this not but you can never know what something is. When something occurs to you in your life. It doesn't come labeled. It doesn't come labeled. You have to label it yourself with how you're going to deal with it. You'd label it with as good or bad, but as long as you want if you want to have some comfort, as long as you are someone who continues to seek Allah's forgiveness, meaning you continue to see where you

00:23:21--> 00:23:51

were going wrong, what sins you're committing how you can improve, you acknowledge your shortcomings, and you're trying your best to change yourself and to improve and to get rid of your sins and to be a better person. As long as you're doing that you are safe from punishment as well. This talks about the two things that are needed in order for an ummah or OMA to be saved from Allah Subhanallah as punishment, generalized punishment, two things we need Muhammad Rasulullah so I said live amongst us, physically, that's impossible, but every other aspect of him either you start with time it is

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physically he's not here, but with his teaching, it can slot to a standard as soon as ethics he can be. And once he is allowed to ascend, and that's one safety. That's one safety valve and the second one as long as we continue to perform is still the fall as long as we continue to acknowledge that we have shortcomings and we sin and we need to be better. We tried to be better than Allah subhanaw taala will, will not punish us. That's do I have 46.

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is there no 46? Well, we are law Hello Sudha who Turner's a roofer tough shirt who have any hook home was built

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in Allaha. Ma saw BT is versatile and fun. Let's see what other tactics like a look at this story. This story that talks about me. It's the one that talks about the laws of victory. Within this sort of this area here will Oakley Allah wa Sula would obey Allah subhanaw taala as prophets. What tena is, and don't start fighting amongst yourselves. But if Shalu and then you will fail

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Whatever Habari hokum word three means wind. That's what it means linguistically in Arabic. Now, symbolically or figures, as a figure of speech, there's different ways to understand it within the Arabic language. And other a lot of Musa sitting I've explained it in different ways. But I want to just take it with the literal meaning I don't even want to go down the whatever you have, if you come and your wind dies off to you, even you don't even need me to explain what it was meant by that you understand what's meant by that your momentum is gone, what you unhide that, you know that the special aspect of what you were is going to go the moment want the moment and as that protection,

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the moment you start dividing and fighting amongst the now is one of the people start fighting amongst themselves. While Speedo in Allah ha saw between show perseverance, indeed, Allah stands by those who are perseverant.

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Why at the end, because in order for us not to fight amongst each other, and divide, and there's gonna be a lot of perseverance, continued a lot of persevere, a lot of effort needs to be put in, in order for an OMA of this diversity. That is this diverse, so many people, so many backgrounds, for us to get along. For us not to come to the point where we're going to have to know a lot of somebody has to has to be shown by everyone, we all have to show a little bit of perseverance, a little more patience, we all have to give in a little bit. We all have to maybe find ways to get along with people around us. You can't come into a Muslim community where it's your way or the highway, you

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can't come in with that mentality, you come in, you can't bring your your cultural bubble with you, or close your luggage and expect everyone to fall in line with exactly everything you were taught and the way things happen from where you came from. That's not how it's done works. If you come with that mentality, not only are you going to be disappointed, specifically as severely as a person, but you're going to cause a lot of the nausea and doom around you. Look around you right now. And I can tell you that we are

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there's at least 25 ethnicities in this room.

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I can't really imagine a setting that is similar to the one that we're in right now, aside from supermarkets, where people just buying food and getting out, or hospitals or people just coming to be treating and leaving. But for a group of people this diverse to come to the same place with the intention of worshiping together. You're not here to worship alone. If you want to worship alone, you'll stay at home who didn't have to come here, but you're coming here in your mind, I'm going to worship with my brothers and sisters. And for this diversity to exist is is actually mine is breathtaking. It's amazing. It's one of the things that I treasure. It's one of the few things that

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give me

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some I just hope that the fact that I'm not where I where I grew up and where I taught and where I learned I need to get some constellations that I'm here is the diversity is that what I'm seeing in front of me that I need this is this is valuable, this is valuable with with it comes the difficulty of getting everyone getting along? Well I'll tell you Allah Azza wa rasuluh number one you need to obey Allah and His Prophet that's the number one thing and then what I've done is don't fight. Don't rip the fabric of your society with your own hands don't do that. But that show you will fail if you do that what doesn't have a woman your momentum will die off your wind will start blowing whilst

00:28:02--> 00:28:31

bureau so show some degree of patience and perseverance in the law, Hamas slavery, we all have to do this. Every each and every one of us has to come to any masjid and come to this Islamic work. Understand that we are one big family we have to work together and we have to show patience with one another. And the moment that we start fighting and disputing and we start ripping the fact we start tearing the fabric of our society is when we start to fail. Now that's already happened it was it was already Yes, but it can be it can be fixed and we still have hope of of that being the case.

00:28:33--> 00:28:40

Let's do a 179 of our off can you go back? Go back to 179 I want to do that one before we before we finish

00:28:43--> 00:28:58

I think I have what are called Nerney Jehan nomocracy on me, Jean Nouvel sila whom kulula is gonna be her water Whom are you? Are you mostly Ruby Wallah? Whom

00:29:00--> 00:29:06

your smell Ruby will kill me Ben whom Albon

00:29:08--> 00:29:18

Iike who move off you just want to read this to you in English so you can think about it. I'm not going to even comment on it. This is what he says in the suit on out off that talks about

00:29:19--> 00:29:57

societies will only thrive together either we sail together we sink together and we have to get rid of indifference in order for us to actually achieve this what he says here well after the data and indeed we have nominated that right now we have no money for Jahannam a lot of human beings a lot of gin. Their problem was they had Kulu they had consciousness layer for Hoonah beer but they did not reflect to contemplate what Homayoun and the height eyes but they did not look with them. And they had ears with Omega but they don't listen with them. Hula Iike these ones that we're talking about. They're like animals when they go to below like livestock Bell whom above they're actually worse

00:29:57--> 00:30:00

because animals have no choice because no

00:30:00--> 00:30:21

Most don't have the intellect that you have that you can that allows you to contemplate and reflect it doesn't have the ability that I have when I see something to actually process the doors hears something and learn from it. It doesn't have it so we're actually we're way we're worse than they are. Hula Iike whom will have off you don't those are the ones who are indifferent. Those are the ones who are oblivious to what is meaningful in this world.

00:30:22--> 00:30:42

This is what the alien says. These are the ones who are nominated for agenda are the ones who are given the tools the brain works the eyes work, the ears work, you're able to think, see, listen, be able to take it and you're able to actually grow and learn from what's happening around you. You can process was being said to you, you can make choices, conscious ones, and then if people don't know you don't.

00:30:43--> 00:31:10

Why? Why? It's tough now. It's indifference. It's like no, you just don't care. You just like Hula, hula floon I wish there was some way to fix that. Like there was a whoever figures out like a vaccine for welfare for indifference will it will fix the world? People just don't care. People just don't care. You just have way too many people just don't care about anything that matters. When I go home we'll have off you know something to definitely think about.

00:31:12--> 00:31:41

I'll just see the last verse I want to talk about and then there's a few comments I want to make without quoting Al Quran and Sunnah Rafa, by Stanley ruler who honestly too, I like them to hammer when the Quran is recited, then listen to it. First to hear it, once it to listen deeply, for STEMI only to listen superficially or listen basically, with it with the basic capacity honestly, to listen really deeply. You take a moment and profoundly allow the words to actually mean something to you. Like I look into Hamilton and maybe inshallah you will find compassion of Allah if you do so.

00:31:43--> 00:32:18

First of all, just as a comment, because it's the ninth night of Ramadan, so we're coming towards the end of the first third, I'm very overwhelmed hamdulillah by the number of use both male and female that come here every night and actually stand till the end and attend the total we can attend the waiter, I just want to make it clear that I really do appreciate it. And I it is, it is a reason in my mind, to tap to have to be hopeful. When I look we look at an ummah, you have to say is the OMA on it on his way down or is it on the rise? I believe that if if the Shabaab of an ummah is willing to do this, to commit themselves to to Allah subhanaw taala throughout the month of Ramadan,

00:32:18--> 00:32:49

and stay, stay and stand for taraweeh and come professional and and listen to the rules. This gives me an indication that maybe the woman was on the rise again. And that's something beautiful to think. And it's beautiful to have that hope because I can tell you the generation of mine, and the generations before me had been beaten, and I've had the lake beaten out of them pretty pretty severely. There's not a lot of hope inside of us. But when we see this, it's very hopeful for me, and I'm very appreciative of it. And I want to acknowledge it just to understand that we do notice it is meaningful, and we hope inshallah for it to continue. And the whole point of this place, which

00:32:49--> 00:33:23

is the segue I have for the next Yani comment is to empower and train and educate and allow you to grow so that you can later on carry the beacon so you can continue this legacy. So that don't make it continue to move forward. This is not the story is does not about me or anyone else. The boats, what Allah subhanaw taala sent and gave the Prophet Adil salatu salam and needs to continue to spread, that will only happen if what each generation invests in the next. And it gives them the time and the autonomy and the space, and the education and the knowledge and the support and the aid and the compassion and the mentorship and the companionship and the partnership that they need to

00:33:23--> 00:33:55

move forward. That's a lot of words. It's a lot of words I use there, that's these a lot of work. A lot of people have to be willing to put their time and put their energy and their wealth and it needs a lot. So yes, you'll come and pray here every you know, every night, and there'll be different people that are reading and not every time you're gonna listen to us to be perfect. And there's going to be mistakes. Because this in my mind, this is what is how you train. You think it's easier for me. You think it's eat? What do you think it's easier for me just stand there and do that just I can do it in an amazing time I get out of here really early. I've been doing this for 20

00:33:55--> 00:34:17

years it cost me nothing and get it like another outfield was a beautiful voice will be done. But that that's not how you invest in an Oma. That's how I win. That's how we become more popular. That's how we make everyone want happy, happy short term that doesn't work long term you have to invest in the people have to be willing to invest. And yes, we'll put people forward and they'll make mistakes and won't sound great. But if that's how you build

00:34:18--> 00:34:51

what do you think you understand the amount of time that people have to put up with me when I started, you have no idea why you have no idea. You're not even close. I started when I was 15 years, you have no idea how horrible I was on every front. It was the time and effort that people put in to make sure that I was able to learn it was those who were perseverant and patient and allowed me to grow and allowed me to make mistakes and to learn and that's why I was able to make as little as a small a small advancement in myself to maybe offer something to someone else. You think it's gonna happen any other way. It's not it's not the Prophet Allah Islam did that Allah you saw to

00:34:51--> 00:34:59

Sam, he made sure he empowered people, they made mistakes and he was there to help them. He was there to teach them he was there to support them. It is taught to us and that's what we do here. And it's important you

00:35:00--> 00:35:34

remind yourself of that if you stand in Thoreau, and you're like, This is not amazing, but you are, what you're doing is what you're doing is you may not you may not see the fruit of it tomorrow morning, but give it time, beautiful things take time, anything worthy anything anything of value takes time to come forward. Yeah. If the cosmos of the earth took six of God's days, everything takes time it's not going to happen immediately but if we commit ourselves and we know what's what's worth waiting for, what's worth working for, then we will inshallah find our goal I just want to share that with you all. You know, just to understand you have an idea of what why what we're doing

00:35:34--> 00:35:48

and why we're doing it and what the goal of all of this is Charlotte is going to be in Charlotte I feel like we were making make some headway please feel free to give us feedback so I can look at so we're gonna be hungry Hola Hola. Hola. And just go to medical school Law Center Mohammed and white earlier Socrates main Baraka Luffy. Consider Molly lobo.