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Musleh Khan
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the benefits of having a spiritual connection with Allah, including being aware of who Allah is and what he wants from him. They stress the importance of building a spiritual connection and being confident in one's identity. The concept of "the river" and the definition of marine are also discussed, along with challenges faced by Sub admit Allah and his claims to provide wealth to people with a relationship. It is emphasized that establishing a relationship with oneself and others is crucial to achieving one's goal.
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So Allah subhanho wa Taala encourages every single one of us, believe in him. And after you believe in Him, then you can have trust in me. This here another benefit of the order of this verse is where a lot of Muslims fall into this problem. A lot of Muslims do the opposite. They try to have trust in Allah that Allah will take care of them in times of difficulty, but they have no idea who they believe in. They have no idea who this being this creator is all about.

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I remember

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I was teaching a course a long time ago and I've created a course I think it was like well suited 30th or something. Or upgraded to Lhasa t i think it was. And I remember asking the majority of the students to name for me five c fat or descriptions of Allah azza wa jal, there are so many, but just named five of them for me. And it was like, at some point, it was almost a struggle for some of these students to do that. But then I had asked the second question is, what do you want from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And every single student had 1,000,001 different things that they wanted from him. So what did they do? They had to walk in a love first before they understood who was the motto

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of how to be a Moto, what kill how to be a person that is deserving of that relationship or that tawakkol from Allah azza wa jal. So what's the next benefit that we get as a result? If you want Allah to take care of your affairs, you need to build a spiritual relationship that is strong. You need to know who Allah azza wa jal is first and then as a result, you'll be able to have him Allah azza wa jal protecting you in times of need. This is why the prophets I send them says, that if a person protects, if the person has, makes dua to Allah azza wa jal in times of ease, then Allah azza wa jal will respond to them in times of difficulty. So if you continue to remember Allah in times of

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where things are comfortable, Allah will remember you in times of difficulty, but unfortunately, we live in a time that people do the opposite. And we ask Allah azza wa jal to rectify that for us.

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Hola, hola. Rockman men, b y la etowah Kellner for surterra, Ala Moana men who are feel bodily moving, while la he brothers and sisters,

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this verse, if this is the one verse, one verse that you take from this entire surah that can really tap into your heart. Take this one verse, because this verse Now look, just look at how it ends. Allah says,

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you're going to be aware very clearly, men who are feel Donnelly mobian, you're going to be able to separate yourself from the people who are misguided people who don't have sincerity people who are lost people who think they're on the truth, but are really not, you're going to separate yourself from all of this. And you're going to be 100% confident and clear on what path you're on. This is one of the shubha or doubt that our brothers and sisters, especially our youth today, are trapped in it's like a literally a spiritual trap. You ever hear like people they talk about, you know, Muslim identity topics are coming now, and how to be a Muslim in the western just like flourishing, and you

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know, dealing with the pressures of you know, living in the society, we've got all of these social topics that have that have come back now, and people are discussing them in every single circle around the world. Personally for myself. I honestly believe that these topics here are topics that are designed to carry Muslims in circles. It just has, it's just got a spinning around over and over. Because we're talking about the same concept over and over. Just keep it simple. believe in Allah get to know who he is. If you don't know who Allah azza wa jal is the last problem that you have is trying to fit into the west or getting your Muslim identity. You don't know why you should

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have the identity for whom you've lost all of that foundation you all the SS that you need, in your in your in your life. And then as a result, Allah is going to protect you. And if you have those two things, you're going to be very confident of who you are as a Muslim. You're going to know your identity as an individual. And most of all, you're going to know when you're on guidance and when you're when you're not the satara moon, men who feel bodily moving and then the sutra continues and concludes itself, pulled out of a tomb in us by

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hammer or comb hora. For me tea can be met in in. Now Allah azza wa jal concludes with one final blessing, the most important blessing of all of us, not just human beings, but even the animals and the plants and insects and every create a creature on the face of this earth pulled out of a tomb in US Bahama. okuhara the word hora here so Allah azza wa jal is saying, Tell them to the process and tell them shikun

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what would happen if all the water in front of you and around the world just suddenly dried up and disappeared? A whole era is the plural form of God. As you all know, the Hearthstone, it's a cave, but it's not just referring to the cave alone. It's referring to a deep cave, a cave that you cannot see the ending of that cave so hard, or hora is that Allah azza wa jal is saying what would happen if all of the water dried up to such an extent that you can find any water anymore, anywhere on the face of this earth? familia tea can be met in Bahrain. So who is the one that's going to bring you water that is a marine marine is so beautiful in in terms of building the image that we want in this

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verse. Allah azza wa jal is saying to process and tell them and ask them. For me, it can be Mary Mary, who's the one that's going to bring you water that is Marine, Marine, we've seen this word before, before in many other verses in the Quran, when our own in my own, my own is the plural of marine. Now what exactly is marine? marine literally is referring to something that you see with your own eyes. So what Allah azza wa jal is referring to here is water, that not just the rivers and the lakes, but it's actual water that's flowing, you can actually see the movement of that water. And another interpretation that ignem on voter mentions in his dictionary elhassan or autumn. He

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mentions that Marin also refers to water that is floating on a rainy day. Have you ever noticed that when you're driving on the road on a rainy day, don't you see on the side of the roads by the pavement, that there's constant water flowing to the sewers, that's called a mountain marine water that is constantly flowing? What is Eliza doing here? A lot is challenging the disbelievers and saying who is going to give you water, but not just any water? Who's going to give you water in abundance? In other words, who's going to give you water more than what you need? And this here is a constant challenge that we see in the Quran. Constantly Allah azza wa jal whenever he says, Who is

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going to provide wealth for you, who is going to provide water for you? He doesn't just stop there. But he says, Who is going to provide wealth to such an extent that you become rich? We're in Clifton Marina for sulfur unique como la homing fuddling soda to tilbyr. Allah azza wa jal says, if you're afraid that you can't take care of your wife, or your husband, you can't pay the rent, you can't take care of the family, you're afraid that none of the bills are going to come through, you're afraid that your income is not enough. What does Allah say? I sofa unique kumala home and family, I'm going to get make you rich. You notice a law doesn't say for sofa, your obtain comala. He

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doesn't say I'm going to give you what you need. But he says I'm going to make you rich. In other words, if you have a relationship with me, where I lay, he told her can you trust me and you are clear about your guidance in this world, then Allah will provide for you more than what you need. So what's going to happen if one day all of this is taken away from you, and Subhana Allah, the sutra stops right there. It leaves you with something to constantly think about your life and where you're going. And this is how we want to conclude the sutra isn't illa hytera? Where is our life and how we perceive it and our lifestyle and how we do things each and every day? What's the wisdom and the

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purpose? And what happens if Allah azza wa jal one day you wake up and you have the great solid income. And the next day you wake up and you lose your job. The next day you wake up, your wealth is snatched away from you. Another day you wake up, you lose a child. Another day you wake up your spouse has gone another day you wake up that mother or that Father that that person ignored because they were old.

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They just didn't have the patience with them, and you just can't deal with them. So you shove them somewhere in a in a senior's home or something. And then one day that individual wakes up and finds a want to go and see my parents. And instead of going to the senior home to see mom and dad, they end up going to the cemetery to visit and bury their their parents. This has actually happened to somebody that I know very well did not see his, his his mother or sorry, his father, for I think it was like 11 years, 11 years, and they were living in the same city. 11 years, he didn't go and see his father, and his father became sick. And you know, Allah azza wa jal gave me that, that privilege

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that I was looking after his father, but I didn't even know that this father had a son in that same city. So I was looking after the father until the father died. And then we shrouded the Father. And on the day of the cemetery, is when I met the son for the first time, and the son told me his story. And he said to me, that a few days ago, I told my children, I want to come and see my father. And instead of going to his home to see him, here, I am seeing him in his grave and burying my father. So brothers and sisters,

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the suta here, as I mentioned to you, in the beginning, its theme, it's all about tawakkol. It's all about establishing a relationship with allies so well, it's not enough for it to just be uttered. It's not enough for us to just constantly go to the lectures and things like that, but rather brothers and sisters, of course, is that we always want to know what our purpose is that in sha Allah we become greater believers, sincere believers and believers that uphold truly and sincerely what La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam truly entails? And so having said that, we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to accept our efforts. This concludes the Tafseer of sola

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till morning, while furusawa Anna and Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen

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