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Adnan Rajeh
AI: Summary © The importance of marriage in Islam is discussed, with emphasis on the importance of finding a partner who fits in one's interests and being prepared for the upcoming marriage. Personal and professional preparation is emphasized, along with seeking professional help in the field. The importance of privacy and finding a good partner for a marriage is emphasized, along with avoiding double-standing and seeking a clear attitude. The speakers stress the need for preparation, understanding what rights and obligations are, and avoiding negative consequences. The upcoming events in August involve sharing experiences with outreach and bringing attendees' individuals to the event.
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Hi y'all

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how y'all

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a long walk on Aung

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Hamdu lillahi from Al Hamdulillah

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Al Hamdulillah Hina Madhu who want to study no who want to study he want to still futile who want to still settle.

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When I will be learning in show Rudy fusina Women say Dr. Molina

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but yeah De La Huella medulla woman yo glial Phelan Taji de la Hoon Walia Murshida y shadow Allah Illa Illa Hua hula Sharika Isla Hanwha hidden hidden summer the Miata he saw Hey Burton Walla Walla Walla Mia Kula who for one had watch her do and Abby Jana la vie mana Mohamed and Abdullah he was sued. Well Sophie you home in holiday he Wahhabi Allahumma salli wa Salam wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad in wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Ijeoma ain are bad. You're all who Jalla Jalla who fame of commitment zeal were ng keahole. I am Amin was solid he and I mean Eva de como Eema eco, II e Akufo. Cara yovani him Allah hoomin and fellow li Allah who was here on Ilene, just Subhana wa Tada, so to

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know and grant marriage, for those amongst you who are single and the pious amongst your servants, if they are lacking wealth, and Allah subhanaw taala indeed will grant them wealth from His bounty, because Allah subhanaw taala is the generous and he is the omniscient.

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The third topic within the contemporary issues series that I going to go through a lot this summer, and probably maybe a little bit after the summer as well. He's gonna be talking about marriage. And it works well because a good continuation of what we kind of talked about over the last two hold was

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and it's for sure, not an issue that I can summarize in a whole hour or two or three, there's gonna be three parts to this whole been, you know, if we get through the points, but regardless, so everything I talk about here is not an an alternative or a substitution to therapy or counseling, or actual work that you need to put in to make sure that this goes forward. But I'm going to make sure that I point out some really important thoughts that need to be contemplated by this community in order for us to do what Allah subhanaw taala has asked us to do. In addition to this idea that I recited upon you, Allah subhanaw taala says women are Yachty he and kala kala commune Fujichrome as

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well gelita schooner la ha Anabaena Kuma was that in the Vida Lika to call me at a Koran. The verse you hear every time there's a wedding or cuts of GitHub, indeed, amongst His Signs is the fact that he created for you from amongst you, spouses and you will find with them love and you will find with them compassion and deed you will find signs within that for those who want to contemplate and the verses in the Quran that talk about this are in abundance. This is the Sunnah of Allah subhanho wa Taala This is what Adam and Eve were taught to do they got married and and since then all across the globe, wherever you go, historically, doesn't matter what timeline or where you are, every culture

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regardless of where they are, had the concept of marriage within it. Very few differences actually exist in how marriage is built up to wherever you can go to South and South American go to Africa, it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. Doesn't matter what timeline doesn't matter what era all of them had some form of marriage, it's something that universally exists and it's the Sunnah of prophets and it's what Allah subhanaw taala taught us it was the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam left us with in terms of his legacy, and I share with you just for the sake of making sure that this is established clearly for you the raw value of sauces and Hadith Buhari he would say as I've been

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must Oh tells us Yeah, mashallah Shabaab many stuff. Ah, I mean, como el Valle, yet as a wedge, woman, let me justify finally he was sown for in the hula hoop. He will say, Oh, younger people. He's talking to Shabaab, those of you who have the capability or have the ability to get married then do so. And those of you who do not have the ability to get married then you are commanded to perform so I'm not cm see I'm

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Is the ritual Psalm is the more broader term you'll see I'm is under is a part of Psalm Psalm is abstinence it's holding back on anything else that will cause you to go walk down a path where you can't fulfill your need because you don't have the ability to marry so see I'm is just not eating and drinking Psalm is also holding back from what you look at and what you listen to, you are completely staying away from something that will cause you difficulty. The provider you saw someone also saying the collection the collection of a Muslim don't go home tomorrow to the alibi EJ Maliha. While he has a visa or de Maria led any half of her vida de tatoeba to Dhaka he will say Ali Asad

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was 17 There are four reasons why a man will pursue marriage from a woman you will look at her beauty we'll look at her heritage or lineage you'll look at her well you will see her ethics or her faith or her principles or values her Deen so you are commanded by the prophet under your saw to Islam to win first of all, meaning be the winner and take the one that has the ethics and the values and the principles that's what's going to make you happy in the long run. I know you saw through a sentiment collection and I'm telling me they've been merged as well as narrated with an authentic generation, he would say out of here salatu salam either Hapa la con man or Loana the you know who

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were who Luca who was a widow who will let her fall to the confectioner to in philosophy with a certain idea. If someone comes to you, when it comes to you, and he's asking for marriage and this person, you accept their ethics you accept their values or accept their faith and their deeming their principles who they are as a person, then offer the marriage if you don't do that, then you are lead walking down a path of corruption and true fitna in this world you know it hasn't possibly, Rahim Allah was once asked as narrated in a man came to him and said, Yeah, Imam clobber Ilya Urbinati GEMA for Isla Min was a widow. There's a number of people who came asking for my daughter

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and marriage whom do I offer her hand in marriage to? Oh, that'll be Allahu Anhu is what he says Carla is a wedge her Accelera home taco and nila, make sure you offer her marriage the person who was most stuck one for in Quran Maha Bina hubba Quran Maha abogado la mia William. If he loves her, then he will treat her well. And if he does not like her, then he will not oppress her or mistreat her. That's what he's teaching. It'll be Allah who I know that's what you're looking for. In order for me to go into the to the concept of marriage, I'm going to do this by sharing with you 10 points, these 10 points will take the hopeless to go through them.

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But that's how I'm going to do it, I'm gonna talk about 10 points, I am in no fashion or form a specialist on the topic of marriage. I'm not a marriage counselor, I cannot help you with your marriage problems, I can barely take care of my own. But what I'm going to share with you are what the problems that I've witnessed over the last 10 years, the repetitive ones, not the singular problems. So if you hear something that I'm saying on this member, you're like, Well, I remember talking to the chef about something that has nothing to do with you, I have not one person in mind, as I am sharing with you these 10 points, you know, the points that have been repeated time and time

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again, it's a pattern, that's why I'm going to share them with you because I think we can actually make a difference. The concept of Nikka. And marriage is very beautiful, it's central within our faith, we have to make sure we take care of it. Without it we are we are we are looking down a very grim tunnel that does not have light at the end of it. And if you're older, and this doesn't matter to you anymore, or your parents, then I can tell you that by the time I'm an older gentleman, many of you are older, we if we don't take care of this, and we don't start making some changes, the landscape of what the OMA will look like will be very, very unfortunate. And the reason will be that

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we did not take the proper steps when we could have to make sure that this issue is dealt with appropriately. Because NECA Hanzo is something that we are for sure, encouraged to do, we are commanded to actually partake in as Muslims. And the only time you wouldn't do it is you have no capability at all. And that goes on every in every way. So to build off the quote that I gave over the last two weeks, if you are dealing with the opposite gender, and there is no pursuit of marriage, then you follow the rule of the five P's. You stay professional, use a pious you are protective you part ways when there is no need for mixing to happen and you're pleasant and and

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presentable. That's what you do. But if you are pursuing marriage, meaning you're dealing with Alexandra and marriage comes to mind, because the only thing that is allowed to come to mind for a Muslim Haram is not allowed. So we're looking for marriage, then here are the 10 points that I'm going to go through in terms of how this continuum should look like number one.

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Before you get into a relationship, where you start talking about what marriage will look like, with the opposite gender, make sure that the potential for this is there. Make sure that I talked about this last week, make sure the potential for this relationship actually exists. The rookie move that people make is that they actually start talking to the opposite gender, they established that this person actually fits this person, it fits in so many ways, and then they take it to their parents and the parents aren't okay. And that causes so much harm that causes so much pain for everyone involved. You either harm yourself or harm the other person or harm both of you or harm your

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families. And the reason is that you actually initiated something without making sure that the parties involved are okay with it. And this is specifically for my younger brothers and sisters if you're in your 40s

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I think there's an exception to that. If you're already in that age group, then maybe this does not apply to you, I can understand. But for the majority of people who are seeking marriage in their 20s and early 30s, well, then you should probably which is actually quite late, by the way. We'll talk about that later. But that's why when you're seeking marriage, make sure that your parents or both parents have some degree of acceptance of what you're going going after, or else, what you end up having is a situation where you are ready, you will have built in your mind your life with this person, whether you're young, whether you're a young man or young woman, and then parents come in to

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do the actual rituals that we can bring into families and get to know each other. And one group says this is not going to happen. Now, how do you fix this? Now, here's the problem that's very sticky, it's very difficult, and it causes a lot of pain, either you break it off, so you're in pain and the other party's in pain, or you go ahead and you do it without your parents. And let's not even start talking about the pain that that causes down the road, that is a whole diff that is very difficult to actually maintain is just very hard.

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That's why it's important that you involve the correct parties, when you're looking to get married, that you have the okay the basic, okay, from the people who are going to be involved before you decide that I'm going to start pursuing marriage, I'm gonna talk to this person to get to know what they're okay with what they're not okay with. And that's very important. And this happens a lot in our community, by the way, a lot, where the two individuals have already established, and they've planned out their lives and they see the next step, and someone is standing standing in the way, they're not okay with it, because they don't know about that relationship, or they weren't okay with

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it to begin with. They weren't okay with you having a relationship with their daughter, or talking to the herd before talking to the or knocking on the door and talking to the Father. They weren't okay, so make sure you know what you're doing. I'm not I'm not here to argue whether the parents are right or wrong for that. We'll talk about that in a moment. But I'm talking about in general, if you've done that, then you've made a mistake already. Make sure that you carry a certain degree of responsibility. As you maneuver as you navigate this problem, you got involved without allowing the people around you to know you should have done that if you want to make sure this actually works out

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smoothly. Number two,

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in order for marriage to work, there has to be prep, there has to be preparation, there has to be psychological preparation, religious preparation, financial preparation, you have to have social preparation, academic preparation, there's a lot of prep that is required. In order for marriage to work, there are two universes that are coming together, right? There's a lot of planets, some of them are gonna collide, there gonna be some sparks. That's normal. If people aren't ready, if people are not prepared to pay for what is coming, then we ended up having problems that we could have avoided, we're gonna have a lot of pain and suffering and agony that we didn't need to begin with a

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football or two or three or a million cannot prepare you for marriage, for sure. But we do need some form of workshop. Some form, of course, that someone who wants to get married takes beforehand to know what is it, what's waiting for them. Most people who are coming into marriage are thinking about one thing, I'm sorry, three weeks after that one, that you're it's a whole different story, what you're actually going to be facing in marriage is very different from the little thing that you were thinking, that's why I'm getting married. That's not why you're getting married, you need some coaching, you have to hear, you have to be ready, both men and women I see. Especially people are

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getting I come and say, We're gonna get married, so I'm very happy for them, make dua for them, then ask him a question or two. And based on the answers, I know if they're gonna be happy, basically, the first year are completely miserable, because it's all comes down to what they're expecting, and what they're looking to do, and what they've been prepared to actually expect when they enter marriage, a lot of compromise and a lot of negotiation, and a lot of ease a lot, a lot of things are needed, you have to be prepared beforehand, out of all the preparations that are involved in marriage. And I'm asked always to do this, and I don't have the capability to actually perform it.

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We need professionals to come in. We need people who are professional in this field to actually help prepare us, but specifically the psychological and religious pieces have to be have to be addressed. The psychological piece will need workshop religious, I will try and share with you the religious points that you need to know through these helpers. They mean to understand what your rights are, what your obligations are, and what to actually do from a religious standpoint.

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But make sure that you're prepared just like entering any endeavor in life, you prepare yourself this one here.

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This is a lifelong thing. You're the moment you get married, that's it, this this person is going to be there every day until the end of your life, you have to be prepared for what that means you have to have the right mindset, the right attitude, or else it's going to be very difficult. So it's important that you take some time for yourself beforehand. Number three, number three,

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the concept of Kapha in Islam is central. And it's very important and it's real. And it's parents that are responsible for establishing what Goethe is. Now in Arabic Kabbalah is understood most people who speak Arabic, they hear the word Kufa, they understand exactly what it means. In English. I mean, it's either compatibility or equivalency. It's one of the two things or maybe a mix of both. That is the role of the parents on both sides. The father of the son or the father of the groom, and the father of the bride, both of them the parents there and the mothers are responsible for establishing or assessing Kapha Kapha equivalency to make sure that these people will get along you

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see as a father of the

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Ride, you're not saying yes or no to someone based on just what they're like, you're also taking into consideration what your daughter is like, because you know this person, you raise this person, so you're looking for compatibility, you're making sure that there's equivalency that they can get along, that he has the ability to make her happy, and that she has the ability to live up to his standards to make him happy. That is your role, you are obligated as a father, or a mother on both sides to establish cuffa. This is open any book of Phil, they talk about this in his chapter upon chapter, the importance of Kapha and how it's actually assessed. As a son and a daughter, you must

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make sure your parents do that for you, because that's their job. However,

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Gopher is not having the same race.

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Kappa is not belonging to the same country, or even worse, the same city. That's not cuffa. That is not cuffa. When you decide to say to someone who knocked on your door, I am not offering you my daughter in marriage, you have to explain yourself like you have, you're obligated to explain why what piece of the data is not there. It's not offensive. It's not actually designed for you to say bad things about the other party no who say there's issues here that are missing. The way you guys function in your home is not how I raised my daughter, she's not going to know how to function that way. She's going to get lost what you expect from her. She does not she's not trained to do and what

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she's expecting from you. You're not used to offering there's a lack of equivalence here. You guys are not going to this is not going to work out. But for the reason to be Oh, they look different. You know, when they drew the lines? Yeah, he's leaving on the other side of the line. I know he can't do it. You're on the other side of the line. I'm sorry. Oh, look, look, look in the mirror. We have such different color color skin. No, it doesn't work. This is this is racist. This is racist. This is horrible. It's in our society. By the way. It's horrible. It sickens me every time it happens. It really does. It makes me it makes me very upset every time this is the reason every time

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I sit with a father or mother. And the only reason is that no, they're not from they're not from this part of the world. But what else is missing? The person excellent family, excellent upbringing, excellent ethics. Excellent. Dean, the person has a great job. Their family dynamic is almost identical to yours there. They have the same idea. Just because they don't belong to this. No, no, that's not. And that's not acceptable. I am standing here to tell you that there's children if you're getting married you your obligation to make sure your parents assess cuffa access equivalency, you have to do that you can't just walk into something, you have to make sure that

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they're looking at compatibility. But as a parent, you can't use this for personal measures. You got you gotta you know, Allah subhanaw taala remove all racism from our community. See, I mean, may Allah Allah is such a horrible thing to talk about. I hate even bringing it up. I hate bringing up because sometimes it's very, very difficult that we're going to say no, just based on the fact that we don't like the way they look. We don't like where they come from there. But no, that's not okay.

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is important. But that's not how this works. You cannot use you can hold this over people's heads who wants to get married, and make it miserable for them? Because you don't like a detail. That is not really

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it's not important. It's not significant. And the whole equation of what is covered is important.

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A sister Mary's in marries a man and he does not offer her what she was offered at home. He doesn't take care of her the same way. They're not going to be happy. She's gonna be miserable. He's named miserable. Kappa is to make sure that doesn't happen. But for it to be solely based on country nationality raiser, or money even worse than that, that's not okay. So that's that's the third point.

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My fourth point.

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And this is the only points I'll share with you and Charlotte today. No, just make them for

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murder is not relative

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to the woman is relative to the man.

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Mother is based on the man's ability. It's not based on the woman at all. Muslim has nothing to do with the woman in terms of value. If you decide that this is the Mahara, I'm going to accept my daughter, then you're putting a price tag. We're not selling merchandise here. You're not walking in buying something. No, the Mahara is based on the manageability because the man's job is to show that he is serious that he is so committed to this, that he's willing to give a portion a fraction a percentage of his own wealth as a gift. It's a gift in the law. The Quran isn't Yeah, and it's a gift, not a price tag.

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When we when we decide that Mona is going to be this is how much nothing less than that. That is what Jenny Lee people did.

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Let's just establish some of this saying, This is what the people of Jamelia did, there was a price tag on the girl and on the Father. And if you had the money, you can buy both. That's not what Muhammad is. dowry. He's not a price tag. We don't we don't put a number on it. It's regarding what the person is capable of. Now this person financially is so different than what you are meaning you're someone who raised his children in a certain environment and this person doesn't even have anything close then based on the fact that you can say no

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But don't go up on the motor, you see them going up in the mountains, it's not an insurance policy, it doesn't work that way. Oh, I'm making them out Hi. He's not gonna, that's not gonna make him treat her better. It's not gonna change anything. Actually, bad husband, a bad man will not only make you beg him to divorce his daughter, you will pay him money to do it. This Mahara, this high amount of thing is not an insurance policy. And another thing, when you ask for too much more, when you ask for too much from the person, you are basically taking resentment and putting it in the heart of this young man, that is not what you want for your daughter. You want her to enter into a

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marriage where he she's already a little bit resented over something silly. And maybe I add to you that Muhammad is the only financial obligation upon the man, the man is obligated to give them a home and dental to provide a home housing and food and clothing and protection. That's his job. Everything else besides Milan is not his obligation. So depending on what type of the world where you come from in the world, there are four or five or six, I'm sorry. And there are four things additional tomorrow that are going to be obligated your Egyptians was like six or seven. He's kept on going. He's 25 years old. How much money do you think he has? How much money do you think he has?

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If you want to someone who has that much money, marry her after a 50 year old man, he has the money he can do it. But we don't do that. And we're not okay with that. And I agree. But if you want to marry her to 25 year old or 26, or someone who's close, they're young, they don't have a lot of money for you to say well look to families, maybe the family doesn't have any money. Maybe the family doesn't have that much to give away.

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Maybe they don't. You're putting the reason that you're like why you saw the reason I'm upset about this is because you don't understand how easy it is for us, for people for young people to access. Haram. You understood? Do you even have an idea? Do you have any idea how easy it is for them to access haram, they just walk up the stairs stand at a streetlight, it's very easy. Haram just comes to them, they don't have to go to it haram is everywhere. Extremely easy, at least Halal if it's not easy, it should be as easy. It should be it's our obligation to perform to see it upon this. What I suggest is when it comes to weddings and marriages, whoever wants something should pay for it. If

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you want something, pay for it, if you want it and the other person doesn't want it, then pay for it when the amounts of money are quite high, when that amount of money could be used to close a student debt or to actually put a down payment on a house or to buy a proper vehicle for both or to get a bit when it's not much the person who wants it should pay for it. You want a big wedding, the man pay for it. You don't want to like she wants it, then pay for it. This sounds crazy. It's not this is actually the norm that I've existed Islamically all the time, the man is not required. This is important if we hope at some point to be able to perform face it to facilitate marriage and to allow

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people to prepare themselves appropriately get married at a reasonable age and find happiness within marriage and have children and how families and for us to keep our children away from haram we have to start pointing out some of these things that are difficult to talk about that people don't want to talk about when people get upset no if I if I offer her with him or her to listen this they'll say you know she was given out cheaply no only someone who has a generally a mindset will say that yes Bucha hello and his wife would come and say that no problem, but not a Muslim because I'm Muslim doesn't look that Hallo sadati is sort of the best mode is the simplest is the simplest, what's your

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our youth are better than Allah, you know, are you are family members and maybe it is salatu salam was that did a Tamiya it was just a shield that was removed. That's all he had. That's all he had that was an excessive of his actual and that was it. And they got married and there is no so much that was more Baraka than their own. Without them we would not have his lineage so Allah Allah sent him amongst us today we would have lost his bloodline out of your sought to Assam so there's nothing more about it than that. That's how simple it was.

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A cold call you had I was talking to Allah who you were looking for stuff you know, we have here Laconia. 1000 Mustafi, reinstalled federal law

00:23:56 --> 00:24:29

hamdu Lillahi wa sallahu wa salam ala Bella like I'm a learner be about a while early, your Sofia your monitor, but I know Jehovah had this hope was not designed to make people people feel bad about themselves. No, this is the point I'm not getting numbers either. I'm not gonna tell you what the MaHA should be. I'm just saying that it's not a price tag. And this is not something that is that you set and that that's how it's going to be you look, you're looking for a sitter, what we're looking for is is achieving settle is to allow people to stay away from haram to allow people to find good spouses good matches, so they can live well together so you can have families so the

00:24:29 --> 00:24:49

Muslim ummah can continue. And you have to make that as easy as possible. Raising the number is not doing that. Putting high numbers on mod is not helping with that making it very difficult for someone to get married, is not doing that for anybody. Not preparing our children not preparing our young men or young women for what marriage is going to be is not helping them either.

00:24:51 --> 00:24:59

putting up barriers that make no sense at all of closing down options just because they don't look like you or don't belong to the same piece of part of the world. That's not helping this

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We're not getting anywhere with it. And if we care about the next generation, if we care about our OMA, then they see it as though as making marriage easier is a an obligation upon all of us. I'll tell you something that really bothers me. And this is something I'm just pointing out there in case, Jana, you're a young father, so you don't make this mistake. Because all fathers who are looking to get their sons married, agree with me. That will come and stand up here. And they'll completely agree with me, but the fathers who are getting their daughters married don't. And the same father in front of me this happened this happened in front of me with a span of three years,

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the same person who was so upset that the matter was so expensive for his son made them her twice as much for his daughter. This double standard. Yeah, Gema haram, this is not acceptable. Well, like this is very low. This is not this is not okay. That you're you're asking, you're asking, you know, everything everyone should behave in a certain way. But nah, me? No, I'm a special case. I'm essentially gonna guess my blood line is superior. So my son should be offered management No, but my daughter, you have to No, no, we're all the same, we're all the same. And if you're not going to offer someone marriage, except with a high mahalo then don't offer a marriage, because you don't

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trust him or her is not gonna make a difference. I am, HUD does not make a difference. If you don't think that there's a equivalency, you don't think he's a good match, if you're not a good person to have to care of her that don't offer it. Don't play around with numbers don't make numbers do you just come out and say what it is that needs to be said. And this is important, because over the next two weeks, I'm going to go in a little bit deeper in terms of, okay, let's say we agreed to get married, and then what, and then after a couple of years of marriage, and then once, by the way, none of this becomes just just easing, the first part of it is not going to fix the problem. Just

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easing the approach or the entrance into the concept of marriage is not going to fix the problem. So you listen to the whole thing, like, alright, let's make it easy. And then to get people married, it's not gonna fix the problem, we're still gonna have a lot of problems, because there's still a bunch of other issues that we have not dealt with appropriately to make sure that there's longevity to these marriages. I'll end with that inshallah Tada. As a point at the end of this whole bio is not related to the whole itself. My intention or intention here at the center, during August is to make the month of August or outreach month, the month of August a month of outreach. Meaning what I

00:27:10 --> 00:27:38

want people to do and outreach is not I'm not going to do it, you're going to do it, the outreach is going to be you're going to try your best you're going to make a point of bringing to the masjid, people who don't usually come to massage it. People who aren't usually involved in massage, whether you do it for a job, or you do it for a photographer, Muslim. For Asia, we have a social every Saturday, after a moment, it will be a social event this Saturday, we start a social event where I'll be board games and refreshments. And we have people who are here you'll bring a friend and we'll get to know them will network with them. We'll see what we can do to serve them. We try to get

00:27:38 --> 00:28:10

them involved in our massages, because we have to grow as a community in terms of bringing back our brothers as an even if you want to do outreach to non Muslims, that's fine as well. Whenever you're non Muslim to the masjid to listen to the football or attend something or watch the prayer. You're welcome to do that as well. The reason I'm saying Muslims is because we have an abundance of Muslims in society. 30,000 people, all of the domains put together, maybe 3500. Maybe I'll be generous and say 4000 That leaves a lot of other people. And as he's doing that leaves us with 25,000 people who don't pray jamaa who don't come to him, why not even forget about other periods don't come to Jomar?

00:28:10 --> 00:28:43

How do we change that we change that by performing outreach, our job make places welcoming, our job is to make sure when they come here, there are people here to get to know them, to welcome them to open the doors and to involve them. Your job is to actually get them here. So that's what I want to put out there. I'm gonna remind you every every Friday and every every time I can through the next couple of weeks, throughout August, August is outreach month, Saturday nights are social events every Saturday night after a little bit of social event. With different activities, you can bring people they don't have to come to into the message. If they don't want it, they don't, I'm not gonna

00:28:43 --> 00:29:09

give a dose, they can sit outside, they can just get to know the place, we have to perform better Dawa. We have to especially for our younger people, it's okay, you can bring an old geezer if you'd like, that's fine. I know selfie, I got to know that. But I'm talking about the younger people specifically, I'm talking about specifically these younger, or younger sisters and brothers who now is out of school, they don't have much going on, we can bring them in, we can bring them and get to know get them attached to their massages, find a program that works for them, get to know some people find mentors, find people who can help them out. That is what we're supposed to be doing. So

00:29:09 --> 00:29:20

that's what August is going to be for us. And if you are interested in being more involved in this initiative, talk to some of the volunteers outside today. And we're happy to get as many people involved in this initiative as possible. And it's not just here, I'm not telling you just bring

00:29:21 --> 00:29:52

outreach to this message to any message, see where you're closest to see what message is closest to you, and closest to this person, that's not going to be too much of it, and then take them there. Let's make August that will reach month now and actually push down and see if we can if we can bring back some of our brothers and sisters who maybe went astray if Allah subhanaw taala has granted us the gift, the beautiful gift of guidance, and that's his bounty upon a subpoena. What's it let's use it in a way that is positive and see if we can offer it to someone else who's maybe still struggling and haven't hasn't fully figured it out. That's what I want to share with you at the end of this

00:29:53 --> 00:30:00

tonight and show you this Saturday night. There'll be a social event starting up just before Maghrib and going until a shot you're welcome to bring whoever

00:30:00 --> 00:30:35

you'd like to attend we'll have volunteers here and we'll be around inshallah to help but welcome them. Why number one Allah has the MD now leaving for fall in Allah How am Allah Iike who use Aluna? Allah Nibi yeah you Hala Xena Amano solo Allah He recently moved to sliema Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad Anwar early Mohammed come also later Allah Ibrahim Ibrahim robotic Adam Medina early Mohamed Kamau Bell McDonough Ibrahim on early Ibrahim for the island Amina in Nikka Hamid Majeed, what are the Allahu manded Autobytel hola that Ilona at the back of Walmart a lot of men are already what Allah Who man as well as you He will Mahajan and what meaning one early he'll put up in a poor

00:30:35 --> 00:31:11

heating or on Sahaba T he'll go to Jelly Jolene Juanita being in elementary our home BSN in a yo Medina ye Na Ma Hua medica or hammer Rohini Allahu Melville fiddling Mussolini you know when a Muslim at well meaning in our minute Allah hiya Iman Humala, mewatch Allahumma Fairbridge whom Allah Muhammad Amin when Fe school Ruben microbeam WaterFire alum annual McMorran mean what if I wouldn't mind in multiple domain? Well, then Dima and our Dima al Muslimeen Allahu monks or the squad and then tomorrow I'll be playing an F and msg de la cosa what odo enough analogy to be out on an island. Well then Agia Marina ulica you know de Nicola, then Jamila Batali and I'm in Jamia is going

00:31:11 --> 00:31:19

to be in tow but then also have to hear now we have Palmanova just had a neuro medallic Alec Allahumma via Aziz, Willa Hola, La Quwata illa biLlah

00:31:20 --> 00:31:28

Allah in Allah yet Moodle will deliver sir anyway, he is ill. We don't have an infection you will move very well because we are lucky

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